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Auston Matthews #1

Requested by Anon: Auston Matthews imagine where he’s madly in love with the reader but the reader loves somebody else… Who loves somebody else lmao so Auston spends his day comforting the reader who is sad she can’t be with who she wants whilst he is sad too but still puts on a smile and cuddles and cheers up his pal

Warnings: I don’t think there are really any. Maybe cussing(?) sense of heartbreak and not being enough for someone

Words: 1645

Authors Notes: So I loved writing for this response and I might have fallen in love with Auston no lie!! So I hope you like it! I left it kinda on a cliff hanger kinda not so like if you (or anyone) wants there to be a continuation of it then I’d be way more than happy to! :) 

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Auston Matthews was lying down on the couch watching tv when you busted through the door of your shared apartment. The moment he saw your face and body language, he knew you were upset. He sighed, “What’s wrong?” he wearily asked. This whole week had been a rollercoaster with you. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday you came home from work with a great mood and Auston enjoyed it. Seeing you in a happy, hyper frenzy was amusing. It caused a feeling to erupt in Auston’s chest which he now was used to associating with you whenever you were around and even every time he thought about you. Then Thursday, and now today your mood had plummeted and Auston had no idea why. “Hard day at work?” he called out to you. “yeah, you could say that,” you responded while taking off your work heels and jewelry. You sulked your way back into your bedroom. Auston again let out a big sigh. He was annoyed with the fact you kept coming home upset. He wasn’t really mad at you; he was mad at whatever was upsetting you. He was also mad at the fact you wouldn’t tell him what was going on. He turned the tv off and got up.

Auston was about to open your door when he heard you crying. His heart broke at the sound. He now realized this was a bit bigger than just a bad day at work. He knocked softly on your door and lightly pushed it open, “can I come in?” he asked. You were facing the opposite wall with your head in your hands. You didn’t respond to Auston and he took that as a sign he was allowed to come in. He took a seat right next to you on your bed. You didn’t look up at him right away but after some time of silence, you spoke, “I’m okay, Auston,” you whispered. “You are a terrible liar. Tell me what’s wrong,” he tenderly spoke. You finally looked up at him. His brown eyes filled with concern. Seeing how much he cared about you made you break. “Why am I not good enough?” You asked. When Auston heard you break down his heart yearned. “What are you talking about?” he questioned. You laid your head on Auston’s shoulder. “Remember that guy I brought over last week, Liam?” you asked Auston. How could he forget. After a bad loss at home against the Calgary Flames, Auston came home to see you snuggled and laughing with this guy. Auston was pissed. He stomped back to his room. You tried to talk to him but he wasn’t in the mood. You blamed it on the game but Auston knew it was because of seeing you with another man. “Vaguely,” he lied in response to your question. You let out a small laugh, “yeah I forgot you had a tantrum that night,” you nudged him, “well, he kissed me that night. But today, I found out he hooked up with one of our coworkers. And I just don’t get it. Am I not pretty? Am I not good enough?” You broke down again. Auston’s heart broke. How could someone as beautiful as you be so broken by one guy’s idiot choices. “I really liked him, Auston. We got along so well. I don’t know why this always happens to me,” you continued. Auston pulled you into his chest, wrapped his arms around, and laid his head on top of yours. His big frame made you feel safe. He smelled like vanilla and musk, and it instantly comforted you. You just took in the moment with your best friend, enjoying the comfort he brought to you. “You are enough,” you felt the rumble of his words coming from his whole body, “You are more than enough for any guy. If he can’t see that yet, then he isn’t worthy of you in the first place.” A smile crept onto your face as Auston spoke. You sat there in his arms for a while. “You are so beautiful,” He whispered almost so silently you had to guess if he actually said it or not. “I know what will cheer you up! Your favorite movie, and brownies,” Auston announced. You untangled yourself from him but he still slipped his hand into yours. “You hate that movie. And brownies are bad for you. I refuse to be the reason Auston Matthews got fat and was a number one-draft-pick flop,” You jokingly replied. “First off, I never said I hated the movie I just said I’ve seen better and second off brownies aren’t going to kill me,” He challenged. You rolled your eyes, “fine, let’s do it,” you laughed. Auston stood up from your bed and brought you with him. “You go take a shower and wash away the day, while I make the brownies,” he told you. You nodded your head in response. Auston pulled you into one last hug, he didn’t say anything but before he released you he kissed the top of your head in affection. A tingle was sent through your body. One you weren’t use to when it came to Auston. The two of you separated, and you ducked your head slightly hoping you could hide your blushing cheeks. “Well, I better go take a shower,” you said while taking steps towards your bathroom. “Oh and Auston,” you called out “thank you.” He responded with a smile.

The hot water hit you and so did today. Your mood hadn’t taken a full turn around but something was happening, something deep in your heart and it confused you. Were you catching feelings for Auston? You couldn’t that would ruin everything! But he was so sweet and protective. He was like a brother… but he wasn’t. He was handsome and intense and sexy… you blasted the water cold trying to stop your thoughts from going there. Auston was your best friend and your apartment mate. Nothing could happen. You are just feeling vulnerable. Your thoughts then wondered to the reason you were feeling this way, Liam. He was so charming and good looking. He worked hard at his job and every girl in the building wanted him. But them he started hanging with you the most and it was nice to know you won. You felt cool around him. The two of you looked good together. But he had to go and play with your heart.

The moment you stepped out into the hallway you could smell the aroma of the brownies. “Mmmmm” you hummed, “Something smells delicious.” The electric fire place was lit and the lights were dimmed. Auston had piled up the coziest blankets on to the couch and the movie was already on the menu screen on the tv. Auston walked into the room with the plate of brownies and some strawberries on the side. He smiled at you. Auston loved the moments like this where he gets to see you stripped down of makeup and wearing your pjs. “I like your pants,” he commented. You smiled knowing he would, you were wearing your Toronto Maple Leafs flannel pajama bottoms. “ready?” he questioned you. He took a seat on the couch and patted the spot next to him. You took your seat and cuddled into his side.

Auston turned off the tv once the movie was over and the room went dark other than the light from the fireplace. You looked up at Auston. The flames danced along his brown eyes where you could see flecks of gold. “Do you feel better?” He asked you in a low deep voice. You nodded your head, “thank you,” you whispered back. It took all of Auston to stop himself from kissing you. He had to keep telling himself you were vulnerable and he couldn’t take advantage of you like that. And you didn’t like him the way he liked you. You had feelings for that ass hat, Liam. While you on the other hand hadn’t even though much about Liam at all during the movie. The whole time the only thing you kept noticing was the feel of Auston next to you and the warmth he brought to your heart. All you wanted to do was have him kiss you right now. But you knew it wouldn’t happen because he didn’t feel that way towards you. But gravity has a funny way of working because Auston’s lips were almost touching yours before you even noticed it. Then the thought that Auston was leaning in just as much as you came through your mind. Maybe he felt this just as much as you? And Auston did. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He couldn’t wait to feel your lips on his. Your eyes fluttered close and you felt his lips brush yours ever so lightly. He was being tentative. Auston did want to push anything on you because he still didn’t know how you felt. You shifted your body to be closer to his and that deepened your kiss. It was like the world was gone. All your budding emotions that just started for Auston began to blossom. It was like a vine spreading throughout your body. Auston’s heart was pounding. It was finally happening. The adrenaline pumped through his veins almost as much as it does when he is in a game. You two separated when you couldn’t breathe any more. Auston was smiling from ear to ear. And you couldn’t help but to do the same. Your phone buzzed alerting you that you had a text. You grabbed it and read the message. Your mood changed instantly and your face reflected it. “what’s wrong? What does it say?” Auston asked with concern lacing through his words. “It’s Liam. He says he wants to talk,” you whispered.


“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x


Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Sneaking into the BoTFA to fight along side your husband, Thranduil, and prove to your kin that you are a worthy Queen.

However, when Thranduil spots you, he grows angry and fearlessly protects you; ensuring that you do not get injured.

He wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to you.

Word count: 763

Warning’s: Nothing really, orcs dying, angry Thranduil. (Let me know if there’s anything that I missed)

Disclaimer: I do not own Thranduil, Tolkien does.

