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I’m going to tag a bunch of people in this post who I appreciate soooooo very much for all sorts of reasons. I have no reason to do this except for the fact that I want to and I feel like it. So here comes this huge tag mess of amazing beings. I’m not even sure if I’ll post this. Most of this will probably end up sounded repeated and bland honestly, but I just would like to get my thoughts out.

@neko-puff Thank you for creating the Cybertube au, because of it I was able to meet so many great people. I love you, your art, and your blog as a whole.

@caustic-synishade You’re a great person and I can’t even put everything into words how you have inspired me to do more.

@atomiktaco I absolutely adore the small little family like community that you have created, everyone is so loving and accepting and that’s absolutely insane.

@mightybread I’ve only talked to you about once before but you’re an amazing person and I truly think that you’re going to do something great one day.

@trulymightypotato I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you before but you seem like a beautiful human being. You have a way with words that you can easily be mistaken for a publishing writer.

@tintas-galhadas I’ve never talked to you directly or one on one but you’re a very kind person. You may make a lot of Satan jokes and stuff like that but they’re just that, jokes. You’ve inspired me to do more with art and to get back into the run of things after a very long break. Thank you.

@distortional Your blog was one of the firsts that I ever found and I’m glad that it was. Your recording are fantastic and set out very well. I probably have more to say but I’m not quite sure what.

@nyetrussia @that-kitty-dork and @enderlover-3 All three of you like and reblog almost everything of what I post. I would write a separate paragraph for all three of you but sadly I don’t think I have the time. You guys and so many others put up with the random stuff like this that I post.

And finally @cerenamarleu I’ve known you what feels like so many years know even if it’s only been a few. I know that we’ve kinda have gotten out of touch but I still consider you as a friend.

This isn’t everyone because if it was it would be longer than the Great Wall of China. I just felt like thanking you guys and saying how much in appreciate you all. My dms will always be open to everyone, even if I didn’t mention you in this post.

Congratulations on 13 milion!

Congrats @therealjacksepticeye! Congrats JSE community!

I love you all! Recently there has been so much love pouring from this fandom…. so much happines and amazing art….I didn’t have anything prepared for the milestone… I thought I would make 13 milion little Sams… but as I sat down to do this only this afternoon.. I decided to put our wonderful ray of sunshine in there instead… Have a wonderful day everyone!

