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[SUBMISSION] So I’ve had my Red Iguana for about a week now. And I have a basking lamp that I keep on all day and currently the UVB lamp I was using broke, so I’m going to replace it. I tend to leave her light on all day since I’m afraid to turn it off and leave her cold. However, I also have a night lamp that I recently bought, but I’m worried that won’t be enough to keep her since she tends to stay up on top of the cage most nights especially when I leave the heat lamp on and the night lamp. Then, the black and red thing appeared on her lip today. And I’m highly worried. By any chance do you have any idea what it could be? I’ve tried reading into my iguanas behavior and she seems to be rather stressed, but I do try to hold her. I was want to make sure I’m not being a bad mom! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

I would recommend getting a ceramic heat emitter to keep your iggy warm at night. Night lamps that still put out some light will still bother a lot of reptiles when they are trying to sleep. Ceramic heat emitters don’t put out any light, but do put out lots of heat (and last longer than heat lamps in my experience). Just note that they put out so much heat you’ll need a lamp with a ceramic base since a lamp with a plastic base will melt over time. Definitely replace the UVB as soon as possible since young iguanas with growing bones need it even more than adults.

Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to tell what the black and red thing is from the picture. What is the texture like? Is it raised up or sunken in? Did it develop over time or appear all at once? My first guess would be a scrape or a burn, but it’s hard to tell. If it’s a wound of some kind dabbing dilute Betadine or Nolvasan on it daily to avoid infection wouldn’t hurt.

Any iguana keepers on here who can help? I’ve never kept an iguana myself so I’m not super well-versed in iguana-specific care.


hey everyone!

our team are looking for an editor to help us edit our work, read over the pieces and other small details to help improve our work. we are looking for someone who fits the following criteria;

•needs to own a desktop computer or laptop.
•someone who is friendly.
•someone who is reliable.
•between the ages of 14-20
•someone who has previous experience in writing and editing work.
•someone who will fit in nicely with our little group.

we have had other editors but it hasn’t really worked out due to scheduling, so if you can message us it would be greatly appreciated!

thanks guys,

the core four 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Hey um I don’t know where to start here but if there’s anyone in the Denver/Boulder metro area (ideally north of Denver)

I may need to unexpectedly leave my current living situation sometime (anywhere from tonight to later this week) and if anyone had a couch where me and my small hypo-allergenic dog could stay for just a night before I’m able to have a family member pick me up I would greatly appreciate the offer so I’m sure if I have to leave I won’t have to sleep on the street.

I know this is a long shot and hopefully I won’t need to leave in an emergency that requires this but I want to be prepared in case I do need that

Thank you if you read this please send me good thoughts and vibes right now because I desperately need anything I can get

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Should we maybe work out an AU diagram of some sort? Like a split path AU thing that shows the (main) variations of the Portal Portal AU AUs? It's all just getting ultra confusing and I feel like it'll just keep getting more complex

Oh god guys I know I’m open to lots of things being canon but please don’t make it overly complex people still need to follow the au

If anyone wants to create a diagram it would be greatly appreciated, but I don’t think it’s possible? We have lots of deviations but also a lot of places to start from. I think it’s just best to go by my character list and see what you like the best?? Or if anything, maybe a list of the arcs?

Aaaaaa today is the day I leave for my vacation aaaaaaa! Can you tell I’m not ready? I still gotta do something for work. And finish packing. Anyway, prompts or questions are welcome and would be greatly appreciated!! I’ve got a long flight and then I’m gonna be driving for several hours every day so that’ll be interesting.


tfw ur chat noir has a negligent father and is in dire need of affection

you can’t tell me that when adrien is feeling down, plagg won’t try to cheer him up

listen. listen to me. plagg may be a sassy asshole at times but you can’t convince me he doesn’t care a heck of a lot about adrien

everyone: hey tumblr, here’s an itemized list of 300 things that would greatly improve this site and how it works. 

tumblr: got it, here’s a font that will make everything you say seem extra passive aggressive because it’s not like tumblr is full of that already or anything 

Flannel (Luke smut)

Summary: basically just making out with sleepy/morning!Luke whilst wearing his clothes…and a little something else 

Warnings: this morphs into smut! 

Word count: 1.4k 

A/N: you can blame @starryclem for this one. We ended up chatting about making out with Luke whilst wearing his clothes and then this baby was born…. I hope you enjoy it! ;)

Originally posted by http-erikaxo

this gif this gif thIS GIF

Luke’s grip on your waist felt warm, his slender digits applying a firm pressure to keep you held in place. Your arms rested on his shoulders, hands draped around the back of his neck to allow your fingers to loop through his hair. Twirling the silky strands between your fingertips, you nudged your mouth back against his.

