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Choose one to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle: Ragnar, Rollo, Floki

Around the room the other men and shieldmaidiens were laughing at you playing this game with these three. Not feeling very confident you turn your glass of mead up and let it fill you with a little artificial guts. Before you the men sat Floki was fidgety and couldn’t stop moving, Rollo sat with this air of being the gods gift to women and Ragnar sat with an almost curiousity. Your first choice made you reach out and slap fire from Rollo someone had to knock him off the high horse. A whoop of laughter filled the hall. Your second choice you decide to lick Floki’s hand like you would after the Seer gives a prediction. He chuckles. You now have to decide where to fondle Ragnar. You glance back and catch Aslaugs eye she winks so you reach forward and rub from his knee to the huge bulge forming in his breeches your breath catches as he pulls you close and whispers “Come to our tent later so we can finish this” You look back to see Aslaug smiling wickedly at you. Oh this would be a fun night indeed.

Sorry it wasn’t very good

When You Both are Under the Mistletoe - Campus Christmas AU

A/N - Hello everyone! Are you all ready for another Campus AU? Yayyy!!! Since it’s the holidays, I had to do something Christmas related so here is quick preference for you all! Enjoy my lovelies! :) 


Thomas would be just as confused as you are when you first notice the mistletoe and together you two would probably stand there awkwardly for a few seconds until you had enough of his stalling and would stand on your tip toes and capture his lips with yours. He would initially be surprised with your boldness but eventually he would respond to by deepening the kiss and pull your waist closer to him. It would have you weak in the knees and in attempt to keep your balance you would cling tightly onto his shirt. But unfortunately you would underestimate your own strength since it would cause the some buttons to fly off which would result in him answering with a chuckle when you two pulled back, “Well … someone is eager.”

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At first Newt would be embarrassed but after he sees that you were as just as shy as he was, he would gently wrap his arms around your waist and pull you close to make you feel more comfortable. He would gaze at you with his doe-like eyes checking whether it was ok and once he had your approval, he would slightly bend forward to place a sweet, chaste kiss on your lips. After he found out that the Thomas had purposely placed the mistletoe there, he would set off chasing him. Placing another kiss on your lips he would respond with, “I’ll be right back love, I need to teach this shank a lesson or two.” And by “lesson” he would probably just tackle him which would end up looking like a giant hug since we know Newt is pretty much a cinnamon roll lol

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Oh lord. This boy wouldn’t wait at all. He would have a smirk on his face and shift his full gaze onto you. Just as you had the tendency to run away from this situation since you knew this boy’s kisses were contagious and he wouldn’t stop with just one, he would gently tug you back and whisper “And just where do you think you’re going?” Almost immediately, he would lift you swiftly off the ground and mold his lips perfectly with your own. His kiss would be the type which took your breath away and made your toes curl and your heart soar as of your were on cloud nine. He would pretty much continue to pepper your face with kisses even after you left the mistletoe behind. 

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Chapter one

TITLE: His secrets
NOTES/WARNINGS: Some swearing

You slammed the front door behind you and practically ran up the stairs towards your bedroom. You wanted nothing more than to break down, to cry, to scream. But you refused to show your weakness in front of your fellow avengers. Bucky was a few steps behind you the entire time. You accidently shut the front door on him but he didn’t take offence by it. Instead he simply unlocked the door then ran up to your room where he knew you would be. When he walked in, he felt his heart break.

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BTS Reaction To You Saying They Have A Small Dick During A Fight

Rap Monster: “Just because I’m so kind, I’ll let you take what you’ve just said back, provided you’re on your knees and naked in the next ten seconds.”

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J-Hope: “Would you care to repeat that? I think I wasn’t hearing you correctly, because you know better than to say something as foolish as that.”

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Suga: “Jagi, I’d be careful of what I said next if I were you. Especially if you want to walk straight anytime soon.”

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Jin: “Oh, is that so, babe? I didn’t realize you felt like that…I must’ve neglected my responsibilities of reminding you who’s in charge for too long.”

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Jungkook: He wouldn’t say a thing, already busy showing you just what he and his “small dick” were capable of. Good luck walking for the next few days. 

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V: “Would you care to press your luck? Try saying that again.”

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Jimin: “Do you want to be punished so bad that you have to resort to insults? Because if so, you’re about to get what you wished for and more.”

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Procrastination at its finest, folks. 

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Hello, everyone.

I know a lot of friends, both in my immediate life and in my tumblr community, going through a really painful time.

