would go back in a heartbeat

I wish i could go back to the exact moment you fell out of love with me, i want to pause there so you could hear the sound of my heart breaking in your hands as your tore it out of my chest.
A bloody mess of my love for you
I wish i could go back to the exact moment i fell in love with you, i would pause there just for you. I want you to see the way my heartbeats lit up like stars and it didn’t hurt anymore.
I spent my entire life with my heart wanting to stop beating but i didn’t feel that when i was with you. 
The stars have been dead for a long time, just the dreams of being with you forever.
—  You were a dream i never wanted to wake up from

“Would you take him back?”

She hesitated and placed her hand over her heart.

She let out a deep sigh “You know I cried uncontrollably every day for weeks. I sobbed and screamed, begging for the pain to go away. I prayed so hard, so fucking hard for him to come back to me. Maybe if he reached out to me durning those days I would’ve taken him back in a heartbeat.”

“But he didn’t”

“One day I just grew tired of crying myself to sleep and feeling so damn exhausted in the morning. I was tired of walking around feeling nothing and everything all at once. I was sick of being broken while he was perfectly okay.”

“That day I realized if he truly did care for me, truly loved me he wouldn’t have caused me that much pain and sorrow. He ran out of chances, he ran out of time, he ran out of my love.”

—  “to answer your question: no”

niall would go back to ot4 in a heartbeat, louis is bored, liam’s tweeting all nostalgically about uan and harry’s being mysteriously quiet can they get their shit together and reunite already

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


Theo x Reader

AU Masterlist

Theo sat in the truck staring at your house. He could see the little things that made it yours, the scanner like the one back at the apartment that sent a text to tell you who was by the door. He was sure the front gate would alert you if he walked through it.


He could hear your heartbeat, you were wide awake and something had your pulse up, some sort of film. Theo couldn’t bring himself to go inside, he’d never been a house outside of the compound or the school, to him the two-story house was huge and daunting.

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You’re More Than A Name || Lena Luthor Imagine

“Lena… babe I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong.” You murmured, stuck standing in the doorway of your girlfriends office, her back to you, head dipped and if she would let you you’d be over there in a heartbeat.

“You know why Y/N.” Her voice was strained, angry and you could tell her teeth were gritted, her arms balled into fists as they were crossed. You had seen Lena angry, but never at you, and it was a whole new meaning to the word of heartbreak.

“Babe I-” You stepped forward but her cold monotone voice made you freeze.

“Don’t call me that. Go home.” You stayed where you were, this time it was you fighting to contain your anger, the tears welling up and you cursed yourself. You hated this sort of rage, you were angry because it was hurting, because you cared too much and as words left your lips you could hear the tears drip from them.

“Lena, I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you want to continue to push me away that’s fine. I have always been here for you and now for you to not even let me explain what you think I’ve done…” You shook your head and exhaled. You couldn’t even utter a goodbye, you glanced at her one last time to find she had straightened, her head held higher as you went to turn to face you. You let her, you stayed, your eyes more defiant and upset then she had expected, you weren’t lying. And as she looked at you, she knew that she had messed up. She opened her mouth, to apologise, to sob, to scream, she didn’t know but she didn’t get a chance as you turned and walked out.


She had been trying to call you for all of that day. 24 missed calls and an array of varying emotional voicemails and texts . You almost felt tempted to laugh, all those people who say Lena felt nothing and now she was acting like a kicked puppy.

‘How to get away with murder’ was not to best show to watch when you were mad but that didn’t stop you from binging. You felt a bit better, content with your Phish Food ice cream and an oversized hoodie until a knock at the door made you sigh. You knew who it was, there was no point hiding. You stood, quickly shovelling as much ice cream in your mouth and swallowing as fast as you could.

You turned the handle and took a deep breath. Your heartbeat sped up and when her voice cracked as she whispered your name.

“Y/N. Let me explain.”

You wanted to cry, you wanted to wrap the woman in your arms and just hold her and feel her heartbeat but you remained cold, she had hurt you and you lifted your head.

“You have two minutes.” You shakily drawled, crossing your arms.

