would hagakure say this

How the 78th class would sing Never Say Never
  • Hagakure: Reality slips far away
  • Yamada: fiction comes alive, we start to play it
  • Mondo: hope is no more behind a closed door
  • Sayaka: as we drift away from where we were before
  • Junko: hope and hopelessness become one
  • Chihiro: it's all meaningless, we've already begun
  • Naegi: yup we are all one in the same
  • Toko: never opposites, we play the same game
  • Ishimaru: so I listen to the world, know right from wrong
  • Sakura: stay focused, so I can stay strong
  • Mukuro: if you ever wonder why I'm trapped inside
  • Celestia: it's probably just because I told a pack of lies
  • Asahina: maybe it's a dream, maybe it's a pride
  • Togami: maybe for myself, I often wonder why?
  • Leon: until our very last breath
  • Kirigiri: we're running after life, trying to beat death