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Beautiful In White (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Adorned in an exquisite ivory A-line dress, you’re the most beautiful Jungkook has ever seen you. After all, it is your wedding day.

Word Count: 7,182

Genre: Angst (?), smut

A/N: I originally planned this to be just angst but then my thirsty ass ended up incorporating some smut into this. Everything in italics are flashbacks.


The only word that could come close to describing your mere presence as he watches you weave your way through the round tables. You’re being pulled into an awkward hug every second by guests as they try to figure out how to overcome the barrier that is your dress without ruining your hair and makeup. He watches as you converse animatedly with the guests, some of whom he does and does not recognize.

You tuck the strands of hair that frame your face behind your ear, only to have them fall back to where they were just seconds ago, but he gets a brief view of your face. Your cheeks are stained with a light pink tint, your lashes expertly curled in a way that showcased the eyes Jungkook fell in love with, face properly contoured – a term which Jungkook unwillingly learned after having to watch too-many-to-count make up tutorials with you – and your lips, smothered in god knows how many different brands of lipsticks. The end result of four hours of makeup was nothing short of perfection. Jungkook mentally curses the stupid rules and superstitions that forbid him from seeing the bride before the wedding day.

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guys lets be real if you wan’t to shit on tony you cANNOT use age of ultron as Source™ beCAUSE EVERYONE WAS SO OUT OF CHARACTER I MEAN

1) Steve “I Cant Afford Brooklyn” Rogers who once falsified government documents bc he wanted to serve that badly and clings to the past like its air and he’s asthmatic, as if the stubborn little fuck wouldn’t find a way to reclaim his home someway

2) Bruce and Natasha

3) Natasha’s biggest fear/regret/whatever is being infertile when it…wait seriously?….i really need to explain this one?

4) Steve “Language” Rogers who curses government officials left and right

5) Bruce thinking that creating Ultron in the same room as the Loki Scepter (which, in the first avengers film, manipulated him to Hulk Out and kill his friends) is a great idea

6) Bruce and Nat- wait I already said that right

7) Hawkeye has a family even though in the comics they explore the fact that he has trust issues or something like that i read a post somewhere but believe me hawkeye is too fucked up to settle down like that outta the blue

8) Thor…letting…people…lift…mew mew…as…if…its…a…joke….idk mAn but like??? He was basically gloating in that scene aaaand didn’t he grow up from Thor 1 where he was all macho man im the best and then hes all mature but now you give me a scene where he makes fun of his friends shoving the “youre not worthy” fact in their faces? Nuh-huh thats fckin loki in that red jacket i swear thor is too soft

9) Bruce and Natasha, a reminder

10) Maria Hill being all fckin vague when debriefing Steve of their enemies I am sorry but no….just no….“hes fast and shes weird” my ass that isn’t enough

11) The jewish twins volunteered to work with nazis

12) Bruce. And. Natasha

So, like, all the fucked up things that Tony did in age of ultron is basically an addition to joss whedon fucking up our characters, as always, read his wonder woman script

I rest my case

micaela-turtle-02  asked:

OMG I LOVE YPUR BLOG YOUR DOING AMAZING 💖💖 I wanted to do a headcanon of the rfa +v+saeran + vanderwood reacting to MC being pregnant with quadruplets (Like they knew she was pregnant but went to the ultrasound or something idk work your magic) sorry if this is to much to ask for lolol but you can write it however you want Thanks 💖🌈

A/N: I will try to work some magic my friend~ after all, it does include the sacred number 4 *wink wonk wink wonk* ^^ (also thank you thank you omfg im trying ;u;) ~Admin 404


               -When you told him the two of you were going to have a baby he was already t h r o u g h t h e r o o f

               -So!!! Excited!!! To start a family with you!

               -He was extremely nervous to go with you to the ultrasound, though. Sure he knew he was going to be a father, but it didn’t…. /hit/ him until then.

               -There is a living being inside of you that is half him and half you… it’s living, heartbeat and all

               -And he was!! About to see it!! Still inside you!!!! This was so different than ones he’s had to perform on some animals before…

               -Ready to see his first son (or daughter!!! He’s excited either way!!), he holds your hand and watches the screen with you

               -“Oh! It does look like a cats ultrasound, they’re really similar!”

               -You have to tell him that it isn’t supposed to look like that. Cue the panicked look at the doctor and the intense squeezing of your hand

               -When the doctor explained that there were four babies in there he… well he burst into a gross sob. You had to try and calm him down while simultaneously laughing at how adorable he was

               -Four babies!!! He’s about to have four babies with you!!!! He was so excited to have you, his work, and now his babies, he couldn’t believe it! At one point he was so concerned and lost about his life but now he’s got it all!


               -“And the doctor’s going to tell us if we have a prince or a princess, right??”

               -“Yes Zen, if we want to know the doctor will tell us”

               -Literally told everyone at his current rehearsal that he had to leave early because there was going to be a revealing in the kingdom and as king, he needed to attend

               -He was almost bouncing off the walls waiting for the doctor to come into the room

               -Turned away from the monitor because he was so nervous! /But you were the one who was extremely ready Zen, wtf man/

               -“JUST TELL ME IF ITS HEALTHY FIRST, I NEED TO KNOW IF MY BABY IS HEALTHY” okay Zen stop shouting

               -The doctor turned the sound on the monitor up, commenting on the babies strong heartbeat…. but then they moved to another.

               -And another… and another.

               -He whipped around so fast it’s a surprise he didn’t get whiplash. Four heartbeats??? Four of them??? But.. but that would mean… four.. babies??

               -As excited as he was, he also had to be dramatic enough to match. With his foot up on the chair and his finger pointed triumphantly to the sky, he announced that the kingdom shall reign supreme and his army of beautiful babies will run a fantastic kingdom! You had to interrupt his rambling to remind him that the two of you were in a doctor’s office, not the stage


               -The two of you decided that you would get inseminated, and Jaehee was extremely cautious of you the whole time

               -/So/ many doctors appointments, so little time

               -The two of you were excited the moment you found out you were pregnant, but that is also exactly when Jaehee’s Anxiety™ kicked in

               -So you guys were going to an ultrasound appointment to check on your baby!

               -She had read too many articles and stories on the internet of false positives and now she was just extremely paranoid no matter how many times you’ve tried to calm her down and no matter how many positive pregnancy tests you’ve taken

               -“I know you’re nervous MC, but it’s okay, I am too!” She tried to calm you, though she was the one visibly nervous

               -Watching the monitor intensely, she noticed it looked /nothing/ like the ones she had researched online.

               -Oh no, what if something’s wrong? What if you’re in danger? What if-

               -“Congratulations! All of your babies seem to be happy and healthy!” “I-I’m sorry. All? Of our babies?”  

               -The minute the word “quadruplets” left the doctors mouth, Jaehee is practically sobbing- happy tears of course! After all of the stress you had been put over trying to get pregnant in the first place, now you were going to have not one, but FOUR of the precious angels!!



               -Probably the type to get one of those fancy 3D rendered ultrasounds


               -But he made a mistake. When the doctor pulled up the image it just looked like a monstrous… blob? What is this? Does his child actually like this?

               -Doesn’t hesitate to ask the doctor just what the fuck was up??? Are you pranking him??? Don’t do that????

               -The doctor is pointing out and explaining where the head, hands, and feet were- which he could see after some explanation!

               -But the doctor… kept pointing out more heads.. and hands… and feet…

               -“Are these just different angles? Is that what we’re seeing here?” “Um, no Mr. Han. You’re seeing all 4 of your children”

               -If you thought Jumin Han could be Cool Calm and Collected™ during this, you are wrong. Did his deep, silky voice raise about 6 octaves? Yes. Did it break like he was going through puberty? Also yes

               -There are four, count ‘em, FOUR babies for him to spoil!!! He can!!! Spoil them so much!!! And give them all the love and attention he’s wanted as a kid! Did he cry when he held you after this information? You can bet on it


               -He was already!!! Super excited to start a family with you!!!

               -So he was practically jumping up and down, ready to see his baBY!

               -He’s so extra, he had to carry you into the doctor’s office

               -“I am not letting the mother of my child so any sort of work, got it????”

               -If you try to protest, he gives you a kiss on the forehead and gets really serious with you, “MC. You’re the love of my life and you have brought me down to earth. Let me spoil you and our baby, alright?”

               -He was recording the ultrasound for everyone in the group chat because he is just!!! So excited!! To show the world his family!!!!

               -Zooming into the monitor, he giggles as the doctor points out a head… and another head… and another one…. and.. another one

               -The ending of the video is the view turning from the monitor to the ceiling as a loud thud can be heard as he hits the ground

               -You and the doctor have to pick him back up and fan him off since he fainted at the sight of four babies

               -That’s like!!! 2 sets of twins!!! MC!!! He would have been ecstatic for one child, but you’re giving him /four/??? /FOUR/ of them??? He never expected this kind of happiness and definitely not this big of a family, but he was so in love with each and every one of you!


               -You are his love and he is ready for a family!

               -He was a little afraid, of course, but all his fears were thrown out of the window the moment you kissed his cheek and told him about the ultrasound

               -Brought his camera to record the genuine reactions to the ultrasound!

               -Thought that your face would be the one that was video worthy, but he was w r o n g

               -Turned the camera to selfie mode to get the both of you in it and watched as the doctor turned on the monitor

               -Laughed at your  face once the cold gel was put on your stomach though, the light smack to this shoulder was worth it- you were so cute!

               -The smile on both of your faces was definitely screenshot worthy, he’d have to remember to do that later so he could print it out for the baby book!

               -But apparently he’d have to print… four of them…. He watched as the doctor pointed out all four babies were happy and healthy and his smile dropped to make room for the complete shock to take over his face

               -All you could do was laugh at the sudden change! You pulled him in for a kiss to snap him out of it

               -Four babies, he couldn’t believe it! MC, can you imagine the baby photos?? How amazing family portraits were going to be??? How much fun the photography trips were going to be from now on!!


               -The moment you told him he was going to be a father he panicked

               -Since then, he had gotten next to no sleep, and constantly had break downs

               -He couldn’t be a father?? What if he hurts the baby? It’s bad enough he’s terrified about hurting you!!

               -This… thing… is going to be tiny and depend on him for basic life things and he doesn’t know if he’s ready for it!!!

               -Cries many nights, telling you that he doesn’t deserve you nor a child and it just breaks your heart to pieces???

               -Maybe taking him to actually see his baby will help!

               -So you drag him along to the ultrasound. He just sits in silence and holds your hand the entire time because he’s terrified to let go

               -His eyes are practically glued shut when the doctor turns on the monitor. He isn’t ready. He doesn’t want to see. There’s going to be a human in there that is half you and half him. The half that comes from you is sure to be an angel but the half from him? Not as likely

               -One eye cracks open after words of encouragement from both you and the doctor, and on the screen he sees not one, but four little humans inside you. Tears pour out of his eyes without him even realizing it- he can’t look away from the screen

               -There were four babies, four of them! He didn’t think he deserved even /one/ but… the both of you were blessed with /four/ of them… maybe… maybe this was a sign? Maybe it was a sign that he truly was ready.. that someone, somewhere, thought that he could be a good father. With your help, he thought, maybe it was actually possible


Replaceable Part 6!!!