Confusion and sheer wonderment dawned across the Elven King’s features as he froze in mid battle. His breath hitched within his throat, his chest tightening as he watched your grace with your favorite sword. When and where had you arrived at the battlefield? He had assumed that you were still in Mirkwood, safe and sound, from all harm.

Instant anger surges through his veins, leaving his head dazed as he charges in your direction, knocking orc after orc out of his determined path towards you. His heart thrummed within his chest, panic squelching every joint in his body as he blocked the viscous orc blade that was to protrude into your midsection. He threw the orc down, swiveling his blade masterfully as he spun about you, forming a shield.

A deep breath of relief poured from your lips. Having found Thranduil made you feel somewhat at ease as the offending orc crashed to the ground, it’s dark blood curling upon the earth, - the soil selfishly drinking it up-. “I thought that I had made my point clear, Kat?” Thranduil’s brows were knitted, his tone picking at you. “You were to remain within the kingdom until my return.” Thranduil, your beloved, states serenely; his back pressed to yours as you fight now as a team.

“Risking your life without me is a selfish crime in itself. I shall not dare live an eternity where you do not exist. I cannot risk something so precious to I! I do not wish for my heart to cripple in agony if I were to ever lose you.” you cried out shrilly, the tears building upon your waterline. “I am no coward! I shall not cower away in a hole whilst you fight for me. I shall prove to our kin that I am strong and worthy to be their Queen!” a rush of emotions swept across you, blurring your eyesight, to which your sword got knocked from your grasp.

Thranduil was quick to intervene: His swordsmanship elegant and graceful, - a second language to him-. He tucked you closer to the deteriorating ruins of Dale, his facial expression stony. “You have proved to our kin that you are worthy! Now stop this foolishness, right this instant!” he cradled your face in his hands.

“You should not have come to such a place. Can you not see the horrors of death, decay and ruin?!” he hissed down at you suddenly, a fire blazing in his pale sapphire orbs, his brows furrowed sternly.

“Bu-” you batted your eyelids, surprise taking hold of you. You knew that Thranduil would not have been pleased with you showing up, but you didn’t think he’d grow this angry.

No! No arguments! I asked one thing from you and you blatantly disobeyed my orders.” he growled down at you, taking  in your bewildered expression.

“I am not a member of the guard that can be ordered around like a pawn!” you spat back at him, retorting sharply. Your words hit his heart with such force, but his stern expression did not falter.

I have lost more than enough!” his voice rises as he towers over you with ease, twisting around to ward off an orc. “And if you’re so foolish and selfish to wish to lose yourself within this war then…” he trailed off briefly as the orcs head toppled and rolled onto the ground, bouncing. Thranduil’s eyes trailed after the filth’s head before he spun around to you. “If you, for a moment, find yourself to be a pawn in my collection then you are horribly mistaken.” hot breath wafts across your face. “If anything, you are a distraction, my Queen, and I shall not allow either of us to perish.”

His words hit something within your chest and it showed evidently upon your face. “I’m not go-”

“You are, and what I say goes!” Thranduil retorts stiffly. “If I lost you… I would not forgive myself.” he declared in a hush voice, wrapping a slender hand around your upper arm and tugging you towards one of the member’s of his guard.

You watched as Thranduil’s tongue and lips formed the intricate words in your native tongue, handing you to the member of the guard, to which you were assisted upon the back of a horse. “Be careful with her.” Thranduil ordered coldly. “Make sure that nothing touches her.” he finishes.

As you rode off, your orbs were glued to his perfect figure. His eyes never left yours until you faded into the horizon, to which he began to resume his skilled fighting.

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If You Wanted Honesty

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: Sequel to The Five Of Us Are Dying (x). It’s 2011, and after performing a sold-out show in Boise, Gerard demands the answer you promised. ¼ of my The Five Of Us…. Alternate Endings series. 

So much had happened since 2006.

Two years’ worth of touring in support of Black Parade has worn you and the other members of My Chemical Romance out, physically, psychologically, and creatively. The stress caused by your accidental confession had only made it worse. You were constantly worried that the boys would figure out it was Gerard you liked, and that it would ruin your friendship with all of them.

You couldn’t tell Gerard the truth. What if you two dated and then broke up? What would happen to the band? What if Mikey, or Frank, or Ray, had feelings for you, and got so jealous that you reciprocated Gerard’s that they couldn’t work with him anymore? The band’s success was the most important thing to you. It meant the world not just to you and the other members, but to thousands of fans across the globe. If MCR broke up because of your stupid crush on Gerard, the tabloids would call you the next Yoko Ono.

You couldn’t have that, and so, for years, you stifled your feelings. It made you feel distracted and unfulfilled and it even started affected your drumming. Maybe that was why Conventional Weapons tanked. But, now, after some time apart from your band, you thought you’d finally got your head on straight. You’d successfully helped record Danger Days, and now the band was back on tour again.

You were on stage, in front of an arena full of kids, drumming your heart out. Even though you’d been the drummer of My Chemical Romance for seven years now, you still got nervous sometimes that you were going to slip up and play the wrong note. You put all your focus into tapping the skins, hitting the rims, getting the beat just right. After all, if you fucked up, it would throw everyone else’s timing off.

You were sweating with the effort when you successfully finished the last song of the set. It was “Helena” – closing the show with that tune had become a tradition by now. You never got tired of hearing the fans sing “So long and goodnight” along with Gerard.

“I hope you had a great time tonight, Boise!” Gerard shouted to the crowd.

Wait…..Boise? you thought. You hadn’t even remembered what city you were in tonight. When the tour bus took you to a new city every single night, they all started to blur together after a while. It was always get there, play your songs, get out – no time to rest or even think.

But the name Boise was suddenly making you think very hard – about something you hadn’t thought about in five years. Or, at least, had been trying not to think about.

“Do you guys remember a little scandal the band had, all the way back in 2006?” Gerard spoke into the mic. “It was all over the tabloids back then, wasn’t it? Y/N said in an interview that she had a little crush on one of us boys, but she wouldn’t say who it was on!”

The crowd screamed in response. You couldn’t even tell if it was a “yay” or a “boo”, but it certainly got a rise out of them.

“I remember all the fans went on the message boards, like, ‘OMG, who do you think her crush is?’”, Gerard continued.  “And I know some of you guys wrote your little fanfictions about it……”

Wait, what?! People shipped you with Gerard? You knew that some people had written fanfic about Frank and Gerard. That was why the two of them had stopped acting so touchy on stage. But, you never realized there was fic about you. It wasn’t like you ever read that shit anyway. The idea that there was badly written porn out there about your four closest friends was incredibly awkward to you.

But, given the way the crowd was cheering, you and Gerard must be a lot of people’s OTP. How crazy was that?

“Now, you guys don’t know this,” Gerard smirked, “but five years ago, when we were still on the Black Parade World Tour, Y/N made us a promise.”

Oh, god, you thought. He wasn’t seriously going to hold you to that…..

“Y/N said that if we ever did a show in Boise, she would tell us the truth about who she liked!” Gerard announced. “Well, my dear little Idaho Killjoys, it looks like tonight’s the night!”

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Imagine Lee Pace always moving your stuff to the top shelf in the kitchen.


Wordcount: 709

“LEE GRINNER PACE, GET THAT FIRM ASS OUT OF BED AND IN THE KITCHEN, NOWW!!”  your voice roared through the entire apartment and you knew it would not fail to wake him up and perhaps some other people in the building as well. Within seconds Lee stumbled into the kitchen, wearing nothing but pajama pants and that stupid innocent look on his face. 

“Yes Ma’m?”
Normally you’d deem it adorable, but right now you could smack the innocence right off it with everything you had in you.
“Stop putting my stuff on the top shelf! You know I can’t reach it and how annoying I think it is! At first I thought it was funny and a few times after too. But as of late it has become really annoying! So why do you keep doing it?!. You had your hands on your hips and took a firm posture. Showing him you were actually serious and mad at him for doing it again. The features of his face changed from that innocent cute expression to a worried and slightly ashamed one. 
“Y-you really don’t like it?”
“No I don’t! what makes you think I actually did? It is really annoying to having to ask you all the time to get stuff for me!” You raised your voice, getting irritated because he did not seem to get your point of view on the situation. 

