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Prompt: Hey, could you do an imagine where the reader is a savior and used to be a model before the apocalypse and while on a supply run a few of the saviors find a magazine with one of her sexy photoshoots (or something) and show Negan (something like that) – Via @sheehan33

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,223
Warnings: Curses, mentions of smut, mentions of sexy costume (???)
Category: Fluff


You were sat on your lumpy and uncomfortable bed, binding your leg from where you had snagged it earlier that morning when on a supply run. You were bathed in moonlight as you worked. There was a discarded pile of bandages beside you, crimson stained and beginning to smell. You bound your leg tightly with the bandages and a few minutes later you dubbed your leg presentable and you stood up with a small grunt of pain. The wound was still rather tender.

You moved to pick up the dirty bandages from off your dusty floor when you heard a knock from your door. You stood up straight and stared at the door quizzically, thinking to yourself who would be calling at this hour.

You crossed the room, picking up your pistol as you went as you could never be too safe in these dangerous times.  You cocked the gun and held it aloft as you cautiously opened the door.

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Part IV. Chances

In which Bee apologizes for the fluff. 

Part IV:

In which Adrien is a precious cinnamon roll, Marinette has a plan! and these precious babies that are so sweet that they give me cavities. CAVITIES I TELL YOU.  

PS: Plagg is a little shit.

Wordcount: 8.717 (I’m outta control)


Part I: Twenty Percent.| Part II Mamihlapinatapei | Part. III. Something Right | Part IV: Chances.

Adrien was in pain. And not the poetic kind of pain either, ‘woe is me’ and all that; but more like ‘his ribcage hurts to move’ kind of pain. The fight against Wreckage had left some consequences that he had had to deal with right after getting home. Natalie had freaked out over his appearance, immediately calling a plastic surgeon to come visit him. After all, a model with a scarred face was probably one out of a job. No matter who his father was.

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anonymous asked:

The GOM s/o saying they wanna go home because they wanna cuddle.. Idk I think it would be cute


He had decided to take you out on a nice date to the park, with a dinner beforehand and roses to boot. 
It was all very nice, especially as you walked down the stone path surrounded by large, flowery bushes and fancy fences down the sides, but… you still wanted something else. It was something you couldn’t do in public, exactly.
Upon hearing your quiet voice, he looks down with an eyebrow raised. “Yes?”
“…The date was amazing and it’s beautiful here, but now… I think I want to just go home with you and cuddle,” you smile sheepishly at him, and there was no way he could reject the cute way you were so honest with him.
He smiles, wrapping his arm around your waist and rubbing your side with his hand comfortingly. “Alright, we’ll go home now.”


He had been at his model photoshoot all day and, as his girlfriend, he naturally invited you to join him.

You’re usually very up to supporting your boyfriend, but after a long day of watching him do various poses and not being able to have much interacting time with him, you grew tired. 
All you wanted now was to go home, lay in bed, and have Kise’s arms around you.
When it finally came to a close, he was drinking from his water bottle as he made his way over to you, model-perfect smile gracing his features. “____-chii,” he leans down, kissing your cheek.
You smile, though it was obvious that you had something on your mind. “Ryouta? Let’s go home now, okay?” You take his hand, moving closer to bury your face against his chest. “I wanna cuddle with you.”
The blonde laughed, stroking the back of your head, “I was thinking the same thing.”


It was a long, tiring school day, and now you were waiting for your blue-haired boyfriend to meet with you so he could walk you home. 
Usually, the two of you stop at some convenience store and pick up a popsicle first, but today, all you wanted to do was lay around with him. 
You were leaning against the railing when you first spotted him coming out the large double doors, your face immediately brightening up. “Tetsuya,” you cheer, bounding up to him and taking his hand immediately, while he offers you a gentle smile. “So today… I kind of just want to go home and cuddle. I missed you all day and the popsicles can wait for another time.” You say in a huff, rubbing the back of his hand gently with your thumb.
“If you want to, ____. That’s fine with me,” he didn’t look bothered at all, and only gave your hand a squeeze as he walked you back to your place.


Your boyfriend was never a big cuddler. Sure, sometimes when he spends the night you’ll end up wrapped in his arms, but that’s when he’s unconscious.
So, as the two of you sat in a library studying for your next big test - or he did at least - you couldn’t help but start to feel impatient. You wanted him to cuddle you voluntarily, not just while he sleeps…
Studying could be done later.
“Shin-kun,” you whine, kicking his leg gently from underneath the table the two of you sat at. “You love me, right?”
The question caught your boyfriend off-guard, and his stern face quickly turned red and his green eyes widened. “W-why would you a-ask me that?” He asks, which you basically took as ‘of course I love you’ in his own language.
You smile, reaching over and taking his hand. “Then…let’s go home and cuddle. We can study later, okay?” 
He was hesitant to agree at first, of course. Seeing that vulnerable look in your eyes made him agree. “F-fine…” Pushing up his glasses, Midorima stood and collected his things, while you cheered and reveled in your victory.


The two of you sat in a frozen yogurt shop, eating away at your delicious cold treats that were topped with mountains of candy while discussing small topics. It was a ritual to stop by this place every Friday after school with each other, to celebrate getting through another week and whatnot. 
But as it went on and your yogurt was almost gone, you began to think, and thinking often meant that you got him to do things for you.
“Atushi?” You lick your spoon, resting your head against his shoulder; it was fortunate that you were seated, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible, and even this was a stretch. “I wanna go home and cuddle with you.”
Your favorite position when cuddling was when he lay on his back, sleeping is optional, and you were on top of him with your head against his chest. It was his favorite position too, and who was he to deny your wishes?
“Mm… okay, ____-chin. But I call laying on top of you this time.”
Well, you couldn’t always get exactly what you want.”


Your boyfriend, Aomine the Great, as he surely likes to refer to himself as in his daydreams, was a big cuddler. In fact, he was often the one who initiated it first. This wasn’t exactly in the cute way, though, but moreso him rubbing his head against your neck after a long day as if he were marking you with his ‘male scent’ or something. You grew to get used to it, but you wanted the type of cuddling that was just sweet pillow talk and a few kisses here and there.
The two of you sat on the couch, with his head in your lap and your fingers massaging his scalp while he watched some NBA playoffs game.
He would occasionally groan in disappointment when his favorite team didn’t make a shot, complaining mainly to himself while you could only sit and listen. 
“Daiki?” You finally speak up, wanting to get this off your chest. “Can we… I just want to… I want to cuddle with you. And not the type that you usually do. Just hold me…” 
He looked up at you as if you were crazy for a few moments, but seeing that look on your face, it was hard for him to deny you. With a sigh, he sat up and muttered “fine.”
So, the roles reversed, and he lay facing the TV on his side, with you in front of him so he spooned you, one arm around your waist. “Happy?”
You nuzzled deeper against him, nodding your head, “Happy.”