“You can’t do this! Get me out of here!” Lance shouted as the Galra threw him into a cell, a translucent green humming wall, trapping him. “This wasn’t the deal! TROQ!!”
His shouts landed on deaf ears. He went to slam his hand on the green wall, but as soon as his fist made contact, a sharp electric shock went though him. With a yelp he yanked back his hand. He observed his hand and cursed as he noticed a harsh red burn.
“Well, that’s gonna scar.” He mumbled to himself.

He took the chance to look around his cell. It was pretty depressing. It was bare except the small bench that had a raggedy pillow that was stained a red-brown color, and Lance was pretty certain that it was blood. They had taken Lance’s suit and amour a long time ago, giving him a skin tight black and purple suit that had gray highlights. Lance walked over the the cracked mirror that was leaning against the way. He looked at himself, turning around to see every angle.
“Ah, at least my ass looks great.”
A rough chuckled emitted from the next cell. “Good to know someone has their priorities set.” Lance huffed and his face turned a dark shade of red. Lance was about to respond when he heard a door slam open. Light cast shadows in the front of his cell, and he could hear the roar of a crowd, chanting and thunderous applause. The light and shadows dispersed and loud footsteps took their place. A hushed silence fell over the cells, and a bead of sweat formed on Lance’s forehead. He didn’t know why, but his gut told him that he needed to stay quiet. The footsteps passed by his cell and slowed. Lance held his breath, not daring to draw attention to himself. Lance could see that is was another Galra, but dressed in black armor. A few moments passed, and the Galra moved to the cell beside Lance’s, and he let out the breath he had been holding. The same voice that once chuckled at Lance was now screaming, begging for mercy.

Lance breath quickened and he clamped a hand over his mouth to try and suffer the noise. He could hear the Galra beginning to laugh as the prisoner next to him began trying to scurry away, the bottom of their heels scraping against the cold floor. Lance watched in horror as the Galra guard dragged the prisoner by the throat, who was helplessly clawing at the hand, trying to take in shuttering gasps. Lance scurried his feet against the floor, pushing himself back to the wall as if he could melt into it. Lance watched with wide eyes as the two disappeared out the door at the end of the hall. Lance slumped against the wall, pressing the palm of his hands into his eyes.
“Get a grip Lance. You can do this. Do if for the team, for Pidge.”
“Heh, how courageous of you, Paladin.”
Lance inhaled sharply as another Galra appeared before his cell. The guard sneered his sharp canines at him.
“The crowd is quite enthralled knowing that have a member of Voltron, the universe’s defender, as an opponent. Don’t want to disappoint them now, do we?”
The electric green wall disappeared and the Galra wasted no time charging into the cell, straight to Lance. Lance barely had time to react before there was a hand around his throat, dragging him out into the hallway.
“L-Let go of me hijo de puta!” He gasped out.
Lance grit his teeth when the Galra just smirked and ignored him. Lance gripped the guard’s wrist with both hands, and hoisted himself up, bringing one foot and landing a swift kick the the Galra’s jaw, smirking when he let out a pained grunt. But his satisfaction quickly faded when the guard dugs his claws into Lance’s shoulder, making him cry out in pain as the blood started to trickle down.
“Just you wait, little Paladin. I will take great satisfaction in seeing your blood splattered across the arena.”
Lance paled and he struggled against the grip harder and they neared the door that led to said arena. The Galra laughed as Lance continued to struggle, tightening his grip.
“It’s show time, Blue Paladin.”

The doors flew open, and the crowd’s cheers were deafening. Galra and aliens of all kinds pointing at Lance, shouting at him, placing bets on him. The guard threw Lance onto the ground, which was surprisingly covered in dirt. He crouched down to Lance, spitting in his face. “Show us your strength. Are you worthy of being a Paladin of Voltron? Or are just a pathetic human who will be killed within a matter of ticks? Whatever it is, keep us entertained.”
With that, the Galra left Lance in a room in the arena, a gate closing him off from entering or exiting. Lance could see through the cracks of the gate two forms in the arena.

One of whom was bleeding profusely, leaving a trail of blood where ever they went. The other had a dark, satisfied smirk on their face, twirling a curved above their head before sinking it into the abdomen of their opponent. Lance gasped in horror as the arena roared and cheered, watching the alien choke on their on blood, crumpling to the ground. Lance, with a sick realization, recognized the fallen alien as the one whose cell was right beside his. Lance had just seen him alive, and now. Now he was dead, slit eyes glazed over.
“Ladies and gentleman, aliens of all kind! Let’s hear it for our winner!”
The crowd’s cheers became louder, some stomping their feet, making the arena shake. “But the show has just begun! Our next opponent is a real ~special~ one. Get ready for the fight of your life!!”
Lance stared numbly as his gate to the arena slowly opened. With slow steps, Lance made his way into the light of the arena.

Zach x Reader: Flowers and Lovers (One Shot)

(A/N: Another one shot to make up for my lack of content. So sorry for that by the way, I will officially be coming back the moment Riverdale or Thirteen Reasons Why starts because I need more inspiration and ideas to create more stories that all of us can enjoy! Thank you x

Plot: The one where the flowers knew better than anyone else on the world of how much you love each other.


Zach failed the first time.

“Okay fine, I’ll give you a chance Zach.”

You said that with your eyebrows furrowed and voice laced with exasperation, a careful hand on your hips. Any guy would’ve felt bad or guilty or ashamed but Zach was waaaay past that. He had been chasing after you since you were both freshmen, marked you the moment his eyes landed on yours. From the amount of time he spent pursuing you he actually got to know you better, better than you would’ve liked. 

He knew you and in that moment he saw the glint in your eyes that meant you were not annoyed and this wasn’t just a petty chance, this was a challenge.

He was right.

“Bring me a dozen of my favorite flowers and we’ll go on that date.”

He had miscalculated; he saw you brushing the petals of some red tulips on the garden of the campus and immediately jumped to conclusions.  

“Justin! You gotta walk home, pal.” Zach said, walking past Justin who, by his second nature, immediately followed Zach. “I got something I need to go.”

“Wha—Hey! Where?”

“A flower shop!” Zach screamed, already jogging up to the ‘secret exit’ that they use when they need (want) to cut classes.  Which was literally just a shitty wire fence that they made a hole in big enough for them to pass through.
Justin’s face broke into a smile just as he broke into a run to catch up with Zach.

“You figured it out?!” Zach only smiled in his best friend’s direction and Justin shook his head on disbelief. “Then there’s no way in hell I’m staying here, man. You wouldn’t know the difference between a lily and a rose to save your life”

Zach could only laugh, too hyped to shot back another witty remark, as he and his best friend ran towards the parking lot and drove off to the nearest store to find the perfect red tulips that would be worthy of someone like you.

“Sorry, Zach.” Your face was full of humor and despite his disappointment Zach’s eyes couldn’t help but look down at your lips that you bit to hide your smile. “You can try again.”

“Wha—“he went back down to Earth when you started walking away. “You’re not kidding?”

“Nope.” You popped the ‘p’ before giving him a smirk. But as you glanced at him you can see the disappointment in his eyes and started to feel bad.

It wasn’t that you didn’t  like Zach because you do, God knows you do, well, Jessica does. Aside from his ‘built-like-a-demigod’ physique and smile that makes you want to rip off his face with a kiss, he was sweet, charming, smart (if he wants to be), funny, and just so different, (not too shabby in the face department too).

He was different and that’s why he makes you wary. You were not used to different. You were used to boy being assholes and you were used to the fear you feel every time any of them shows interest because that means another game to play and you were so sick of it already.

You know Zach was different, but you didn’t know how different.

And it scares the living lights out of you.

You stopped walking away, returning back to Zach’s direction. He seemed confused but you just broke off a tulip and about an inch of its stem before placing it behind his ears.  “The tulips are beautiful.” You looked at his eyes as he gave you a smile. “Thank you.” You leaned up to your tiptoes and gave his cheeks a peck, catching him off guard and making his face turn as red as the flower in his ear.

“But do try again.”


It was daisies.

Zach, finally concluded one beautiful Sunday morning after failing three more times with white roses, sunflowers, and dandelions.  Zach was preparing for your parents arrival since your family and his were close friends and his father just returned from New York which, in their book, was enough for a small gathering. Your family has always been close since his mom met your mom in uni long before they settled and got married and by default you had to be friends too.


Zach’s head nearly snapped to the front door when his sister disregarded their chess match to come running in your direction.

“Hey there, princess.” You laughed as you scooped up Zach’s sister in your arms for a giant hug. “Your brother still bullying you?” You smirked in his direction, making him roll his eyes.

“He is the worst chess teacher ever.” His sister mumbled making you laugh, which naturally made Zach’s heart beat twice as fast.

“Hey! Not going easy on rookies is a sign of being a good teacher.” He tried to defend himself. You situated yourself on the other side of the small coffee table as his sister sat beside him.

“Well then, teach.” You chuckled, placing the pieces back to their original place, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

There was a long tense silence before he smirked. “Well, to be honest you’re kinda small—“

“You are such a – “

“(Y/N),” your mom called for you from the kitchen, Zach immediately stood up and gave your mom a kiss on the cheeks making her fall in love with Zach even more than she already is, silently giving you the look that says ‘you-better-snatch-this-boy-or-you’re-grounded-for-life’. You rolled your eyes. Typical Zach, making everyone love him and shit. “Sweetie, can you pick up some wine from our house? Your father has foolishly forgotten to bring it with us.”

You sighed, pulling yourself back up. “Sure, mom.” It was not that long of a walk.

“I can drive.” Zach offered, making you stop in your tracks. “It’ll be faster. And safer.”

There was dead silence as everyone tried to process what Zach just offered. Your house was literally a 10 minute walk from Zach’s and it was eight in the morning. Your mom gave you the same look, almost squealing in her place, Zach’s sister was just staring at Zach and smiling mischievously (obviously enjoying this all too much), and Zach looked like he was almost ready to get hit by a lightning or eaten whole by the ground just to get himself out of this awkward situation.

“Oh Dempsey, you and your cars,” you tried to lighten the mood as you grabbed his arm. “Let’s just walk, I could use the exercise and you can protect me from – whatever it is that could harm me like the sun or something.”

“Y-Yeah, the sun,” he laughed nervously, but his arm never faltered from your hold. His eyes were silently thanking you for saving the day. 

“Have fun, darling!”
Your mom screamed at you as Zach opened the door. You spared her a glance just to roll her eyes and send her a wink. 

You wrapped your arms with Zach’s as he tightened his hold on yours. It was a beautiful time to have a walk with spring at its peak and the weather cooperating with the mood with its clouds and winds. You watched Zach as he leisurely looked around your neighborhood, so calm and relaxed, so different from the guarded superstar at school. He suddenly stopped and slowly removed your hands from his arms before he sprinted and then suddenly jumped, grabbing something from a nearby tree, making some of its leaves fall all around you. You closed your eyes, afraid of any residue getting in it. When you opened it Zach was already handing you some random flower with a sheepish smile on his face.

“Nice try, Dempsey.” You giggled as he jokingly snapped his hands and muttered a ‘dammit’.