The HP celebrity gossip article! *___* Also Burdge did some wonderful Teddy and Victoire drawings, and oh man, it was all too much, I started imagining the VIP section breakfast table and so here’s a quick drawing
Spending Thanksgiving with the Weasley family would include:
  • Spending the entire morning helping Molly cook alongside with Ginny since it’s her first Thanksgiving actually making the food from scratch with no magic
  • “Oh get out of here you two and go have some fun! I’m quite sure I can handle whipping up some stuffing and potatoes. I’ve already started on the cranberries- oh see dear, it’s in the oven and the turkey is in the freezer ready for dinner.”
    “With all due respect Mrs. Weasley… you’re not suppose to put cranberries in the oven, they’ll melt, and the turkey has to thaw and then we put it in the oven to be cooked.”
    “Oh bloody hell!”
  • Going around the table and everyone saying what they’re grateful for
  • “I’m grateful for having Y/n here or otherwise I’m sure our lovely mother would have poisoned us dead.”
  • Molly swatting Fred in the head for that one
  • Fighting with Fred and George over who gets to break the wishbone
  • Forcing the Weasley family to watch Muggle American football 
  • Carrying on the Weasley tradition of a rough game of Quidditch
  • Laying on the couch with Ginny waiting for your food coma to pass
  • Ron and you eating all the pumpkin pie
  • Trying to explain what the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is to Arthur 
  • “So just a massive collection of big huge air machines roam around the city- that could possible crush someone- and these Muggles enjoy it? That’s absurd, we must go at once!”
  • Molly insisting that you didn’t eat enough, despite the fact that you already had three plates, and piling more food up for you
  • Pulling out all the Christmas decorations the second everyone’s done eating
  • Everyone picking out a tree together in the backyard and Arthur chopping it down
  • Setting up the tree inside and getting sap all over your fingers
  • Singing loudly to Christmas music with Ginny and dancing around the house 
  • George, Ron, and Bill would most likely get all the lights tangled up outside while you, Ginny, and Molly worked on the tree inside
  • Percy would stand to the side and make snide remarks to his brothers and laugh at them for creating a big mess on tangled up lights
  • The boys giving up and using magic instead
  • George would sit next to you on the ground while you take out all the ornaments from the holder and explain the meaning behind each and every one
  • “Oh, Bill made that over the summer. And this one grandma gave to Ginny. This is my favorite!”
    “Georgie… why do you have a pickle ornament?”
  • George being absolutely astonished that despite being aware of Muggle customs, you had no idea what the pickle ornament meant
  • “You mean to say you’ve never hidden a pickle in the tree before?”
    “That sounds quite dirty, George.”
  • Molly and Arthur standing to the side watching in adoration as the whole family worked together and joked around
  • Percy would fill everyone in on the background of Thanksgiving and why it is celebrated
  • Fred taking you up on his shoulders so you can put the star on top of the tree
  • Thousands of stories from the past would be shared
  • Feeling miles past full of food
  • Listening to Ginny gush about Harry Potter to you and sharing how she wished he could’ve made it to which you would roll your eyes and smile because she is absolutely smitten by the boy
  • Messing around with Ron and pranking his older brother’s together
  • Taking cat naps with Fred and George
  • Before you leave, Molly would give you the warm hat she had spent the whole week knitting for you
  • “There you go, love. Don’t want you catching a cold out there. Fred and George make sure you watch out for this one! Do not let her leave the castle unless she’s all bundled up. It’s suppose to get awfully cold my dear.”
    “We won’t, mum.”
  • Going out Black Friday shopping with Ginny and introducing her to Muggle concepts
  • “Now be careful, it can get pretty vicious. Watch out for carts, I got jabbed in the side last year with one and almost didn’t make it up in time to beat the crowd.”
    “Uh, Y/n are you sure this is safe?”
  • After break, Molly would send you back to Hogwarts with plenty of leftovers

-Daizy xx

"I love you"

Everyone, look. Mofftiss knows we think Johnlock is happening this series, they have had to deny it multiple times this year publicly because THEY KNOW. They wouldn’t have put I love you in the trailer if it wasn’t happening. They wouldn’t alienate the most devoted members of their fan base this way. Not even the most homophobic of writers would do that, it’s horrendously bad business. Even if this isn’t THE confession, there’s going to be one. Then there is the fact that it’s a show SO popular that it’s gotten multiple theater showings for TAB TWICE, and multiple theater showings for the finale, world wide I might add, and yet Mark is asking us to come support it to ensure a series 5, foreshadowing that they’re going to do something big and controversial that may affect their viewer numbers and ratings. Then there’s the fact that this is the series in which Sherlock becomes human and emotional with John’s help. Then there’s the fact that this series is about the story they’ve been telling from the beginning, which is the unaired pilot, which had no Mycroft, no Moriarty, no Irene, or Mary, and a Molly who was ONLY supposed to be in that episode alone. Then there’s the fact that it’s the series where all the clues and red herrings are going to be explained. And the fact that Moffat said the whole point of the show is to over analyze it. And that if you’re not reading the subtext then hell mend you. And so all of that coupled with the in depth novel length analysis of TJLC? Guys, it’s Johnlock. It’s always been Johnlock. It can only BE Johnlock. It is the only explanation of all of the facts. We saw and observed. We were told and we listened. They put it in the trailer to make sure we get our TJLC trash asses to the theater so we can ensure the creation of a series 5 of consulting husband domestic fluff and a Johnlock wedding, and to foreshadow it to the casuals so that their blind ass heteronormative selves can start thinking about it the rest of the month, and coupled with the rest of the more blatant than ever subtext we’re gonna be getting leading up to it happening in series 4, not feel like it came out of no where. This series will make television history. It is their insane wish fulfillment realized. They said to hell with deferred pleasure and went for it. Johnlock is end game. Johnlock is canon. The Johnlock conspiracy is once and for all about to become the Johnlock confirmation. It is the only thing that makes sense. It is the only possibility. WE ARE LEAVING 1895. We are finally going to be free from this hell.