Lee gave a defeating sigh and ran his hand over his face. He was in slight doubt to tell you the truth behind his actions. He knew you knew he was debating to either keep it to himself or to confess his thoughts. So he decided the latter. 
“Because I don’t wan’t you to become independent.” 
“When I first met you.. you were so amazing. You made your way to the top all by yourself, not needing anyone to help you to get there. It is one of the things I love so much about you. When we started dating I noticed that you also did not depend on me, you still did everything yourself, not once asking me for help. Whilst me on the other hand, I depended on you a lot more. I asked for your opinion on matters, for your advise, for you to be there when I wake up. And I… I don’t like that. That’s why I put your stuff on the top shelf. You’d have to ask me for help.”
His confession made your posture relax, you now had both arms hanging next to your body. He took this as a good sign and took a few step closer to you, he grabbed your face gently and made you look at him.
“I want you to know that I am worthy of your trust, you can lean on me when things get to hard, when you can’t handle them, when you can’t reach them. I am there for you, always. I just want you to know that, to get that in that through that thick skull of yours.”

You smiled and placed your hands on top of his, turning your head slightly so you can kiss the palm of his hands. 
“I know. and I want you to know that I do trust you. I might not depend on material stuff  or verbal verification like you do, but I do depend on you. I depend on you being there for me when I need you to be. Without me asking, I- I have had a tough life Lee and you know it. You should know that I depend on your love all the time. The fact that I know you love me as much as I love you is what keeps me going, it is what makes me want to be independent. To show you that I am worthy of being with you.”
Before you could say anymore lee pulled your face close and kissed you with the best kiss yet. You released his hands and wrapped your arms around his waist pulling him closer. 

Things might not be perfect now, things might be still unclear and in doubt, but the two of you are getting there. Step by step, closer to each other.

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(Gif does not belong to me, credit goes to the rightful owner(s))

A Bad Day

Remus x Reader

Characters: James, Lily, Remus, Sirius. 

Y/N (your name)

It was just one of those days.

Spending all night in deep thought, conjuring up scenarios about all the things that weren’t likely to happen but you stressed about them nonetheless.  These sleepless nights result in waking up only to find yourself on the wrong side of the bed; your body consumes with frustration as you turn to see the time. Haphazardly, you get up in order to try and sort out your priorities. You look around the room to find that the other three beds were already empty and made; your friends, unlike yourself, always seemed to comply with the unwritten schedule.  Sloppily, you rummage your hair into a make-shift bun and head for the bathroom, managing to trip over the flat floorboard as you did. The bathroom experience satisfied the trend you currently had going: no tissue roll, dropping tooth paste on your shirt and dampening your clothes whilst washing your face. Giving in to the fact that you were possibly going to miss breakfast, you decide to take time to do your makeup. This was obviously a fundamental error as not only did you reapply your eyeliner five times but you managed to smudge it all under your eye; exaggerating your dark under eye circles, built up on stress and restless nights. Perfect.  Proceeding to uniform, it took you five minutes to find your tie, after much stress and tears. You look over to the clock to find that you had only 7 minutes to get to lesson. You decide to leave your hair but then you simply can’t walk in to lesson with an untamed bramble, so naturally, you pull your hair out of its compact state and proceed to brush through your natural curls… oh no. Expanding its volume, your hair was now in comparison to an overworked scourer, with a wide toothed comb stuck in to it. Inhaling deeply as a few angry tears escaped down your face, you grab the bushy mess and place it back into a messy bun; which spray out all your layers. Slinging your tattered school bag over your shoulder, you make your way down to the hall.

You see your friends, along with your boyfriend, Remus, sat together around the table. Without making eye contact with any of them, you seat yourself next to Remus, hastily turning to grab some toast.

A messy, black-haired boy turns to talk to you.

“You do realise your late” said James, in a rather humorous tone but you didn’t react and carried on buttering some toast.

“Merlin’s beard Y/N, you look awf-” exclaims a concerned Lily, but you cut her off with a piercing glare that made her turn away slightly. You resume to frantically pour some hot coffee into your goblet, burning yourself in the process.

“OW! shit” you yelp, as the scorching liquid ate at your flesh; writhing your hand in pain.

“Are you okay?!?  Here, let me help you…” said Remus, as he grabs a napkin and begins to dab away the liquid off your hand. Your hands swat away from Remus’ grasp, as you suddenly feel the stinging that surged from the pressure.

“Get off me! Please, I’m fine” you hiss as you turn to stand, backing yourself away from the table to collect your bag.

“But Y/N he’s only trying t-” you hear Sirius exclaim.

“I SAID I’M FINE” you bellow, claiming the attention from the entire hall. Panicking at the scene you had created; you turn on your heel and head towards your lesson on an empty stomach, clutching weakly at your throbbing hand.

Your lessons weren’t exactly a walk in the park. After five scoldings for lack of concentration during lessons, four spillages in Potions, three detentions and two trips to the hospital wings; you enter the Gryffindor common room.  You gain the attention from your huddle of friends, who are sat near the window but you completely ignored their calls and beckons  as you head up the stone steps towards your dorm…… containing in one rather large breakdown.

Shutting the door rather loudly behind you, you turn to face your empty room. That was it.  

“ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH”. You let out an ear splitting scream; loud enough to be heard from the other side of the country.  You finally crumbled. Streams of salty tears ran down your face as you slowly slid down the door, not caring that you wacked your elbow hard on the handle on the way down.

It had been a fucking bad day; to say the least.

Kicking off your shoes in agitation, you strip off your uniform and slip into your night shirt and proceed to flop on your bed, drawing the curtains around your canopy bed; you were fed up and tired and so no one could blame you for wanting the world to be quiet for a bit.

You didn’t know how long you cried for but you certainly didn’t hear the door open and close. Light footsteps approach your bedside and you manage to halter your shaky breathing slightly, as the curtain that shielded you , opens slightly, revealing a tall figure whose demeanour was a little anxious but his determination to help the person he loved washed it over . Seating himself next you, he begins to lightly stroke your arm, igniting warmth and comfort throughout your body. You turn to face him, staring into his kind eyes which illuminated golden gleams; cascaded by the candlelight from beside your cabinet.  He didn’t utter a word nor did he ask you to, but his gentle, hazel eyes managed to explain everything his heart and head wanted to say. This small act of comfort was all it took for you to melt into Remus Lupin’s welcoming arms and in response; he cradles your body closer to his own, one arm rested on your waist whilst the other ran through your hair.  

“I’m sorry” you mumble from beneath his grasp as tears dampen his jumper.

“For what love… being human?”  He replies smoothly, his deep hoarse voice blanket you with succor. You sit up slightly to face him.

“Itt…ttss just been, erm” you try to speak but the choked cries remain positioned at the back of your throat, rendering you unable to speak. After a heavy sigh, you finally muster up the strength to form words.

“I’ve just had a really, really shit day and in the process I’ve ignored and disrespected all those who I consider family. They were only trying to help. Oh Merlin, I’m such a selfish, ignorant person-” you whimper before continuing,

“… Who’s definitely unworthy of a great person like you, Remus” you finish, hanging your head in guilt.

“Hey, look at me Y/N-” Remus spoke, lifting your head up to face him.

“You’re more worthy to me than anything in this entire world, you understand that?  I understand what you’re going through. It’s just one of those days when the universe just isn’t in your favour… as you know with my ‘furry little problem’ and all-” he gave a small, sad smile as he said this and you swore your heart shattered a little.

“But listen… one bad day doesn’t counteract for a bad life because sometimes, despite its difficult obstacles and challenges, you need some bad days to help you to appreciate the good ones.                   I mean how else you think I have such an amazing girlfriend who sticks by my side despite all the baggage that comes with my bad days-” you smile gently as you nestle your head into his neck.

“Just remember Y/N, you’re not alone. Not when you have myself and the rest of the guys who will be with you through thick or thin. Although, yes, you did kind of shun us away but that doesn’t mean we won’t be there for you. Y/N, you’re part of our family and family stick together, no matter how many bad days and challenges may come our way.” he sighs as he presses his forehead against yours; inhaling in your scent as he turns to whisper into your ear;

“Don’t forget that you’re human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. Just don’t unpack and live there-” he then looks back up to face you, his eyes fixate on yours.  

“- Cry it out and then refocus on where you are headed ….. and know that I’ll always be here when you do” he finishes as he begins intertwining his fingers with yours, peppering gentle kisses onto them.

