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I don't think dan would be the one to propose bc of the time dan called phil "mr. marriage is just a piece of paper" and it really seemed like they had conversations about marriage and for phil getting married is not a big deal or a goal in his life so I think dan would feel like he's pressuring phil and would rather wait for phil to step up and propose, give me your opinions

my opinions are these: http://demonphannie.tumblr.com/post/155585778394/inevitable


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


Nico and Will ,not even together yet, but still end up in a pseudo date at mc donalds one day :3c 
maybe they both are crushing hard on each other and will is really easy to talk to??

Thanks noni for your request :>


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 


I recently had a dream I went on a date with Ichimatsu and I haven’t stop thinking about it ever since lmao

what would have happened if Kimblee hadn’t stopped Pride from possessing Ed?? IT WOULD HAVE LOOKED REALLY COOL…I’ve been wanting to draw Prideward basically since I finished reading the manga so here’s my first idea/sketch for that!! it needs More but I’m not sure what it needs More of

(@ anyone who sees this and wants to draw their own Prideward: FEEL FREE TO DO IT AND PLEASE SHOW ME BC I WANNA SEE EVERYONE’S)


a series of unlikely crossovers


Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

You drove me insane but at the same time, you were the only thing that kept me sane
—  It’s been 124 days

sounds of thedas: FERELDEN

the people are proud and rough, the forests deep, the fields wide. the very hills themselves torn by war, both civil and foreign, and even in summer the night’s chill can only be chased away by a warm fire. but to many this country is home, and they will do anything to defend it.

featuring tracks from clash of the titans, robin hood, stardust, ori and the blind forest, how to train your dragon, the eagle, & dragon age: inquisition



blackwatch was the most interesting thing about overwatch

blizzard i need more ex-blackwatch agents please who were they where are they what could they do p l e a s e

i need a five part mini-series stat give me all the dirt