First, if you are struggling right now, I want you to know that you are not alone. Reach out to others. You are cared for and important. Do not alienate yourself, please. You can always reach out. You always have me if you cannot think of anyone else whom you feel comfortable talking to.

Second, I am going to work on a little care package to send out to everyone who needs a pick-me-up. Anyone interested, please send me a private message. It is going to be a physical package, so you will have to be comfortable sharing your address with me. I’ll post more on this later, but would like to start figuring out how many care packages I’m putting together.

Lastly, I love you. You’re the bees knees, the cat’s meow, the eel’s ankle, the flea’s eyebrows, the canary’s tusks, the dog’s bollocks… And much, much more. Don’t you forget it.

Lost Days (p.t. 6)

Intro: Nearing the end, my lovelies!  Once again requested by @missmle712 - the reason for all this angst.  :)

Pairing: Jim x reader

Word Count: 2400 ish

Warnings: blood, angst, potential claustrophobia trigger.

Summary: Don’t really want to spoil anything?  Who gets shot?  Do the reader and Jim reunite?  Who knows?


You’d thought for a second that you’d been shot.  

And it was only when you saw Jim stagger backwards a few steps, his hand flying to his chest, that you knew you were wrong.  

A flash of red beneath his fingers.  

He sunk to his knees.


“Jim!” You screamed and were surprised to find yourself free to run forward to him, you would have thought Eve would have restrained you. 

“No, no, no, no,no .” You cried, quickly kneeling next to Jim, taking his head in your hands.  

“I…” He struggled and you helped lower him to the floor when he swayed towards you. 

“Jay, no.” You slid your hands onto his chest, moving his hands to press on the red stain that was ever-spreading.  

The wound was just right of his sternum, and every ragged breath that Jim took made more blood spill out.  Tears streamed down your cheeks now and you looked to Jim’s face, his skin growing ever grey, his eyebrows furrowed in pain, and his mouth opening and closing as he tried to get a good breath. 

“I can’t… Y/N… I can’t breathe.” Jim rasped and you leaned closer to his face, his eyes meeting yours, the colour now dull compared to the crystal colour which they usually were. 

“I know, Jay, I know.” You cried, leaning in and pressing your cheek to his.  "I know, just try for me.  You have to live.  For me.“ 

"Alright, that’s enough.” A different voice made your head snap up.  

Eve.  You had forgotten she was even there.  

Suddenly you were being dragged to your feet again, away from Jim, two sets of large hands encircling your biceps easily.  You kicked out, screaming Jim’s name as you were pulled away, your veins full of heat and anger and anguish as you stared down at Jim’s prone form, the blood stain now spreading onto the floor. 

“JIM!  NO!  JIM!” You screamed over and over, but the hands on your arms never faltered.  

“Now you know.” You barely registered Eve’s form appearing in front of you. 

You gasped for breath as you continued to kick and cry out for Jim. 

“Now you know what it is like to have your heart be ripped out in front of you.” Eve’s voice was calm in the raging storm of your emotions, and it only made you more angry. 

“LET ME GO!  I NEED TO SAVE HIM!  LET ME GO!” You wailed. 

“I’ve had enough.  Drug her so we can throw her in the shuttle.” Eve said, her dark ponytail swishing as she turned and walked to the elevators.  

You barely had time to let Jim’s name leave your lips one more time before the world went black. 

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I would pay good money to see seventeen-year-old Aelin meet seventeen-year-old Rowan.
His green eyes glittered. Seventeen-year-old Rowan wouldn’t have known what to do with you. He could barely speak to females outside his family.
Liar–I don’t believe that for a second.
It’s true. You would have scandalised him with your nightclothes–even with that dress you have on.
She sucked on her teeth. He would probably have been even more scandalised to learn I’m not wearing any undergarments beneath this dress.
The table rattled as Rowan’s knee banged into it.
—  Was it his knee though?
This heartache looked like buckled knees
on a gravel side street;
the last look you get of the taillights
before the car turns the corner.
We tried.
We tried keeping this up as long as we could,
knowing full well how bloody this would be
when we had to leave.
How badly I wanted to kiss apologies off your lips
when you were stuttering a goodbye.
That summer stained the way I feel the sunlight;
every kind of warmth just feels like your arms.
I still find myself counting the collective seconds,
states, and years 
that have built walls between us.
This heartache wears my younger face,
but still pulls at my older heart.
—  Schuyler Peck, I Bet You Think I Don’t Write About You Anymore
Faking It

6. “Explain to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”

Pairing: Reader x Luhan


“Explain to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” Luhan whispered, glaring around to the unknown people. You twisted the faking wedding band around your finger. You were tired of having to explain to him.