You didn’t know how or what to respond but after a minute of comfortable silence, you form a genuine, grateful smile before whispering an honest;

“Thank you.”

Remus returns the smile. Your eyes were still fixate on one another as you start to inch towards him, your breathing becoming faster paced as you feel the vibrations of two hearts beating really fast. Closing the gap, you meet with his parted lips and press gently onto them, and all at once, you both melt into the kiss. It was slow and sweet, however, at that moment, all the hurt and pain that lingered inside you vanish into oblivion. You edge away from the kiss slightly; as you both lean into one another, smiling. Your lips brushing past his as you do and it’s not long before you both continue to immerse yourselves into a more passionate kiss; your arms snake around his neck and his around your body.

And you both remain in that position for quite a while as you devote everything you could possibly have to the boy you love more than life itself. And in return, even the heavens sigh in defeat as no one, not even Eros or Cupid, could possibly love and care for you more than Remus John Lupin did.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Perimeter Check

Pairing: ReaderXBellamy (The 100)

Prompt: Whilst on a perimeter check you, Murphy, and Finn start joking with each other only to have Bellamy butt in and tell you three to stop so then you decide to start teasing him, remembering you’re the only one who knows all his little kinks.

Inspiration: “Imagine talking through the walkie-talkie with Bellamy, as you start making jokes” which is thought up by the outstanding mxltifandom-imagines

Written By: Claire

“How’s the east perimeter looking (Y/N)?” you heard the voice of Bellamy say through the walkie-talkie that you held in your left hand, your knife in your right. After a strange and seemingly unexplainable breach in the territory lines last night, you, Bellamy, Murphy, and Finn had each been assigned a side to walk three times over in search of any clues of how the Grounder got into base camp.

“Not a problem in sight.” you sighed into the talkie whilst stepping over a large log that sat in your path of travel.

“I just stepped in animal shit.” you heard Murphy growl angrily over the talkie, causing you to laugh to yourself.

“How’s the southern perimeter looking Murphy?” Bellamy asked, choicefully ignoring what Murphy had said only a moment before.

“It looks like it’s covered in animal shit.” Murphy snipped back. “And it’s clear, no footprints aside from my own and whatever decided to leave me these presents.” he added, knowing Bellamy would get upset without a valid answer to the question he asked. Bellamy was one of those people, he was fine with people joking around as long as they still got done what needed to get done.

“Aw, how long has it been since you got a present Murph?” you heard Finn tease over the talkie from where he was on the west perimeter.

“Shut the hell up, don’t forget our perimeters connect.” Murphy warned.

“Yeah, don’t make him go over there.” you jokingly warned back, knowing it would get under Murphy’s skin.

“(Y/N), our perimeters connect too, I will pay you a visit when I’m done with Finn if you would like.” Murphy hissed into the talkie.

“Just not the face okay? That’s what gets me out of all the hard labor.” you spoke, jokingly inviting him to come and fight you.

“He would never hurt you.” Finn spoke over the talkie, his voice light and almost giggly.

“And why is that dumbass?” Murphy asked. You could almost picture Murphy turning to face each direction when someone spoke, as if he would be ready to take off if someone said something that was actually punch worthy.

“Because Bellamy would break your face if you even touched her.” Finn chuckled.

You knew it was true, you and Bellamy had been going strong for the past few months and he was a very protective person over everyone he cared about, especially you.

“Well I would break his face right after I break yours.” Murphy spat to Finn who you could imagine laughing alone next to a tree.

“Kids, stop fighting.” Bellamy finally spoke up.

“Okay daddy.” you responded suddenly, your voice low and slightly more sensual. If he wasn’t going to let you tease each other, you simply would have to tease him.

“Check the perimeter again.” Bellamy ordered as to not show any signs of liking what he heard, even though you knew plenty well that he had a smile on his face. You knew his kinks.

“Will you punish me if I don’t?” you asked knowing that you were really getting him now.

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“Don’t check again and you’ll find out.” Bellamy warned. You could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

“Can you two get a room?” Finn asked, suddenly breaking the small mood that had been set over the talkie.

“Yeah or at the very least go to a different channel.” Murphy spoke in disgust.

You all checked your perimeters one last time in silence, you and Bellamy done within ten minutes and meeting up in the usual place where you finally had some alone time together.

Standing There (John LaurensxReader)

Prompt and request: “How long have you been standing there?” With Laurens.

You slid proudly into your lunch spot next to Charles Lee. He wrapped an arm around you and gave you a sloppy kiss. You pulled away from him, uncomfortable. You were proud to be Charles’s girlfriend, you were just a little bit uncomfortable with…something about him, and his kisses.
He draped his arm around you and leaned back smirking, almost tauntingly in some direction. You followed his gaze and saw a table with four boys: one was tall and skinny with dark skin and poofy hair in a bun, another was short with straight hair and light skin, the next one was huge and wearing a beanie, and finally a cute curly haired freckled boy with amber eyes. His face was bright red. You assumed that he was the one Charles was messing with.
“What’s your grudge with them?” you asked Charles.
“Psshhh. The two immigrant freaks and the nerd and the oaf aren’t worthy if my attention. They’re not worthy of yours either. Don’ His face was bright red. You assumed that he was the one Charles was messing with.
“What’s your grudge with them?” you asked Charles.
“Psshhh. The two immigrant freaks and the nerd and the oaf aren’t worthy if my attention. They’re not worthy of yours either. Don’t talk to them. And don’t worry babe.” Charles said, leaning in to kiss you again.
As you walked down the hall, you heard a few whispers. You barely noticed because your mind was otherwise occupied. What were you and Charles doing for Homecoming this year (it was your third year going together and he always left you to do everything then abandoned you at the dance, but third times the charm. This year would be different.) Your mind was also racing with passion and ideas for your community activism group. There was so much to change and fix and you couldn’t wait to get started. In addition to that you were thinking of your other extracurricular activity (whatever your favorite activity is insert here). Now that you thought about it, you had seen the cute curly haired boy quite a few times at many of your activities…
Anyways, that’s why you didn’t hear the whispering that followed you throughout the rest of the school day.
Later on, you discovered that you were right. The curly haired boy was in a lot of your same extracurricular activities. And you needed to stop calling him that. You approached him one day afterwards.
“Hi, um, you go to my school right?” You asked.
His eyes widened.
“Um yeah.” He said nervously.
“What’s your name?” you asked.
“John. John Laurens.”
“I know who you are. I’ve known for quite a while. You’re in like half of my extracurricular activities. It’s kind of hard not to notice someone as brilliant and beautiful as you. You’re radiant, kind of hard to miss.” He said suavely.
You felt a jolt as your cheeks flooded with heat and a strange pang in your heart. It felt nice to be complimented that way. Charles only ever called you “hot” and he rarely even did that nowadays. It was nice to receive a genuine compliment, but you also knew that deep down it was wrong. Still, that didn’t stop you from enjoying John’s company. You two became fast friends.
You ended up spending a lot of time with him. You guys would go out to eat or get coffee after your extracurricular outings. Eventually he introduced you to his friends, Hercules, Alexander, and Lafayette. You loved spending time with all of them, especially John.
Unfortunately, your friendship with John caused a rift in your relationship with Charles. He hated how much time you spent with John and the outings you went on. He often went into jealous fits. Because of that, you put boundaries on your relationship with John. The tension had been building and building a pile of straw and you could feel that any moment it would snap like a rubber band. You didn’t know what would happen when it snapped. In the end three things led to the snap.
1. John noticed the boundaries: how you wouldn’t touch him, wouldn’t go out to eat with him… “What’s going on here Y/N?” He asked one day, when you turned him down for your usual post-activity coffee break.
“Charles. John, I have a boyfriend, and to him my relationship with you is bordering on infidelity, and John, cheating is one of the most vilest and hurtful things that can be done and I don’t want to be that person.” You told him.
He snorted.
“Charles is getting on you about infidelity?!” He broke down into a fit of humorless, hysterical laughter.
“That’s priceless coming from him, but hey, apparently you’re all right with a one sided monogamous relationship. That’s what you want.” John said bitterly, before turning on his heel and walking away.
“Wait! John! What do you mean? And am I really going to have to settle for a life without your friendship? Because, John, I don’t want that…” you called to his retreating back. He stopped and turned back.
“Y/N, deep down you know what I mean. And as for settling…don’t worry. Apparently you’re used to settling for what less than you deserve.” He said before walking away.
You felt a growing sense of dread.
2. You took the bait. You began to really pay attention and investigate. You stopped ignoring all of the mysterious things such as Charles’ sudden disappearances and all of his club meetings…and the way you could often taste watermelon gum when he kissed you, even though you knew that he hated watermelon gum. When he ditched you at Homecoming, yet again, you got that nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. John caught your eye through the crowd. “We need to talk.” He mouthed, coming towards you. You nodded. You knew what he meant…you followed Charles.
3. You quietly followed Charles to the pool’s locker rooms. He left the door opened in his haste. For a while you were frozen, pondering staying in denial. You knew that when you moved into that doorway you would cross the threshold into knowing for sure, and you wouldn’t be able to go back. But you had to know. You took that one step, standing in the doorway you had a nearly perfect view. A beautiful redhead was backed up against the wall. Charles was pressing her to the wall with his body, kissing all over her neck and face ravenously. Even from here, you could see the outline of his hands roaming under her tight dress. You didn’t know how long you stood there, numb, shocked, but eventually, the girl opened her eyes and saw you. Her eyes widened in surprise and she let out a squeak, pushing Charles off of her.
“What’s wrong baby?” he asked. She pointed towards the doorway and he turned around. He cussed when he saw you and a myriad of emotions flickered across his face.
“How long have you been standing there?” he finally asked. You decided in that moment that you loathed that phrase. It was a phrase associated with lying, and hiding, and that vile infidelity you hated so much.
“Long enough.” You replied, turning around to leave.
“Oh and I’m breaking up with you.” You said over your shoulder as you walked away.