His lips were soft - slightly puffy from the past few minutes of hurried kisses. Hands squeezing your hips, Luke bit against your bottom lip, eliciting a small moan from your breathless mouth. Seizing the new access to your mouth, you felt his tongue slip inside a moment later.

As you continued to furiously make out, your couldn’t help but smile against his mouth. Everything about the situation felt comfortable - from the golden rays of sunlight streaming into the room through a gap in the blinds, to the way his old oversized flannel engulfed you completely; the worn material - with its fading colour and fraying cuffs - giving you a sense of home. Your legs slung across the lap of your comfortable boyfriend was just a bonus, to be honest.

“Someone’s eager,” you commented, pulling back to speak against his lips. You shifted to the side and felt a bulging hardness poke up against your thigh. Luke groaned, the sound short-lived.

“‘Can’t help it, sweetheart,” he mumbled, quiet words carrying a hidden weight, “you look fuckin’ perfect in my flannel.”

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BU Universe/Love Yourself Jimin Theory

And another one! Today we’ve gotten Love Yourself Highlight Reel 3, “轉”

Mature content ahoy. Landlubbers beware.

-part 1 located here-

This will only be for Jimin. I’m splitting him off because it appears he is not connected to YoonKook anymore. I’ll splice them back together if that changes.

My current working theory is that friendship is not enough to validate Jimin internally and he has romantically latched onto J-hope due to proximity, but J-hope is straight, so Jimin is imagining an alter ego of himself as a girl and what could’ve been if he had been born female. When he falls while dancing his mind splits off into a fantasy and he imagines the girl falling at the same time.

The legs during the running scene are clearly not of a person who is carrying somebody on their back. Furthermore, we can conclude that they are Jimin’s legs and not J-hope’s because they are wearing Jimin’s shoes.

Jimin’s reality: He fell while dancing and popped his stitches and distressedly kept trying to wash the blood off. Jimin’s imagination: J-hope carried his alter ego heroically to get help. The scene of J-hope running is played against Jimin running, then stopping and turning around to walk back the other way, as if he started rushing somewhere on impulse and then changed his mind about it and turned back. He may have been running to J-hope but then changed his mind.

Some clarification about Jimin’s suicide attempt because people still seem confused. Skip this paragraph if that squicks you out. He turned only the hot water on because when you slit your wrists in the tub the point is to bleed out as fast as possible, so you want the water as hot as possible (please don’t try this at home, suicide is not the answer to your problems). The water turns a murky white to symbolize his blood mixing with it; they didn’t make it red because that would be too provocative. He was shivering after getting out of that super hot bath because he lost a bunch of blood. They showed red water in the sink this time but they’re still not showing his cut wound because that would be too provocative. It’s there in spirit, you just have to use your imagination a bit.

Quick update on HR2, a wild Jungkook appears!? Credits to kookminworld0507 senpai for noticing.

He’s wearing the same clothes as Jimin and sitting in the same spot.  This could have some wonky implications for what’s going on with Jimin that I can’t quite figure out right now, any additional insight would be greatly welcomed!

I’m not averse to the alternate theory that Jimin and Jungkook have started something romantic, but it doesn’t seem as plausible right now with the info we have.

Will update with the next release!

I heard that you loved me
But only for two weeks
To be hopeless or not to be,
I’m weak with indecision

Could we begin again
On a terrible date
It would be greatly appreciated by me
I’ll wear my normal shoes this time

Then maybe you’d like me
Better in the sunlight
If I built a raft
Will you stay with me then

And fall in love all over again

Adventure Time, Min and Marty S8E12


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One Condition(m)

Summary: You and Jimin have a perfectly-normal-good sex life, so you can’t really understand his need to explore further….whatever, two can play at that game. Looks like there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight.

Genre: A lil fluff/ lotta smut/ and hopefully I can make u giggle

Word count: 3,038

Warnings: Face sitting/ Breathplay (~light~Choking)…sorry mom

A/n: This is the FIRST EVER fic I felt comfortable releasing! I’m so super excited to share this w/ you guys and I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it:’’) . ps. this one for my chubby hoes or for my cuties w a lil more meat on ur thighs. jimin luvs u n so do i 💖💖💖

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