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My rambling thoughts on DSoD

I’m putting the rest behind a spoiler cut, but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the animation is beyond amazing.  Dark Side of Dimensions is one of those rare movies where you could erase the dialogue (more on that one behind the spoiler cut) and I’d sit in the dark watching the images – and still feel like I’d seen a complete movie.

My completely Kaiba-centric thoughts are below the cut. 

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Arrow S5B : Things I still need answers...

I was thinking about some Arrow storylines that have not been resolved yet… I would love to get answers for all of them in the second half of this season.

Please, let me know if I missed something or you want to add more to the list.

1- OMAC prints with QC’s logo on it. Was QC selling weapons to ARGUS, Russia?

What if, it’s just like in the comics…

2- Why Amanda Waller “helped” Oliver? Were there some hidden interests involved?

Just read this piece of dialogue of Waller and Oliver from S3EP4…

We, the viewers, need to know!

3- When did Oliver learn to fly a plane?

There have been multiples references to Ferris Air. Maybe he’ll learn when he makes his last flight to Lian yu.

4- Did Oliver get those nasty burns on his back and chest while working with the Bratva

They have not shown us those injuries yet…

And if the Reddit spoilers are true, in episode 5x10  we are going to see the Bratva beating obedience into Oliver…Maybe it is when he gets burnt.

5- Who was Slade’s benefactor? He was just a soldier when in Lian Yu. Where his fortune comes from?

6- Where is Nyssa?

I miss Nyssa…Who doesn’t?

Let’s hope 5B lives up to my expectations…Fingers crossed!

anonymous asked:

I wonder how many times things like Cas's "i love you" scene has to happen before people accept that there's a pattern:P It really hearkens back to Dean's "love and love" line. Cas said two things. He said "i love you" and "I love all of you." He didn't have to say both. Just as Dean didn't have to add the extra "and love." If it weren't important, then it would just be redundant and that doesn't make sense when a tv show has to use their precious time wisely. All dialogue has to count.

And Metatron saying he’s in love… with humanity!

And then saying a few episodes later that Cas did it all to save one man… Dean Winchester.

Yeah, the love themes go all the way back to the beginning of s9. Heck, it was 9.02 when Dean uttered the love… and love thing. TO GADREEL. One episode after the season premiere’s opening song was WHO DO YOU LOVE?

I mean, it’s not like they’ve been subtle or sneaky with this.

And beginning around the middle of s11, it actually became relevant to the plot structure itself, and it’s even more important to the structure in s12.

Like Dean’s “We need you. I need you.” in 8.17.

And Cas’s, “I remember you. I remember everything.” in 7.17. Right after we saw a flashback sequence that was about 95% DEAN.

I mean… 

Jonghyun/Taemin; The Great Gatsby; PG

tumblr au where someone keeps sending jonghyun a fanmail with the entirety of the Great Gatsby bc why the fuck not

jjjjong: the only post on their blog says “he lives in an egg” holy fucking shit
Nanaman: Well, i mean, theyre not wrong

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i think some really cute ideas for the next animal crossing game would be to be able to help construct the buildings and maybe even paint them, and maybe have chalk to draw on the pavement with

it’d also be p nice to see the villagers do more activities like actually use their shovels to plant things instead of just standing there and doing it (i always thought that was odd) anfld maybe add in some better dialogue so they don’t always repeat the same stuff

some different villagers would be nice, more wolves and maybe some crocodile villagers since we already have gators, maybe some lizard ones too!

more variety of bushes would be nice, like ones that grow blueberries and some plants that grow strawberries

tbh this game is great but there’s so much more that could be added lmao

So just finished the Lasombra sidequest for VtmB.

That was…. anticlimatic. Especially for my goal of trying to learn more about the Southland Slasher. Like…. I wasn’t expecting him to get a pivotal role or anything, but something a bit more then ‘They talked to him about joining the Sabbat, he said no’ would’ve been appreciated.

Well, the good news is that I don’t have to dump huge amounts of story, and that none of my theories are outright impossible. Heck, I can add a scene with some interesting dialogue.

I also got a broadsword out of it, so overall it’s a ‘win’. Just not a spectacular one.

a post about Porterminus Remastered

You probably saw the trailer I posted yesterday for it. I thought it would be very funny to post on April fools day and it was! but i want to make it clear that i AM making this game! so heres a bunch of info on what I have so far and what went on with the trailer!

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The amount of things cut from Halo 3′s story that would have vastly improved it in my eyes vexes me…

Like, not even big things, just stuff like the few lines of dialogue I brought up earlier which adds a whole new layer to the plot, connections with IRIS, and the Gravemind’s characterisation. But there’s also one change that was made to the final level which I wish had stayed as it was originally conceived.

Basically, the final mission was intended to start off as a suicide mission. John, Cortana, and Thel go to Installation 04B together to Finish The Fight™ with no intention or means of making it home. Johnson goes to Shadow of Intent to drop off the remaining UNSC forces, but then he takes the Forward Unto Dawn to the ring.

The scene is still in the game’s files, it’s a short vignette that plays when the Flood first appear just after the final Terminal area - fully scripted, dialogue is all there, and it shows the Dawn passing overhead.

Johnson declares “this time, we all go home” when Cortana protests his decision, which makes his death so much better.

That we actually see Johnson choose to see this through to the end, that he is the one who provides John, Cortana, and Thel the means to get home, that the writing makes something out of the fact that these five people (including Spark) were there when this began and were shaped into who they are now, where they are now, is so brilliantly impactful - much more so than it is in the game proper where he’s just there.

This was achieved with a grand total of about three lines of dialogue, of really good writing, and it was cut.

W H Y?

Seeking Voice Actors

Hi everyone; the demo is about 85% completed~!  。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。 I mainly have to reanimate sprites/add dialogue.

However, since it’s a rather short demo only 

three characters will now appear: 


Childish, polite, and apathetic voice. 

Potential Lines:

“Monsters aren’t meant to exist. That’s why I…”

“Where…am I?”


Childish, sweet, and playful voice. 

Potential Lines:

“Only a fool or death would come here. Now, which one are you?”

“You’re alive. How odd.”


Mature, lady-like, and cryptic voice.

Potential Lines:

“Look at who the cat dragged in; a lost sheep!”

“You can’t kill what’s already dead, dearie.” 

If you’re interested, please send a sample or questions to traumerei.projct@gmail.com or through notes on Tumblr. Also, you don’t have to read both lines for the character(s) you audition for. <3 I will be closing auditions on Friday, October 9.

Thank you so much for all the support everyone!  ・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


Okay, so a status update on the “Anders tells f!Hawke about Karl” mod before I run out for a very, very overdue lunch -

I had a brainwave when I woke up this morning (12:30 is “morning” right) about where to stick this line for f!Hawkes - I didn’t really like the dialogue flow for putting this anywhere in the f!Hawke version of the post-Tranquility conversation, but uh, there’s somewhere else where it would work well, don’t you think?

Uuuuunfortunately, I’m still having a bit of trouble getting it to continue past this point - I want him to add on his “We hadn’t been together for a long time. But still… it hurt.” line before moving on to “It would kill me to lose you”, but it keeps skipping that for some reason; something must be wrong with my links.

Aside from that, I also have yet to get the gender check flag working, which is gonna be a problem because it’s kinda weird to repeat this line for an m!Hawke

So I’m gonna keep playing around after lunch, but first I wanted to ask - do you guys like this flow? Would anyone really, really rather have it in the post-Tranquility conversation instead, where it is for m!Hawkes? (Keeping in mind that this dialogue is only accessible when flirting for m!Hawkes, so making it romance-specific seems reasonable)