Couldn’t resist drawing @wortwood‘s trailer park AU. 

It is the perfect storm of all the trashiest things I love. x

People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just the touch of a hand,

Well me, I fall in love with you every single day 

And I just wanna tell you I am, 

will I ever get tired of Victuuri marriage stuff? nope

thank you to @dadvans and @wortwood for being my rock, my dwanye, my johnson, on skype whilst I did this! 


Welcome to the old man edition of cryptid!au. 

tylergodofweirdness  asked:

Do you know of any good Mullet Stan fanfics or AUS?

 Sorry for the late reply, this question was the whole investigation! Get reaaaady for Mullet!Stan AUs list

Timestuck AU by dodofiasco - Mabel get stuck in the past and meet young Stan. Fluff, cuteness.
Timetrapped AU by saisai-chan - based on Timestuck AU, but here Dipper also stucked in the past with young Stan(s)
Mystery Trio 2.0 - everything is just like in Mystery Trio 1.0, but in ATOTS version. The show we all need. WARNING, contains a lot of fiddlestanwich and fiddleauthor and fiddlestan and many other ships.
30+ years AU by stanleystash and bratnsfw (sadly most of things I found before aren`t tagged) - Stan fixed portal in half year, but for Ford passed 30 years… Sadness, angst, guilt. WARNING, contains a lot of stancest.
Blind Faith AU by thesnadger and gravity-what- in portal get sucked both Stans. The dimension they stucked in is creepy and dangerous, but more dangerous is Ford`s insanity… Angst, gore.
Mystery Dads AU by agent-jaselin - Alex said Stanley never had kids. This AU fixed it - meet Molly Pines
Jimmy Snakes - the character from cancelled episode, Stan’s biker friend. He’s almost canon, but anyway this is an AU. WARNING, contains jimstan
Mullet!Ford AU? - everything’s the same, but Ford has mullet (just kidding, but why not)
Back To The Future AU by julientel - interesting mix of two stories
Trailer Trash AU by wortwood - Stanley Pines and Rick Sanchez run illegal trailer park. WARNING, contains stanchez 
Grim AU by notllorstel - Stan has a dog. Stan loves his dog. But his dog is grim… (a.k.a. barghest) 
FrankenStan AU by arodudejude - Ford heeds Fiddleford`s warning and shuts the portal down. Meanwhile, Stan dies. Ford can`t handle it… (ANGST, it`s MEGA-ANGST!!!)
Mullet Hell AU
by stariousfalls and mabel-pines - no time to explain, you MUST SEE IT

Next AUs are mostly NSFW
Prostitute!Stan - living homeles is hard. Stan selling himself.
Android!Stan by barakouhai  - Ford missed Stan and build an android looking like Stanley. Psychological, angst. WARNING, contains stancest
Cat!Stan a.k.a. Mullet!Cat- u got me…
Evil Twin AU by bratnsfw  - Stanley`s life is hard and evil obsessive brother only make it worse…  WARNING, contains stancest

FOUND MORE? Sent me them and I`ll upgrade this list!
? Immediately message me about it!

aspidocheloner2  asked:

How is the Sims 2 Yuri On Ice Disaster™? Is Victor still fucking whore island? Does Debu Yuuri still love spaghetti? Please help I must know. I also hope you feel better soon! Flus are the absolute worst.

thank you for your interest in my DISASTER YURI ON ICE NEIGHBORHOOD in the sims 2!! i go through playing the sims in obsessive phases, and haven’t played in awhile.  i opened it up today to answer these IMPORTANT INQUIRIES!! 

so, something that i did not realize is that in the sims, it gives your characters little identities when you click on the house? here is how the sims 2 describes the slutty yuuri frat house:

  • EROS YUURI: “love machine”
  • DEBU YUURI: “hopeless romantic”
  • DRUNK YUURI: “lusty lover”
  • PLISETSKY: “mini miser” 
  • PHICHIT: “real somebody”

which i feel like is an accurate representation of how all of these characters were intended to be, and the many facets of yuuri katsuki’s personality (not pictured: ANXIOUS MESS, LOVE URSELF BBY).  