The rest of the walk consisted of Zach trying to steal as many random flowers from the gardens of your neighbors making you laugh. Watching a giant like him try to be sneaky was something you could watch forever.

“Nice try, Zachy.”
“What the fuck is that?”

Zach groaned when you finally reached your house, you had an armful of flowers on your right arm and you even decorated your right ear and both of Zach’s ears with colorful small flowers. Oh, if Justin saw this he’d have a field day.

Zach took another flower from your hand and started plucking the petals one by one as the pout on his face got deeper.

“You’ll get it right soon, Zachy. I promis—oh watch your step!”

Zach tumbled as he tried to stop his current movements in your request. When he looked back he saw tiny dandelions poking out from the ground of your front yard.  He was about to pick it up before you smacked his hands and gave him a glare.

“You wait here and stay put. I’ll get the wine.”

You knew you’re mistake. You couldn’t help it. You’ve been watering those dandelions since last week, it was a thing you’ve had ever since you were a kid. You loved those little flowers that were mere weeds for other people but for you something about its subtle and unappreciated beauty that just attracts you to them. You appreciated the simple things in life, even if they were just flowers.
You quickly ran to your kitchen where you saw three unopened wine bottles sitting on the counter. You quickly called for Zach but received silence as a response. You sighed, trying to cradle each bottle on your arm and went out, just to catch Zach’s running figure towards you.

“Where have you been?”
He was panting and smiling like crazy. “I was out,” He took a deep breath. “And you need to go with me.”

He took two of the three wine bottles in your arms and took your free hand with his before dragging you, in full sprint, towards a series of small paths until you realized you were going up some sort of hill.

“Zach! Wait!” He merely looked back at you, flashed you a smile and tightened his grip.

When you were at the top, you could swear you were almost dying from losing too much breath and overusing your lungs.

“You are …. fucking craz – holy shit.”

“You’re welcome.”

You couldn’t believe your eyes. There were daisies. Hundreds – no, maybe thousands, just scattered all over the hill overlooking the park. They looked like tiny white fairies from your view with the sun making each petal brighter in your eyes. The sweet breeze made everything more serene and when you recovered from the shock you looked back at Zach who was grinning at you.

“I know you only asked for a dozen but …”
You scoffed, sniffing. You didn’t even notice until a tear slipped from your eyes which you quickly wiped away. 

“I used to take my sister here, when I was young. We’d play all day and she’d place daisies all over my hair.”
He looked out into the view and breathed deeply. “Life was so easy then.”

You stared at him before placing your palm on his shoulder, and with a little force, you had him on eyes length as you leaned in for the kiss. He was quick, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in closer. All the failures and crazy shit he did just made this moment sweeter.

Zach could’ve lived in that moment forever.

You were a giggling mess when the two of you broke apart, Zach kissing every inch of your face that he could.

“You know,” he kissed your neck, beaming at the squeal that you emitted. “,we should probably start talking about that date.”
you pretended to think just to antagonize him a bit. “Wine? Check. View? Check.”
Zach grinned starting to get on your program. “And a pretty hot boy in my arms too.”
“Well, well, well,” he let go of you just to remove his hoodie and place it on the ground. “Looks like I got my date already.”


Your eyes widened in surprise when you saw the state of the king-sized bed in the middle of the room of the small cabin Zach has rented out for the week. The white bed was littered with the petals of some poor red roses and a wine bottle with different assortment of fruits with a chocolate dip at the middle.

It was in the middle of summer and knowing how much you hated the heat Zach quickly found a solution to your problem and another reason as to why he should be named the best boyfriend ever.

You smirked, looking back at where he was smiling sheepishly with his hands on his pockets.

“Well aren’t you romantic,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a couple of kisses all over his face as a sign of your gratitude and flattery. The way his hands gravitated towards your waist, pulling you closer, made your smile even wider.

“Or maybe I really just want to get laid.”

You burst out laughing at his remarks, slapping his chest to push him away.
Leave it to Zach to ruin a moment.

“You are insatiable.” 

“Oh come on!” he whined as you walked away from him. Trying your best to act mad. “Baby, I was joking.”

The moment he realized you were intent on keeping up your facade he gave a playful growl and made a dash towards your direction making you squeal filling the, otherwise, silent cabin of giggles and laughter.


The jasmins were the first thing you saw as you went out of your apartment complex but it was the boy holding it that made your eyes water in happy tears.
It had been three months since you saw your boyfriend of eight years considering his job consisted of a lot of traveling and unnecessarily long meetings.

Even after moving in with him last year you still couldn’t get enough of him and his month long absences were always frowned and dreaded upon no matter how much he reassures you and calls you to somehow make up for  it.

You jumped on his arms, making you appreciate his sheer strength as he caught you with one hand while securing the flowers on the other knowing you will get upset if you accidentally mush it because of your excitement.

He also sneakily angled his right hip away wanting the diamond ring to remain as a surprise just until after the surprise dinner he prepared.

“Please don’t leave me ever again,” you whispered in his ears, the small uncontrollable sniffles making his heart soar and break simultaneously.

He laughed silently.

Your wish has always been his command.


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blazing arrows | pt. 5

❝The majority calls me Cupid, but, you can call me Jimin—I believe I owe you some debts for a mistake now long overdue.❞

⌲ genre: fluff, angst, future smut, & supernatural, au.

⌲ member: jimin feat. jungkookie

⌲ word count: 7.2 k

⌲ warnings: future mature content & shit tons of swearing.

↠ description: Stuck in what seemed to be unrequited relationship with Jeon Jungkook who just so happens to be in committed relationship with someone else as well, your heart was fragmented beyond any repair. So what exactly happens when you enter your room at 3 in the morning to find the culprit of your hellish misery, counting his gold-tipped arrows on the foot of your bed—wings outstretched and all?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | ongoing

External image

a month later.

“You look happy.”

If Min Yoongi’s looks could kill, there was no doubt Kim Taehyung would’ve been dead on the spot. Face planted on his damned two packet Splenda, two quarter teaspoon vanilla, and three spoons of cinnamon induced complicated ass coffee, you hoped to yourself as you stared incredulously at the boy across you, wondering how preposterous his previous remark was, no doubt a meme-worthy expression plastered on your face, own mug stopping midair.

“Well, I didn’t exactly spend my time moping and crying myself to sleep, Tae, for your information,” you rolled your eyes, putting down the glass on the table, Where the hell was Park Jimin?

“I just thought—y'know, it’s been like a month since—”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung,” Yoongi groaned, “Doesn’t mean she got her heart broken she has to deal with that shit, crying and isolating herself from the rest of the human race, which, if I’m not mistaken, something you did when that girl from your university who you claimed to be your girlfriend asked who the fuck you were.”

Taehyung pouted, scooting himself closer to the window to distance himself from Yoongi who was rolling his eyes, the younger one protesting all his might to defend his close-to-none dignity. Throwing your head back, you were left with nothing to do but laugh at Yoongi’s mock expression to Taehyung who was muttering incoherently about how he ended up with friends that has a rock for a heart and another with a solid fucking ice.

What Taehyung said after all hit you. If the circumstances would have been different and whatever happened with Jungkook, well, happened, you would’ve been miserable as miserable could ever get—you wouldn’t have been happy and probably soothing your heartache away with nothing but series marathons that would probably run for three days without the word “sleep” in your vocabulary, enveloped in a sea of trash of junk foods and several tubs of ice creams, along the undoubtedly snot-filled tissues you would have thrown wherever and the long list of missed calls and gazillion unread messages from friends and family that wondered if you had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

And it really would’ve been like that if it weren’t for a certain sweet fluffball named Park Jimin.

Days ensuing that one shitty day, Jimin had tirelessly made sure that not even a drop nor a faint trace of sadness was made known to your haze-filled brain; cooking you breakfast every morning—despite your fervent request for him not to after finding the numerous stack of burnt pancakes on the garbage bin and how the kitchen was absolutely and utterly trashed—but you were really grateful for the mini pancakes that had whipped cream on top, shaped into miniature eyes and lips that smiled at you every morning, taking home take-out coffee from your favorite coffee shop that was not even remotely close to your neighborhood after his so-called “jog” that has fallen into his tight routine now, along the bag of chocolate cookies that was sold on the other end of town from where the cafe was, little notes attached at the bag with Jimin’s adorable scribble of a handwriting and the tiny animations he never forgets to put in the corner.

As much you deemed it corny and a little bit cliched, you can’t deny that the numerous random little notes that Jimin leaves every where in the house—may it be in the corner of the milk carton inside the fridge—the little notes now had their own little space in the corner of your dresser box.

“Have you ever talked to him? You know, since then,” Yoongi asked, biting on to his brownie.

“Twice,” you shrugged, “The last one was last night actually. He asked me about our Christmas party tonight. The little fuck actually asked if I was fine with him being around, like shit, we’ve always celebrated Christmas together, like hell would I let out little falling apart break that. And, this is where it gets interesting. He asked me about you two shitheads. Have you been ignoring him?”

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“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x

RFA (+Saeran & V) x Reader -A girl’s chocolate eaten!

Okay, here it is!!! *feels acomplished (ಥ﹏ಥ)* x3

First of all, Saeyoung’s HC is safe for you to read, don’t worry my dear friend, but the rest of them are a little suggestive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Kisses, Innuendos… I wanted to spice it up a little, I’m sorry if that bothers you, I really hope it doesn’t, there’s no smut, I swear, it’s just a little spicy)

I really hope you enjoy! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶


  • He already ate a bag or two of Honey Buddha Chips, so he thought… He innocently thought that he could eat that delicious chocolate without being charged for treason.
  • He clearly didn’t know how a girl’s fury can be worse than that of the devil.
  • “But… but… I swear, babe, I-I…just…” He said nervously, trying to get to calm you down.
  • “Ah-ah, no babe, no…” You shook your head and looked him straight on his eyes “IT’S MY CHOCOLATE YOU’VE EATEN… Not Saeran’s, not Vanderwood’s… but MINE” You pointed your finger at him and lightly poked his chest with itYOU DON’T KNOW HOW BAD THAT IS!” You yelled, you were mad as hell and you sure were scaring the shit out of him.
  • You only wanted to eat the last precious piece of chocolate you PURPOSELY hide to eat when you were feeling down. It’s your survivor’s kit, it’s everything you needed and wanted. Your. Damn. Chocolate. 
  • You were just trying to teach him a valuable lesson, a very, very valuable one.
  • “It’s just… I don’t think you value your HBC enough, nor your guts, if you dare to eat what was mine, you know, I should do the same to you… You hummed in approval and headed to the kitchen and smirked when he stopped you. 
  • “Okay, okay, babe, please…” He said, his face white and his eyes those of a puppy. “I’m gonna buy you all the chocolate you want, just don’t eat them, please, I won’t eat your chocolate again, I swear!” He put his hands like he was praying, trying to make it all more credible.
  • “I know you won’t” You softly laughed at his reaction, you couldn’t hold it anymore, your little fake angry moment was worthy after all.
  • You hugged him, hiding your face on his chest and snuggled, he smelled really good. He grapped his arms around you in response and kissed the top of your head. You felt him smiling.
  • That’s all you needed at the end of the day.