what YOUR dunmer house says about you!
  • hlaalu: you love money and think you're hot shit because you make a lot of it. you are frequently called a 'cuck', but you don't care because you think you're rich. you have many friends, all of whom secretly hate you. you would sell your family to satan for half a corn chip.
  • redoran: you love rules. you love playing by the rules. someone once offered to remove the stick from your ass; you reported them to HR for harassment and had them put on disciplinary leave. when its your turn on the aux you put on an audiobook. the only reason you have friends is because you're the one who bails everyone else out once shit goes bottom-up, but they still hate you bc you never stop gloating about it.
  • telvanni: you think you can do whatever you want and then you do it. everybody hates you but you don't care because you hate them more. you probably describe yourself as chaotic neutral; everyone you know describes you as a dick. you make garden decorations out of doll parts and collect books you'll never read because they make you seem intelligent. you think "ethics guidelines" are holding science back, consider yourself as an intellectual, have made at least one 'triggered' joke at some point in your life.
  • indoril: you're a teacher's pet and damn proud of it. either you're a member of your religious sect or you're outspoken against religion on humanitarian grounds (but only gently because you consider yourself to be exceptionally tolerant.) you participate in charity and make sure everyone's aware of it. you're distantly related to a popular military leader and you think that's proof that you're the glue holding society around you together. you either have been or at some point will be hung from a flagpole by your underpants. also, you destroy everything you love
  • dres: let's be honest, you're kind of a redneck. like telvanni, you think you can do whatever you want, but 'whatever you want' for you usually involves a gallon of vodka and a puddle of mud. you start a lot of shit but somehow manage to not be blamed for any of it because while everyone else is dealing with the outcomes you're out in a swamp wrestling lizards. this uncanny talent allows you to start all sorts of drama and you do so with wanton relish. you're the one who called hlaalu a cuck.
  • dagoth: you're a goth, you know you're a goth, everyone else knows you're a goth, and yet you still insist that you aren't a goth. you're a hopeless romantic and you cry easily. sufjan stevens is your favorite artist and you feel as if he's the only one who really understands you. you're still obsessed with your first grade crush and you're proud of that because you think loyalty is the most noble trait one can have. you own far too many candles
  • sadras: you're the most unremarkable person in the world. the only reason you're successful is because you're a snitch and redoran thinks that makes you responsible
  • mora/clan ra'athim: you are a MESS. you're an absolute disaster. you're wildly successful in the same way that a tornado is successful. you're unstoppable, you do what you want, and nothing will be the same once you've finished throwing trees through houses. you love having sex with politicians. you're the extrovert on all those introvert vs extrovert memes. 'live fast die young leave a pretty corpse' is your motto. everybody loves you but you're still going to get stabbed in the back and honestly you wouldn't have it any other way.
  • sotha: everybody loves you, you don't know why, also you're probably dead
  • dwemer: you don't really fit in with your social group, but you're lumped in there anyway because nobody understands you. you enjoyed c0da. you have complex theories on philosophy which you're never going to share with anyone because nobody else is intelligent enough to understand them. one day you're going to disappear mysteriously and will go down as the most famous unsolved paranormal case of the 21st century
Keith and Lance

I just watched Voltron and I’ve got some things to say about Keith’s and Lance’s relationship (holy guacamole the sexual tension is unbelievable but other things too)

I 100% believe that Lance has an inferiority complex and Keith just being Keith makes it 2000x worse.

