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This is what confident women do after they got bullied! #smile & #dance! #repost @bodyposipanda:
I thought we could probably use some joyful jiggling in our lives right now so it’s #DONTHATETHESHAKE TIME! 💃💜 REMEMBER: your body is so worthy of love in all the shapes that movement creates. Your wiggle is wonderful! Your squish is spectacular! OWN YOUR JIGGLE MY BOPO BABES! Anyone can join the DONTHATETHESHAKE party and celebrate their jelly - it isn’t about being a great dancer or looking super cool, it’s just about moving with joy and finding love for our bods outside of a still picture frame! So if you feel up to it, GET SHAKING! And check out @donthatetheshake for more! 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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“I thought we could probably use some joyful jiggling in our lives right now so it’s #DONTHATETHESHAKE TIME! 💃💜 REMEMBER: your body is so worthy of love in all the shapes that movement creates. Your wiggle is wonderful! Your squish is spectacular! OWN YOUR JIGGLE MY BOPO BABES! Anyone can join the #donthatetheshake party and celebrate their jelly - it isn’t about being a great dancer or looking super cool, it’s just about moving with joy and finding love for our bods outside of a still picture frame! So if you feel up to it, GET SHAKING! And check out @donthatetheshake for more! 💜💙💚🌈🌞”

you have this idea in your head that the only time you’re worthy of being loved is when you’re at your best. you’re still worthy of being loved when you’re at your lowest. you’re still worthy of being loved when you don’t want to go on anymore. you are still worthy of being loved even when you don’t love yourself. you are a human and therefore always worthy of being loved and don’t you fool yourself into thinking otherwise. 

Relationships should happen naturally. If you’re over here wondering why he isn’t contacting you or if you’re wondering whether or not you matter to him, then it’s time to move on. There’s someone else who actually cares and will give you their effort and time so don’t waste your time thinking about someone who isn’t even thinking about you.
—  T.C
21 things black men don’t hear often enough

1. I love you bro. We don’t tell each other as men how much we mean to each other. There is no weakness in that. Only strength, solidarity, and power.

2. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to commit to getting better.

3. Someone is depending on you, to be exactly who you are.

4. Read more. You have time to read 12 books a year (which is more than the average American). We also aren’t average.

5. Showing and sharing your emotions isn’t a sign of weakness. Paying attention to how we feel helps us become more in tune with what’s actually going on.

6. Your mental health matters. You can’t “work yourself” out of your mind. Emotional trauma is very real and worthy of our time. We’ve been through a lot recently.

7. Living is an act of resistance. You are going to live, get out all these dreams, and thrive – despite the odds.

8. You are a descendent of kings. Seriously, don’t bow your head to life. You were built for this.

9. Their opinion won’t pay your bills, or build your dreams. They won’t always see your vision. Not everyone is supposed to.

10. Failure isn’t a tattoo. Learn how to take the Ls and move on. Adapt and overcome.

11. Getting this money, and doing good, aren’t mutually exclusive. You just have to be clear on your non-negotiables and stand by them.

12. You don’t have to ask for permission to be excellent. Go for it.

13. “Everybody eat’s b” – Ace Boogie. Seriously, we can all get what we want to out here. Helping people doesn’t make you a sucker. Do have boundaries though.

14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone else (even if you’re from Harlem), but it pays to think like an owner. Signing the front of a check is very different than the back.


16. If someone knocks you for your 9-5, they (1) aren’t your friends and (2) they don’t know about your 6-10. Keep going.

17. Start owning when you can. Pay yourself first. These loans ain’t loyal.

18. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You’re excellent and it’s perfectly okay to still be warming up.

19. Try to take care of yourself. I love Popeyes, but what we put in ourselves can actually kill us. Exercise, eat well, and get active. Put some $$ on your jumper, and invite your team out!

20. Learning how to cook is a great look. Seriously. Watch a couple Youtube videos, hit Home Goods, and start cheffing.

21. “Someday” is never going to show up on the calendar. Write that book, send that tweet, record podcast. Don’t opt out, especially not right now.