That was when the tension snapped like a rubber band and hell broke loose.
“Wait. What? No. Y/N! Get back here!” Charles yelled.
You ignored him and kept walking.
“Y/N!” he yelled. You kept walking. You were by the pool now, almost near the doors.
You heard footsteps behind you, before you felt yourself being yanked back by your arm.
“What the hell Charles?! Let go of me!” you yelled. He yanked your arm, dragging you backwards, closer to him.
“No we’re going to sit here and talk about this like mature people. You are overreacting. We are not breaking up, okay babe.” He said.
“Yeah we are! This isn’t the first time you’ve cheated. I know it isn’t. You sneak off and ditch me at Homecoming every year, so I guess that you’ve been doing this almost ever since we started dating. We are absolutely and totally through.” You said.
“Hey! You’re still my main girl. You always have been, but I have needs. Still, I need you. You’re always so sweet and caring an-“
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too Charles.” You responded, trying to free your wrist from his manacle grasp.
“You’re such a freaking hyposite! I’ve seen you with that guy! You spend more time with him than you do with me! You are such a slut. You go out with him publicly as well. At least I was secret about my side chicks.” He said.
“You mean hypocrite Charles and that’s you. You get mad at me for having other guy friends when you’re sleeping with half the school! I never did anything with John, I even felt guilty about hanging out with him sometimes, because I know that infidelity is such a vile thing! And You! You are vile. And I deserve better than you. I don’t have to settle for you. Now let go of me right this instant!”
Charles sneered and laughed humorlessly.
“Fine then! This isn’t over.” He said, turning and stomping out. Only then, as the flames of anger smoldered and began to die down, did the sadness rush in, a melancholy river. You began to feel the emptiness. Your boyfriend of four years had broken up with you. You’d broken up with him. He was gone. He’d probably been cheating on you for most of your relationship. The realization hit you. He was gone. He’d cheated on you. Despite your anger, you couldn’t hold back the tears.
You hadn’t even noticed John until he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest.
“You were right. Are you happy now?” You asked.
“No. I wish I hadn’t been. I’m sorry.” John said, rubbing your back comfortingly.
“But, y/n, you can’t let him win. You are an amazing girl. Don’t let Charles bring you down. Go out there, have fun, and then we’ll go to my place and watch Disney movies as therapy.” John said.
“That sounds like a good idea.” You said, as you wiped your face, began to fix your makeup, and prepared to walk out into the dance, with your head high.
Months had passed and you’d been okay. You rarely ever missed Charles, your friendship with John grew, and you got a new group of friends and a new routine. You were no longer invited to a party every Friday night with the popular crowd, but you actually preferred hanging out with John, Alexander, Hercules, Lafayette, Angelica, Eliza…you had a whole new circle.
Tonight the girls were at a family reunion, so it was a movie night with just you and the boys at John’s place. You had been curled up with John for most of the first movie. You loved being in his arms. The warmth in your chest didn’t mean anything. It definitely did not mean that you had feelings for him. You just thought that he was cute, and loved being around him, and thought about him…a lot, and your heart flipped whenever you were around him and you felt a warmth and pleasantness flood you whenever he touched you, leaving you wanting more…but you definitely didn’t have feelings for him. You didn’t want to be caught in another relationship where you liked the guy more than he liked you.
Because of these thoughts running through your brain, you hadn’t seen much of the movie or been able to focus on much else other than John…But now he was gone and you were trying to get him out of your head. He and Alex had gone to get snacks and hadn’t come back for a while…Now that you thought about it, they’d been gone for almost 20 minutes and you were pretty hungry.
You got up and walked towards the kitchen. As you approached the doorway, you heard whispering voices and stopped, one foot in the door, curious.
“It’s just…I hate it when she does that! Why does she have to do stuff like that?!”
“John, it’s-“
“No! It’s not okay. She does it all the time: touching my hand, freaking caressing me, and now this!”
Your face burned with embarrassment and humiliation. John had noticed. You had tried everything to hide the fact that you had a crush on him and it wasn’t working and now he knew and he hated it.
“John, maybe you’re looking at this wrong.”
“Really Alex? All I see is that I love her, and I want more than friendship, and she doesn’t love me. She can always give me just shy of what I want, and I’m selfish enough that I can’t help but want more. I feel almost like she’s taunting me with the fact that we aren’t in a relationship,
You froze in the middle of your retreat, causing you to stumble into a chair. It clamored to the ground, loudly.
Alex came rushing out. His eyes widended when he saw you.
“Uh, John?”
John came running out behind him. His face flushed red when he saw you.
“H-h-how long have you been standing there?” he asked.
You were too shocked to answer, fumbling for words. How did you handle this? Your crush liked you back? And now he knew that you knew.
John flushed in embarrassment and looked as though he were about to cry.
“Y/N I’m so sorry. I-I really value our friendship and pleas-“
“I like you too.” You cut him off.
“I’ve been falling for you these past few months and trying to deny it because I thought that you didn’t like me back.” You blurted.
John stopped, frozen in shock for a second before his face split into a smile and he ran to embrace you exuberantly.
He pulled you into his arms and kissed you, tenderly and passionately.
“I’ve been longing to do that for months,” he breathed as you guys broke apart.
“WOOOOO! Get it John!”
You were startled by shouts in the doorway. Hercules and Lafayette were leaning against the entryway, with smug looks on their faces.
“How long have you been standing there?” you and John both asked.
“Long enough.” They smirked.

sonicmegaman7  asked:

What is the most face palm worthy moment in robotboy (in your opinion)? (Why do i have a feeling i know what you're going to say?)

Honestly, anything greedy or gross Gus does or says counts. XD 

Buuuuut…I’m gonna agree with Robotboy-stuck-in-Grumpybot5000′s-body and say this scene was the most facepalm worthy moment-by Gus anyways:

Even Robotoboy was so done with Gus and him wasting valuable time. That literal facepalm kills me everytime.

“Totally normal”- ‘cause usually sweet and friendly Ro suddenly having temper tantrums and destroying bedrooms is “normal”. At least Tommy thought it was a corrupted file.

Supernatural Arrow (Crossover)

Warnings: Kidnapping, some feels
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Oliver and Thea Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak (mentioned), Sister Queen Reader
Summary: You get taken by a demon and the Winchester save you only to meet your brother, The Arrow
Readers Age: 10 years old
Word Count: 1327

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This is my first crossover fic so I hope y'all like it! This is when the Queens were still rich, and this kind of took a turn from what I was originally going for but I still like how it turned out, I may do a part 2 about the Queens and Winchesters hanging out idk yet lemme know if y'all want a part 2. Enjoy!