Think about it: Lance grew up in a big family, which means that more likely than not, it’s hard to be seen beyond your siblings. Yes, you will be loved, but very rarely does someone who is raised in a big family not have a sort of discomfort about their worth.

It explains why Lance tries so. Fucking. Hard. Have you seen this guy? He flirts with everything he’s got. He pilots alien technology amazingly well when everyone else thinks he’ll be terrible. He follows a plan to the letter, even when it would be more difficult for him not too (look shooting those guys would’ve been way easier to do in the sentient planet and put them in way less physical danger, fite me) He feels like he has to go above and beyond to get noticed. He has literally no chill. There is no halfway for Lance.

And then Keith is there, with his “I am just naturally a great pilot” and “I was the top of my class (right above you boyo) and I dropped out for no real reason” and then the worst of all “I don’t remember you”

So you have Lance, a guy that tries his best and wants some recognition, and then Keith, the guy that does his own shit and doesn’t remember him, and BOOM I can understand the rival shtick. Who wouldn’t be pissed when they try so hard and still get second place in everyone’s eyes?

And Keith still doesn’t hate him! I think that bothers Lance the most. He can’t get the guy to even “hate” him back equally

And Keith, poor sweet baby Keith.

He envisions an empty home instead of a family. He has never had the luxury of human reaction and now he’s stuck mind melding with four other people, one of which has shown open hostility towards him. But even then he doesn’t really hate the guy back. He humors him, and yeah, they bicker, but it’s obvious Keith has no clue what he’s doing.

He’s the lone wolf. He’s doesn’t listen to direction again and again. He goes off and does his own thing, even at great risk to everyone around him. He’s selfish in that regard, but honestly, I just don’t think Keith is used to having people rely on him.

He’s lived alone, he’s spent his free time doing what he wants, and he has no problem risking a lot by going against the government

Keith is not used to people caring

Lance is upset that this guy that tries so little still manages to be better than him in every way that matters. Lance feels like Keith is his rival, and he’ll only be good enough if he manages to 1up him.

But for the relationship aspect:

So you have this unsociable person who is goal oriented and thinks more about the project than the people behind it but is also very quiet unless enrage trapped in space with this other very flirty, social, and altogether annoying person who just wants to go home and mow ass like grass because he can’t keep any of his emotions hidden and is probably pan have you seen this guy- and they are both trapped in space. Together. For the foreseeable future. Or until one of them dies or goes through yet ANOTHER scene phase *cough* Keith *cough*

I’m just saying that two polar opposites is totally going to lead to the gays. That’s all I’m saying


Well if ever there was proof that IDW Transformers has ruined my life this would be it




So yeah, have a meme

I even threw in a couple extras for no good reason other than this pic came in very useful for multiple occasions in one of my Discord chatrooms.

Fun fact: you can put absolutely anything there and Tarn just makes it amazing.

I am Going to Spell This Out,




Who isn’t valid?

- anti-sjw’s

- Nazi’s

- Trans Women Exclusionary Radical Feminists aka TWERFS

- Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists aka SWERFS

- Ableists

- Sexists

I created this sideblog NOT for controversy over a subject that tbh, really should not be controversial. I created it because there isn’t enough positivity to cover all of the ick the world, this hellsite, and the internet and society has put all over us nonbinary folks. I love everyone of you Non-binary, transgender, neurodivergent people. I would love to just sit and have tea with you all. You are all beautiful human beings, regardless of what haters say, you are all shining pieces of heaven that this grimy world does not deserve. (it does not have to be tea, it can be any beverage)


She’s a good kid.

My original plan was to go on break for the holiday following this post. However, there is one more page to this scene, and because I love you guys (and it would be weird to put a break so close to the end), that will go up on Tuesday. After that, I will be taking a much needed bit of time off to relax and work on my main project for the year.