I am obsessed with this #Repost from @bodyposipanda. I wish I could dance like that! This lady ❤❤❤❤❤❤
I thought we could probably use some joyful jiggling in our lives right now so it’s #DONTHATETHESHAKE TIME! 💃💜 REMEMBER: your body is so worthy of love in all the shapes that movement creates. Your wiggle is wonderful! Your squish is spectacular! OWN YOUR JIGGLE MY BOPO BABES! Anyone can join the #donthatetheshake party and celebrate their jelly - it isn’t about being a great dancer or looking super cool, it’s just about moving with joy and finding love for our bods outside of a still picture frame! So if you feel up to it, GET SHAKING! And check out @donthatetheshake for more! 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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Repeat after me:

You are worthy.
You are a total catch.
Anyone you give your time to is lucky and have no idea how lucky they are.
If anyone, at all, makes you think or feel otherwise, cut. them. loose.
You are a total catch.
You. Are. WORTHY.

I’m hard to be with. When I say “be with” I don’t just mean in a relationship. I mean I’m hard to be around, to parent, to be friends with, to live around. It’s no surprise to me anymore, I’ve known this for years. I’m sorry for needing reassurance, and reminded that you still love me, that I’m not annoying you or that you still want me around. I’m sorry that I’m insecure in the most irritating ways and get angry at the worst times. I’m working on a better me. I’m praying for a better me. It’s not fun being this way, but it’s not something that just goes away in a day. Everyday is a struggle, and every day I need reminding that I’m worthy of your time. If you can’t handle this, I’ll understand. But please don’t involve yourself with me if you can’t.

Drabble Request #93 & #76 - Seb

Author: mermaidinplaid
Warnings: smutty and fluffy.

For @feelmyroarrrr
I’m sorry this took me so long.

#93: “For once, tell me what you’re thinking, not what you think I wanna hear.”

#76: “I think I love you and I’m terrified.”

It was Saturday morning and you were rummaging through your closet for an outfit worthy of your boyfriend’s mother. It was your first time meeting her and you could not be more nervous.

As if on cue your bedroom door opened,

“Babe! Are you ready yet?”

You didn’t answer, just stood there staring as your vast amount of unacceptable clothing. A few minutes later a warm body was pressing up against you.

“Hey, Seb.” you leaned back letting his body support yours

“Why aren’t you ready yet?” his fingers played absentmindedly with the tie of your robe

“Because,” you groaned loudly “nothing is good enough. It all sucks.”

Sebastian laughed and kissed the top of your head “Honey, it doesn’t matter what you wear. My mom is gonna-”

“Yeah, yeah, the whole ‘my family is gonna love you’ speech.” you pulled away and turned to face him “For once, tell me what you’re thinking, not what you think I wanna hear.”

Sebastian nervously shoved his hands into his pockets “Okay, you really wanna know what I think?”

You crossed your arms and nodded knowing your attitude was shining all over your face.

He took a deep breath before speaking “Well…I think you’re absolutely amazing. I think you’re beautiful, smart, funny, and my family would be crazy not to love you.”

You didn’t know whether to cry or kiss him “Really?”

“Really. The way you don’t have the confidence to cook dinner by yourself but have no problem singing and dancing in the middle of the street. The way you can’t stand working out but still insist on going running with me.”

You didn’t know where all this was coming from but you no longer cared about some stupid outfit.

“The way you brush your teeth twice every morning, because you know you’re gonna forget to brush them before bed. There are so many fantastic, crazy adorable things about you and, you know what, you’re not the only one scared and nervous right now. I think I might be worse off than you.”

You laughed while trying to hold back tears “Why is that?”

Sebastian took a step towards you “Because…I think I love you and I’m terrified.”

Your heart stopped. You didn’t know how to react. You had known on day one that you loved him, but you never imagined he would reciprocate your feelings after only a few months. A man like Sebastian was hard to come by. He was the kind of man you wished for on shooting stars; but here he was, telling you that he loved you.

You took a deep breath and then lunged yourself into his arms, your lips seeking his. His arms immediately wrapped around you pulled you as close as possible. A soft moan escaped his lips and you could feel his heart beating faster against your own.

You pulled away and looked into his eyes “I love you, too.”

In a split second, the two of you were reattached. His hands moved quickly to untie and discard your robe, leaving you bare and exposed in front of him. He inhaled sharply while looking over your body before kissing you again, his hands reaching down to roughly grab your backside.

Your fingers were fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, desperately trying to get him as naked as you were. You finally gave up and pushed him away.

“Take off your clothes.”

Sebastian did as instructed and, despite the many times you had seen this, you were taken aback by his beauty. His smooth skin, chiseled abs, not to mention that glorious cock that hung half hard between his legs.