“Okay. I may or may not have told my cousin I was married because I was jealous she was getting married.” You whispered back. Luhan whined. “Why did it have to be me tho?”

You tapped his knee with your finger as people began to quiet down.

“I would like to have everyone’s attention please.” A older man stood before the crowd. Everyone began to find a seat and quiet down.

The man trailed off about the beauty of marriage, and each second of it the tension between you and Lu grew a little more. You brought him here because he was the only guy friend you wouldn’t feel completely awkward with. And deep down, you had sort of a crush on him.

A piano began to harmonize and everyone turned to watch the bridesmaids walk through the isle. You scoffed quietly at the men linked to their arms. Seriously, how come you could never find anyone?

The ceremony continued, and eventually your cousin was standing under a beautiful ark with one hunk of a man. They shared their vows, kissing rather lovingly.

You’re cousin found you and Luhan. Luhan spotted her walking your way, and quickly slid his fingers through yours. You looked at him strangely.

“Y/n! It’s so nice to see you!” She chimed. Gosh, her voice was annoying.

“So this is the guy you were talking about. I didn’t actually believe your when you said you were married.” She chuckled. You glanced at Luhan. He could tell what you meant just by your face.

“Hi, I’m Luhan.” He reached out to shake her hand. She gladly took it, smiling at him.

“So where did you two meet?”

Luhan gave your fingers a squeeze, and you kept your lips sealed so he could do the talking.

Luhan cleared his throat. “A friend hooked us up.” You bit your cheek at the cringe worthy lie. “He set us up for a blind date and I knew just then she was the one.”

Thank god Luhan was an actor. He barely pulled that one off. You thought he sold it with the romantic kiss to your knuckles.

“How precious. Well, I’m gonna go get another drink.” She hopped up, walking away. Once you both knew she was gone, you glanced at each other and started laughing uncontrollably.

“‘I knew just then she was the one..’” you mocked, wheezing and pushing him backwards. “Whatever, you loved it.” Luhan giggled. The mood quickly died down and you exhaled.

“You know, I really like pretending to be your husband.” Luhan said, reaching his hand back to rub his neck awkwardly. His finger intertwined with yours, and this time you knew it was because someone was coming.

“Do you wanna go see a movie with me tomorrow?” He asked, squeezing your hand as he felt it begin to sweat. You smiled, glancing up at him.

“Yeah, that sounds really fun.”


[eng trans] BTS 2nd Muster VCR (+their answers)

Taehyung: Oh, you’re here? You look really pretty today. Did you dress up like this to see me? The weather’s great to go on a date. But do you know what today is? You couldn’t have forgotten, right?

Q. What’s today’s occasion?
1. Sure~ It’s our second year anniversary~
2. Oh… Um… I don’t know, are we getting any parcels…?

(MC asked Jin and he replied he would choose No.1 because he’s a serious guy. V chose No.1)

Namjoon: It feels really nice today… Right? Oh, your shoelace is undone. Let me tie it for you. (Looks at you while he ties the shoelace)

Q. How would you react to Rap Monster tying your shoelace?
1. (Feeling shy) We’ve been dating for 2 years now and you’re still tying my shoelace~
2. Thanks darling.
3. Next time I should wear shoes without shoelaces
4. You startle and hit his chin with your knee.

(Fans screamed No.4 and Suga replied “Many are raising us very toughly.” Rap Monster chose No.1)

Yoongi: I’ll have what I always order… What would you like darling?

Q. You stand in front of the counter after choosing the menu, what would be your action?
1. Today, I’ll buy the coffee.
2. I have coupons which I have collected earnestly until now.
3. I’ll buy dinner so you pay for the coffee!
4. “From the time I was young, my house was poor…” (line from g.o.d’s To Mother (어머님께)

(Fans screamed No.4, Suga chose No.3 but he said he would pay for the coffee)

Hoseok: Don’t you think I look different today? Can’t you really tell? I got a hair cut today, how do I look? It doesn’t look good? Oh, the drinks are here. What is this?? Daebak! Can I open this?

Q. What could be the present inside the box?
1. Watch
2. Ring to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary
3. Wallet
4. 2 tickets for BTS concert
5. Bulletproof vest

(J Hope chose No.2 and MC asked him if it’s gold or silver and he replied silver)

Seokjin: Why did you prepare such thing~ (pats) Ah right! I recently tried the earphones you gave me.And I have a song that I recently really like!

