would i be okay with this if amy was still here

OKAY GUYS I feel like we don’t acknowledge enough that one line Grantaire says! I mean besides all the other lines that Grantaire says! The one that comes right after “I understand only love and liberty” remember that line (my favorite line)???
Yeah after that is my SECOND favorite line: “Never having had any money, I never got used to it, and therefore I’ve never felt the need of it; but if I’d been rich, there would have been no more poor!” THAT LINE.
He’s drunk here and still thinks of how he would help people if only he’d been in the position.
And it’s so interesting to me because Grantaire is speaking of how if he had the chance he would help, but meanwhile there is an actual barricade there with an actual hopeful revolution occurring. And he is not helping.
Enjolras and the other amis have their method of doing things, which is to demand more from the government. But GRANTAIRE (my beautiful son) doesn’t think that way. He doesn’t think going to the government will get them anywhere. He would go directly to the people suffering from the problem and help them with what he has, personally.
He’s surrounded by a bunch of rich schoolboys who have the money to help the poor directly (and also gain their devotion and to raise spirits) but who instead reject the money and challenge a powerful government. But he speaks of how if he was in their economic position he would do something guaranteed to help.
And this is from someone who says he “never (…) had any money” so he probably knows better than them how it feels to be like the rest of society, hardly making it through.
Idk man, this is my son and I love him.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I really don't think you understand how much complexity there is to the les mis fandom seriously it blows my mind. There's so many different shippers and headcanons that people have and its okay if people don't agree on something because there's just so much opportunity for us. Go on, ship your exr. Ship your Enjonine. Headcanon your nonbiary jehan or your Jewish cosette. Because everything works here. Canon doesn't completely matter because a) everyone is dead and b)there's really nothing set. This fandom has so much possibility, and sometimes it makes me sad to see how little we get along. You don't have to agree, but a mutual respect and love for these Amis needs to happen. We're all in this together here, it's important to know that an Eposette shipper can still be friends with a Marisette, or an Enjonine with an Enjolferre. Go for your heterosexual Enjolras, or the aro ace Jehan. The Les Amis would want that camaraderie between us. #whatwouldenjolrasdo

Sheldon hated everything about this bachelor party.  He didn’t want to drink.  He didn’t want to gamble.  He found Las Vegas to be a disgusting waste of time.  If his friends hadn’t literally kidnapped him, he wouldn’t even be here.  Mostly, if he had to be here, he would have rather spent time with Amy, but she was elsewhere in the city with the girls.

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there’s still so much drama and I still feel people need to chill but here’s a thing: did you consider that at this point the writers just TRUST us to know that Jake would apologize??? He apologizes all the time?? And this is a comedy show they cant always have it serious and somber, I’m p sure if they had time they would add him apologizing. It’s an ensemble show, not a show about Jake and Amy and tbh do you REALLY think Amy would just be okay with what Jake did and not demand an apology from him AND holt (she made them walk 31 flights of stairs guys. 31)