“The press, the all were claiming an inside source said that you were dating me only for publicity and money. Y’know the whole Luthor thing. They were claiming this source knew you didn’t love me and I’m so sorry I just drew myself away and immediately assumed it was true and that was wrong. It’s just my biggest fear and I-” You took her hand, your eyes soft in comparison to the sharpness of her face, the roughness of her scrunched face. She immediately relaxed at your touch.

“Lena. I’m still mad at you and I’m sorry that I can’t immediately forgive you but I can get over it I just need a few days. But Lena, when I saw you in that bookstore, do you really think the first thing I thought of was your last name? No. What I thought of was how beautiful you were, how beautiful you are. Your name, your family has never mattered, in that way, to me. You matter to me. And yes, your name makes you who you are to some extent. My point is, the only thing about your last name I care about is whether I get your last name or you change to mine.” The unshed tears in her eyes said all you needed to hear as she hesitantly stepped forward and you let her into your arms.

She held on tight, and you could her the croak of emotional in her tone.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Lena. Always will.”


Rebekah wasnt going to be any help, which meant Kol would have to go and find someone to kill on his own. he scanned the crowd. thats when he heart the heart beat outside. one heartbeat. alone. meaning an easier kill.

so thats where he went.

you were sitting on a bench looking at the lake. Kol looked at you, he could only see your back… but he had to admit it was a nice back.

he sighed, coming to sit next to you. you jumped, “you scared me.” you laughed at his sudden appearance. 

“i have that affect.” he answered, looking over your face. you were gorgeous. he had to admit. and your voice? god, your voice made him want to swoon, he needed to hear more of your beautiful voice. so he asked you questions.

before he knew it, hours had gone by and he still wanted to hear more, he wanted to hear everything you had to say, everything you ever would say,

he was so screwed.


Im so sure that Lydia died guys, she wasn’t just unconscious. We all saw the look in Scott’s face, he was there. He can listen to heartbeats, do you think that he would be so worried if he could hear her heartbeats? No, I dont think so either. So… she was dead, for seconds but. And how could we forget about what Deaton said?

 “Its not just someone to hold you under, it needs to be someone who can p u l l  you b a c k. Someone who has a strong connection to you, kind of a emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles.” 

Lydia hold Stiles down, and Stiles pulled Lydia back. 

This is so beautiful guys. 

.:Imagine Obi Wan trying to cope with your death:.

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Let’s read some poorly written angst shall we?

Why can’t I touch you anymore? I miss your soft touch. It was comforting. I felt you as you died, you became cold, your beautiful skin became pale.
I miss hearing your laugh. That sound would make me happy even in the saddest of times.

It should’ve been me. How selfish. I wish you were here. I wish that you were alive and happy. And you would be. You always were.

We both thought we were immortal at times, and at times I swear we were. But nothing lasts. Not even the best of people.

Not even you.

If I could go back and change everything, I would. In a heartbeat. Maybe even faster than that.

I miss waking up and you being the first thing I see. I miss holding you close to my heart, making sure you knew just how much I loved you.

I am not the same man I was before I met you. You had changed me in so many ways.
You however, you always were perfect.

You were to me.

All I can do now is say thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your love, that is not something I will ever forget.
Thank you for giving me everything, though I had nothing in return.

How does he react when you have a nightmare?

Requested by Anon


Every night you would wake up screaming Sam would be right there beside you. He would sit up in bed with you and pull you onto his lap and let you cry against his neck. He would hold you until your sobbing subsided. Encapsulating you in his arms and making you feel safe again.

When your breathing evens out he would ask you what your nightmare had been about and you would start talking. His arms and warmth providing the sense of security you needed to do so. Sam would sit with you and listen quietly as you talked. Going over every last horrific detail and when you finished he would remind you it had only been a bad dream.

He would lay back down with you on his chest letting the sound of his slow steady heartbeat calm you down and as he felt you fall asleep he would whisper a promise into your hair.

“I will always be here Y/N. No one is ever going to hurt you while I am here!”  


