would be about 200 years

❞ For Owl City, it’s time to tour, get sunburned, sleep in the van, play golf on my cell phone, eat pizza without any sauce, get made fun of by tough guys in tough trucks, walk around Wal-Mart at 4 am and forget to take the gas hose out of the tank before driving off into the sunset.

i was just curious

got a quote for house insurance. how the hell is it so cheap?!

$53 a month?! whaaaat. that’s way cheaper than my freaking car insurance. but then i got a brand new car so…

i’ve been kinda looking at houses for when i get a good paying job and am able to get my own house. seeing what i could possibly afford. i think i would be able to afford about a $200,000 house. 

but, that is still years away. probably a good 5 years (i’m hoping at most). have to save money for a downpayment and all. apparently 20% is a good amount (which would be about $35,000!). 

so yeah!