woso tag

i was tagged by @goalkeeperland (thanks!)

rules: answer eight questions then tag eight people

last movie i watched: the shawshank redemption (ap psych is fun)
last song i listened to: idk prob something by hayley kiyoko?
last book i read: the secret life of bees
last thing i ate: a bagel
where would you like to time travel to: idk man time isn’t even real
fictional character i would hang out with for a day: either suki from atla or glisselda from seraphina
if i could be anywhere right now, where would i be? somewhere cold
current fandom obsession: woso and atla

i tag: @michonnejennings @feministkaradanver @benzobear @sonnett-menges @gayfc @lesbianartemiscrock @christcnpress @rosecitynopity and anyone else who wants to do it bc i love reading these

The women’s football fandom consist of various users who follow different leagues and international teams/clubs thus it can be frustrating for those who simply wish to reblog the well crafted edits of pretty much anything about to women’s football for different teams use different tags.

Therefore we are introducing the #wosoedit tag! ‘Woso’ is an established abbreviation of ‘women’s soccer’ that most people are already accustomed to seeing thus we decided to go with ‘woso’ rather than come up with a ridiculous sounding ‘wofootedit’ or ‘wfootedit’ tag.

We will be tracking this tag along with the other related women’s football tags such as:

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Orlando Pride Arriving to their Preseason Match against Eastern Florida State College 19th of March 2016

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