  • He didn’t care about it, he didn’t give a shit if it was yours, Saeyoung’s or the fucking devil’s.
  • He wanted it. He ate it. End of story.
  • But he didn’t know how mad you could get, you were always been sweet and caring… Challenging? Sure, but not angry, not ever. And he was way too surprised when you yelled to be able to reply to you. 
  • Until he got tired. 
  • SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. NOW!He screamed back and you gasped in surprise, so you instantly backed up and did as he said “You don’t have to yell at me, I’ll buy you a damn ton of chocolate if that’s what you want!” He told you, a frustrated look on his face.
  • “I just wanted to eat that chocolate…” You told him in the lowest voice you had and pout, avoiding his gaze so he couldn’t see you blush. You weren’t going to yell at him again, he sure as hell was scarier than you would ever be in your whole life. 
  • You saw from the corner of your eye that he was back to normal. He had a playful smile on his face while he approached you and hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your right shoulder.  
  • I could make you forget about chocolate… I have a million ways to do that if you wanna try” He whispered in your ear and then he lightly bit your earlobe and your whimper turned in to a soft moan when he licked it and started kissing your neck.
  • You sure forgot about the damn chocolate. 


  • Oh boy, there’s no way you can get mad with him. NO. WAY. 
  • He’s a sweetheart… He suffered a lot… You just can’t get mad at him.
  • But he starts noticing your pouty face and the way you’re not as clingy and cheerful with him as you usually are and he knows.
  • “Darling… I’m sorry I ate your chocolate” He sighed and sit next to you on the couch “We can go buy more now and take a walk as we go, it’s a wonderful day and the weather’s perfect…” He said with a hopeful smile on his lips, and you couldn’t hide your own tender smile while you nod in agreement. 
  • He softly kissed you afterwards, with his right hand stroking your cheek as a way to redeem himself. 


  • I bet my ass he’s the colder, smutty version of V… I bet my ass, people.
  • And I don’t think he’s that much into chocolate or sweets in general, but he’s human, at least he wanted to try to eat a bit for once? So he did.
  • You wouldn’t dare to yell at him, but still you were a little flustered with it… At least he could have choosen another day to do so.
  • You were so damn obsessed with that piece of chocolate throughout the day that when you got home and didn’t found any… You could have killed someone in that moment.
  • So when he gets home and sees the frustrated expression on your face he notices something’s going on. You didn’t even greeted him when he arrived, that fact alone is like a neon sign screaming that you’re angry at him.
  • “I don’t know what’s going on, but I know I can I make you feel better He said and grabbed your waist until your body collided with his body, burning holes on your skin from his touch alone You just have to tell me what you want, and I’ll provide He whispered againts your lips before he hungrily kissed them.
  • You suddenly forgot what you were mad for and focused on continue breathing. Because boy, he sure was breathtaking. The hottest husband there’s to exist.
  • Fuck chocolate.


  • Yeah, he’s a baby boy and he’s sweetheart and he’s the love of your life and he can do nearly whatever he wants and you don’t get mad at him but oh, not your chocolate. NOT. YOUR. CHOCOLATE. No, boy, no touchy. 
  • But, oh, he was eating it in front of you and wasn’t offering you any. 
  • When he was licking his fingers clean he noticed some evil, scary aura near him. It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up.
  • “YOOSUNG KIM, I SWEAR TO GOD YO-” He literally run to your bedroom and locked the door. He fucking locked the door. 
  • You headed there and lightly knocked at the wood door with your knuckles “Baby, open the door ~ ” You sing-songed.
  • “No, you won’t fool me, that was fucking scary… I’m not opening this door, not ever!!” He shouted from behinf the door, his breathed uneven and his voice trembling.
  • “Yoosung, for God’s sake, I just wanted you to go shopping for more…” You said, regretting you had yelled to him, you didn’t want to scare him to death like that, not that much at least. 
  • “I don’t believe you…” He said, hesitation clearly hanging on his voice. 
  • Stop being a child and open the door, Yoosung You said with a sweeter tone this time “We need to go grocery shooping anyways, so at the end it was a good thing you ate that chocolate…” You tried to convince him, and a minute later he opened the door with caution and looked at you, waiting for a punch or something to fly his way.
  • But it didn’t happen, so he stepped out of the room and approached you, still cautious. You hugged him without warning and hid your face on the crook of his neck, gently leaving butterfly kisses there, making him giggle and relax under your soft touches. 
  • Who said grocery shopping? Who needs chocolate? Not you.


  • I’m sorry, you can’t run out of chocolate if you own a café, it would be a sin. 
  • You and Jaehee never run out of chocolate. There’s chocolate in the kitchen, but not the one you wanted, she ate your favorite chocolates. AND. THAT. IS. A. CRIME. 
  • “Yes ma’am, that’s what it is. My favourite ones…” You chuckled, still surprised to found Jaehee ate them ALL “You should be ashamed of your behaviour, my lady, if you were that hungry you could have eaten something else… You told her, clearly trying to make an innuendo.
  • Her breath hitched and she blushed like mad, her face obviously trying to match the colour of the cherries “I… Yo-you… I mean… Do you want me to…? He asked, her gaze not meeting yours.
  • “Oh… No, baby, I was just trying to make you feel a little uncomfortable, just kidding sweetie, don’t worry…” You smiled tenderly “But you should pay the price now… What about a cheesecake with raspberry’s mermelade?” You wiggled your eyebrows in a funny, suggestive way to convince her. 
  • But oh, girl, she wasn’t in the mood for that.
  • “Y/N… You can’t offer me the finnest delicacy and then ask me to make a common meal She said, looking at you with an intensity you weren’t used to. 
  • You were damn shooked. For a moment you thought you were too dirty minded to understand her words but, ah-ah, no-no… She said what she said.
  • “Oh God…” Now you’re the one blushing.


  • You were really angry. REALLY ANGRY.
  • When he arrived home from his rehearsals you immediately faced him and held the empty envelope of your favorite chocolate in front of his face. 
  • He was surprised for a moment but then he smiled.
  • “WHY ARE YOU SMILING!? YOU SHOULD BE SCARED!” You yelled, furiously waving the empty envelope.
  • “Owwwww! You look so sexy when you’re angry! He yelled back, a face that showed how in love he was with you. He can’t get angry with you, he just can’t.
  • He grabbed your hips and lifted you up effortlessly, without warning, you gasped in surprise and got hold of his neck to steady yourself, then you wrapped your legs around his waist, suddenly forgetting why you were angry in the first place. 
  • “Now you have awakened the beast, are you happy?” He told you, lust spilling from his voice, from his every pore. 
  • “Wow, you’re going to fast, babe” You asked, trying your best not to laugh.
  • “There’s one thing I’m not fast at… Wanna check, princess? He smirked and you chuckled, still not used to his boldness.
  • “Of course I wanna, fuck the damn chocolate, now I want you”
  • He was clearly satisfied with your reply.


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And, sorry about the possible mistakes, I also appreciate your advice on writing and content, so I’m all ears if you want to tell me something about it.

Love you ~

26| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3655

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Not so long ago, you would have stared in awe at the girl in front of you. She was almost glowing in a beautiful golden tutu. It was long and shimmering, reaching down to her calves. Her pointe shoes was gold satin, with matching ribbons. Her bodice was made from panels of more gold satin. It was cut in a ‘v’ down her chest, making her look even more elegant, and translucent beads were stitched up in delicate branches. Her hair was plaited and twisted into a bun. She looked like some sort of a princess.

But you weren’t the (Name) who’d first met her outside Jimin’s studio that night.

Taeyeon stood glaring at you, looking nothing like the prima ballerina you’d once thought she’d resembled.

Jimin cautiously stood up, looking Taeyeon up and down. “Taeyeon, what are you doing?”

We’re dancing our pas de deux, Jimin.” She said, picking up a layer of her tutu and letting it drift down again. She couldn’t be serious.
“But right now I need to talk to (Name).”


Jimin looked at you, then back to Taeyeon. “Taeyeon…I’m not dancing with you, not tonight.”

She faltered for a second, looking at him in surprise, but then quickly straightened. “Whatever.” She said nonchalantly. “We’ll talk about it later.” Her eyes fixed on you. “(Name)? Shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

I have a cute idea that could maybe be turned into nsfw, depending on the skeles' reactions. UT Sans, US Bros, UF Bros, & SF Pap. They're out in public with their s/o and have to step away for a moment. When they come back some person is being all handsy & flirty with s/o and s/o is clearly uncomfortable. Skele is about to step in when s/o kicks the person in the crotch/punches them in the face and tells them off. How would the skeles react? I feel like this behavior might turn a few of them on.



Ohh boy Classic is just laughing and stay on the sidelines while you do your ass kickery. As the poor flirter stumbles runs away, Sans checks up on you to make sure you aren’t hurt or anything, then buys you a treat from Grillbys. He praises you for being able to handle yourself and you two make fun of the whole situation later. 



Blue immediately pulls you and the flirter apart because there’s no need for violence. He makes sure that you’re uninjured first, then politely tells the other person to leave before there’s any more trouble. Once they leave, Blue compliments your battle style but warns you that it’s better to use your words sometimes before immediately resorting to violence. 


Stretch just whips out his phone and records the whole thing. He’s blowing a smoke and kind of pities the other person, but really, they shouldn’t have messed with you in the first place. Once they run for the hills screaming for their mommy, Stretch double checks you for injuries then shows you the video he recorded. You go viral. 



Oh hell no. No one talks to you like that and gets away with it (besides him). Red was just about to head over there and give them a piece of his mind, but you start attacking them and soon enough, you had them on the floor begging for mercy. The entire time Red is trying to ignore the magic down at his pelvis, but he can’t wipe that grin off his face. Once you’re finished, Red doesn’t even say anything, he just grabs your arm and teleports to the bedroom. 


Fell just lets you be. That person deserves it for trying to hit on what’s his so he fully supports you kicking their ass. Heck, he’s even giving you some tips on the sidelines for maximum injury and once the flirter runs away crying, Fell pulls you into sweet kiss and takes you shopping. You can buy anything you want, this is your reward. 



Oh man, is it possible to fall even more in love with you? Yes? Because holy hell you are just magnificent. They way you kicked them down like that? You are just majestic. He stays on the sidelines and watches you and once you’re finished, Rus checks over you for injuries then praises you and gives you extra love and cuddles in front of the other person. He smirks at them, rubbing in their face that they’ll never be worthy of your love.  

One Year Anniversary

requested by annon:  Could you do something we’re Kara and reader are dating and Kara says stuff while on red k and feel really bad when she isn’t on red k. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense thank you.

not my gif.

You fight back the urge to cry as you realize tonight was a failure. The extra-long shower, doing your hair up in a fancy up-do and stressing around to get the perfect makeup look. The meal for two, that you had spent most of the day on, was now cold. You sigh, dragging your fingers longingly over the rim of your vine glass. Why hadn’t Kara showed up yet? The bright and sunny puppy was ALWAYS on time, and if not, she would call, or text to let you know that she would be late.

Thoughts of where she might be and if she was alright swam around your head. Was Kara ok? Oh no, what if something had happened to the girl, and she was hurt, alone and scared and..