The school bell rang, you got up from your seat and ran outside like all the other kids. Once you got out you saw Mr. Diggle, or as you’ve been instructed to call him, Diggs. You ran over to him and got into the backseat of the car, “So how was school today Y/N?” Diggs asked. “Fun, I drew this in class today!” You got out a drawing of your brother Oliver, your sister Thea, Felicity, and Diggs. “Wow that’s amazing, when we get back make sure to show Oliver and Thea.” Diggs said, you smiled and nodded.

You got home and ran inside, “OLI! THEA!” You called for them as you ran into the living room. You didn’t find them so you made your way out of the living room to go up the stairs to find Thea walking down them.

“Thea! Look what I drew in class today!” You said excitedly as you handed her the drawing, “Wow, look at this. It’s everyone.” Thea pointed out. “The teacher said to draw our family, and Felicity, and Diggs are apart of our family.” You smiled, which made Thea smile as well.

She handed you back your drawing, “Where’s Oli?” You asked, “Uh I don’t know. I’m sure he just went out for a little while.” Thea said, you nodded and skipped off outside. Diggs followed you, since you have no idea what your brother really does, Oliver wants someone watching you at all times.

You were running around playing with everything, you heard Diggs’ phone ring and saw him walk off. You then saw a man that approached you, he had a smirk on his face then for a second his eyes flashed pitch black, so did everything around you.

You woke up to a big headache, you realized you were tied down. “What? Hello?” You said as you looked around it was a warehouse, your eyes were starting to fill with tears. “Oh you’re awake, great!” The man said as he approached you, “I didn’t think it would be this easy to get the one and only Y/N Queen.” The man commented as he twirled a knife in his hand.

“P-please don’t hurt me.” You begged, tears now falling, “Oh kid, if you think that I’ll actually do what you say, you got another thing coming.” The man stalked towards you with a evil grin then all of a sudden, his whole body flashed, he then fell onto the floor.

You looked at a man who was behind him, he was a little taller blondish-brown, spikey hair, and flannel. Flannel really? He tucked the knife back into his coat pocket and walked toward you, and you? You screamed off the top of your lungs, and you being so young it was high pitched which made the man cringe and cover his ears.

“Hey kid I’m not gonna hurt you!” He yelled, you stopped. You then saw another man appear out of the shadows he was tall, really tall. He had brown hair that stopped a little above his shoulders, and he looked very kind.

“Hey, my name’s Sam, this is my brother Dean. We’re gonna get you out of here.” This ‘Sam’ stated, he seemed very trust worthy. You nodded, tears were still flowing down your face.

You then heard a weird sound, you looked over to see an arrow stuck in the wall behind you. The two men pulled out guns, you looked up to see a man in a green hood with a bow and arrow. He jumped down to the floor.

“Let her go.” His voice sounded weird, as if someone was manipulating it. “Listen we were the ones that saved her alright? We’re not going to hurt her.” Sam said calmly, “Hey, aren’t you the vigilante uh what is it… The Arrow!” Dean stated.

“Uh, I’m Sam and that’s my brother Dean, we were just helping her.” Sam said still remaining calm, “Sam and Dean? Winchester?” The Arrow asked. The brothers looked shocked, “How do you know us?” Dean asked as he raised his gun a little, The Arrow chuckled. “I met your dad some odd years back, he uh helped my dad with a problem.” The Arrow stated.

“C-can someone untie me?” You said in between sobs, they obviously forgot about you, “Oh uh ye-” Sam was cut off by The Arrow, “No, stay away from her.” He walked towards you which only scared you even more. You let out a scream and more tears came falling down, he stopped dead in his tracks. Oliver never thought that he would make his little sister cry.

What happened next broke his heart, “OLI!!!!” You screamed as you lowered your head, all you wanted was your brother, yet you didn’t even know that he was standing right in front of you.

A moment passed before Oliver decided to do something he never thought he would do, he grabbed his hood and took it off revelling his face. He turned the voice modification device off, “Y/N.” He said.

Your head shot up and you saw Oliver wearing The Arrows clothes, you didn’t care though, “OLI!!” You screamed as you tried to get the ropes lose. Oliver smiled and walked over to you and untied you. You instantly jumped into his arms and he didn’t hesitate to wrap them around you.

Oliver picked you up despite that you are way passed that age, “Thanks for.. Helping her.” Oliver said, “You’re not gonna kill us since we know your secret are you?” Dean asked, Oliver chuckled.

“No, you guys seem like people that can keep a secret.” Oliver responded, “You don’t even know us.” Sam stated. “No I don’t. But I knew your father and he had many secrets, which only means that you two have secrets. Which implies that you’re good at keeping them.” Oliver pointed out.

Sam and Dean paused for a moment, “Well, since you knew our dad maybe we should all catch up some time.” Sam suggested, Oliver chuckled. “Yeah plus you two do have some explaining to do. But thanks anyway, I should get this one home.” Oliver motioned to you. The brothers chuckled and went on their way while you and Oliver went back to his secret base underneath the club.

Oliver went to the basement and placed you back on the ground, “I’m guessing you want some answers.” Oliver broke the silence as he set his bow in its proper place. “Nope.” You responded, Oliver’s eyebrows knitted together and he spun around.

“What do you mean?” He asked, “You’re The Arrow, a superhero, I always knew you were a superhero but that’s just because you’re my brother. But you are actually a superhero, you help people. I understand.” You said with a small smile.

Oliver smiled, “C'mere.” He knelt down to your level and you ran into his arms. A moment passed before Oliver broke the silence, “You can keep a secret right?” He asked as he pushed you back, “What do you mean?” You replied.

“Well Thea doesn’t know which means you can’t tell her. Or anyone you know for that matter, you cannot tell anyone.” Oliver said firmly, you pretended to zip up your lips and throw away the key. “But Diggs and Felicity already know.” Oliver informed you, you nodded.

You always knew your brother was a superhero but that was only because he was your older brother. He just seemed like an amazing guy, that he could defeat anyone. Now you know that Oliver is a superhero, he does actually fight crime and he does help people. He is amazing and he can defeat anyone. And that’s your brother.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Could you do a sisfic of Arrow (little 10years old) and she meets the Winchesters?”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

When’s the Wedding?

I didn’t proofread this one so it probably sucks lol
I’ve been so lazy this break hahaha
I’ve also been having way too many dance parties to “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” but you know

Title: When’s the Wedding?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: “Reader introduces steve to her parents as a friend but they assume they are getting married. She is embarrassed and apologizes but is confused when steve says “maybe someday but not now.” confession thing.”
Word Count: 1,281
Warnings: it’s awkwarddddd. Food and family are also mentioned

Your name: submit What is this?

           "What are your parents like?“ Steve asks.

           His voice cuts through the previously silent air of the car and nearly makes you jump. You give him a quick glance before refocusing on the road. You’re scrambling through your mind to find the right words to describe your parents, if that’s even possible. 

           "They’re alright,” you reply nonchalantly. “My mom’s a doctor and my dad’s a college professor.”

           Steve lets out a slight laugh and shakes his head. You give him a questioning look before turning into your neighborhood. It feels nerve-wracking already, and you find yourself gripping the steering wheel a bit too tightly. Luckily, though, Steve doesn’t notice.

