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2015 has just begun! So let me wish you all the best! With my favorite trolls! The worst ones.The best ones.
(important note:all those sweaters were made by GHB in his free time. yeah.Let that sink in…)

Long overdue cover for my homestuck AU fanfiction, Saltwater Room!

Spent a while on this, only to discover that it’s shown 180x240 on fanfiction at it’s largest! So I thought it would be a good idea to post it here uwu

**The tutorial that she WISH she made progress pictures for but didn’t because she didn’t think ahead of time**

Hey guys! Recently I was asked if I could make a tutorial for My Condesce Horns, so I decided to throw this together as a reference for everyone who has ever wanted to attempt her! This will be my first tutorial, so if I made something unclear or if you want me to elaborate on something, send me an ask and I’ll clear it up asap!

                                   Tell us a bit about the horns:

These horns are made of styrofoam and plywood, which made it EXTREMELY light, but also durable. It’ll easily fit on your head and will be comfortable to wear. The head harness adds comfort and makes it so the horns + wig stay in place. The wig is going to be your BIGGEST weigh down if you choose to use her canon hair. If you don’t then wow..you basically got free roam. You can’t do a backflip or bend your head all the way back though. That is your only restriction. I wore these for an entire day and the only issue I had was that the wig made it extremely hot and was the cause of about 5 holes in my house.

Here is a picture of what the shape of the horns should look like after they are done. You can alter the shape and size to whatever you’d like though! (I have them screwed into a wig, which is recommended or else it’s going to look funky with the giant head harness popping out):

***NOTE: You will need power tools to make these, as you need to use a whole saw and it’s recommended to use other power tools for cutting purposes. But you could find a creative solution around that.***

To find out how to make them

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Hey! So I posted a few wickedstuck things recently and yall are probably thinking like “LOL kat why so much wickedstuck" 

there is a reason behind it though and its going to be hella cool and im going to need all your help!! 

So basically I’m trying to get a group together to sing the songs from wicked as homestuck characters! I’ve changed the words of songs and have the AU all planned out! So far, the cast is as follows!

Bolded characters are already taken!

Elphaba - Jade 
Glinda - Feferi 
Fiyero - Karkat 
Boq - Jake 
Nessa - Jane
Dr. Dillamond - The Summoner
The Wizard - The Condesce 
Madame Morrible - Aranea

I’m also going to need a bunch of people for chorus work in songs such as No One Mourns The Wicked and etc. so if you dont want or dont get a major role,  i really urge you to join the chorus! uvu

And so basically the plot is that Jade has dog ears which is hella odd and that is like elphabas green skin! The conflict would be the unfair treatment of lowbloods by the condesce instead of the unfair treatment of animals! I really would like to get some auditions in as soon as possible! So if you could please choose a song from wicked that the character you are auditioning for sings and sing it! Then send it to me through my email ( katolilly@gmail.com ) 

I’m really excited to get started with this!! If you have any more questions, please dont hesitate to send me a message on tumblr! <333

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The haunted house meme is just googling the words "haunted house reactions", picking one, and drawing your otp.

just saw them bahah those are hilarious

anyway I’m not sure if I’ll draw it or not at the moment sdkjs

Anon:If you ever get the urge, or like, inspiration I think some JadeKat would be a pretty sweet thing for you to draw. For science or something. >_>

I have a couple of old drawings on my jadekat tag uvu

Anon:dirkjake pocky?

really old but here!

Anon:Just wondering, have you ever drawn any of the homestuck ancestors?? I just haven’t seen any that you have done and was just curious! Btw, I absolutely love your blog ::::)

a few of them ahh they’re tagged by their names like “the sufferer” “the condesce” etc (thanks a lot!)