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Did you think you would get so attatched to the woods fam when you started out? Like? Did you think Arthur woods would ruin your life????

no way!!!!!! well!!!!!! not THIS EXTREME!!!!!! i did like them a lot before i started posting abt them but!!!!!! did not expect to LOVE A COMPUTER SIMULATED TOAD BOY this much like…….it was a real bamboozle i bamboozled myself and i only feel slight remorse

~spOopy~ daforge headcanons 

  • Geordi teaching Data how to do shadow puppets
  • Geordi and Data doing a joint Holmes/Watson costume to a halloween party
  • Data taking trick or treat like super literally and when kids come round to their quarters saying TRICK he takes his hand off/takes an eye out or something and they all run away screaming
  • Geordi calmly explaining that you just always give the kids candy Data not actually scare them

The TOG II (navis togii), while often falsely believed to be part of the tank family, is in fact genetically closer related to the common ship. Other than its aquatic cousins however, it has evolved to live and move on land. It is believed that the reason for this was a shortage of prey that forced it to leave its original habitat. Another theory states that changes in the environment could have lead to an isolated population that adapted to sinking water levels.

Unless provoked, TOGs are sociable creatures that usually travel in herds to protect each other from predators. When attacked, the herd usually forms a circle to keep their young safe. There have been numerous reports of incidents where a mother TOG sacrificed herself to ensure the survival of her calf.

Everything that is smaller and lighter armored than itself is generally considered prey to the TOG, and they will form groups of two to three to hunt. In times of food shortage, TOGs are also known to venture into shallow water to ambush incautious boats.

According to the RNWA (Royal Navy Wildlife Association), the species is considered vulnerable due to being excessively hunted.

honestly, i hate it when people say things like

“there are people out there who have it worse than you” and crap. obviously it works for certain situations like someone whining about a new phone they can’t have or just something small.
but for someone who is actually going through a tough situation, that’s not a way of comforting, but avoiding and belittling a person’s feelings. okay, they might not be living in a homeless shelter or begging for food on the streets, but you really don’t know how hurt and hopeless they feel. you can’t compare people’s sufferings with one another. you just can’t.
if saying that to yourself helps you come to terms with what you’re going through, then that’s great. really. but don’t push it onto someone else. how can you know how much pain the other person is in? personally, i just don’t see saying something like that as a sincere way to help someone.


Okay i made the thing .__. So my friend told me to draw William Herondale as “hipster boy” so I thought why not draw TMI characters too? So well yeah, Alec, Clary, Izzy and Jace as tumblr kids with flowercrowns …. Now I can die in peace

(my work don’t copy )