Q. The song Jin likes to listen these days is?
1. Park Hyoshin - Wild Flower
2. Naul - Nothing Better
3. Lee Juk - I’m so fortunate
4. Sung Sikyung - In the street

(Suga started singing “In the street”, Rap Monster said he thinks Jin’s favorite song of 2015 was “Wild Flower” and Jin said his answer was No.1)

Jimin (https://youtu.be/KHLp82nwWrI)

Jimin: Thank you always. If you’re done with your coffee, shall we go somewhere? What do you want to do?

Q. After coffee, where would you like to go with him?
1. It’s currently baseball season so let’s go see baseball!
2. Shall we go watch a movie?
3. Let’s go play League of Legends.
4. Today my family’s not at home…

(Fans screamed No.4 and Suga replied “Everyone wants to clean the house”. Rap Monster told Jimin that he should go with No.4. Members started questioning what they will do at home and MC says that they can go home and play L.O.L, he also tells them a story he had heard before- 
MC: There was a couple (woman was older than the guy) and the girlfriend told her bf “Noona gets drunk easily and I live alone.”.)
then he asked Jimin to say the line-
Jimin: Army, get drunk easily and live alone!
BTS: What are you talking about right now!!
Jimin: I’m sorry, please don’t take it seriously~
BTS: Wow, this is crazy.
MC: There may be middle school students and I asked her what did you do and she said “Jimin oppa said I should drink~”.)

Jungkook (https://youtu.be/H-1cr7X_mH8)

Jungkook: Why are you being shy~ It’s because you’re so pretty~ Do you want some cake? You eat well, is it delicious? Hold on, it’s on your lips…

Q. How would Jungkook wipe the cake that’s on your lips?
1. Hands you a tissue.
2. Wipes it off with his hand.
3. Brings the mirror to your face.
4. Gets closer to you and gently presses his lips

(Yoongi reminds the fans that this video was recorded on June 13th 2015 when Jungkook was a minor. Fans screamed No.4.
Jin: Can’t minors even give each other a peck???
MC: Sure~ They can just press their lips together as long as they go home.
Jimin said he thinks Jungkook would hand her the mirror. Jungkook chose No.1 and MC asked him what he would tell her while handing over the tissue
Jungkook: Wipe it.)

Video cr: uploaders

Take out with full credits! ✿ peachisoda

Trans cr: @peachisoda

(+) part 2 (7pm one) is here!

Hope this is what you wanted, enjoy lovely. ~

Jimin: Jimin would do his precious precious little eye smile the second he found out. Whether you had told him yourself, or he found out by accident, he would just be happy to have a baby of his own soon. When you told him that you were having twins, he’d smile even wider. His strong arms would wrap around you, carefully, and he’d pick you up in a tight hug, spinning you around in a circle. He’d set you down and kiss your lips a few times, before dropping to his knees and cradling your flat stomach. He’d press a few kisses to the bump that wasn’t there and inform the babies inside you that he was their daddy and he was going to take care of them forever and always. “Jagi, this is so amazing..”

Taehyung: I don’t think he’d understand completely at first. If you told him yourself, he’d stare at you for a few seconds while his brain slowly processed your words. You’d wait, your eyebrows scrunched in confusion while he sat in silence. You’d watch his expression change from blank to shock then to excitement. He’d smile his bright smile and pull you into a hug. If he found your positive test laying around, or you were puking at the same time every morning and he put two and two together, he still wouldn’t comprehend the situation right away. Once he got it, of course he’d be happy. A tiny version of him was on the way, who couldn’t be excited about that. When you informed him that you were having twins, he couldn’t believe it. What? Two mini Taehyung’s running around? He couldn’t be happier to kiss your lips. “You’ll be the best mother and I’ll try my hardest to be a good appa for our children.”

Jungkook: He’s still young so I can see him feeling really scared. Not that the other boys aren’t young, but Jungkook wouldn’t even understand how you got pregnant in the first place. “P-pregnant? But how?” You’d explain to him gently where babies come from. He’d flush and shake his head, meaning how, like how when you guys were so careful every time you had sex. Jungkook would be happy nonetheless, he’s having a baby with the person he loves. Of course he’d be happy. When you told him that you were having twins, he might cry. He’d be so nervous he’d be a bad father and he wouldn’t know what to do. One baby scared the hell out of him but now two? At the same time? He wouldn’t calm down until you assured him he’d be the best father there could ever be and after taking a deep breath, he’d be okay again. He would just be worried about telling the other boys and your guys’ family, scared of their reactions. He’d gently hold your hands in his shaking ones, putting on a strong face for you. “Jagiya, I really am happy about this, you know that right?”

