I find it hilarious that in the Great Hunt, Moiraine just left the Aes Sedai “without telling the Amyrlin Seat” and everyone is just like “Oh man, the Amyrlin is so mad about that” when running away is Plans A-L of the Moiraine Damodred Strategy for Avoiding Unpleasant Situations, Co-Authored by Siuan Sanche

fic: i’m going to make whatever it takes

supergirl — kara x cat; explicit
@delightfullyambiguous​ and some anons promoted me waaaaaay back to write smut with kara under a desk.


“It’s going to be okay.”

Kara’s fingers thread through the hair at the base of Cat’s neck, in the same place where Cat likes to pull Kara’s own hair. “Shouldn’t I be telling you that?”

“No,” Cat says, “because I know we’re perfectly fine, even if you’re the one doing everything you can to calm me down as if I don’t.” Cat sways forward, leaving a perfect mark of lipstick against Kara’s lips. “I promise.”

Kara’s not so sure, but she lets Cat kiss her again.

Cat had sent a board-wide email the night before, in typical Cat fashion, offering a laundry list of comments on a bunch of different things, before adding as an afterthought that, by the way, she is dating an employee and the board should consider this its due notice. Kara had watched over Cat’s shoulder as the email whooshed away, fingers curled into the silk sheets pooled around Cat’s hips.

It wasn’t an afterthought. High ranking government and military officials knew Cat was going to send that email.

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