“sorry I’m late” a bored voice roared from the balcony. Looking up your heart almost stopped beating. Standing there in all her confident glory, you noted, was Kara. Or a version of Kara. She was dressed in a black figure hugging suit, her long brown locks fell in perfect waves, framing alluring features. Dark eyeshadow and blood red lips. “what? Cat got your tongue” Kara mocked, stalking forward, her eyes traveled the length of your body. You bit your lip and looked down, intimidated by the way Kara was looking at you.

Cold fingers gripped your jaw, forcing you to look up at her. “I actually like this look on you. Classy, but still curve showing” her grip on your jaw tightened, making you wince, “how long did you wait for me?” she sneered, hard and cold eyes staring you down. “I-I don’t k-know, two, m-maybe tree h-hours”. You mumble, holding back the tears when Kara digs her nails into the skin of your jaw. “what’s wrong baby?” she whispers, concern lighting her voice.

Her hand sliding gently across your cheek, down the side of your neck, almost tickling the sensitive skin there. Her touch sent shivers down your spine and you let yourself relax into her touch. Bad move, you thought when your body hit the brick wall behind you, and could finger pressed against your throat. “K-Kara?” you ask confused. She sneers at you and tightens her grip around your neck, making it harder for you to breath. You grab at her hand, scratching it and digging your nails into the skin of her wrist, “s-stop, p-please” you whimper, chocking as the air becomes tighter. Kara does nothing but stare at your helpless little body, smirking ever so lightly when your eyes starts to water, “aww baby” she coos, stroking your cheek with her free hand, “you going to cry now? Hmm, cry like the baby we all know you are”.

You try not to get affected by her words, but it still gets to you. Your once sweet and innocent girlfriend is holding you against the wall, a death grip around your throat, while she mocks and bullies you. You feel oppressed, “I can’t believe I’ve actually been dating you for a year now” not worthy, “that I’ve kissed someone like you” disgusting, “and the fact that you actually believed that someone like me could love a worthless, unimportant, low worthy piece of human being like yourself”. Tears fall down your face like a waterfall, you can’t stop it. With a final squeeze to your neck, Kara lets go and you drop to your knees, gasping for air as your lungs are finally free.

A deep and utterly evil laughter from above you, makes your whole-body tremble in fear. Black boots step into your line of sight and you can’t help but let your eyes travel up the long legs that follow. You stop when your e/c eyes meet with darkening blue ones. Suddenly, a rough had grabs your chin and jaw, forcing your head to be leveled with that of Kara’s, you can’t breathe all over aging, intoxicated by the look in her eyes, hate. Your breath hitches as she leans towards you, her warm breath hitting your tear stained lips. She growls at you before latching onto your lips biting down roughly on your bottom lip. You gasp and ty to pull away, but her grip on your jaw is to strong. A low moan escapes you the force of the kiss, making Kara pull away and stand up. “Kar…” an annoyed scoff stop you from saying anything else. “You disgust me” is the last thing you hear before your girlfriend flies out the window and into the dark skies of National City.

You curl into yourself and let the sobs wreck through your body. You shake by the force of it all as you lay there, a sobbing mess, all by yourself, felling like a nobody, like a nothing.

You Again Part 4

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

pairing: jungkook x reader x jimin

genre: fluff and angst + college au

word count: 2006

part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

author’s note: I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier oops but for the sake of this story the member’s ages are all ambiguous. hope u enjoy<3


You were in an extremely close match with Jungkook and you figured that he was trying to distract you so you didn’t respond. If you won, that would mean the end of his winning streak and knowing how competitive he could get, it was definitely something that wouldn’t sit well with him. Since the first time that you played Mario Kart with Jungkook, you had gotten substantially better at the game, if you had to say so yourself. Teeth clenched and eyes focused on the television screen, your undivided attention could only be given to one thing right now and that was to beat Jeon Jungkook.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” when you didn’t reply, he continued calling your name and you thought it was funny how he whined like a baby when he was trying to get your attention. Despite trying to act macho all the time and clearly failing, he was still a child living in a growing boy’s body.

“Hmm?” you hummed in response.

“Do you wanna meet the rest of the guys this weekend?”

What?! “You were so shocked at the sudden proposal that you accidentally swerved left at a right turn and caused your race car to go off the track. Dammit. There goes my one shot at winning.

It really wasn’t his plan to distract you, he had just wanted to tell you something that suddenly came to his mind, but since you got eliminated from the game, it only made it easier for him to simply cross the finish line and turn to you, a smug expression plastered on his face. “What’s the score now? I believe it’s 58 to 0!”

“Ugh, I can’t believe you are still keeping score after all this time” you scoffed but he only laughed at your reaction.

“And that was totally cheating!”

“It’s not my fault you turned the wrong way.”

“It was too, because you purposely distracted me.”

“Ah you two are bickering like kids again” you turned around to see Jimin walk in through the door to the lounge. Earlier, Jungkook had texted Jimin to come over with some food since he complained that he was sick and tired of the msg-filled food in the vending machine. Jimin had replied with a No way brat! Do you think, I’m your personal food delivery person? But 15 minutes later and here he was. There was no denial in how much he cared for Jungkook because his actions spoke louder than words.

Your eyes lit up when he held the pizza box in his hands as you immediately helped yourself to a slice as soon as the box was opened. He watched you with amusement as you groaned after taking a bite into the slice of cheesy heaven.

“Sometimes, I think you only like me for the food I bring” he chuckled.

“Well, you’re not wrong…” you teased and he immediately placed a hand on his heart, pretending to look hurt.

“Ouch” His overly dramatic reaction elicited a giggle from you as you smacked his arm response.

As Jungkook watched this whole exchange between you and Jimin, he couldn’t deny that he felt the slightest twinge of jealousy. You and Jimin always got along so well, and yet he always had to purposely get a rise out of you just to get your attention. Pathetic. She knows me longer anyway, so shouldn’t the two of us get along better?

He wondered why he was suddenly feeling upset about your interactions with Jimin when the two of you were simply just friends. Y/N is just my friend, nothing more, nothing less. Stop thinking about this!

“Oh yeah Jimin, I asked Y/N about meeting the other guys,” Jungkook said in an attempt to divert his attention to something else. He hadn’t meant to shout, but as soon as the words came out from his mouth, he suddenly became aware of how loud his voice became. Hoping that neither you nor Jimin would notice, he to cleared his throat with a cough in an attempt to cover up.

“What did she say?”

“She didn’t say anything, but she lost the game when I asked her.”

“Wow, she must really not want to meet them”

“Hey, I’m literally right here and I can hear you. Thanks for reminding me again about the game I should’ve won Jungkook and I really don’t mind meeting them but would they even want to meet me?”

“Why wouldn’t they? They’re our friends and you’re our friend too.”

Well, you couldn’t say no to a reason like that, and so, it had been settled. Jimin and Jungkook decided that by hook or by crook, they were going to make sure that you would meet the rest of their 5 other friends.

You and Jaeeun were having a girls night together. These nights usually consisted of binge-watching your favourite rom-coms together with face masks on and a tub of ice cream just because. Even with the crazy schedules that you two have from classes to part-time jobs, you and Jaeeun always managed to squeeze in time for each other here and there.

You had met Jaeeun at orientation and ever since you introduced yourselves, the two of you got along really well with each other. It was really shocking for the both of you to find out just how similar you were and in your opinion, if friendship soulmates existed, she would be yours. You always told her any of the troubles you had and even though the both of you weren’t exactly party animals, either one of you would ensure that the other person got a breather once in a while. After all, stress could kill.

“Jaeeun, what if they don’t like me?” you had finally relented and told her the concern that had been gnawing at your heart since the day that the decision was made. You were still nervous about meeting Jungkook and Jimin’s best friends even though both of them had already assured you countless of times that they were very inviting and had no qualms about meeting you whatsoever.

“I mean I heard so much about them and they seem like such nice people but what if they just hate me the moment they see my face or they might think I’m too irritating. I mean I hope I’m not but who knows right? What if they just don’t like my personality or my voice…”

“Relax Y/N, you’re rambling” Jaeeun laughed. “and don’t be silly, they’re definitely going to like you okay so calm the fuck down. Plus, who wouldn’t like my best friend?”

After hearing so much about the other five guys, the idea of meeting them became completely nerve-wrecking and from the stories that both Jungkook and Jimin had told you before, they had all been friends long before college. Even though they mostly came from different cities, they were practically family and it was the blood sweat and tears that they shared together, dancing through the years, that made them each other’s anchors and pillars of support.

Standing outside the doorstep of Jin, Hoseok and Yoongi’s shared apartment, you were still nervous because after all you were the only girl and you didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable with your presence.

Any previous worries or qualms that you had were immediately diminished when Taehyung tackled you in a hug as soon as you stepped into the house, his laughter filling the room. “Hi Y/N, Jiminie and Kookie has told me so much about you.”

You were surprised at how comfortable he was with physical contact since it was the first time that you two were meeting but Taehyung just seemed to be the type of person that was friendly with everyone. His rectangular grin was infectious and a similarly blinding smile soon replicated itself on your face.

The rest of the guys greeted you immediately after and they told you that the seven of usually hung out at this apartment since it was closest to the dance studio. It was the only place with a proper living room and kitchen because the rest of the four boys all lived in dorms. Jungkook lived in the same residential hall as you, while Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung all lived in the other residential hall across the campus.

That day that you spent with them had been filled with laughing until your stomach hurt and the lamest jokes from Seokjin that he swore were funny. So this is who Jimin learnt from. No wonder. The memory of your first conversation with Jimin brought a smile to your face as you remembered the super cringe-worthy statement that he had first said to you.

The boys didn’t want to see you go and you were also pretty reluctant to leave but when you finally stepped out of their apartment at 12, because your eye were literally closing on themselves, it was not without promises of you coming to meet them again.

Soon enough, you were spending most of your time, with all the seven boys and these days, if you weren’t in your dorm room, you were probably at their shared apartment, baking with Seokjin, gaming with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin or learning how to play to play the piano from Yoongi.

Other times, you would be at the dance studio because the boys did spend a huge amount of their time there practising their dance moves. You always wondered how they danced so well and when they urged you to try out a new choreography that Hoseok had created, you ended up making a fool of yourself. You ended up laughing it off but since then, it had become of habit of the boys’ to constantly remind you of your inability to dance being comparable to Namjoon’s.

Jungkook’s heart was palpitating ridiculously fast. Almost as fast as how it was when you hugged him or when your fingers accidentally brushed against his these days but still it was beating really fast.

“I’m so nervous Y/N”

“Don’t worry Kookie, you’ll do great, like always.” Kookie. It was the nickname that you called him when you were kids and he was glad that you began using it again because it struck a chord of familiarity in him. Even though his friends teased him for it at first but hearing you say it like a term of endearment, meant the world to him, even if you didn’t know.

It was the final round of the dance competition of the year and seven of your closest friends were participating in the group category under the name of BTS. They were all backstage in their stage costumes and the buzzing nervousness that everyone felt seemed to fill the room until they finally walked out of their dressing rooms and headed to the stage.

“Please put your hands together for BTS!” The crowd exploded into cheers as they stepped on the stage and you watched with pride as they performed better than you had ever seen before. They had truly outdone themselves this time around and you were filled with a warm feeling in your heart, knowing that you could call them your friends.

