you bring me home: prologue // here comes the bride…s 

“Who’s it from?” Harry pestered. “Who is… ‘Alyssa Worton’?” He gasped, unnecessarily loudly for how close we were standing. Honestly, he was practically on top of me. “Worton! Isn’t that your last name?!” 

“My mum,” I responded flatly. “She’s my mother.”

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Teen Solos

10th: Colton Hagler – On Green Dolphin Street (Danceology), Elle Moulton – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Creative Arts Academy)

9th: Jazlyn Robinson – Transformations (Club), Jenna Valenzuela – Yearning (Club)

8th: Kennedi Childs – Stay Awake (Aspire)

7th: Kendall Wheeler – The Storm Within (Club), Amelie Or – Manteca (Leighton)

6th: Zack Sommer – The Haunted (Danceology), Sarah Bamford – Cherokee (Danceology)

5th: Jasmine Robinson – Surrender (Club)

4th: Sara Gutz – You Are the Sun (Larkin), Kate Happe – With You (Dance Arts Centre), Alexis Weldner – Against Time (Danceology)

3rd: Reyna Pine – Captive (Danceology)

2nd: Eva Igo – Farewell (Larkin)

1st: Ellie Wagner – Afloat (Larkin)


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I don’t want to be a narcissist, but here’s one of my own original songs. it’s about a year old. I have been really busy so I haven’t been able to get anything new recorded. I’m working on a few cover songs though, so stay tuned. ;) lemme know what you think?