Cas would feel your heartbeat changing and he would know what was coming. He sat up to catch you in his embrace the moment you shot up in bed. He would let you cry against his neck and he would gently rock you speaking soothingly in enochian.

When your breath evened out he would lie down in bed with you and you would feel his wings around you along with his arms. You would feel completely safe for as long as you were awake because you knew nothing in the real world would get passed your angel but your dreams still scared you and Cas knew that without a word.

He would kiss your temble as he watched you fight sleep and he would whisper gently as you dozed off.

“It’s okay Y/N. Just dream I will be right there with you and if the monsters come we will face them together!”


When you woke up screaming Dean’s first reaction was always to go for his gun at the nightstand but as soon as he realized what was going on he would put it back down and pull you back against his chest. He would sit with you and let you cry against him while his heart broke for you. He was no stranger to nightmares and he hated when you had one. Your dreams was the one place he couldn’t protect you!

Dean would never ask you to talk about them he would just settle you both back in bed when you finally calmed down. He would pull your back flush against his chest as you used his arm for a pillow. After pulling the blanket up over your heads he would wrap his free arm back around you and kiss your cheek and neck gently and tangle his legs with yours. And he would make you fall asleep smiling as he whispered.

“You can kick that nightmare’s ass sweetheart. You are the toughest chick I know.”


I have this headcanon that is Dean died on the show, Amara would show up out of like NOWHERE and go full wrath of God on whoever, seriously like, “MINE!” before bringing Dean back to life and making sure he’s breathing and his heartbeat is strong.

Meanwhile, Chuck is in the corner facepalming. “Amara, you can’t- I told you- you can’t just intervene in the lives of humans.”

“But this is Dean.”

“Yes, and I’ve brought him back plenty of times, but it finally got to a point I realized I had to stop.”

“Then I will pick up where you left off, but he is my favorite and nothing like that is to happen to him.”

“Well, you better include Cas and Sam in that equation, because that’s how it works. Like, seriously, it’s never ending. They die A LOT. And you’re gonna have to mind wipe them every time so they don’t know we were here. They can’t purposefully get themselves killed knowing we’ll bring them back. It’s easier to just leave him dead, sis, I’m not kidding. It’s a full-time job trying to protect them. You’ve basically adopted problematic puppies, Amara, along with any other puppies they adopt.”


rating : pg - 13

word count : 1395

characters : you x hanbin

genre : angst, cheesy and gross af

Melancholy washed over you as your eyes were fixed on the scenery passing through as the taxi was moving faster and faster towards your destination yet farther and farther away from where you want to be.

The sky was blue with white clouds slowly turning grey, warning of a rainfall to come. Maybe it’ll rain a little and you’ll be on your way for good, or maybe a storm would cause your plane to delay. You felt selfish for wanting the latter to happen so that you could think over your decisions and justify the reason to stay but you knew it would be better logically to just go.

But there was only one thing holding you back, a very good reason. A reason that would probably keep up you crying because you need it so badly. Your anchor that was tying you down emotionally.

Kim Hanbin.

You watched your chest rise and fall as your heartbeat was slowly getting slower and slower as you laid down beside Hanbin, looking up at the sky and letting the grass weave through your hair.

He rolled over and rested his head on his elbow which was making a slight indent in the soil. His index finger poked your skin, “nice double chin.”

You rose up after slapping his hand away, “I was just checking my heartbeat!”

Hanbin smirked, “why? Do I make your heart beat race that much?” He shook his shoulders cutely yet annoyingly making you shake your head and chuckle.

“No, you’re gross,” you deadpanned making his face fall. “Just kidding,” you laughed and placed your hand on his chin and kissed his lips quickly so that a smile replaced his frown. “I read online that your heart rate slows when you’re around someone you love because your flight and flight instincts drop because you feel more secure.”

The corners of his mouth rose, he leaned in closer to your face and whispered. “That means you’re in love with me?” Now that his face was only centimeters away from your face your heart started beating faster. You nodded slowly so that your noses didn’t collide.

“Do you love me then?” You basically choked out.

“I love you and I’ll keep loving you as long as the Earth rotates because you’re my Sun, and I can only function when I revolve around you.”

