wot am i doing

honestly, i hate it when people say things like

“there are people out there who have it worse than you” and crap. obviously it works for certain situations like someone whining about a new phone they can’t have or just something small.
but for someone who is actually going through a tough situation, that’s not a way of comforting, but avoiding and belittling a person’s feelings. okay, they might not be living in a homeless shelter or begging for food on the streets, but you really don’t know how hurt and hopeless they feel. you can’t compare people’s sufferings with one another. you just can’t.
if saying that to yourself helps you come to terms with what you’re going through, then that’s great. really. but don’t push it onto someone else. how can you know how much pain the other person is in? personally, i just don’t see saying something like that as a sincere way to help someone.

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Oh, I just love your "Over-reacting way too much over an imaginary bird"! It makes me laugh xD You're awesome, keep this way! :D

Hahha glad I could make you laugh and thank you!! <3 <3

I am now over-reacting to this ask

I just dropped my bourbon biscuit in my tea

Primark has a sale

A parcel arrived earlier than I thought

I had hiccups and someone scared me

New Kyary video


Just watched a Game Of Thrones episode

Someone says they don’t like Harry Potter

Senpai noticed me

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