would be terrorist


Refugees unlawfully detained in airports after Trump’s immigration executive order

  • On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending the nation’s refugee settlement program and barring immigrants from countries with “would-be terrorists,” namely Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.
  • The executive order went into immediate effect, meaning refugees on planes to the United States landed in a nation newly hostile to their presence. 
  • Though they were given permission to settle here by the U.S. State Department, after a long, complex vetting process, they are now being detained in U.S. airports, waiting for news of their fate. Read more.

anyone else who thinks this is fucking terrifying? he’s straight up telling everyone to blame the judge and the entire court system for any future terrorist attack. this isn’t just mr. pissboy throwing a tantrum, it’s worse than that. this is preparing the groundwork, so that when a terrorist attack happens, trump can blame the court system and justify weakening it to gain more power. it’s the fucking Reichstag fire all over again

I was just rewatching the first Iron Man movie and something stood out to me

When Tony wakes up in the cave and the terrorists come in to tell him to build the Jericho missile, Tony’s immediate response was “I refuse.”

No hesitation at all. It was clear and steadfast refusal. And even after they WATERBOARDED him multiple times, he still wasn’t willing to do it.

People say Tony Stark was just an arrogant womanizing jerk before he was Iron Man, yet even before he was the man in the armor, when faced with threats to his survival, Tony refused to build weapons that would be used by terrorists to hurt people.

Yes perhaps Tony was ignorant and naive to the reality of what his weapons could be used for or fall into the wrong hands, but his weapons manufacturing was never about the desire to hurt people but rather the desire to protect. His father built weapons for the government to help end wars and save lives, and here he is trying to continue that legacy of smarter and better weapons that would strike out enemy targets that don’t end up with collateral damage.

He had no idea that the man who helped raised him, a man he trusted, had all this time been double dealing behind his back and using him - he had no idea Obadiah was making deals with terrorists - yet the moment Tony found out his weapons were falling into the wrong hands, he put an immediate stop to it with no care about how it would effect his wealth or the fact that they were now suddenly a weapons manufacturing company that makes no weapons. What mattered more was not allowing his weapons to harm any more innocent lives.

“I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I designed to protect them.”

The real tragedy of Tony Stark is that he cares, he cares so much, yet that care and desire to protect can also be the thing that drives him to the extreme that allows something like Ultron to come into being.

Ultron wasn’t just born out of Tony’s fear, it was also born out of Tony’s desire to save and protect lives, which is incredibly sad and tragic, that someone who has so much care and love for people, who tries so hard to protect lives, always end up creating the things that did more harm than protection.

Even in Civil War, in trying to protect the team, in trying to keep them all safe and together, the harder he tried, the more the team crumbled and broke.

Tony Stark has always wanted to save lives, to protect people, yet it almost always never goes his way, it almost always fall apart and he’s left standing in the wreckage tying to rebuild and try again because that’s all he knows how to do.

  • Miyagi: Don't say a word. Kamijou is right outside
  • Shinobu: ...Fergulous
  • Miyagi: Shinobu, I said no words
  • Shinobu: Oh I see how it works. Two weeks ago, we're playing Scrabble and it's not a word, now suddenly it is a word, because it's convenient for you

“Kurt, you are not a monkey, you silly boy…”


Since you draw Momstique even though it probably wouldn’t exist as much as we all hope, I figured I’d draw Azadad, something no one asks/asked for. I hc Azazel in his First Class design more than the evil Hell overlord/pirate from the comics. Why is Kurt a cute, overalls-wearing child? Idk, because he looks adorable in overalls.