You stepped forward and slid your hand over his length, stroking it a few times. Sebastian bit his lip and grabbed you roughly, pulling you against his body.

“We don’t have time to play around, Princess.” his voice came dark and raspy “Bend over. Hands on the dresser.”

This was the side of Sebastian you enjoyed the most during the sex. Sex like this always left you with light bruises, perfectly shaped hand prints, and easy to hide bite marks.

You felt heat and wetness pool between your legs as you made your way to the dresser. Leaning forward you put your hands on the cool wood and arched your back slightly, knowing Sebastian would get momentarily distracted by your curves. As loud smack, and a now stinging cheek, confirmed what you knew was coming.

Sebastian rubbed the reddening area softly before pulling his hand back and smacking you again, going against his earlier statement of not having time for any of this.

“I thought you said we didn’t have time.” you never did know when to stop talking

Another smack “We do what I want to do.”

You moaned loudly and bit your lip, pushing backwards until you felt Sebastian’s cock rub in between your thighs.

“Is that what you want?” Sebastian’s hands were slowly moving up your back “You want my cock buried deep in that pussy?”

He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled gently.

“Yes, Seb, please.”

Sebastian scoffed and let go of your hair to grab your hips tightly “Always so eager.”

The next thing you knew, he was slamming into you. You cried out and gripped the dresser tighter, your knuckles turning white.

Sebastian pulled out agonizingly slowly before slamming in again. He repeated this process until he felt you moving against him, desperate for more friction. His pace increased and you could already feel that familiar fire building in the pit of your stomach; this man could play you like a violin and he knew it.

His hands reached underneath you to grab your breasts, pinching and turning your nipples and roughly squeezing the surrounding flesh. He knew you liked it rough, liked seeing his mark all over you.

“Oh god, Sebastian. Please, harder.” you words came out in pants

You cried out harshly as Sebastian began slamming into you, his hip bones crashing into your backside with every thrust. Knowing he wouldn’t last much longer at this rate, he slipped a hand down your body until he found that sensitive bundle of nerves between your legs.

As his fingers made contact, you jolted away from him, feeling as if lightning had struck wherever he touched. He rubbed furious circles around your clit in an attempt to bring on your release before his own.

Your walls began to flutter around his cock and he groaned loudly “That’s my girl. Come on, baby, give it to me.”

His voice alone was enough to send you over the edge. You cried out loudly, his name falling from your lips. Your own orgasm was all Sebastian needed for his own release.

“Fuck, fuck!”

His thrusts faltered a few times before he was still, only his cock moving as it twitched and spilled inside you.

He leaned over and put his hands on the dresser beside yours, his chest resting against your back as he pressed feather light kisses across your shoulders

“I love when you get all dominating like that.” your voice came out broken as you were still trying to catch your breath

Sebastian laughed and you could swear you felt his cock starting to come to life again inside of you. He raised himself off of you and rubbed your back gently.

“Come on, you need to actually get ready now. We’re already late for brunch.”

You flexed your walls around his softening length.

He sucked in a breath and grabbed your hips “What are you doing?”

You looked over your shoulder at him “Well, you said we were already late.”

Sebastian growled and pulled you up so your back was once again pressed to his chest “We have to go meet my mom and you’d better behave.”

You whined as he slowly pulled out of you, immediately missing the contact. He turned you and lifted your chin with his finger

“I love you. My mom is going to love you. Don’t worry.”

You smiled up at him “I love you, too”

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MBTI as things my sister has said

INTP:“Once at a sleepover I ate an entire bag of cat treats while my friend was out of the room and then like six months later she was like “I could’ve sworn we had  a brand new bag of cat treats” and I was like “oh I don’t know what happened to them.”

ENFP:“Once I ate a wood chip because it vaguely resembled cereal.”

ISTP:*after throwing herself down the stairs on her stomach at full speed* “I think my knee is bruised.”

ISFJ:“No man is worthy of my corn.”

ENTJ:“Every time you open your mouth the tumor in my brain advances.”

ISTJ:“There’s something that happens to all of my friends. I call it the Madison Effect, after the Mandela Effect, but also after me.”

ESTP:“I don’t know. Why do you think I’m naked? Because I am.”

ESFP:“Wait, why am I naked?”

ESTJ:“Every time I go to the movies I get a large Icee, and every time someone tells me I can’t drink it all, and every single time I prove them wrong.” *drinks Icee aggressively*

INTJ:*Holding up a loaf of bread* “This is the longest consecutive piece of bread I’ve ever seen.”