anyway.  the first house i went to was OG Yuuri and OG Victor– the two that are married.  like i said, the last time i played, they recovered from the fact that victor was caught making out with Debu Yuuri on the front lawn when OG Yuuri got home from work, and OG Victor had easily forgiven OG Yuuri for running away with the newer, more romantic Victor that moved in across the street.  @wortwood watched me play and commented on the fact that it was very romantic to watch them dance in the living room while half of the trees on their property caught fire and no one really cared.  however, all of OG Yuuri’s goals, i realized, were not to DANCE and FLIRT and TELL DIRTY JOKE to his Victor, but Victor Across The Street, so i went to Victor Across The Street’s house.

Victor Across The Street lives in a much smaller home, and he had just made a plate of sandwiches to cry into and eat by himself at his small formica dining room table, because apparently he and OG Victor had been in a fight.  all of his goals were to be best friends with OG Victor.  like, what a fucking victor nikiforov™ move, like “all of my goals are to be best friends with myself.” what a dumb labrador.  so anyways, i had him invite OG Victor over and he challenged him to a pillow fight, and they instantly forgave each other??? do you know how many hours i had to put into OG Yuuri and OG Victor repairing their relationship??? victor is so fucking chill in comparison.  and then OG Yuuri came over on his own, and Victor Across The Street greeted him by practically tongue fucking him against the mail box, and OG Victor was like, whatever, i’m going to help myself to some of these Sadness Sandwiches, thanks alternate version of me! 

then i went to the yuuri frathouse.  everyone is mad at Debu Yuuri, because he is secretly the sluttiest out of all of them but the worst at hiding it.  OG victor keeps bringing him roses, and then he has been caught woohooing by phichit, who won’t stop leaving lonely single heartbroken roses around the house.  also Debu Yuuri ate all of the spaghetti in the house and Plisetsky, after a hard day at private school and editing the school newspaper, had to go grocery shopping.  he is the only responsible one in the house.  the only other sim with a job is Eros Yuuri, who is on a criminal career path.  i’m just excited for my sweet bby Yurio to finally graduate and go to college where i can introduce him to an Otabek sim, and maybe some other skater sims, and they can escape the frantic hellscape of several Yuuris and Victors (and one Phichit) all tryna fuck 25/7. 

blogs i’m thankful for

so yesterday @i-am-avacado tagged me in a post called “blogs i’m thankful for” and i got really choked up about it.  it absolutely warmed my cold, black heart, and even though it’s no longer thanksgiving, i wanted to make a similar post in the spirit of it.  i hope i didn’t leave anyone out, but i’ve met a lot of wonderful people on this awful hell site, so i hope everyone’s here:

  • @gaily-daily & @itscomp-rick-cated for always having the best tags. seriously. your tags fuel me and give me life.
  • @steptotheotherside for being the kind of person who sends me high quality fandom content throughout the day and always offers a supportive comment when needed.
  • @yeenr & @leoravioleo for being #goals, for being the kind of fandom friends who got me a cake when i got out of the hospital, for sending me positive messages to keep me going through some of the harder days, for a lot of unconditional love that i never felt i deserved, for being two wonderful people with a lot of kindness in their hearts
  • @forgivemebutimustsin for being ADORABLE, for sending me supportive rick and morty doodles on the hard days, for being a hard-working, funny, compassionate person with a lot of insight and positivity to contribute 
  • @corrosivebeauty for being the kind of person who draws me art when i’m in the hospital and cheers me up, for all the good vibes through the hard times 
  • @damnavidans for being such a sweetheart whose enthusiasm is contagious!! for always inspiring me and motivating me, for always offering insightful and funny commentary, for the most amazing podfic ever (seriously, i still can’t get over it)
  • @i-am-avacado for being a positive force of nature!! for being incredibly nice, authentic, open-minded, and just an all around admirable human being.
  • @pringlesaremydivision for amazing fandom commentary, for also being #relationshipgoals, for always having something kind and funny to say and having my back in a fight
  • @keenveins for being one of the most open and welcoming creators in any fandom, for all the inspiring and fun talks, for the quality content, for the honesty, for not being afraid to be vulnerable and pursue what you love
  • @scissoredbutthole for being one of the sweetest, funniest followers, for always being someone to rely on for words of encouragement 
  • @thankyouliebe for having some of the best meta in the game, for always being open and critical in a way that only shows growth, for being kind and fair and never compromising their own beliefs or identity
  • @ HEATHERS u binches know who u are. ur my binches. thank u for putting up with my salty ass and being the best support group a guy could have.  if it weren’t for the heathers, i would constantly be mugatu screaming IS EVERYONE TAKING CRAZY PILLS??? throwing lattes etc. u guys bring me life.
  • @hencemyname for your great eye for memes, for your compassion, for your talent, for your insight, for your undeniable strength as a person, for your wicked sense of humor that always lights me up 
  • @schwifty-rick for being to so many people  the undoubted beating heart of a fandom, for always going out of your way to be kind, for making me laugh, for all the times i sat at the back of an empty parking lot to duet karaoke with you, for the way your passion seeps into everything and inspires me and the rest of the community
  • @riankosugar for giving us the pastel aesthetic and quality art that we don’t deserve, but we definitely want.  for your style and positive attitude and encouragement.  
  • @dovalbun for your strength and honesty, for getting me into YOI hell, for always having my six, for your mean, wonderful sense of humor that never fails to make me laugh, for how you work through your hurt and inspire me 
  • @ehmorty for your amazing artwork, for your cute, individual style, for your ear, the tough love that you’ve used to coach me through multiple rough patches and made me a better, stronger person
  • @nsanchezfw for your soft aesthetic, the amazing notes you always leave creators, for the passion you show for fandom and way you encourage everyone to create, to be better versions of themselves
  • @baalstorms for telling me to always “STAN UR GROUND” 
  • @mthrfuckn for always being open and emotionally available, for talking beer and life and love, for inspiring me constantly and creating alongside me, for making me smile on some of the most difficult days
  • @icantstopsinning for being a gotdamn inspiration, for our mutual love of our cats, for the late night calls and laughs, for the honest integrity in your work and the way that your art is an inspiration to not just me, but thousands, because you always capture so many layers and nuances with it.  even when your art is humorous, it’s multi-faceted, and i’m so lucky to get to know you and hear your insight and interpretations.
  • @toxic-boner for your strength, fearlessness, sense of humor, for the way that you always surprise me with your creativity and compassion, for your huge, huge heart, for the times we’ve laughed so hard we’ve cried together, or just the times we’ve cried together.  for your wonderful soul and for the art you’ve blessed a community with.
  • @mrdespondency for the strength you’ve shown in the hardest times, for the ghost stories we’ve shared, for the times we’ve built stories and ideas and amazing worlds together, for the postcard that’s on my fridge from you, for the amazing depth you have and give to all of your works.
  • @mharti-mcfly for the way you always lift my spirits, for your support, for the beautiful art you create that feels like you’ve carved out of your own soul.
  • @skullopendra for being the friend i don’t deserve, for being so open and giving, for the nights you’ve texted me for beer advice, for your sweet yet rational side that has helped me through a crisis or five.  
  • @kouskousx for being my rock in the past year.  for being the writing partner i never knew could exist, for filling all of the holes in me and giving them definition, for inspiring me and making me grow as a creator ten-fold, for eating oysters with me in a bar even though we were Too High, for the adventures we have, and the adventures i want us to have again, for making me laugh so hard when texting me i’ve almost driven off the road wiping the tears out of my eyes, for being too good for me, for all the times i’ve had a meltdown and you’ve been the one to gently corral the pieces of me back together, for any time that i haven’t given you the credit you deserve for single-handedly keeping me from the brink of emotional collapse, for being a kindred spirit i would fight for in this life and the next and the next.
  • @ladydorian for the way you’re brutally honest and raw, your sense of humor, for how brave you are and unapologetic, for sharing a love of rush with me, for the ass buffet cookies, for always being the better person even if you don’t believe it, for the fight in your heart that makes me want to be stronger
  • @radishwine for the art, for the time we were in a chat and you wrote a single sentence that inspired all of what became “college morty,” for the night we drank 15 long island iced teas together and are somehow still alive
  • @je-suis-imparfait for being strong for me when i couldn’t, for being real and solid and sure, for disneyworld 2017, for never giving a fuck what anyone else says, and just living your life so honestly and defiantly, for being an inspiration to me, for being someone i want to grow up and into, for always shocking the ugly laughs out of me, for south park and top gear and all the small things in between, for being the most fun to go from fandom to fandom with and listen to all the opinions and headcanons and dynamics roll out of, for giving me the strength i needed in times where i didn’t think it was possible to be strong
  • @beautifulmonster for being the first to ever make me feel like there was something better in me, for continuing to be a friend and on my side and more than meet me in the middle, for all the times we’ve grown together and continue to grow, for the rick sanchez sweater i wear on all the cold nights and can’t wait to wear into all my accounts on christmas eve.
  • @scarecrowfan for also making it through multiple fandoms with me, for reading a dumb story about derek hale and stiles stilinksi getting high and going to in n out to now, to watching harmonquest and everything in between (we need to do more movie nights!!), for our future road trip, for a long and winding and weird, wonderful road of friendship
  • @havingbeenbreathedout & @ajournalofimpossiblethings for somehow sticking with me after all these years and still being wonderful, beautiful human beings that i’m so lucky to say i’ve known, for the lives you have that inspire me to live as loudly and honestly as possible, for the work you’ve done as writers and editors that always make me want to be better, for the advice and drinks we’ve shared, for the future!!
  • @ all of the people who wrote to me and reached out to me with words of kindness and empathy and solidarity, who have consoled me or taken a few seconds or minutes out of their day to comment on something i’ve written: i tried compiling a list of all the wonderful names in my messages and asks, but pretty quickly realized that it would be difficult to have a complete list, and was worried about the people who would feel left out.  it’s a good problem to have that so many strangers have gone out of their way to be kind and make my day exponentially better.  thank you all x 

