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~spOopy~ daforge headcanons 

  • Geordi teaching Data how to do shadow puppets
  • Geordi and Data doing a joint Holmes/Watson costume to a halloween party
  • Data taking trick or treat like super literally and when kids come round to their quarters saying TRICK he takes his hand off/takes an eye out or something and they all run away screaming
  • Geordi calmly explaining that you just always give the kids candy Data not actually scare them
Christmas Eve

Okay, so I’m new to the NCIS Imagine thing/game/community but I’ve found that I keep having these little inklings and ideas in my head and they’re going unwritten. Now I don’t know whether they’re any good or not but I thought I’d post one and see what kind of response I get. I’m super nervous but I’m dipping my toe in the NCIS Imagine’s pool. Anyway, this is Tony x Reader, I saw a prompt list in the NCIS tag and just picked a random number (i know that’s not the way to do it but…yeah lol) enjoy!

It wouldn’t be the first Christmas you had spent alone in your apartment. After moving to the States from the UK nearly four years ago, now, you hadn’t any family to join or come join you, they were all doing their own things back home. The first Christmas you’d spent while part of the NCIS team was a bit of a doozy. You all spent forty-eight hours awake trying to catch a Marine killer only to catch him on the stroke of midnight on Christmas morning. The bubble bath and takeout dinner that followed that Christmas was much needed. The Christmas’s that followed were much more of a family affair, your sister and mother coming over one year or time spent with the team all piled around Ducky’s large dining table.

This time though, it was different, it wasn’t just you in the apartment, it wasn’t even your apartment. You’d let yourself in using the key Tony gave you six months ago, round about the six month mark into your relationship. After a bit of a tidy up you wrapped yourself in some of your plaid pajama bottoms you kept there and one of his NCIS hoodies that smelt just like him. The film you had on his huge television wasn’t being watched by your eyes, it was playing to itself. Your eyes were on your phone’s screen looking at the picture of Tony and you, huge grins on your faces while you took the selfie. You remember it so well, it was your favourite picture, in fact, you only had that and one other picture of the two of you. It was taken in the park, at the annual NCIS baseball game.

22:46…2247. You had just over an hour until it was officially Christmas. You still had an hour for him to ring or text. Yawning widely, you look at the digital clock that illuminated your phone’s screen and sighed heavily, who were you kidding? Tony had been the unlucky one chosen by Vance to follow up on a lead that ‘just couldn’t wait’ and now here you were, in his apartment feeling sorry for yourself.

You gave it another hour of the film before calling it a night, you didn’t want to be awake for another midnight on Christmas - alone. Switching off the television and the Christmas tree that stood tall in the corner, surrounded by neatly wrapped presents, as well as the other lights around Tony’s living room window you shuffled through to the kitchen, turning the thermostat down a touch, leaving the central heating on low. You slipped your phone into the pouch of Tony’s hoodie and walked back through, going through the living room and you were just about to lock the apartment door when you heard someone trying to get in. Instinctively you reached for the gun that should be on your hip, realizing you’d left it on his nightstand you move slowly towards the door and without waiting to see if the would-be intruder made an entrance, yank it open.

He lifted his head up from looking down at his keys fast enough to cause whiplash and after a split second of wondering who’d be opening his door, that trademark grin that made you weak at the knees appeared on his face, “Hey.” He said softly though in a way that made it obvious that he didn’t know you’d be at his apartment, the bags he had held in his hand now leaning against the door frame.

“You’re home.” You say with your own grin, throwing your arms around him instantly. Your British accent was definitely a contrast to his. That was something you noticed all the time working with the team, the little sayings and different terminology often through you for a loop. He chuckled into your neck, pressing his cold nose to your much warmer skin, “I missed you.” You whisper, your fingertips lightly scratching the back of his short-cropped hair.

“I missed you too [Y/N], so much.” He said deeply and pulled back to look at you properly, “Merry Christmas.” He smiled and laid a kiss on your lips, “Told you I wouldn’t miss our first together.” He murmured in true DiNozzo style, against your lips.

“I owe McGee ten bucks.” You tease and watch him roll his eyes, “Come on, inside, you’re letting the heat out.”

The TOG II (navis togii), while often falsely believed to be part of the tank family, is in fact genetically closer related to the common ship. Other than its aquatic cousins however, it has evolved to live and move on land. It is believed that the reason for this was a shortage of prey that forced it to leave its original habitat. Another theory states that changes in the environment could have lead to an isolated population that adapted to sinking water levels.

Unless provoked, TOGs are sociable creatures that usually travel in herds to protect each other from predators. When attacked, the herd usually forms a circle to keep their young safe. There have been numerous reports of incidents where a mother TOG sacrificed herself to ensure the survival of her calf.

Everything that is smaller and lighter armored than itself is generally considered prey to the TOG, and they will form groups of two to three to hunt. In times of food shortage, TOGs are also known to venture into shallow water to ambush incautious boats.

According to the RNWA (Royal Navy Wildlife Association), the species is considered vulnerable due to being excessively hunted.

honestly, i hate it when people say things like

“there are people out there who have it worse than you” and crap. obviously it works for certain situations like someone whining about a new phone they can’t have or just something small.
but for someone who is actually going through a tough situation, that’s not a way of comforting, but avoiding and belittling a person’s feelings. okay, they might not be living in a homeless shelter or begging for food on the streets, but you really don’t know how hurt and hopeless they feel. you can’t compare people’s sufferings with one another. you just can’t.
if saying that to yourself helps you come to terms with what you’re going through, then that’s great. really. but don’t push it onto someone else. how can you know how much pain the other person is in? personally, i just don’t see saying something like that as a sincere way to help someone.