wot fancasting

Can we all agree that the Wheel of Time TV series should not go and cast a bunch of well established actors, that they should try to find new, fresh faces to represent our beloved characters? That way, we can get rid of any prejudices that may otherwise exist? And potential candidates, professional actors within the fandom, might actually have a better chance of being cast?

Save for, of course, Lews Therin Telamon, who should be played by Sir Ian McKellan. 

reachingforsaidin  asked:

I always kind of thought of David Tennant would be good in the role of Asmodean. Good looking, not physically imposing, and he would perfectly capture that constant condescension with Rand and Moiraine, and the petulance and disgust at his situation.

This, actually! I don’t know much about Mr. Tennant, but from what I’ve seen, this would actually be very good. :D

anonymous asked:

Johnny Depp as Asmodean and Sean Bean as Lews Therin always seemed the easiest, most obvious choices in my mind.

Well well, aren’t we getting a lot of different Asmodeans tonight! :D

Also, the first Lews Therin. (…True to his track record, you’ve cast Sean Bean as the character who dies in the prologue of the first book. I’m not sure if I love or hate this, all in a very non-serious and not-in-the-least-offensive way possible of course. XD)

//edit: Dying aside, I don’t really see Sean Bean as Lews Therin. But it could just be that my imagination is once again limited.