“You’ve arrived at your destination,” the driver called out making you jump out of your memories. Wordlessly, you paid the driver before pulling out your suitcase and walking slowly into your terminal.

Your mind was blank as you checked in and as every line you queued in, drained more of your sanity each time because it reminded you that it was one less chance of backing out.

“Oh I’m sorry honey!” An elderly woman said with her hand raised to catch your attention, slightly wobbling because she only had one hand on her wooden cane. “Can you help me with my luggage?”

You tried your best to smile, “yes, of course!” You put your bag next to hers and started to load her stuff on the carrier belt.

She felt uncomfortable with the silence so she chatted you up, “where are you going that you look so sad?” You knew that she was trying to be nice but you gritted your teeth as you recalled the exact moment that you knew that you couldn’t stay.

“What are you two going to do?” Yang Hyun-sik said through his teeth with his arm folded across his chest, making his suit stretch out as he clenched every muscle in his arm.

He slapped a picture of you and Hanbin taken from a gossip magazine down on the table in front of you and repeated himself, “what are you going to do?”

You and Hanbin weren’t able to look up as Mr. Yang burned his gaze through your heads. “I know,” he sighed. “You’re leaving,” he pointed at you, “and you’re going under dorm arrest,” he moved his finger to Hanbin.

“Sir, no, there’s gotta be-”

“I’ll pay for her tickets and enroll her to a different university,” he muttered while making his way across the room. “I could just kick her out, so consider this a blessing.”

“Oh I’m just leaving for university and I’m going to really miss my friends,” you explained to the woman. Your lips were shaking and your eyes were threatening to release a pool of tears until you felt her place a comforting hand on your shoulder.

“Everything happens for a reason,” she smiled gently. “Maybe you’ll meet new people and everything will be okay, or maybe you really are destined to be here.”

You nodded and smiled for real this time, because there was a chance of seeing him again and returning. “Well thank you sweetheart, have a nice flight!”

After you finished checking in and browsing the airport’s gift shops, you went to your boarding gate and sat down on a waiting chair, looking at the ring Hanbin at gave you yesterday.

It had been a week since everything had happened and nothing good happened as the news only blew up. For most of the time you and Hanbin stayed in his apartment, dreading the date when the tickets were booked.

Hanbin placed his warm hand on your thigh and moved it across to cup your hands which were resting in your lap. “You’re not leaving,” he whispered. You looked t him with sadness in your eyes but he was staring at the floor. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” you whispered back, placing your forehead on his. “That doesn’t making this any easier though,” you laughed bitterly.

He bolted up from your grasp and gripped his hair until you could see his veins bulging, “you’re not leaving me, it’s not that hard!” You were taken aback and you let the tears rush down your cheeks.

Hanbin frowned as he looked down at your red and wet face. He dropped onto his knees in front of you and put his head down on your thighs, you felt the hot tears drip down your knees as he apologized repeatedly, “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

After a couple of minutes he lifted his head up and pulled a velvet beige box out of his sweatpants pocket and opened it. “I was going to give you it when it was the right time,” he choked out. “But I mean you always had my heart though right?” He laughed and shook his head.

It was a jeweled heart which was placed on a thin gold band and on the back it had both of your initials on it.

You hugged him and cried even more, making his blue flannel dark enough to be a navy. Hanbin pushed you down on to the bed and buried his head into the crook of your neck. Your hands slid down the sides of his face before bringing them down so that your lips so meet his.

He kissed you roughly, pinning your wrists down on to  the pillows that you were laying on. He moved both of your hands into one of his and took his free hand and slid it under your shirt. “Are you sure?” You asked, especially after what happened.

Hanbin nodded, “do you want to?”

“Of course I do.”

“Will you stay with me in the morning?”

You knew he wouldn’t like the answer you had so all you did was bring his lips down to yours once more.

“Shit,” you cursed as people started to board. Were you that deep in thought?

You grabbed your duffle bag and got your ticket out of your jacket pocket and handed it to the flight attendant until you heard screaming from behind you.

You turned around to see a bunch of girls with their flashes on the highest setting to take a good picture of who ever they were surrounding. The person emerged from the crowd and walked up to you but froze half way as they saw you about to leave.