I was thinking about “goodnight, dr death” and now i’m feeling like the american national anthem (don’t know the name, oops) would be reallllly taboo in battery city, which would have it’s own anthem. it would be seen as very suspicious to play, sing, or even reference it unless it was in a historical context. like, even mentioning it in a neutral way would be enough to receive a written reprimand from The Patrol, and repeated offences would get you monitored for terrorist activity. it would be taken extremely seriously since it would be seen as a huge ‘fuck you’ to bli and the Director. because of this, it would be heavily used by killjoys (not by neutrals though, as they for the most part do see killjoys as terrorists). 

i feel like instead of saying “men oppress me” people should say, “sexists oppress me”

instead of “white people oppress me” say “racists oppress me”

instead of “Cis people oppress me” say “transphobic people oppress me”

instead of “straight people oppress me” say “homophobic people oppress me”

because saying that all male/white/Cis/straight people are oppressive is stereotyping them, not giving them a chance and making the genuinely nice ones feel bad about themselves

you wouldn’t say “Muslims are all terrorists” would you?
so why would you say “white people are all racist”

Stop Calling The Terrorist Group “ISIS”!!!

Isis is a Pagan Goddess from Egyptian Culture.

The actual name of the Group is “DAESH”.

It’s extremely OFFENSIVE that the media has chosen call a terrorist group after a Pagan Goddess. 

The group originally known as ISIL, gained the name ISIS by western media. 

They would never refer to a terrorist group as “Jesus” or “Allah” or “GOD” or “Jehovah”, 



Prompt: Villain!AU Shizuo

Word count: 770 words

“I must say, I’m impressed.”

A man walked towards the man in a suit chained up in the corner.

“You saw through all the traps and found your way here, right to the mastermind’s lair. …But you didn’t expect a real trap, did you?”


“What, you’re not awake yet?”

The man leaned down and looked curiously at his silent captive –

And dodged a kick, laughing at the sight before him.

“Haha! Hey, that may work on a lesser villain but surely you know better than to use it on me?”

He relished in the glare directed at him, spreading out a hand elegantly.

“Ah I haven’t introduced myself, have I? I’m Orihara Izaya, the terrorist mastermind you’ve been searching for. Though really, I resent that term – calling me a terrorist would imply I wish to strike terror into the hearts of people, but actually it’s the exact opposite. I merely wish to create a formula to bring out the best of human potential, and what better experimental setting than a crisis situation? What was that name the do-gooders use for me? Ah yes, The Scientist.”

Izaya was smiling happily as if he felt flattered by it.

“And you’re Heiwajima Shizuo. The best detective the police in Japan have had for years. You worked as a freelancer overseas, didn’t you? Hey, why did you come to this peaceful country? Was that empire too boring for you?”

“…None of your business.”

“Oh? He speaks.” Izaya said, his eyes glinting with interest.

“Hey Heiwajima-san, don’t you think this situation is a bit strange? Normally in movies when a hero gets captured by the mastermind villain he’d be much more vocal, but you’re so quiet! Ah, but I suppose it’s because your name means Quiet Hero on a Peaceful Island, doesn’t it? Heiwajima Shizuo.”

Izaya drawled as he traced the kanji characters in the air, in front of the man who still had his face hidden.

“…Found you.”

The tone the man spoke in would have sent shivers down any normal man’s spine.

“What was that? ‘Found you?’ Yes yes, you’ve found me, Detective-san, I would ask you if I’m not who you imagined me to be, if you were looking –“

Alarms filled the air.

Warning messages were popping up all over the screens, and static gave way to a familiar voice.

“Shinra, what the hell is happening?”

“Hey, Izaya. You know I love Celty right? I would do anything for her.”

“…Shinra, Celty is dead –“

Izaya froze at the image of the dead woman on the screen –

Without a head.

“Sorry. I tricked you, Izaya.”

“Wha –“

“I tampered with your memories. I’ll give them back to you now.”

Shinra pressed the two buttons of the master control to detonate all the bombs in the country.

It was like an electric shock had taken over his brain. Izaya screamed as his knees hit the ground.

A kidnap

A woman without a head

A serial killer case

“Hey, do you remember me? I’m Shinra, your best friend who got kidnapped together with you.”

“Shinra, I remember. But what’s this about a kidnap?”

“Hey Shinra, why don’t we become terrorists?”

Arms that could crush him brought him back to reality, “You’re back, my love.”