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Study Treats || Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: None!
Type: Fluff!
Setting: Hogwarts! Summary: Newt attempts to help the reader study for exams!
A/N: I was going to write this for one of my tumblr friends but totally forgot (If you’re reading this I feel like a total piece of crap, please forgive me).
For all you others, enjoy the story!
You groaned loudly, wanting nothing more than to burn every OWL in existence.
It was incredibly tiring to have teachers shove books in your face, reminding you to study and to take notes during lessons– just some of the things most students couldn’t do for their lives.
As the urge to ditch revision became stronger, a teenage boy with messy hair appeared by your side, purposely bumping his hip against yours and putting a hand on your shoulder.
Realizing who it was, you giggled then spun around, swiftly pulling Newt into a warm hug.
“C'mon, Y/N, I know you’re smart enough to pass these,” he said into your ear.
You suddenly shuffled away as far as the couch would allow, refusing to touch anything exam-related and pouting like a little girl.
“I’m not doing this anymore! It’s sooo boring,”
Rolling his beautiful eyes, Newt tossed a book in your direction (which was caught, luckily) and took one off the table for himself.
“How about a deal, then? It’ll benefit both you and me,”
Sitting up straight again, you begrudgingly listened to your boyfriend.
“Fine, whatever,”
He flicked to a random chapter, explaining what was to happen.
“You get a question right, you get a kiss, okay?”
This seemed simple enough.
You nodded and waited for him to go on.
“But if you get a question wrong, no affection or anything like that for a week.”
Crap. That was one side of your mind.
The other was—Oh please, I can do this.
As always, you let the latter take control and agreed to his terms.
“What is the only known charm that repels Lethifolds?”
After taking a few seconds to think, you replied,
“Expecto Patronum.”
He nodded, giving you a quick but meaningful peck on the lips and started asking things again.
However, you weren’t listening.
The only thing worthy of attention was Newt’s handsome face, which you knew was all yours to make love to.
His hands stroked the spine of the book, running two fingers down the front cover and tapping in a peculiar rhythm, something you found weirdly attractive.
When he voiced something to you, it was merely a quiet hum in the atmosphere.
The boy actually had to shake your shoulder to bring you back to reality.
“Sorry, I got distracted, what was that?” You inquired.
He shook his head, smiling.
“You’re right, this is useless.”
Finally! Some common sense…
“Well, Wanna go to the forest instead?”
The playful expression on Newt’s face transformed into an outspoken grin.
“It’s a date, m'lady.”

How Unexpected (Part 1)

Characters - SPN Cast x Reader (Single!Richard x Reader)

Word Count - 1380

Warnings - Maybe some language (I can’t remember D:)

A/N - So i started this story about 4 months ago and i got pretty far maybe even 2 parts in. I had a file saved on my external when i found out my cpu was about to die, but when i moved i checked the file and it was corrupted somehow. Sooo here i am starting completely over lol. It’s kinda hard trying to remember everything i’d had but i hope it’ll be just as good lol. Also i always get so carried away with backstories of my characters so be prepared for this part to be mostly that XD Sorry for the long note, i love you all! How Unexpected Pt.2 | Pt.3 | P.4

~Admin Chels

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Three Months Ago

How were you gonna explain to your sister that the boyfriend you’d had for the last four years just dumped you, and on a night he was supposed to accompany you to dinner at her house. You thought he was the love of your life and the only other person that loved him as much as you had was definitely your sister Genevieve. She thought of him as a brother and would be just as devastated. By the time you arrived to her and Jared’s house you were a sobbing mess. You did your best to fix yourself up in the car, wiping the tears away and applying more powder to cover your blotchy red face. Once you deemed yourself worthy you hopped out of the car and smoothed your shirt, walking up the path to the door. Just as your finger almost pushed the doorbell the door flew open, revealing Jared towering in front of you. He looked down at you and frowned, his brows knitting together in worry. “Y/N what’s the matter? Are you okay?”

‘Of course he’d notice right off the bat..’

He looked around outside and you knew he was looking for your ex-boyfriend. “Yeah i’m totally fine! Oh by the way, he’s not coming. He had something to take care of so it’s just little old me.” You tried your hardest to force a smile on your lips though Jar could definitely see through your play. But he just nodded knowing it was something you should talk about with Gen. As you stepped into the entryway Thomas was there, tugging at the fabric of your jeans and looking at you with a big smile. “Hi..” He spoke softly, but reached his hands up wiggling his little fingers. “Pick me up pwease.” Chuckling, you obliged and scooped him up. That little bundle always seemed to know when you needed a cuddle. You spoke to him as you walked into the kitchen where Gen was finishing cooking and watching Shep. “Hey sis! You’re kinda ear–What’s wrong with you?” She paused mid sentence, noticing your face almost as quickly as Jared had. Shifting Tom into his father’s arms you sat down and with a heavy sigh, told her all about how your ex-boyfriend claimed to just not be in love with you anymore. When he said that to you, you figured that meant he fell in love with someone else. How could he just throw away all of those years. All of the things you’d done together, how many countless times you’d given yourself to him, and how many times he’d said he’d loved you.

‘At what point did he stop meaning it.. How long have i been fooling myself..’

With a shake of your head you fought back the tears, not wanting to think about it. You braced yourself for your sister’s reaction. “That bastard! If i ever see him again i’m going to make him wish he was never born.” Jared placed his large hand on your shoulder gently and when you turned to look at him he nodded to you. “He’s a dead man if he’s got Gen yelling.” You couldn’t help but to laugh. “Seriously guys don’t even worry about it, it’s in the past.” Your voice was coming back to you, though still a little raspy from all the crying you’d just been doing in the car. “It was literally just hours ago Y/N.” Jared spoke up again. “Regardless… Please don’t start anything. It’s over with now..” That comment was directed more at your sister than anything and you were sure she knew by the way she fumed in front of you. “Fine fine okay. What’s done is done. Let’s eat.” She threw on her usual beautiful smile and started fixing up plates. “Good.” You sighed, feeling relieved.


You stood by the refreshment table from the back of the set, snacking of course, as Jar, J, and Richard all did their thing. Your eyes shifted to Rich and he was laughing after messing up his lines. After your break up you’d started coming to some of the shoots with Gen for support of your brother and Jensen. That was where you’d met him and you two had hit it off almost immediately. He was with beyond a doubt your best friend, always knowing what to say and making you laugh like you were a kid again. Though something seemed different about him lately over the past week or so. His smile wasn’t quite the same. A hint of pain behind those whiskey eyes when he spoke to anyone, not just you. It honestly seemed a little bit worse with you in fact and you really had no idea what could be so wrong.

‘That’s it, I’m tired of this. I gotta know..’

After the shoot everyone dispersed and J, Jared, and Gen all immediately stepped your way. You all greeted each other as you always did, but Richard was nowhere to be found in the group. Looking around you finally spotted him slinking out the door. “Rich!” You tried to call him over, but he didn’t even look at you before he let the door shut behind him. “What is wrong with him..” You weren’t really asking anybody but yourself, but Jensen spoke up. “Do you not know? Y/N.. He’s–” Jared gave him a look that he quickly noticed and zipped his lip. “He’s what?” Your eyes scanned over theirs and then to Genevieve’s. She sighed, looking at her husband. “I think you should just ask him yourself sis. It’s not our business to tell.” She glanced at Jensen who shrugged, looking a bit nervous himself about the situation. “Well if you say so.. I will.” You excused yourself after that and darted off to where the direction Richard had been off to so quickly. “Rich?! Richard!” You’d seen him in the distance, getting into his car. He looked at you for only a moment before shutting the door and driving off. You hadn’t been able to see him properly from that distance, but you could only assume he had that same look in his eyes that he’d had for the week.

You couldn’t shake your best friend from your mind even after the day had come and gone. Laying down in your bed didn’t help, no matter how hard you tried to sleep. Him not talking to you about it was really frustrating, you just wanted to scream. Finally you’d decided you’d text him if he wouldn’t talk to you face to face. You sifted through the dark searching for you phone and finally found it.

‘Hey Rich, i was just wondering if everything’s okay. If you need to talk about anything you can always contact me.’

You sent it hoping he’d respond, but at this point you were beginning to think you were the problem or maybe you’d done something to upset him. A few minutes went by, no response. You decided to take a shower to pass the time since you couldn’t sleep and when you got back, still no response.

‘Maybe it was just too late at night for him to answer, he was probably just sleeping..’

You began coming up with every excuse in the book, avoiding the thought of him being mad at you to make yourself feel better. Finally when you woke up, the sun was just coming up. You groaned at stream of pale light coming straight through the window and onto your face. As soon as you fully came to your heart started to pound, wondering if Richard had finally texted you back. “Why am i so nervous? It’s not like we don’t talk all the time.” You spoke out loud to no one as you grabbed your phone and hit the lock button. The phone lit up and showed the message icon making your stomach drop for God knows why.

‘Hey! I’m gonna be stopping by the shoot today so if you’re gonna be there let me know okay? We’ll get lunch :p’

It was just Gen. Your head slumped forward, smacking the phone into your forehead as you grunted in frustration. “Why won’t he just talk to me!” You yelled out loud, again to no one.

Mid-Week Oracle Update for Capricorn 4/19/17

The Dragon

This is a time when you can expect that you will finally face a challenge that is worthy of your strength and wisdom. You may even find that you will have to go outside of your comfort zone to solve this problem.