That day on the stage, your admiration for them grew, if that was even physically possible. You knew that they always trained endlessly at the studio and sometimes you would watch them practice but on the stage the aura they had was indescribable. With every sharp movement and turn, you saw all the hard work they had put. They truly poured their whole soul into dancing and usually when there was so much passion and determination combined together, it created magic.

Throughout the performance, you realised that your eyes always drifted back to Jungkook. Hmm, strange. Ultimately, you just ruled it out to be friendly concern for him because he had been more nervous than the rest before the performance started. It can’t be anything else, right?

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Lap Dance: Jung Hoseok x Dancer AU

Lap Dance: Jung Hoseok x Dancer AU

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Rating: M/T

Genre: Mature/Fluff

Words: 4920

WARNING MATURE CONTENT: mentioning of sex and provocative statements and cursing.

Not really. There’s no real smut in it because I previously posted this in an app where the guideline said any post made had to be 12 years old friendly. Which is bullshit btw. Maybe in the future, I’ll write the smut part of this story.

-Admin Taettybear


Jimin and Jungkook, who stood across the studio gave you a worried look as you went to grab your water bottle.

You were determined to not show it on your face although you were boiling with anger. Soeun wasn’t helping as she grinned at you in victory, her cat-like features making her look even more wicked.

“Y/N, you and everyone else know that she cheated her way for the spot…” Jungkook whispered as he approached you, placing a hand on your head, “You should have been the lead.”

You responded with a grunt, wiping your face down with a towel you grabbed from your bag.

Jimin also came up to you, giving your hand a tight squeeze, “Come on, Y/N. I know it’s disappointing but that just means that it wasn’t worth it.”

“It’s just God damn frustrating! You guys and I know, she probably just gave Mr. Hwang a blowjob and now he’s wrapped around her disgusting, manipulative finger!” You hissed quietly, making sure to not look at her.

You can just imagine her cackling, extremely pleased that she was the one who received the main lead for the dance concert that’s coming up.

Jimin gave you a tight smile as he threw his arm over Jungkook and your shoulder, “Don’t let her feel the satisfaction of winning by being upset. You, out of all the people here, should know your own talent. Soeun doesn’t practice and take her time like how you do and it’s Mr. Hwang’s fault for not seeing how much better you are.”

A small smile appeared on your lips at your friend’s encouraging word. Hugging your two male friends in appreciation, the three of you moved to pack your stuff up to go home.

“Congrats on your parts though, you guys both got what you wanted,” you grinned, nudging Jimin’s side with your elbow while slapping Jungkook’s back merrily.

Jimin giggled, his eyes narrowing into crescent moons while Jungkook grunted, pouting as he rubbed his back.

“Doesn’t change the fact that I have to dance with Soeun…” The younger boy complained as he ran his hand through his dark colored hair. “It would have been so much better if my partner would have been you, Y/N.” Jungkook scowled, shaking his head.

At that moment, the devil herself skipped over to where you were standing, a plastic smile spread across her lips.

“Hi, Jungkookie!”

Jimin and you held back your laughs while Jungkook paled, scrunching his face in distaste as Soeun placed her perfectly manicured hand on his chest.

Soeun batted her fake eyelashes, trying to get closer to the tall boy, “We’ve all decided to celebrate the casting by going to a bar Mr. Hwang has graciously booked us. You and Jimin will be going, right?” Her voice dripped with an ear cringe worthy sweetness that made you childishly make a face, sticking your finger into your mouth and pretend to gag, which in return made Jimin bite his lips to hold in his laugh.

Poor Jungkook looked uncomfortable as he took a step back, making sure he wasn’t making any contact with her. He easily maneuvered around her body and placed your body in front of him as a shield, “I’ll go if these two go.”

At that moment, for the first time, the little bitch acknowledged your presence with an evil smirk, curling a piece of her hair with her finger.

“Oh, of course, you’ll go, right, Y/N? You’re invited as well! It’s just so unfortunate that you didn’t receive a spot and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to come with us. I was thinking maybe you’ll stay afterwards and practice a bit more.”

You counted backward in your head, trying to think about your words your mother has taught you since you were young.

‘Kill them with kindness… Kill them with kindness….’

You placed a bright smile on your face, “Of course, Soeun! I’ll be going! Congratulations on your spot, by the way, I wish you luck, I’m sure you’ll need it a lot with such a big competition!”

Jimin and Jungkook who were expecting you to lash back at the passive aggressive insult didn’t expect your reply.

That seemed like the case for Soeun as well as she frowned, looking disappointed that she couldn’t pull a reaction out of you.

“Mm, okay, we’re going to the club near Downtown, the one that always has a long line. I’ll see you boys at eight!”

When Soeun walked off, exaggerating the swaying of her hips, you finally broke into curses, sticking your middle finger up at her direction.

“She’s unbelievable!” You hissed, fiercely throwing your bag over your shoulder, stomping out to the parking lot, the two boys loyally following after you.

Jimin was chuckling while Jungkook dusted his shirt off, “And I liked this shirt, now I need to burn it since it’s infected by some kind of virus.”

You sent the man an amused smile, shaking your head as you opened the door to Jimin’s car, climbing in.

“Y/N, mind if I crash at your place? It’ll take too long for me to go to my place and get ready,” Jungkook questioned as he peered through the open window.

Jimin, who sat behind the wheel snorted as he sent a glare at the younger boy, “Yah, you brat! Why don’t you ask me that as well? That’s my apartment too!”

Jungkook ignored the older boy, giving you the puppy dog eyes that made you release a small giggle.

“Jump in Kook, although you’re using Chim’s bathroom since mine’s dirty.”

The boy didn’t need to be told twice as he jumped into the backseat, grinning victoriously as Jimin grumbled under his breath.


“Y/N! Hurry the hell up, we’re already la- woah….”Jimin stopped mid-yell as you slammed your door open, hurriedly running your hand through your hair as you scurried around.

“Do you know where my favorite black heels are at Jimin?” You questioned, sticking your head in the shoe closet you and Jimin shared. When you didn’t get a response, you looked back in question, “Jimin?”

The said man who stood beside Jungkook gaped at you alongside his friend, his mouth hanging open.

“W-Woah, Y/N, you look really good!” Jungkook complemented, flashing you a bunny smile while giving you a thumbs up.

You grinned at the boy, jokingly doing a spin, making your curled hair bounce, “I would wear a dress but I’m going tonight to release some stress. I rather dance my anger out without flashing anyone.”

“If you weren’t my best friend and I saw you at the club, I’dl totally try to get in your pants,” Jimin gaped. However, after a second, he made a face, his nose scrunching up, “Wait, I take that back. That just sounded so wrong. You’re literally like my sister.”

You threw your head back in a laugh, “Of course Jiminie. I’ve known you since I was in diapers. But I have to admit, the two of you cleaned up very nicely. Much nicer than sweaty, dancing sweats and shirt.”

Jimin grinned at you while Jungkook puffed his chest out in pride.  

“By the way, my heels?”

“Under the table.”


“Wow, this is crazier than what I expected,” you yelled as you squeezed through the crowd, Jungkook and Jimin on either side of you.

The three of you barely even had to wait in the crazy long line when Jimin had gone up to the bouncer, whispering something into his ear.

The bulky man gave the three of you a quick look before opening the door, ignoring the angry yells of those who waited in line.

The music that blasted around you literally made things vibrate and you had to admit, you loved it. You quickly led the two boys to the bar, ordering three shots without hesitation.

The bartender sent you a flirtatious smile before sliding the drink to you. The boys and you shared a grin before tossing your head back, allowing the cold liquid to burn down your throat, immediately warming up your stomach.

Jimin’s expression scrunched at the taste while Jungkook licked his lips, ordering another two, knowing you’ll want one.

“I guess you still can’t hold your liquor, Jimin.”

You froze at the familiar voice from behind you. Jimin, however, beamed, his eyes lightening up as his lips curled into a large smile.


You felt your heart skip a beat at the familiar name, slowly turning around to face the smiley man.

You watched on the sideline as Jungkook and Jimin shared hugs with the older man, patting his back in greeting.

Jung Hoseok… He was the senior for the three of you when you all went to your dance school. He was a talented dancer that all three of you looked up to.

Growing up, you thought Jimin was a fantastic dancer, but after you saw Hoseok dancing at the studio on the campus, you will never forget how beautifully his body moved.

“Hello, Y/N. Just as pretty as I remembered,” Hoseok grinned as he wrapped you in a tight hug. With contact, you immediately smelt his cologne that reminded you of warmth and sunlight, a perfect combination for him.

He was dressed in simple ripped jeans and a burgundy shirt with a snapback but he looked so mouth watering…. Such a casual look but he made it look so good…

The two other boys quickly pulled Hoseok into a conversation, claiming a table where the four of you could sit.

“So what are you three youngsters doing here?” Hoseok questioned, nursing a glass that was filled with some kind of alcohol.

Jungkook immediately answered, looking extremely happy that he got to see his Hyung he hadn’t seen in a while, “Our crew decided that they wanted to celebrate after deciding on our next competition’s casting!”

You held back a wince as you were reminded of your part unfairly being taken away from you.

“Yah, stop mopping Y/N! You know you’re the better dancer,” Jimin, who quickly noticed your change of attitude scolded, pinching your cheek. You slapped his hands away in irritation, pouting a bit.

Hoseok cocked his head to the side in confusion, looking at you with concern in his eyes, “Huh? What happened?”

Jungkook sighed as he placed his arm around your shoulder, pulling you to his side, “Our crew slut pulled some strings with the owner and somehow got the main spot when Y/N was the one who obviously deserved it. And I mean, it’s extremely obvious she slept with the old man or something to win his favor since he loved Y/N until recently.”

“Guys, stop talking about it,” you muttered, rolling your eyes.

“Aw, poor Y/N! Hobi-Oppa will make you happy!” Hoseok cheered as he pulled you away from Jungkook, hugging the life out of you before dragging you to the dance floor, “Come on sweetheart, let me see your moves with my own eyes!”

You glanced back in disbelief, eyes darting to Jungkook and Jimin who slowly followed the two of you.

Your two friends grinned mischievously, giving you a thumbs up, well aware of your crush towards the man who tugged on your hand.

“Come on, Y/N! You’re being stiff and that’s not like you!!” Hoseok yelled as he pulled you closer, his breath fanning against your neck.

With a gulp, you nodded, pushing your frantic thoughts to the side as you allowed the music to take control of your body.

Hoseok watched in awe as you soon became loose, your eyes closing as your body swayed to the music, hitting each beat in a beautiful way that made his mouth spread into a smile.

Slowly he matched your movement, a small crowd forming around the two of you as people watched, cheering at how perfectly you moved.

“Go, Y/N! Atta girl!” Jimin cheered as he joined, Jungkook slowly moving as well.

Unbeknownst to you, a female jealously watched the interaction, biting on her nail as she glared at the dance floor.

Hoseok soon placed a hand on your hip, leading you through the music that seemed to grow louder. A form of nostalgia hit you as you thought back to the days when you used to practice with Hoseok.

Like he was doing now, he’d often stay after to help with your dancing, placing his hand on your hips as he led you through the routines.


Your eyes snapped open as the music was lowered, the voice of the DJ echoing through the crowded club.

