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sapphic book club?

I’ve been wondering if any of you would be interested if I made a book club where we would all read a book per month and then just discuss it (no obligation of course). My current idea is making a discord server where anyone could join and participate.

I think it would be a really positive thing because it might motivate people to leave reviews on wlw books (which are low in numbers in comparison to others but so important for authors) and it would give people a place to discuss the books freely (if they’re closeted/unable to do so otherwise).

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated! I will probably make a more coherent post this weekend and let you all suggest books we could read so let me know what you think!

wait lol… like 70% of the posts taylor liked yesterday were all stolen gifs……… that shit is so messed up and i would very much appreciate if yall would stop with that already, she liked a post that was my stolen gif a couple weeks ago and lemme tell you that is not a good feeling

We Have a Rat In The Club

Alright here is the first installment of We Have A Rat In The Club, It doesn’t follow a story line that is in Sons Of Anarchy. So I hope you all enjoy.

Feed back would be really appreciated. To know if you like it or not. But I hope you like it. ❤❤

Happy reading Dollies

Thank you all!!

Sprinting in to the hospital, you just got a call from Chibs saying Happy has been shot. To get here as quick as possible.
Running down the hall to the front desk. “Happy Lowman, he came in with a gun shot”. You basically screamed at the nurse.
“Ma'ma calm down, what was the patients name”?
“Lowman, Happy Lowman”. You ran your hand threw your hair.
“Who are you to Mr.Lowman”?
“His wife, now please tell me where the hell he is”. You said angrily.
“Y/N”. Juice came walking up to you.
“Juice, where is he”.
“He’s in room 206, Chibs is with him”.
Jogging down the hall, you learned that it was retaliation. You were panicking, Juice didnt tell you how he was.
Slowly opening the door, you saw Happy hooked up to a ventilator and a heart monitor. You gasped at how weak he looked, his right shoulder was covered in gauze with blood spots.
“Oh god Hap”. You gently placed your hand on his.
“Chibs what happen, I cant believe this”. You sat down beiside Happys bed.
“It was an ambush, they waited for him at his Ma’s”. “She wasnt there, so she’s safe”.
“Juice said retaliation”. Looking up at him, with tears in your eyes.
“Aye, it was love”. “I dont think I should be the one to tell you”.
“Tell me Chibs”. You snapped at him.
“Happy killed Darby’s cousin, so Darby ordered a hit on Happy”. “Some how they found where he was going today”.
You sniffled. “The only people that knows about his mom, is the club and me”.
“I would never hurt him and rat to someone”.
“I know but we might have a rat in the club”. He leaned down on his knee beside you.
“Shit, promise me that you find them and kill them slowly”.
“Not with out me”. Happy croaked out.
“Oh Happy”. You kissed his head.
“Hey Babe”. “Why are you crying, I’m fine”. He smiled.
“You just scared the hell out of me thats all”.
“The doc said you aint goin nowhere for a while”. Chibs patted Happys leg.
“Screw what the doctor says, I’m getting the little bitch that made my woman cry”. His thumb wiped away a tear.
“Hap, your getting them cause they shot you and found out where your mom lives”. You shook your head. Always thinking of you even when he’s on deaths door.
“We have Rat, Kozik and Tig out looking to see if anyone knows anything”. Chibs said as he got out his phone.
“I’m sorry”. Happy strained out
“You shouldnt be sorry, you didnt get shot on purpose”.
“I told you that nothing would happen to me, I guess I was wrong and I hurt you”.
“Hap its alright, as long as your here and alive”. “It will be fine, we will get through this”.
“Your amazing, how did I get such a great Old Lady”? “Most wifes would want their man to quit the club”. He asked grinning.
“I’m not most wifes, I know the club is your family and I’m not taking that away from you”. “Now if we had kids and something happened to them, then yes I would want you to quit but as of right now”. “I’m cool with the club and you being in”. You pecked his chapped lips.
Chibs cleared his throat. “Sorry to interrupt, but they found out somethings and they need me”.
“Go, I have him”.
“If he tries to follow me , you have my permission to tell the doc he’s gone mad”. Chibs laughed.
Happy huffed. “He’s not going anywhere, I’ll sit on him if I have to”.
“I’d be cool with that”. Happy said seductively.
Chibs chuckled as he left, you rolled your eyes at how crazy your Old Man could be.

anonymous asked:

So I’m a freshman in high school and Homecoming is on the 30th, there’s a guy I really like but I’m pretty sure he’s a lot more popular than me and he recently broke up with his girlfriend. I don’t know if I should ask him because I’ll be so embarrassed if he says no. What should I do?

