I can’t be the only one who’s found fascinating parallels and contrasts between the crucifixion of Christ and Wotan’s hanging from the World Tree. I’m sure that resonated with the ancient Germanics familiar with both

Pagan altar with Nordic Gods and Goddesses: Loki, Freya, Odin and Frigg. Hail!

Языческий алтарь и Северные Боги и Богини: Локи, Фрейя, Один и Фригг. Славьтесь!

Hail unto Óðinn! Hail AllFather! Hail ValFather! Hail Gangleri! Hail Vak! Hail Grimnr! Hail Fimbultyr! Hail Hroptr! Hail Rúnatyr!

Hail to God of wisdom! Hail to the God magic! Hail to the God of Death! Hail to the God of Poetry! Hail to the God of war! Hail to the God of many names and many talents!

Wanderer wander with us through our lives! Help us to use all of many “hats” we wear! Help us to use our talents and resources wisely! AllFather help us to take that step back and look at the bigger picture! We are always caught up in the details! Help us to examine the details but also allow us to see where all the pieces fit!

Magician-Shaman help us to journey and awaken to who we truly are. Rune- Finder whisper to us about the Runes. We need their wisdom and their power prevalent throughout our lives today!

Bolverk, we know you have done some terrible things in your time. Help us to know and examine the times when we have done evil to ourselves or others and come away wiser from those actions or inactions!

Hail Odin and Welcome! Happy Woden’s Day Everyone!

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Once again, here are the six albums I’ve listened to in the last days the most…

TRÖJAN “Chasing the Storm” ( @night-avenger : do you know them? if not..)
ENSLAVED “Frost” (ah, such memories…)
WOTAN “Carmina Barbarica”
MISFITS “American Psycho”
CRACK UP “Dead End Run”
MACABRE OMEN “Gods of War - At War” (Alexandros Ode A… pure epicness)