Pregnancy is beautiful ❤️

being calum’s would probably be the greatest thing ever. like, he said he’s never been in love before right? so the fact that you’d be the first person he’s ever been in love with would be so cool. like he doesn’t seem very affectionate but you have him all week in the knees. can you imagine sleeping next to him in a hotel bed or even in your own home and turning in your sleep, just to open your eyes and find him watching you. he’d kind of just stare into your eyes and mumble a “what are you doing to me” before gently kissing you and holding you close so you’d fell back asleep. can you imagine hanging out with friends and sitting across the room from him but every time you looked up, his eyes would be on you and he’s smile small and mouth a “are you okay?” and you’d nod and Michael would probably notice and joke about how whipped Calum is. can you imagine the look on his face the first time you had sex? he’d state at you with the most affectionate face he could muster. he’d be so amazed by how different it felt to make love rather than fuck like he usually did. can you imagine him bringing you home to his parents? you’d probably be tired from all the jet lag and you’d be asleep on his chest when his mom would tell him that “she’s a keeper.” and he’d smile down at you and say “yeah, I know.” can you imagine him finally proposing to you? he’d take you back to where you first met and he’d probably stumble over his words because he was so nervous. and after you’d have said yes, he’d hold you so tight and never want to let go. can you imagine telling him you’re pregnant? he’d be so happy because you guys would have been trying since your honeymoon and when it finally happened, you’d tell him in you’re own creative way, like asking him to take the waffles out of the freezer to see the box covered in sharpie, saying “my Eggo is preggo.” he’d probably cry tears of joy and call his family and the guys right away. can you imagine being old together? you’d be on the front porch, watching your grandchildren play in the front yard and you’d turn to him, only to find him staring with the same look he’d been staring at you with since you first got together. can you imagine how heartbroken he’d be when you died before him? it’s not uncommon for an old married couple to die within months of each other because of their love. he’d probably die within the week because he had nothing left. sure, he had kids and grandkids, but he wouldn’t want to enjoy that without the love of his life. honestly, being Calum’s would be the best thing ever.

sex with Calum would include:
  • kissing his tattoos
  • low groans
  • “fuck fuck fuck fuck” 
  • even though he likes being dom, he loves being the sub
  • tying him down and making him beg
  • maybe even peGGING OMG
  • “shit, yeah, just like that”
  • not being afraid to play with toys
  • whimpering and whining when you tease each other
  • him always getting horny in the worst situations
    • like you would probably have to leave early from events because “you look so good in that dress, baby girl”
  • keeping your knee high socks on as he pounds you
  • him loving to watch you ride him
  • watching porn together to get new position ideas
  • sucking him off while he’s driving
  • him smirking when you’re being uncontrollably loud
  • bondage
  • marking each other up with hickeys and bite marks and scratches
  • “oh god, you’re gonna make me cum so hard”
  • spooning after you’re done
  • “wanna go get something to eat?” “i’ll race you to the car”
  • yelling after him that he needs to put clothes on first

ashton / luke / michael

mikeisthekey  asked:

I love the songs that automatically play on your blog. Would you happen to have any song suggestions similar to these? Thank you!

Yes, of course! :D

1. Your Great Name - Natalie Grant
2. Hello My Name Is - Matthew West
3. Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) - Chris Tomlin
4. Lord I Need You - Chris Tomlin
5. Should’ve Been Me - Citizen Way
6. Hands To The Heavens - Kari Jobe
7. Second Chance - Rend Collective Experiment
8. Jesus In Disguise - Brandon Heath
9. Write Your Story - Francesca Battistelli
10. Overcomer - Mandisa
11. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United
12. Find You On My Knees - Kari Jobe
13. Break Every Chain - Jesus Culture
14. City Of God - Love & The Outcome
15. Chasing You - Jenn Johnson & Bethel
16. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) - Hillsong Worship
17. I Can Only Imagine - Veritas
18. This Is Amazing Grace - Phil Wickham
19. Miracles - Audio Adrenaline
20. Worn - Tenth Avenue North

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Hi 😇 I have a natural thigh gap, but I have this weird thing where at the top of my thigh gap my thighs touch for about a couple inches down, then separate to my knees. What exercise would you recommend to fix that? Thanks!