Hi anon! Thanks for asking me, I really appreciate it! :)

So what I would probably do is become closer to him as a friend during this time. I don’t know if you two are friends are not, but him saying yes to a person that he doesn’t know very well are quite unlikely, I’m sorry to say. But if you become friends with him and become closer as friends, then hopefully romantic feelings will blossom for him as well!

I got close to this popular guy in college, and everyone really liked him and he was very well respected. He was a leader on his dorm floor and had almost straight As and I was basically drooling cause I liked him so much lol

Me? I barely made it to class on time lol. I had ‘eh’ grades and people liked me but I didn’t have many friends.

But you know what happened to that guy and I? Now we’re husband and wife 😊

So yeah, getting close to someone is a good idea before you kind of jump the gun and ask them. Who knows, maybe he’ll say yes when the next dance comes around.

Until then, go with friends and spend time having fun with them ❤️

Hope this answered your question, anon 😊 If you ever want to send me a message, please feel free to do so! I would love to hear how this thing goes or talk to you just about regular school stuff 😎

Have a great rest of your night, my dear!

i’m following 125 blogs and my dash is pretty much dead lmao so i’m looking for

  • sheith (no broganes)
  • shiro (i’m a shiro stan so more shiro content would be very much appreciated!)
  • allurance
  • plance
  • lancelot
  • voltron in general 
  • not so much lance please
  • and definitely no kla///nce or anti shaladin blogs

so please like or reblog this post and i’ll check your blog out! 


Hey everyone! I’m new to the FFXIV Tumblr scene (or well, Tumblr in general) and I’m looking for roleplaying contacts for my main character, Beaumont Friont. A Duskwight Elezen hoping to revive the ancient city of Gelmorra back to its former glory, while keeping its memory alive through song and stories. (You can read more on my profile) I’m looking for characters for him to do some dungeon delving with, particularly into ancient (i.e. Gelmorran) ruins and the like, but I am also fine with more casual roleplay. I’m especially looking for more roleplaying blogs to follow, and particularly have an interest in lore-abiding, mature roleplay; so sharing this post would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from you folks soon!

So I’m about to finally make an updated list of my Netflix and chill’s post. I have a few new additions already and took away some of the stuff that’s no longer on Netflix. If anyone happens to know some good Halloween episodes that are on Netflix that are not already on my list please send me a message or a reply and let me know and I will get it added. Even if you think it’s one that I might already be adding in this update send it anyway just in case.

I will be doing an updated list for Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube also so any info for those would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

(Links to my past lists can be found at the top of my Tumblr home page.)

freedthedark  asked:

No, he had not adopted Gray's stripping habit. But he was drunk and this was definitely his missing shirt's fault and not his, yep, so now his book-bad jokes-bestie had to assist him because quite obviously he was a little confused. "Come help me find my shirt. I think it flew away."

      “It… a… flew?”

Good Gods above she was not drunk enough to handle drunk freed, In fact, she wasn’t drunk at all. Lovely. Still- she was positive most people would enjoy the eye candy Freed present with his shirt gone. (Though she doubted his husband would appreciate the stares.)

So- a shirt. Where to find a shirt. Because, obviously, Freed’s hadn’t actually flown off, but with a quick scan of the hall, she couldn’t lay her eyes on it. What in the world had he done with the thing?!

And then- behold! Her eyes landed on fabric! “There we go!”

Grabbing the shirt she’d spied, the script mage quickly returned to Freed, holding it out for him. And it was in that moment, that she realized whose shirt it was.

       “Well- it looks like this might be Gray’s, but he doesn’t need it, his shirts don’t fly away from him!”

No, on the contrary- they just sorta fell off at random moments in time. 

She hoped Gray could forgive her for this.

Need pictures of big cat/cat skulls!

I do educational lectures at my college in the Vulture Culture club I run about animal anatomy! I currenlty own a bobcat skull, but do not have a domestic feline, nor any big cat skull. For some reason it’s not easy getting good pictures of big cat skulls and I could really use them!

My question/plea would be if any of you out there have pictures of your cat, bobcat, mountain lion, leopard, lion skulls etc. if you could send them my way? I would appreciate it immensely and it would help me in so many ways! Even if you know of other sources to get this information and pictures I’d love you for it!

I’d also really appreciate anything articulated related to this as well, or any pictures/details of preserved paws, mummified heads, pelt details etc.!

Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating:  Explicit

Word count:  55K 

Status: Complete !!!!

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Poster by the wonderful @melmanpur