I should be getting a new laptop this week, meaning I will be able to continue working on stuff. If that happens, I’m hoping to do a few small things to tide over the break. In either case, I would be happy to accept any (appropriate) questions you have.

Thank you everyone, and have a lovely holiday.

Got7 as dads - Youngjae

A/N - Time for our little sunshine Youngjae as a dad! I hope you all enjoy and keep on sending in your requests~

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • so I can see Youngjae wanting two kids
  • one boy and one girl
  • but tbh he wouldn’t care about their gender too much
  • he’d still love them regardless
  • Youngjae would be a pretty relaxed dad but wouldn’t spoil his children too much
  • I think he’d be quite lenient on rules but still makes sure they behave well
  • Youngjae would raise his kids to be polite and nice to everyone they meet
  • they’ll basically be little rays of sunshine like him
  • he’d love having a little girl and playing with her
  • like if she wants to have a tea party then he’s the first one there
  • if she wants to play games on his computer then he’ll put her on his lap so she can control it
  • he’d just love for his baby to be a daddy’s girl
  • Youngjae would love dressing her up too and he’d make her look like she’s got7′s new member
  • the boys would all accept her into the group too bc she’s adorable and who wouldn’t want her in their group
  • it’d be the same if he had a boy too, he’d try to make him look like his uncle Jackson or something
  • Youngjae would love to teach his kids to play piano, since he knows how to play fairly well
  • and he’d encourage them to sing as much as possible, even if they didn’t have amazing voices yet
  • because he knew that when they grew up, they’d be able to sing even better than your dad
  • although his partner may disagree that was possible
  • Youngjae would really treat his kids with respect and wouldn’t do anything hypocritical regarding the rules
  • because he hated if his parents did that when he was growing up so wouldn’t do that to his kids
  • I think Youngjae would really really love his children though
  • and he’d always be telling them how much he loves them and how proud he is of them
  • because he knows how uplifting it is to hear his own parents say it so wants them to feel as happy as he did
  • overall Choi Youngjae would be a lovely dad who loves his kids more than life and wants them to be just as nice as he is

Hello, everyone.

I know a lot of friends, both in my immediate life and in my tumblr community, going through a really painful time.

First, if you are struggling right now, I want you to know that you are not alone. Reach out to others. You are cared for and important. Do not alienate yourself, please. You can always reach out. You always have me if you cannot think of anyone else whom you feel comfortable talking to.

Second, I am going to work on a little care package to send out to everyone who needs a pick-me-up. Anyone interested, please send me a private message. It is going to be a physical package, so you will have to be comfortable sharing your address with me. I’ll post more on this later, but would like to start figuring out how many care packages I’m putting together.

Lastly, I love you. You’re the bees knees, the cat’s meow, the eel’s ankle, the flea’s eyebrows, the canary’s tusks, the dog’s bollocks… And much, much more. Don’t you forget it.

Listen up everyone! It’s Ronaldo headcanon/theory time!

This is “spoilerisch” to the January 2017 SU-Bomb! So I’ll put it behind the read-more.


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anonymous asked:

lmao you're just gonna write this whole football/cheerleader au yourself i love it 😂 omg but like would everyone else clue into the fact that even is clearly there to watch isak, imagine they are having a team meeting and isak makes a comment about not letting the guys that come to watch all the girls distract them like especially that even guy who's /always/ here and everyone's like dude... he's here for you

lsdjflksdjlkf i am a hoe for this trope,,,,also omg yes!! 

i have to put this under a read more bc it got out of hand im sorry i suck butslkdj

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Sooooooo I kinda wanna make a discord for all of you Voltron peeps who like talking about Voltron and wanna scream about it with me

hmu and let me know if you wanna join because I need people to scream about Voltron with 

i really wanna touch on this topic but i really don't

for a while my cat has been getting a tumor in the same place. every time we remove it, it just comes back. she’s currently 11 years old with her 3rd tumor and we are having a hard time finding a doctor to remove it because all the other doctors won’t do it again. i’m scared that we will have to put her down at some point and i really can’t do that. she’s my best friend and i love her so much. i know everyone has to lose their pet but i’ve never gone through this before. i’m not posting this for attention, i’m posting this to show you why i have really been quiet for a while. i just can’t face the fact that i might have to put down my best friend.

i don’t know if im willing to talk about it right now, but if anyone will listen i would like to try and calm down.