Hanbin was still in the clothes he was in yesterday which made you even more guilty for not saying good bye.

He called out in the most vulnerable voice that you’ve ever heard anyone talk to you in, making your heart break.

“I thought you’d stay with me?”

norwegian-fox: I FEEL HORRIBLE BC I NEVER CHECK MY INBOX, IDK HOW LONG THIS HAS BEEN THERE & I rarely get asks so I fucked up in trying to reply/answer.., BuT anyways,. I thought it’d be easier to answer it here (I assume this anon follows you,,. hopefully). 🙏

• SO! We all know Peter is a total sweetheart and he’d drop whatever he had to go comfort you & zoom you off to his room (where his bed is perpetually in blanket fort state) & he’d put on some music/pop a movie in & instantly your favorite snacks would be lying around you two | • And he’d have you lie between his legs, your back on his chest so you can hear his steady heartbeat and feel his arms wrapped around you | • If you cry he’d make sure to have some tissues on hand and just rub your arm comfortingly, pet your head, and wait patiently for you to get it all out | • Whenever, if you ever feel like talking about what happened, he’d listen intently while holding your hand & rubbing his thumb soothingly over it, pressing gentle kisses to the side of your face & murmuring a quiet “thank you for sharing that with me” | • It’s be silent for a few moments before you sit up to take a breath, feeling more relaxed | • Peter reaches over for a soda, the hissing crack almost echoes in the room, the background music/movie continues playing softly, Peter has the most ridiculous face (he somehow didn’t expect it to be so loud), and there’s just something so funny about these things put together that you start laughing which ALWAYS makes Peter start laughing | • You’re still laughing and Peter accidently jerks his arm and spills soda on himself which makes you two laugh even harder while you weakly try to dab at it with some napkins, your hand basically slapping his leg because you’re still laughing | • Peter wheezes out a noise that sounds like the soda can opening making you two jusT ROLL WITH LAUGHTER 😂😂😂 You’ve thrown the napkin off to the side (it lands in the chip bowl which you two will laugh at later) and you both calm down for a bit, lying in the blanket fort looking up at the different patterns on the blankets, you breathe deeply & smile “thanks for cheering me up, Peter” “duh, what else are best friends for!” | • EXTRA: later he accidently leans back & puts his hand in the chip bowl making the chips & napkin fly everywhere and sending you two in another state of The Giggles™


  • Teacher (INTJ): Discuss among yourselves the quote "Youth is wasted on the young" by George Bernard Shaw.
  • ISTJ: I can completely agree. I've learned so much in my life that if I had the chance to go back in time with all the knowledge I have I would take it in a heartbeat.
  • ENFJ: I wouldn't. Everything happens for a reason and there is no reason to change what has already been done. We should instead be focusing on what we can do for the future.
  • INTP: But what if "wasting" youth is the only way to get to where we are in life right now? Besides, even if adults were to live their youth over again it would take out the whole meaning of life. Like what would be the point of all of this motivation to "follow the right path"? All the mistakes we make when we're young are what connect us all together. Because the future is so uncertain, we all navigate life together.
  • Whole class: *quiet and in disbelief*
  • Teacher: *cracks a smile for the first time in class*

yetanotherinternetreviewer  asked:

Hi, you have any suggestions for a Mage of Mind with a bow and arrow as his main weapon? My land is the Land of Stories and Memories and my task is to clear the fog covering both my subject's minds and the land so they may remember. Interests include history, psychology and fantasy movies.

Hmmmm…. How about an Auto-Targeting Bow? It analyzes the heartbeat, muscle tension, current thought process, love life, past life, zodiac sign, interests, history, etc etc to judge how they’ll move in a fight, and shoot an arrow where they’re going to be. It has a 99.99999999999999999% successful hit rate, and all you have to do is pull back the string and let it fly!!!

To make it you need a miniature supercomputer, and a Metal plated bow. (take care not to use a sentient AI in this bow’s creation though… that would not go well)

Hope you enjoy!!

~Weapons Master Blu