“Now that you’re a villain, we can walk the same path. I knew you could do it, my beloved flea.”

The ‘detective’ was nuzzling the ‘villain’s’ hair, smiling like he had found his peace –

As above them, the screens were filled with dead bodies.

“I tried your job, you know? I took your place.”

“You were elusive as a mastermind, much more than you were as a detective. Ahh….it makes me love you even more.”

That smile.


“That’s right, I never did tell you my real name.”

“Heiwajima –“

“Shizuo. Just call me Shizuo…Izaya.”

The kiss tasted like poison. Izaya shoved Shizuo away.

“Don’t touch me!”

Shizuo touched his lips, holding his phone to his ear.

“Yeah. Anri, it’s time. I’ve got Izaya.”

“Things are going to change.” Shizuo walked towards Izaya with shattered chains behind him.

“You can’t stop me, not when you’re a wanted man.”

The knife broke in Shizuo’s hand, as he pulled Izaya against him.

“This…was your plan.”

Izaya uttered as he stared at his mastermind rival he had faced as a detective –

A mastermind who had manipulated him into becoming a mastermind.

“…I told you, didn’t I?”

And with that smile which had haunted his dreams, the blond man said with all the peace in the world  –

“I’m going to destroy everything…and build from the ashes an empire for you and me.”

Once, violence that was directed at the state and its laws was easier to understand because the state was viewed as the oppressor, and those impacted by the policies of the state, as the oppressed. Now, when states do not necessarily act in tandem with the directives of global capitalism…as it once did under colonialism, and financial organizations are not accountable to democratic processes, poverty and exploitation caused by global capitalism become difficult for people to fight against, because the nonviolent modes of redressing grievance- ie, electoral process and courts- do not work. Without a clear institutional target for people to channel their activism through peaceful means, and with the absence of any real process, people feel disempowered and marginalized. Violence then becomes the only remaining means to end exploitation.
[…] In denouncing violence, we are consequently also denouncing revolutionary expressions against exploitation that take form in violent acts. American revolutionaries who took up arms to fight the British would be American terrorists. In this context, we can then understand why the dominant media and states are so insistent that we denounce violence.

Chaumtoli Huq, “Violence, Revolution, and Terrorism: A Legal and Historical Perspective,” from Voices of Resistance

I would love for us to have a discussion about this because I think it’s a very important and relevant conversation for us to be having.

Join the @lets-read-about-feminism discussion of Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War, Faith, and Sexuality

Lets talk. Lets get real. This is Jesus. This is the most likely appearance of Jesus Christ based on Biblical descriptions and locations, as well as science. If you looked at this man what would your first thought be? Terrorist? I hope I don’t have to sit next to that guy on a plane? Don’t let that evil Muslim into our country? If Jesus’ birth were to happen today and take place in the same location, do you realize how likely it is that your savior could be a Syrian refugee? I understand that people are scared. Letting in refugees could make it possible for an actual terrorist to slip through the cracks. But these are crazy people who I promise you will find a way in regardless of whether or not we help God’s people. There are tons of them already here. There are American born white people who are members of ISIS. Of course it is sickening that our government spends trillions on war and then doesn’t take care of our soldiers when they get home, but please tell me, with all the complaining you’re doing, when was the last time you did something like donate to a charity that helps them? Take the attacks in Paris, multiply by about 50 and that is what he refugees are escaping. They are drowning themselves and their children to escape the violence that takes place at their home. Oh and their homes? They most likely don’t exist, lots of streets are rubble. Now I don’t agree with everything that’s being discussed like giving refugees free houses, but I know they would be beyond grateful to just have a safe refugee camp to live in. By turning away refugees, we are giving ISIS what they want, they want these people to feel rejected by the rest of the world so they will come and join. And don’t even try to talk to me about some of them being Muslim, that’s a whole other discussion that I’m not going to get into. I’ll just say that it’s violation of our Constitution to reject people based on their religion (as it would be to take away our citizens right to bear arms). “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me” has never been more relevant. This was a good talk.