Imagine how great a soccer (or football based on geographic location) AU of hetalia would be. Like, there could be some kind of elite team put together from the best players around the world. and then they’d all be on it. Everyone loves sports anime (Some people love hetalia) It’d be great. They’d workout together and fight and then have team bonding cause they’re all superstars from different nations and cultures who aren’t used to being on a team where they aren’t the sole focus and they have to learn to overcome their differences to work together and be awesome. Like a sports movie. But one about hetalia that doesn’t focus probably as much on the actual game.  

i dont get the people who complain about malec, that alec wont have his own storyline… this is his storyline? this is him putting himself first for once, learning that its okay to be selfish, its okay to be himself, its okay to be happy, its okay. and this maybe his most important storyline, and you cant take out magnus, because he is an essential part of it. concentrating on your first love and relationship is major and doesnt make him less of a character just because he gets to be someone love interest and vice versa. if he would have got another big storyline for 2a seperate from magnus then everyone would be like there is no development, or its rushed etc. because they wouldnt have time to show us properly how they fall in love and with that a big part of alec’s development would wait for itself, since now this is the storyline that makes him grow.

Castle Fandom Secret Santa 2016

Hey fandom!

I know the last few years there has been a fandom Secret Santa but I haven’t seen one organized yet this year. Therefore, if people are interested, I would love to put one together for everyone!

I would like to model it after previous year’s Secret Santas, so here’s the deal. You will get the tumblr url of the person you are assigned to be Secret Santa for. On December 1st, send that person an ask on anon as an introduction. Then, throughout the month of December, feel free to send asks, submissions, artwork/graphics, fic or ficlets, anything you would like to stay engaged with your Secret Santa. In the past, some people have created separate urls to send gifts of messages to their person, some have just used the ask box. It’s up to you! Then, on Christmas Day, reveal yourself to the person you have been playing Secret Santa to! This is open to everyone who is willing to commit to being a Secret Santa for the month! I am also willing to post graphics, fics, etc. for those who want to send them without revealing themselves, just let me know!

Want to participate? Here’s how. Send me either an ask or a message letting me know you want to participate, and I will compile the list. I will need to have everyone let me know by Tuesday, November 29th so that I can assign everyone a Secret Santa. Then, on November 30th, I will send everyone an ask with the url of their Secret Santa and be checking to make sure everyone is able to accept anon asks. All posts I make regarding the Secret Santa project will have the tag #css2016, and I encourage you all to use this tag as well!

Want to help spread the word? Please reblog this post, tell your friends, recruit whoever you want!

Note: in order to participate, you must be willing to leave your ask box open to anons throughout the month of December. If you don’t, it won’t be a secret!

(Edited to add this AWESOME graphic from @whatifellinlovewith. Thank you so much Callie, you’re the best!)

I wasn’t going to do this, but I couldn’t resist. Besides all my daughters boyfriends are busy helping with Christmas scarves and mittens and I had a few free minutes, I thought I would give it a go. Just kidding.

Everyone just loves to ask questions about MM. Some are so sure they are together, some want reassurance they aren’t. The reason you can’t put the puzzle pieces together is you don’t have all the facts. Will you ever have them, no. Not unless the Christmas bunny leaves them under your tree. Nope, not happening.

I have my own reasons to disbelieve this SM romance.
I will start with Abbie. I won’t go further back than that.

Abbie showed up at Cannes. Everyone was doing the mouth drop saying WHAT? Pictures of them getting into a car, on the red carpet, but her behind him.

