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Cesaro/OC: You and Cesaro are polar opposites. You think he’s way too uptight, and he thinks you’re unprofessional. When the two of you are forced to share a room for the night, you learn that maybe being polar opposites isn’t too bad. Smut with the Swiss Superman. Requested by anon.

I know, I know. It’s been a while. But the semester just started so y’all are gonna have to cut me some slack. However, here’s some hot shit with Cesaro bc I finally got it done. It’s lit.

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How We Know Mycroft is Under Jim's Thumb

I had suspicions Mycroft might be under Jim’s thumb starting from when I first watched ASiB because their relationship seems much closer than what it ought to be. LSiT has done so much more than I ever could, but this is evidence I just don’t think you can ignore:

JOHN: How did you meet him?
MYCROFT: People like him: we know about them; we watch them. But James Moriarty … the most dangerous criminal mind the world has ever seen, and in his pocket the ultimate weapon: a keycode. A few lines of computer code that could unlock any door.

When I first watched TRF and the keycode was brought up in the beginning, I was like “For real? This keycode is super unrealistic, but I’m just going to roll with it because it’s a TV show.” And then, of course, the keycode turns out to be fake. If thought it was unrealistic, Mycroft definitely would’ve thought it was unrealistic; he’s way smarter than me. To think he didn’t know it was fake means you have to assume Mycroft is really stupid. He would’ve either a) known it couldn’t possibly be real or b) checked into it and found it didn’t exist. (He’s had plenty of time; this is two months after the trial.) He must know it’s fake. Yet he tells John it’s real.

What possible reason could he have for doing this? 

a) He wants John to realize Jim’s really dangerous. Well, John already knows Jim’s dangerous; he got a bomb vest strapped to him, and Mycroft has listed other dangerous things Jim has done earlier in the conversation, so that can’t be it.

b) He wants Sherlock to think it’s real. But Sherlock thinking the keycode is real is what distracts him from Jim’s real plans. If Sherlock knew the keycode was fake from the very beginning, he might have been able to have time to come up with a better plan in TRF, one that didn’t end in him faking his own death. So Mycroft would want to tell Sherlock the keycode is fake.

c) He wants John to think it’s real. But there’s no reason for this. Mycroft and Sherlock having a long plan together in TRF (which they don’t) wouldn’t hinge on John thinking the key code is real. If Mycroft and Sherlock were planning to take out Jim’s whole organization, the key code - real or fake - just doesn’t matter for that. Sherlock’s (fake) explanation of Lazarus doesn’t include tricking John into thinking the key code is real.

Mofftisson didn’t have to write that line in at all; the audience already knows about the keycode. They could’ve just skipped it, and nothing would’ve changed in TRF. If Mycroft’s not under Jim’s thumb, that line means literally nothing except that Mycroft is as dumb as a box of rocks.

The only person who wants Sherlock to think the keycode is real is Jim. It is in no one else’s best interest for Sherlock to think the keycode is real, certainly not Mycroft’s. Mycroft had to know it was fake, and yet he told John it was real, and the only person to benefit from that is Jim, so Mycroft had to have done that under Jim’s orders.

(This arrangement between Mycroft and Jim started at the beginning of TGG.)

So why doesn’t Jim have Mycroft tell Sherlock directly? After all, there’s no guarantee that John will pass on the information about to the key code to Sherlock. But Jim can’t have Mycroft tell Sherlock directly because Jim can’t trust Mycroft. It’s not like Mycroft wants to work for Jim.

JOHN: Why don’t you talk to Sherlock if you’re so concerned about him?
(Mycroft looks away and toys with the glass on the table beside him. John rolls his eyes.)

Mycroft looks away; he doesn’t want to answer the question of why can’t he talk to Sherlock himself. But Jim knows if he had Mycroft directly tell Sherlock the key code was real, Mycroft would say “The key code is real,” but he would drop lots of hints to Sherlock that it wasn’t real. Mycroft and Sherlock know each other well, and they’re both very good at reading people. Mycroft would almost certainly try to hint to Sherlock that the key code is fishy, and Sherlock - being Sherlock - would almost certainly catch that. But Jim knows there’s no way Mycroft and John will be able to communicate in the same way.