Pagan altar with Nordic Gods and Goddesses: Loki, Freya, Odin and Frigg. Hail!

Языческий алтарь и Северные Боги и Богини: Локи, Фрейя, Один и Фригг. Славьтесь!

While Mussolini was an ordinary man—“a human being”, so to say, even a charming one— Hitler was not, “lacking individuality, confused with his nation’s collective soul, and possessed by its Collective Unconscious.” And Jung would add: “Not even by the Collective Unconscious of a single nation, but that of an entire race, the Aryan race. And it is for this reason that the listeners, even those without knowledge of German, would, if Aryans, be gripped and hypnotised by his words; because he represents them all—he speaks for all of them. And if he does it shouting, it is because an entire nation, an entire race, is expressing itself through him.” Thus, Hitler is the incarnation of the Aryan God Wotan. Hitler is possessed by him; he is no longer a human being. And Jung even compares him to prophet Mohammed, and to what the latter was and still is for the Islamic world.
—  Miguel Serrano