We then had the we are together at a hotel, in Paris. Pictures of a breakfast in your room and drinks at the bar. Not them together, but innuendo so thick you had to get your boots on.

This went on and on and then the picture of Abbie in Sam’s kitchen with the “Heart Breaker” tee on. Making a cake and looking so happy. The picture of Sam skeet shooting and of course she was suppose to be there. The meeting they had for breakfast at 26 grains, where she was pictured going in, a maybe it’s them picture of them talking together.

So, if anyone says what is going on now is the BIG romance. I think not. After watching so much go down with Abbie, the moment I saw the wine bar with them I knew. Here we go again.

MM is in need, so was Abbie. Abbie had a movie coming out. It had a screening in Hollywood ( which everyone thought she had been there for Sam) but when it was released it flopped. Abbie needed exposure and she got it. MM was making a new film in Montreal and had a film coming out on DVD. Exposure for MM was needed. MM had a series that started on TV and it only went one season. Movies are not going anywhere. She needs the fans. She is sliding down hill. Hope Sam doesn’t go with her.

So now MM shows up in a picture with Sam at a winery, and not a random fans picture.A link to the studios. Un huh, right. A baseball game and she is running behind Sam to keep up. Ok. We then go to Montreal, where Sam just happens to be seen walking around the street, two days in a row. Not trying to be seen are we Sam? I could go on, but most of you know the rest.

If this is such a wow he is in love thing, then why is it so important for MM to keep throwing innuendo out here for us to see. If your with a guy, it will say that for itself. If the guy really likes you, the fact he is seen with you in a grocery store won’t make it so. People have gone to awards with friends, coworkers, even siblings, this does not make them GF and BF. If Sam went to NC to see MM where are the pictures? More innuendo, more guessing. He said he was there for the production and checking out places. If he came to see her what’s the big secret? Why not just say, I’m here to see a friend, GF whatever. Nope, we get to guess and fill in the blanks.

If this is love, I must of missed something. Do I think it is serious? Well if plastering your love life all over your fandom and SM is serious. I can’t see it.

What I do see is, actresses in need of exposure. More likes and followers to build their fan bases. Hope that knowing who they are will bring people into a theater to see them in a movie. Know who she is and say yes, I know her, she is with Sam Heughan from Outlander.

Do studios use their most popular actors and actresses to promote others they want noticed. Why not? It’s free PR. Just a few pictures a couple of airline tickets etc.

If MM doesn’t step up her game, if won’t matter if we see her with Sam. The studio will get tired of investing in an actress that isn’t moving anywhere.

Meanwhile, I am still wondering how Ron’s wife, Terry just happened to get bumped to the side (she is part of Outlander and its crew) to put a so called GF in the picture. That my friends was the show Runner and you won’t convince me it was Sam. If Sam wanted her there, he would of been more accepting of her presence. GF, but no red carpet? A date? Yep, sure, ok. Ron is a promoter and this brought gossip. Exposure all over the place. Just doing his job. Strange he was sitting at the table and watching the show from a front seat and next to MM. If Sam brought his mom, no notice, a friend, no, but a date. YES. Even Cait with Tony was second in the PR department that night.

I was told once to never believe anything you read about regarding events in Hollywood and doubt 50% of what you see. I got that info from a very reliable source. If that’s the case. All this is BS.

All of this and WS, fit together. It’s a matter of control. Just imagine control of a fandom. Thousands of people you can tell whatever stories you want to and they will believe it. You could sell them a failing actress and they would think she is great. Get rid of the non believers and you have them believing what you want. Promoters is what they will become.

I know, it doesn’t seem possible, but if you read all that Albrecht has said……he is looking forward to using SM as one of the new promotional PR platforms for the studio. Wow, imagine that. Now why would he say that?

No wonder I think this is a made for us, fandom, Droughtlander story. A new Sam romance on SM and no place else. And no, I don’t think he is gay.

Got to go, the guys are fucking up the scarves. Bye.