I almost forgot how much I love Don’t Starve.

Dylas (or Wylas) has his own perpetual fishing rod, and although his base sanity is pretty low (100), he can regain it by fishing. He has slightly higher than average health (180) and hunger (220). Wylas can eat raw fish with no penalties except it gross out other characters.

Doug (Woug), on the other hand, has even higher hunger (250), lower health (150) and even lower sanity (90). He makes up for it by having little to none sanity loss when in dark or when facing monsters–he’s stupidly brave. He’s good in combat, but sucks at crafting: prototyping new recipes takes him longer.

Wylas and Woug slowly lose sanity when close to each other, but the effect gradually decreases and actually reverts the longer they stick together. They start to regain sanity instead. Just don’t point this out to them, or the effect resets!