Hey love 💖

I suggest the thigh exercise where you lay on the ground with your feet on the ground and knees up and have a folded pillow between your thighs and clench and hold it for a few seconds then keep doing that until you can’t anymore and then do one more and hold it for 10 seconds 😬

Hope that helps a bit xx

"I never meant to hurt you."

“I never meant to hurt you…” He muttered with unshed tears in his eyes as he gripped even tighter on your hand. He rested his head on the bed side as your chest moved up in down in shaky breaths. The room was filled with only the sounds of the heart monitor constantly beeping every second.

Three days have already passed since you landed in the hospital and Zoro hadn’t left for a second. He rested his cheek against the back of your hand as he watched your closed eyes, praying to anything out there that you would open your eyes and show your beautiful (E/C) orbs looking back at him.  His knees were numb and must have been scraped by now but he didn’t care. He felt so useless. So helpless. He regretted everything that happened three nights ago. 

“I’m leaving then!”

“Fine! Leave!” The door slam filled the house as he growled angrily under his breath. He sat down on the couch and ran a hand through his hair. Another stupid argument. It seemed to be the only thing that the two of you ever did nowadays. The silence started getting to him as the argument circled around in his head. His chest ached from the sudden hit of loneliness as he imagined what would happen if you never came back. He shot up onto his feet and grabbed his jacket and yours before running out after you.

He was getting soaked from the rain that had decided to match his despair. He ran faster, yelling out your name and looking for you. In the distance, he heard and saw an ambulance slow down on the street and he groaned mentally at the obstacle that would stop his progress. The closer he got, the clearer he saw the accident. He froze in his steps as he saw your body writhing and yelling out in pain in the middle of the street. He yelled your name and pushed himself through the crowd. He pushed the police that was trying to block him out of the way, yelling out that he was your boyfriend. They let him through and he fell to his knees next you, his eyes barely able to register what had happened. It seemed you got hit by a car that wheels slipped in the water and it hit you but he barely could hear the paramedics as his ears were ringing.

He felt awful. If he told you to stay, you wouldn’t have been in an accident. If he stopped the argument before it got too far, you would be at home instead of being here. The grip on your hand tightened significantly and he let tears finally fall onto your hand and the bed sheets. He wished that you could open your eyes and he can apologize to you and make it up to you for the rest of his life. But right now, he wouldn’t move.

The Edge of Sanity (Part 2)

Title: The Edge of Sanity (Part 2)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Under the influence of a demon who’s been known to drive her victims to insanity, the reader continues to experience the worst of her nightmares until she can no longer remember what’s real.

Word Count: 3,445

Warnings: emotional abuse

POV: Reader’s, second-person

A/N: boom baby! Part three might take some time considering it’s no longer the weekend, but I have some good ideas for it :) Please enjoy!

Read Part 1

You could feel your mind slipping. It would only be a matter of time before you were curled into a ball in the corner, rocking back and forth, whispering incoherent sounds, unable to form complete sentences.

With your arms wrapped tightly around your knees, lying on the floor, your cheek pressed against the cool concrete, you were halfway there. You couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from the metal door on the opposite side of the room, waiting for the high pitched clicking of the locks to ring out before someone, or something, else stepped through the doorway.

Dean came back a few times and tied you to a rack in the middle of room you never noticed was there until he stood eagerly in front of it. He bound you with rope that burned your skin raw and he sliced at you, cutting your skin open and watching with nothing but pleasure in his eyes as blood dripped onto the concrete floors.

He showed you the man he was when he was locked in hell all those years ago. He showed you exactly the man he had nightmares about, the man had confessed to you one night he feared he would become again. Dean Winchester tortured you and broke you in ways you didn’t know you could be broken.

Just when you were on the brink of death, the moment you could feel yourself being pulled into the kind embrace of ultimate and permanent darkness, it all disappeared. You would wake up on the floor, alone in a room you swore had company only seconds before. Your body would be clean of blood and scars and you would remember for a brief moment that none of it was real.

Until someone else walked through the door and you forgot again.

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Depravation - Chapter 1

Title: Depravation - Exorcist!Red AU

Rating: T+

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Red!Allen, Leverrier, Howard Link

Summary: “You were drafted into the Third Exorcist program, descended from the Second Exorcists’. Central has implanted an akuma into your body to keep you alive.”

Chapter: 1/? | tagged as dgm: depravation | Read all here

Notes: Because @m0rkl decided to wreck all our hearts with their terrible terrible post, and I have like zero self-control to not write it.

Warning: Graphic descriptions of pain and other sicknesses, along with suicidal thoughts and contemplation. Heresy. Lots of cursing.

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