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TES Music Headcanons

@maalacath‘s tes music headcanon post inspired me to make one abt some of my own so!!! here i go!!!

ngl a LOT of my dunmer, ashlander, and dwemer music headcanons are ripped straight outta things from the ancient near east. because i love it. I also think their styles blended together a lot? Cultural exchange via trade during the times when they weren’t at each others throats.

 Some examples of wot I think ashlander music would sound like are this, this, and this

They travel a lot, so their instruments have to be portable and light. I image they’d have lots of lyres and stringed instruments, but also percussive instruments. bones are especially common and popular given the ease of acquisition, portability, and also are relatively simple to learn. Also a tons of different kinds of shakers! not to forget flutes and drums.

i image they’d perform/recite lots of their poetry and oral traditions with instruments. This also helps pass on and preserve their rich oral history. i think it would sound smthn like this! or this! I have a weakness for this one song so hell yes its ashlander music in my eyes. you cant stop me. its my c0da. (if you cant access it, its Cheshmeh from the ensemble Constantinople, off the album Passages. its also on spotify!)

the ashlanders have some downtime between their duties, so I am 100% sure that they do have their own complex musical compositions and traditions, but are also constantly composing new pieces. They gotta do SOMETHING to entertain themselves!

that said, given their love of tradition, I also believe that they’d preserve ancient melodies and songs from waaaaaaaaay back when. ashlander musicians probably know a great deal of tunes from the days of Nerevar. Each tribe also has its own repertoire of fkn OLD tunes, along with slight variations on the same piece from tribe to tribe. 

they sing a lot. folk songs, histories put into songs, poems. lots of singing while out traveling and herding. They have “songs” which are entirely comprised of vocables(nonsense sounds/words) set to a melody, much like lilting. Often times, they are improvised on the spot.

this ended up being mostly about ashlanders sorry. TIME FOR SOME DWEMER HCs

 i do have one dwemer music HC: theremins. they have theremins. many theremins. those examples arent exactly what i’d imagine their theremin compositions sounding like, they are good examples of theremins. why theremins? because theremins produce weird, unique sounds. the dwemer are weird lil bastards and i love them. also i love theremins.

given how much we hear about tonal architects and tonal whatevers blah blah its prrrrobably safe to say that music was a big part of dwemeri life n culture. Everyone was expected to have some sort of musical aptitude, no matter what they did. (maybe they developed written music? dunno if i wanna make that a headcanon.) 

many dwemer musicians and inventors probably went out of their way to create weird instruments like this, this, this masterpiece, and all of these. some, like the wheelharp, might be picked up by multiple musicians, but almost none of them would ever actually enter widespread dwemer music tradition. The glass armonica maybe. (there were probably elitist dwemer music snobs who considered the wheelharp an acquired taste. Dwemer hipster wheelharp culture.)

most dwemer folk music played and enjoyed by the common folk had a lot in common with chimer music. many of the same instruments were used, the dwemer would probably employ instruments with more moving parts. literally. like the hurdy-gurdy. hurdy-gurdy and theremin duets are popular. also hang drums. hang drums are cool

the dwemer enjoyed music that has that sort of resonance found in hang drums, xylophones, mbiras, and kalimbas. that sort of echoing, resonance shared w/ windchimes. They also enjoyed instruments that made weird, novel sounds. many profession dwemer musicians often experimented with musical composition. (hell, maybe they also developed music theory. idk. another lil thought nugget.)

kalimbas are often used as a learners instrument. kinda like how we use the recorder, except it doesnt suck.

my hand is gettin tired and now i wanna play my kalimba I HOPE YOU LIKED MY LONG RAMBLING THO! me n @maalacath both love TES music headcanons. If you feel inspired to make a post to share your own, please let us know! ppl gotta talk about music in the TES world tbh.

also @house-redoran i feel like the discussion of “did dwemer pioneer the earliest forms of music theory/ written music?” is smthn you’d enjoy. Just A Feelin.

Hey Lin-Manuel, I heard you liked musicals so I put some musical in your musical so you can sing about the revolution while you sing about revolution.

No, please no
Not tonight, please no
Alex, can’t you go?
Not tonight, can’t have a scene


Go, please go, no you- don’t riot!
Find some other folks who’ll buy it

You expect me to just be quiet?

You talk all night, you’re never through

That’s not true, that’s not true!
I took a nap, I closed the door

And yet, you snore

Oh yeah…

His Majesty, George the Third, can it be?

Oh no…

Hide your tea!

This egomaniacal thief
…in brief

Good grief

What makes you think we’ll roll over and play nice?

I would like to propose a truce
And put all of this to rest
I’ve been fair-

Nique ta mere!

Can’t you see that you need me?
Without England’s support
You’ll be left adrift at sea

Georgie, I’m surprised
A strong and handsome boy like you
Hangs out with these rascals
Who can’t accept the truth
They pick fights - demand equal rights!
And say you can rule your own
But do you really want a country where
There’s no royal to sit on the throne?
America, America
Is a dream that will never come
You are my colonies -
America is dumb

My dearest Patriots, we gather here and greet a new day

Aut vincere aut mori

Hear me say, though we may seem small
We know pride cometh ‘fore the fall
And one day, they’ll remember us all
Though this war may be the death of me
I will not cease, 'til we have peace .
And Liberty!

To Liberty!
To Liberty!
To Liberty!
To Liberty!

To days when we’ll have freedom, building up a
Government that will protect us
We’ll take back our rights, make it right again
We’re putting our plans in place, setting our pace, gath'ring fuel
We’ll have taxation, our nation, but fair representation
We’re building our foundation, our aspiration, our celebration  
Condemnation, of course, of this awful British rule
We don’t have to take your shit, you’re just full of it      
To trade! To no British raids! To getting paid!  
To shops! To Sam Adam’s Hops! To no persecution!
We’ll forge a new home for us, and make history-

To Liberty!

Many liberties taken. apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the memories of Jonathan Larson and our Founding Fathers. No apologies to George III. Nobody belongs to me.