Hoseok pulled away from you, however, he kept an arm draped over your shoulder, curiously eyeing the DJ.

“Today, half the club is booked by talented dancers!” At his words, you as well as your crew mates cheered from where they have scattered around in the crowd, grinning at being acknowledged. “So, seeing the opportunity, we shall have a contest for the best dancer! I want you guys all cheering for the person you like!”

The crowd went wild as you grinned, nudging Hoseok with your elbow. At your action, Hoseok grinned down at you, flashing his pearly white teeth.

“Everyone is welcomed to join! However!” The DJ paused, motioning to a smiling female beside him. You immediately scowled, recognizing her as Soeun who beamed in her extremely short and tight, provocative dress, “The dance will be a lap dance so find your partners!”

You crossed your arms over your chest as you realized Soeun was the one who must have suggested such a dance. Of course, she’ll be the only one who’ll pick a lap dance.

“Jimin, are you going?” You jokingly questioned, making the said male blush, his cheeks turning a light pink.

He sent you a glare which you laughed at, “Just suggesting because you totally have the boot-”


You laughed once again, however, your laughter died in your throat as you noticed Soeun watching you with a smirk. The female gave you a confident smile, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she tugged on Mr. Hwang’s hand, pushing the older man into a chair.

“You’ve been glaring holes into her head for a while.” You jumped as Hoseok leaned down, whispering into your ear. The man continued to stay close, one side of his body being glued to you.

“Wait let me guess, is she the rumored slut who took my lovely Y/N’s spot?” Hoseok gasped as he playfully sent her an angry look.

Although his expression was fake, your heart skipped a beat at how attractive he looked with his serious/angry expression.

The man frowned as he looked down at you, “You know what, I’ve noticed this but she keeps looking our way. Or is it just me?”

You scoffed, shaking your head, “No, you’re not wrong. She’s trying to provoke me because she knows how hard I worked for the spot she got. She’s trying to get under my skin and I hate to say this but she is. She’s been targeting me ever since Jimin and Jungkook called her out to protect me from her bashing. To make it worse the boys both rejected her advances.”

Hoseok hummed in response, a look appearing in his dark eyes. Your eyes widened as the man took your hand into his, pulling you closer to where people were circling.

Soon the two of you were in the front, watching as the DJ gave the go and Soeun began to give Mr. Hwang a lapdance.

For a moment you scrutinized her moves, your eyes watched how she swayed and grounded her hips down.

“She’s quite awkward about it,” Hoseok whispered as he pulled you closer to speak into your ear, “Her movement aren’t smooth and rather rigid.”

You hummed in agreement, seeing exactly what he was talking about. Her movements were bold but you couldn’t really see the skills of dancing and body control.

“You could do better….”

Your mouth dropped open at the low whisper that entered your ear. The hair at the back of your neck stood up as a pleasant shudder ran down your back.


“Now let me hear what you guys all thought!!!”

Your words died out in the crowd that released loud cheers. Your eyes shot back to the circle where Soeun stood, smiling proudly, her eyes narrowed on your form. Mr. Hwang awkwardly stood beside her, his crotch looking a bit…


You know….

You stumbled forward as your hand was suddenly tugged, almost falling during the process.

“Oh! Do we have another contestant?!”

Your eyes stared at Hoseok in disbelief as he grinned at you, confidently plopping down in the chair, his legs spread open.


“Come on, Y/N, I know you can do it better.”

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before looking at the DJ who watched you.

“‘Body Party’ by Ciara please.”

The man grinned widely as he nodded. You could see Jimin and Jungkook in the crowd, looking at you and Hoseok in disbelief. You sent them a confident smile before moving your eyes to Soeun who watched with a scowl, her arms crossed over her chest.

You sent her a wink before moving to stand behind Hoseok, your hand lazily placed over his shoulder.

“Go for it, girl, show me your nastiest,” Hoseok bit his lip, giving you a smirk.

You didn’t have to be told twice as you swayed your body with the music, your hand slowly trailing over his chest, moving to his neck to draw lazy patterns on his exposed skin. You circled him once before moving to start. Your eyes were narrowed seductively, your tongue peeking out of your lips as you slowly dragged your feet to the front, your hands playing with part of Hoseok’s jeans.

The sound of the crowd was silent to your ears, your full attention on Hoseok’s reaction as well as the music that moved through your body.

You slowly leaned forward, falling onto your knees as you crawled to Hoseok, your hands lightly spreading the man’s legs before placing yourself between them.

Hoseok watched you with his jaw clenched, his eyes being hooded as he bit down on his lips. His eyes didn’t blink, desperate to catch everything as you slowly sat on his lap, your hair pulled onto one side, exposing your neck for his eyes as well as the crowd.

You placed a hand on his shoulder, the other hand lazily trailing over your body as you slowly moved your hip, your body rolling deliciously across his thighs.

The smile on your lips tugged up a bit more as a breathy groan escaped Hoseok’s lips, his eyes fluttering close for a moment before snapping open as he realized he closed them.

Your eyes stayed glued to Hoseok’s, the seductive smile tugging on your lips as you applied more pressure, your back arching as you moved to every beat.

Hoseok’s hands lightly gripped your hips, slowly guiding you as you pulled on your hair. You didn’t release a single sound as Hoseok grabbed a hand, supporting your weight as you dropped your weight back.

You trusted him to catch you.

Half of your body was spread across the floor, your hair sprawled around you like a halo. Your body continued to move as Hoseok supported your weight. He eventually pulled you back up, an arm wrapping around your waist as you stood up, one of your feet being propped against his hip, your hair creating a curtain around the two of you.

As the music came to a stop, the two of you were slightly out of breath, your foreheads touching as you stared at each other’s lustful gaze.

You pulled away at the ear-piercing cheers that were sounded around you. Hoseok smirked, not bothering to cover his bulge as he stood beside you, an arm draped around your shoulder.

“Looks like we have a winner, y’all! I think that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!” The DJ cried as he fanned himself with his hand, earning a laugh from the crowd.

Your eyes met with Soeun for a moment, the female looking extremely irritated, her lips curled into a snarl as she gave you a glare before turning on her heel.

In triumph, you grinned, giggling as people patted your shoulder as Hoseok led you to a bar, ordering a drink for you with a grin. It didn’t take long for Jungkook and Jimin to join you, sending a mischievous smile your way.

“HOT DAMN!” Jungkook laughed as he lightly nudged your hip with his own, making you stagger a bit.

Jimin quickly joined in, passing you your shot glass, “Did you see Soeun? She was literally letting off steam as she stormed off! Her pride was hurt so bad!” The orange haired male yelled gleefully, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

You responded with a chuckle, throwing your drink back before slamming it on the counter, “Felt damn good too!”

“Likewise,” Hoseok slyly added, making you feel the warmth crawl up your neck. You felt your blush grow even darker as Hoseok pulled you onto his lap, the define bulge digging into your lower back.

Jimin who saw the action rolled his eyes, snorting slightly, “We could see, Hobi-Hyung. You seriously have no shame,” the man shook his head in disbelief. However, a small smile tugged on his lips.

“What is there to hide? This gorgeous woman here made me the luckiest man in the club just now by gracing me with her dancing skills,” Hoseok cooed as he wrapped an arm around your waist, placing his chin on your shoulder, “I bet there are more than a dozen guys who are willing to kill to be in my place.”

At his generous compliment, you shyly smiled, your back feeling extremely warm by his presence.

However, your smile seemed to disappear as you noticed a figure walking up to you.

“Well, look at that. It looks like the loser is enjoying her night,” Soeun didn’t even bother to make her insult secretive anymore, deciding to directly attack you.

You didn’t flinch at her words, placing a pleasant smile on your face, “I am! It’s been a fantastic night so far. But I have to say, your dance did seem to dampen it a bit,” you felt Hoseok squeeze your hip, giving you a bit of a confidence boost.

At your blunt insult, Jimin and Jungkook broke out into childish ‘ohhh!’s that made you wonder why you were even friends with these two dorks.

Soeun only rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest, the typical bitch look on her makeup-caked face.

“Oh, you’re jealous that I got the spot for the next competition. Mr. Hwang knows a truly talented dancer when he sees one.”

“Or, he could just see which girls are the easy ones. Just give them a good spot and they’ll spread their legs open and drop their mouth open.”

Your eyes widened as you slightly angled your body to look back at Hoseok, not expecting the man to stand up for you.

Soeun stared at the man in disbelief, her mouth hanging open while her eyes widened in anger. Her face scrunched up in an ugly manner, pointing a manicured finger at Hoseok, “Who the fuck do you think you are butting into our conversation?”

Hoseok raised an eyebrow, a calm look appearing on his face, “You’re asking me who I am? I’m Jung Hoseok, the president, and leader of the Korea’s national dance association.”

You along with your friends and Soeun’s mouth fell open at Hoseok’s words. Your eyes were large as plates as you looked at the man who claimed to be the leader of the best dance crew in Korea.


Hoseok scoffed as he lightly pulled you off his lap, standing proudly beside you as he protectively wrapped an arm around your waist, “And seeing my title, I know a true, talented dancer when I see one. Your Mr. Hwang has nothing against me. And when I say Y/L/N Y/N is more talented than you, I mean it. It’s a waste of a talent like her to be stuck at a low crew like yours. Actually, Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook are too talented as well. That’s why I’m going to offer them a spot to join my group where we’ll win the competition for sure.”

If it’s even possible, your eyes grew wider, you, Jungkook and Jimin sharing frantic looks with each other.

He was what….?! Hold the fuck down, rewind, fucking rewind! Jung Hoseok, who used to be you and your friend’s senior, who taught you dance techniques was now the leader of the most talented dance crew and he was asking you three to join?

Holy mother of fu-

“Fuck yes!” Jungkook was the first to speak, a huge grin on his face. The dark haired male excitedly bounced on his feet, his round eyes becoming even larger and doe-like.

Soon Jimin joined him, looking over at you in confirmation. You shakily looked at Hoseok, nodding your head.

At your answer, Hoseok beamed as he pecked your cheeks much to your astonishment, “Excellent! Now let’s get out of here, I have so much to talk about with you three!”

You were in a daze as Hoseok led you out of the club, leaving a fuming Soeun and a dance crew missing three of their former members.

You finally snapped out of it as the cold breeze hit your skin, making a shiver run down your back.


“Jimin, Kook, you guys can get back home safely right?” Hoseok who still had a hold on you looked back at the younger boys.

The two boys broke into snickers, a mischievous look appearing in their eyes, “Sure Hyung. You’ll

give us a call tomorrow, right?”

Hoseok returned their smile, giving you a light squeeze with his large hand, “Of course. I’ll be taking Y/N to my place because I have few things I have to discuss with her.”

At his words, a breathless gasp escaped your lips, your knees feeling weak in anticipation. Your stomach did ridiculous flips and your skin felt hyper sensitive as Hoseok drew patterns on your bare arms.

As Jimin and Jungkook scrambled into the car, the later rolled down the window, a large knowing smirk stretched across his face, “Use protection, you two! And don’t go at it too hard! You don’t want to be sore for practice!”

Your cheeks heated up at Jungkook’s teasing, yelling at him as Jimin drove off with a loud laughter.