ENTP:“I’ll have you know I’ve won two participation trophies.”

ISFP:“I hate myself too, so, you’re not original.”

INFP:“I’m not high. This is just what I’m like as a person.’’

ENFJ:“I’ve never done a ‘thought’.”

ESFJ:“I make my friends tell me everything people have said about me, partially because of insecurity but mostly because of vanity.”

INFJ:“And then he said he thought I was pretty, funny, and that I’m really sweet and  care about all of my friends and I was like, ‘jokes on you I’m actually really self-absorbed.’”

Y’know, the thing about Fallout 4 is, we all know it isn’t as deep, involved, detailed or even as replayable as New Vegas. Really, the only thing it has over New Vegas is sheer technological superiority, which just comes with being a later game. But damn if it isn’t fun. It’s still a fun game. It doesn’t really need to beat New Vegas to be worthy of your time. And I think that’s something a lot of New Vegas fans forget. I see a lot of hate towards Fallout 4, simply for not being (as good as) New Vegas.

I love New Vegas. It’s my favourite game ever. But that means I have to accept that no other game can satisfy me quite like New Vegas can. Games that fall into that particular “tactical shooter RPG” niche that I really enjoy just don’t come out that often. New Vegas is the king, but Fallout 4 is already miles better than most games that come out.

Fallout 4 is still a Fallout game. And I like Fallout games. So I’m gonna play Fallout 4. A lot. Maybe just as much as New Vegas. And that’s alright.

@ all tjlc folks who wrote meta and made videos and deductions and basically gave years of their lives to this show, you’re amazing and don’t think all that was in vain. be angry at mofftiss, but this was overall a positive experience. you’re all so smart and good and deserved better, and you gave yourselves what you needed, what you deserve.

Birthday boy - Chanbaek One-Shot

Originally posted by tipannies

Characters: Chanbaek

Genre: SMUT

Word Count: 4000 approx.

Summary: Kinda lonely Chanyeol finds the best companion for his birthday celebration in a strip club.

Comments: This was requested by anon, who I told not even 24 hours ago that I didn’t know when it’d be ready. Well…here it is lol. I hope you find it worthy of your expectations.

Please consider this is my first time ever writing gay smut. Also, don’t read if you have a problem with shipping and gay smut, obvs.

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I was originally going to do a follow forever but there are SO MANY people I want to include for various reasons. It would be ridiculously long, and I’d probably end up leaving many out due to my awful memory. I do still want to do one but I don’t know when that’ll be ^^’’

BUT SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS! I am so humbled and grateful that you have deemed me worthy of your time, and that you interact with me daily! If it weren’t for you guys, I probably wouldn’t spend as much time on here.

A small part of me always feels awkward saying this because it’s not like I’m making a milestone for YouTube (yet); it’s Tumblr. It’s not a big deal to a lot of people but to me it really, really is! I’ve been happier than ever over the course of these 11 months I’ve been active in the communities so thank you for accepting me with open arms and for allowing me to make things!

I realize that my content has shifted in the past weeks and having your support means the world to me. Having you here means the world to me.

Thank you again and remember that I love ya! <3

you are not required to love your mother
you are not required to love your father
you are not required to love any family member
you are not required to love /anyone/

that goes with giving respect as well. If someone is a complete asshole to you, or belittles you, or doesn’t bother to understand you, or guilt trips you every damn day of your life, or is aggressive towards you, or abuses you, wether it be physical, emotional, ANYTHING, it does not give them the right to expect and demand respect and love from you. They are trapping you, they are using you, they are an asshole, and only YOU get to decide if they’re worthy of you and your time, not them, not anyone else, not some fucking random idiot on the internet.

My mother was incredibly emotionally abusive, and aggressive, and demeaning, and my father sat by and watched it happen for 18 years of my life. If someone told me I should respect them regardless of these things, and love them, I’d laugh in their fucking faces. They don’t know them, they don’t know me, and they should mind their own business.

You know what I did? I fucking hauled ass out of there the best chance I could. I haven’t talked to them for three years, no contact, I even moved to a different state. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. It was the best fucking decision I’ve ever made and ever will make.

You dont need your parents. They might’ve raised you, but you’re not required to give anything back to them. Live your life in whatever way makes you happiest. Other people will come along to love you unconditionally like your family should have.

Rant over. I love you all.