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And with that the Matildas have now beaten Brazil 3 times

goals scored by one sammy kerr, caitlin foord and sammy again bc that kid just doesnt know when to quit

Brazil’s goals came off Fabiana and Marta 

forreal tho this game had it allllllll goals in the opening minute, ribbons, backflips, god-tier goalkeeping, yellows for everyone, flopping, the unceremonious dumping of foord to the floor multiple times and even an almost brawl!!!!

Result of the draw for the European WC Qualifiers

Group 1: England, Russia, Wales, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan
Group 2: Switzerland, Scotland, Poland, Belarus, Albania
Group 3: Norway, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Northern Ireland
Group 4: Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia
Group 5: Germany, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Faroe Islands
Group 6: Italy, Belgium, Romania, Portugal, Moldova
Group 7: Spain, Austria, Finland, Serbia, Israel

  • hosts (France) have already qualified
  • eight spots open for qualification
  • seven winners of their respective group earn a spot
  • the top four runners-up that acquired the best record against the other three teams in their group then face off against each other in a playoff for the last spot
  • Qualifying group stage: 11 Sept 2017 – 4 Sept 2018
  • Play-off draw: Sept 2018, Nyon
  • Play-off semis: 1–9 Oct 2018
  • Play-off final: 5–13 Nov 2018


pay the uswnt what they deserve