Deck: Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards by Christine Filipak and Joseph Vargo, Copyright 2003 Monolith Graphics

So does Lethal Injection

Aaron Hotchner x Reader

Word Count: 1282

Summary: (Y/N) is dating Hotch before Haley died, she’s very insecure about Haley and one day overhears a conversation between Hotch and Haley where Haley wants to give their relationship another shot but Hotch refuses because he is with (Y/N). (from this ==> Hotch Request on Imagining Criminal Minds). 

Warnings: None, I think.

A/N: The title is not super engaging, I know, but those who understand the reference will earn ten points for their house.

Thanks to @merlincmgirl for the countless discussions we have had around Hotch and parts of his anatomy (like his hair, his neck, or his arms). That’s for you !

Originally posted by ezeiel

After “How to Get Away With Murder”, here is « How to Get Away With the Ex-Wife of your Boyfriend ». Which is substantially the same in terms of problems created.

It had been three years since Aaron Hotchner, the (very hot) FBI profiler, and you, a passionate bookseller of art history and archaeology, Christian art, Byzantine and High Middle Ages (yes, Christian churches in Armenia in the seventh century can be extremely sexy), were dating. You were Penelope Garcia’s cousin, and you met Aaron Hotchner, going to visit her in her office at the FBI headquarters in Quantico. The introduction wasn’t the best, especially how Kevin and you were kicked out of office by Hotch while bringing your unique cousin a new case. Coincidentally, you had met him again a few days later, when Penelope and Derek had dragged you (forcibly you might add) with the rest of the team to the bar for karaoke night. And rather than wiggle like a bimba latina into heat (really you thought that was, Derek?), Aaron asked you if you wanted to go out for coffee.

You had accepted. Coffee turned into a meeting, then weekly dates, and then dinners. You started going to movies and hanging out with Jack. And after three years, here you were. You had finished your studies, you were living with Jack and Aaron in Virginia and you just were in bed with him with the firm intention to not leave it until a decent hour, even clinging to Aaron like a koala.

You were spooning each other in sleep, his nose gently poking into your neck and his hands holding you tightly against his chest. This morning, fortunately, his phone had not rung (it would eventually be smashed against the wall anyway if you had anything to do with it). Slowly, you start to wake up.

“Good Morning, beautiful.” he whispered in your neck. You turn to face him and kiss him gently. Things soon became more heated and made you switch over him without letting go your lips.

“You’ll be late.” His hands glide over your waist and his lips gently down along your jaw. “Aaron, sweet heart, you’re really going to be late.” You warned, laughing as his breath tickled your neck.

“Don’t care” he said, continuing his progress. His hands glided along your ribs to your shoulders and your shoulder blades before he pulled his lips away. “Love You, (Y / N)”,

“Love you, sweetheart.”

You hear little footsteps in the hallway. The door creaked open and someone raced in. A small head stood before you and snuggled in his arms, holding a stuffed penguin.

“Mommy? Daddy?” Jack said pushing between you and Aaron and snuggling up into your neck.

“Hey babe. Slept well?” Taking him in your arms. Aaron kissed his head before getting up to go take a shower. “You want to help me prepare breakfast, baby?”

Jack nodded slowly and stood up with you. You went down into the kitchen and got out enough to prepare pancakes. Aaron joined you both a little bit later, already in costume and ready to go to work. This Monday should be a simple day at the office today. (Well you hoped.) And Jack was returning to his mother, Haley, for two weeks. Aaron had to drop Jack at Jessica’s before going to the office. As for you, you had to finish doing research in the library. After breakfast, Jack went upstairs to prepare and your two boys left the house.


Hours later, when you were about to leave, you receive a call from Aaron. “Hey, love, what’s happening?”

“Hi, honey, I forgot a file in the living room this morning. Do you see it?”

“Yes, it was in the living room. Do you want me to bring it? I was about to leave.”

“Yes, that would be great. Thank you sweetheart.”

“I’ll be here within a couple of minutes, love you!”

“Love you too.”


You had finally got to the BAU, and had climbed upstairs as the lift was broken. Again. Arriving, Penelope saw you and ran to take you in her arms, hugging you tightly. Well calmly for her standards (Well what can you say? It’s family). Helpfully she pointed you up to Hotch’s office, where you could see from the windows he was with Haley. You make your way to the office and catch the end of the conversation.

“Aaron, please! Listen to me.” Haley begged, loud enough that it could be heard from where you were standing.

“No, Haley, we separated, it’s over between us.” Hotch insisted, shaking his head and face scowling at his ex-wife.

“But, please, I still love you! Jack and I have the right to have you, me and him. A family! Give us another chance, please!”

“Haley, that’s enough! We- ”

It was at that moment that you decided to enter in the room, the case in hand. “Hi, honey, that’s the case you forgot this morning!” with a fake smile on your face.

Haley turned to you and gauged you. You could hear the thoughts running through her head. “I’m his wife. I’m his high school girlfriend, I’m his first love, I am the mother of his child, and I always will be… She is just a … distraction.

A heavy silence set in the room, and Aaron slowly approached you, a smile on the lips to retrieve the infamous missing file: “Thank you, love.” Hotch breathed, taking it from you.

“(Y / N), how are you?” Haley asked with a fake smile and a look of deep satisfaction on her face.

“Well, very well actually. What about you?” (“Speak always my dear” you thought bitterly).

“All right, Jack is excited to go home, and Aaron and I were talking about old times. You know… No, actually, you don’t know, marriage changes a person.” Haley smirked, crossing her arms at you.

Aaron stiffened and prepared to respond when suddenly: “So does lethal injection. Furthermore, I am delighted for you that Jack has returned. Alone for two weeks, the time must seem long” you retorted with a smile worthy of Mycroft Holmes on your face. She was about to reply, green with rage, when Aaron cut her off, “You should be leaving now, you have to get Jack to school.”

“Have a Nice Day, Haley.” (“Just smile again, sweetheart, she is practically leaving”). She whirled around and rushed out of the office.

Aaron turned to you and gently placed his hands on your cheeks. “Hey how are you? You know I love you, right?”

“Yes, I know… only…”

“There is no "only”; I love you okay, you and you alone. Yes, this was my first wife. But sometimes, like today, I reflect and I realize how lucky I am to share my life with the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. “

"Oh, great, I’d like to meet her.”

“Stop, you’re the only woman in my life, and the only woman I want to have in my life.”

“Oh, your poor mother.” His air becomes serious. “Just kidding, I love you too infinitely and you’re my second favorite Hotch and I love Jack too. ”

“Don’t start.” Hotch rolled his eyes, used to your teasing.

You start to move your hands along his chest to his neck and stand on tiptoe to kiss him.

“Especially” *kiss* “when I have the ultimate satisfaction” *kiss* “to know” kiss “you and me” *kiss along his jaw* “had sex on this desk there just a few days.”

Offensive Topp Dogg Moments

I don’t want to clutter up the list, but I've received a lot of questions about why I make these lists since I am a Topp Dogg fan and do not want to hurt Topp Dogg or their fanbase. You can find a brief explanation here


  • During debut era, Stardom marketed Sangdo as the “exotic/foreign/black” member (Source: pretty much any interview from debut era)
  • They had Sangdo and P-goon tan so they would look darker and they were given spray tans before going on stage.
  • Sangdo and P-goon’s hair, clothes and styling in general during debut era were very culturally appropriative because Stardom was trying to make them look exotic/foreign/black.








  • Beast, a track from his mixtape, includes the line “Fuckin’ homo rappers get out”*
  • Casual misogyny and body-shaming in Guess Who
  • Bitch is misogynistic and includes the line “Your face with its sharp nose is worthy of a punch” in reference to the girl he’s rapping about
  • Happy is entirely about killing the man who stole his ex-girlfriend and bringing his head to her (and then potentially killing her too).
  • Predebut track 춍춍봉갱춍 has some lyrics about people starving in Africa, including “fly to Africa/Starve for only 1 year and come back”

*This line was actually Chancey the Glow’s line, not Yano’s. However, it was a track on Yano’s mixtape, so he’s responsible for what’s on it. 

If anyone has anything that I missed or any additional sources or information, please let me know! This is just the first draft and I want to be as thorough and accurate as possible.