lastly the person i want to thank most is @wortwood: for the girl who reminded me what it was like to live, and made me want to be alive again; not just living, but alive.  for the girl who has a smile i want to see every morning when i wake up and every night when i fall asleep, who is devoted and affectionate, who has seen the worst sides of me and loves me despite them, for the hours we’ve spent together on the couch, at the table, on skype just existing together, and how comfortable that existence is.  for the girl i would sneak through a saskatoon flower pot border for if that’s what it took, for the girl who is so unique and funny, who has the most beautiful, optimistic view of the world that it transforms her own art and stories, and now, my own–but she also transforms my life and my worldview. for the girl who took the dumpster fire of a year 2016 and turned it into an adventure that i hope lasts for the rest of my life.  for my companion and wife who i can’t wait to grow old with.  this one is for you. thank you. 

the warmest part of winter :: victuuri :: 8k

The wedding is in early February, right after Yuri comes home to Yuuri and Victor’s crumbling farmhouse in upstate New York from the European Championships with a gold medal around his neck.  They’ve been in the process of restoring the dilapidated barn out back and turning it into a fully functional dance studio, and the fire marshall has finally approved it for occupation without fear of the whole thing coming down all at once and crushing a half dozen elite figure skaters to death at any given moment.  Which is perfect, considering they’ve been planning on holding the reception in the barn, and finding a last minute venue would be a goddamn nightmare, especially since Victor has obsessively planned the entire event down to the last detail for the past six months.

(select moments from the katsuki-nikiforov wedding. art, instagram, and pinterest created and curated by @wortwood. fic by @dadvans.)