Look, if you’re going to be a ‘meat and potatoes’ kinda guy, then for Wotan’s sake let it be rosemary potatoes, a thick NY strip loin and a few onions for good measure. Now, am I right, or am I right. Oh, and a beer.

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Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory, Odin’s crows.
They flew over the world and returned in the evening to Odin. One should never return without the other, the consequence being a society ruled by memory without thought, or thought without memory.

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The Wild Chase

by Franz von Stuck (1889)

This painting depicts Wotan or Wōden (a major deity in continental German and Anglo-Saxon paganism–like Odin) on horse-back leading an army of the dead. This was painted the same year as Hitler’s birth and it is rumored that Hitler based his looks on Wōden.

Hail All-father, Wise Warrior,
One-eyed wanderer, Come sit at my fire.
Tell me of your wisdom stories,
The scenes your missing eye sees.
You who chooses the slain,
Look on my deeds and when my time comes
To run the sky with you,
Let my end be worthy of song.
In the meantime, let me feel
Excitement and poetry and fury and joy,
Let me understand sacrifice,
Think long, Remember well, And Journey Far.
Odin, Witness this.

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