As Jimin and Jungkook drove off, you were left with Hoseok in a silence, the older male looking down at you in amusement.

“God, you don’t know how much you made me lose my mind,” Hoseok spoke up as he looked down at you with his eyes darkened.

You blinked, looking up at the attractive man through your eyelashes.

At your action, he released a groan, throwing his head back while closing his eyes and running his hand over his chin, “Jesus, and you still have that look that drove me insane during school.”

You cocked your head to the side in confusion as Hoseok drew you closer, wrapping his arms around your waist, “I always had to hold back when I stayed after practice with you. I always thought I’ll get over this small infatuation. But it seems like everything rushed back when I saw you tonight again,” the man’s voice deepened as he leaned forward, his breath hitting your face, the light scent of alcohol and mint taking over.

You released a shaky gasp at Hoseok’s confession, gulping loudly as you pressed your thighs together.

“You know, I’ve always regretted that I’ve never confronted you about the feelings that I had for you. I was always a coward but not today. Today, after this whole thing, I guess it’s finally time.”

Hoseok gave you a sincere smile as he placed a hand on your cheek, “Y/N, you’re the sexiest and the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and it was breathtaking when you danced on top of me. To be honest, the moment you touched me, I thought I would bust a nut,” The man joked as he shifted the snapback on his head, “I’ve regretted my past but I don’t want to regret my future. That’s why, although we haven’t seen each other since I’ve graduated, I’ll love it if you’ll be in a relationship with me. Or at least go out on a date.”

Oh my God. This was happening….

The man who you’ve had the biggest crush on forever was asking you…. to be… Oh fucking lord.


Hoseok broke into a large smile as he placed a soft kiss to your lips before picking you up, a small squeal escaping your lips. The man easily carried you through the parking lot, laughing as you struggled in his hold.

“Good, because you’ve left me so fucking horny since that stupid dance.”

Your eyes widened as Hoseok sent you a look that screamed bed.

“Forget about dance practice for once, okay love? Because you won’t be able to dance tomorrow.”

‘Lord, save me.’


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Imagine: Sneaking into the BoTFA to fight along side your husband, Thranduil, and prove to your kin that you are a worthy Queen.

However, when Thranduil spots you, he grows angry and fearlessly protects you; ensuring that you do not get injured.

He wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to you.

Word count: 763

Warning’s: Nothing really, orcs dying, angry Thranduil. (Let me know if there’s anything that I missed)

Disclaimer: I do not own Thranduil, Tolkien does.

Confusion and sheer wonderment dawned across the Elven King’s features as he froze in mid battle. His breath hitched within his throat, his chest tightening as he watched your grace with your favorite sword. When and where had you arrived at the battlefield? He had assumed that you were still in Mirkwood, safe and sound, from all harm.

Instant anger surges through his veins, leaving his head dazed as he charges in your direction, knocking orc after orc out of his determined path towards you. His heart thrummed within his chest, panic squelching every joint in his body as he blocked the viscous orc blade that was to protrude into your midsection. He threw the orc down, swiveling his blade masterfully as he spun about you, forming a shield.

A deep breath of relief poured from your lips. Having found Thranduil made you feel somewhat at ease as the offending orc crashed to the ground, it’s dark blood curling upon the earth, - the soil selfishly drinking it up-. “I thought that I had made my point clear, Kat?” Thranduil’s brows were knitted, his tone picking at you. “You were to remain within the kingdom until my return.” Thranduil, your beloved, states serenely; his back pressed to yours as you fight now as a team.

“Risking your life without me is a selfish crime in itself. I shall not dare live an eternity where you do not exist. I cannot risk something so precious to I! I do not wish for my heart to cripple in agony if I were to ever lose you.” you cried out shrilly, the tears building upon your waterline. “I am no coward! I shall not cower away in a hole whilst you fight for me. I shall prove to our kin that I am strong and worthy to be their Queen!” a rush of emotions swept across you, blurring your eyesight, to which your sword got knocked from your grasp.

Thranduil was quick to intervene: His swordsmanship elegant and graceful, - a second language to him-. He tucked you closer to the deteriorating ruins of Dale, his facial expression stony. “You have proved to our kin that you are worthy! Now stop this foolishness, right this instant!” he cradled your face in his hands.

“You should not have come to such a place. Can you not see the horrors of death, decay and ruin?!” he hissed down at you suddenly, a fire blazing in his pale sapphire orbs, his brows furrowed sternly.

“Bu-” you batted your eyelids, surprise taking hold of you. You knew that Thranduil would not have been pleased with you showing up, but you didn’t think he’d grow this angry.

No! No arguments! I asked one thing from you and you blatantly disobeyed my orders.” he growled down at you, taking  in your bewildered expression.

“I am not a member of the guard that can be ordered around like a pawn!” you spat back at him, retorting sharply. Your words hit his heart with such force, but his stern expression did not falter.

I have lost more than enough!” his voice rises as he towers over you with ease, twisting around to ward off an orc. “And if you’re so foolish and selfish to wish to lose yourself within this war then…” he trailed off briefly as the orcs head toppled and rolled onto the ground, bouncing. Thranduil’s eyes trailed after the filth’s head before he spun around to you. “If you, for a moment, find yourself to be a pawn in my collection then you are horribly mistaken.” hot breath wafts across your face. “If anything, you are a distraction, my Queen, and I shall not allow either of us to perish.”

His words hit something within your chest and it showed evidently upon your face. “I’m not go-”

“You are, and what I say goes!” Thranduil retorts stiffly. “If I lost you… I would not forgive myself.” he declared in a hush voice, wrapping a slender hand around your upper arm and tugging you towards one of the member’s of his guard.

You watched as Thranduil’s tongue and lips formed the intricate words in your native tongue, handing you to the member of the guard, to which you were assisted upon the back of a horse. “Be careful with her.” Thranduil ordered coldly. “Make sure that nothing touches her.” he finishes.

As you rode off, your orbs were glued to his perfect figure. His eyes never left yours until you faded into the horizon, to which he began to resume his skilled fighting.

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Auston Matthews #1

Requested by Anon: Auston Matthews imagine where he’s madly in love with the reader but the reader loves somebody else… Who loves somebody else lmao so Auston spends his day comforting the reader who is sad she can’t be with who she wants whilst he is sad too but still puts on a smile and cuddles and cheers up his pal

Warnings: I don’t think there are really any. Maybe cussing(?) sense of heartbreak and not being enough for someone

Words: 1645

Authors Notes: So I loved writing for this response and I might have fallen in love with Auston no lie!! So I hope you like it! I left it kinda on a cliff hanger kinda not so like if you (or anyone) wants there to be a continuation of it then I’d be way more than happy to! :) 

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Auston Matthews was lying down on the couch watching tv when you busted through the door of your shared apartment. The moment he saw your face and body language, he knew you were upset. He sighed, “What’s wrong?” he wearily asked. This whole week had been a rollercoaster with you. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday you came home from work with a great mood and Auston enjoyed it. Seeing you in a happy, hyper frenzy was amusing. It caused a feeling to erupt in Auston’s chest which he now was used to associating with you whenever you were around and even every time he thought about you. Then Thursday, and now today your mood had plummeted and Auston had no idea why. “Hard day at work?” he called out to you. “yeah, you could say that,” you responded while taking off your work heels and jewelry. You sulked your way back into your bedroom. Auston again let out a big sigh. He was annoyed with the fact you kept coming home upset. He wasn’t really mad at you; he was mad at whatever was upsetting you. He was also mad at the fact you wouldn’t tell him what was going on. He turned the tv off and got up.

Auston was about to open your door when he heard you crying. His heart broke at the sound. He now realized this was a bit bigger than just a bad day at work. He knocked softly on your door and lightly pushed it open, “can I come in?” he asked. You were facing the opposite wall with your head in your hands. You didn’t respond to Auston and he took that as a sign he was allowed to come in. He took a seat right next to you on your bed. You didn’t look up at him right away but after some time of silence, you spoke, “I’m okay, Auston,” you whispered. “You are a terrible liar. Tell me what’s wrong,” he tenderly spoke. You finally looked up at him. His brown eyes filled with concern. Seeing how much he cared about you made you break. “Why am I not good enough?” You asked. When Auston heard you break down his heart yearned. “What are you talking about?” he questioned. You laid your head on Auston’s shoulder. “Remember that guy I brought over last week, Liam?” you asked Auston. How could he forget. After a bad loss at home against the Calgary Flames, Auston came home to see you snuggled and laughing with this guy. Auston was pissed. He stomped back to his room. You tried to talk to him but he wasn’t in the mood. You blamed it on the game but Auston knew it was because of seeing you with another man. “Vaguely,” he lied in response to your question. You let out a small laugh, “yeah I forgot you had a tantrum that night,” you nudged him, “well, he kissed me that night. But today, I found out he hooked up with one of our coworkers. And I just don’t get it. Am I not pretty? Am I not good enough?” You broke down again. Auston’s heart broke. How could someone as beautiful as you be so broken by one guy’s idiot choices. “I really liked him, Auston. We got along so well. I don’t know why this always happens to me,” you continued. Auston pulled you into his chest, wrapped his arms around, and laid his head on top of yours. His big frame made you feel safe. He smelled like vanilla and musk, and it instantly comforted you. You just took in the moment with your best friend, enjoying the comfort he brought to you. “You are enough,” you felt the rumble of his words coming from his whole body, “You are more than enough for any guy. If he can’t see that yet, then he isn’t worthy of you in the first place.” A smile crept onto your face as Auston spoke. You sat there in his arms for a while. “You are so beautiful,” He whispered almost so silently you had to guess if he actually said it or not. “I know what will cheer you up! Your favorite movie, and brownies,” Auston announced. You untangled yourself from him but he still slipped his hand into yours. “You hate that movie. And brownies are bad for you. I refuse to be the reason Auston Matthews got fat and was a number one-draft-pick flop,” You jokingly replied. “First off, I never said I hated the movie I just said I’ve seen better and second off brownies aren’t going to kill me,” He challenged. You rolled your eyes, “fine, let’s do it,” you laughed. Auston stood up from your bed and brought you with him. “You go take a shower and wash away the day, while I make the brownies,” he told you. You nodded your head in response. Auston pulled you into one last hug, he didn’t say anything but before he released you he kissed the top of your head in affection. A tingle was sent through your body. One you weren’t use to when it came to Auston. The two of you separated, and you ducked your head slightly hoping you could hide your blushing cheeks. “Well, I better go take a shower,” you said while taking steps towards your bathroom. “Oh and Auston,” you called out “thank you.” He responded with a smile.

The hot water hit you and so did today. Your mood hadn’t taken a full turn around but something was happening, something deep in your heart and it confused you. Were you catching feelings for Auston? You couldn’t that would ruin everything! But he was so sweet and protective. He was like a brother… but he wasn’t. He was handsome and intense and sexy… you blasted the water cold trying to stop your thoughts from going there. Auston was your best friend and your apartment mate. Nothing could happen. You are just feeling vulnerable. Your thoughts then wondered to the reason you were feeling this way, Liam. He was so charming and good looking. He worked hard at his job and every girl in the building wanted him. But them he started hanging with you the most and it was nice to know you won. You felt cool around him. The two of you looked good together. But he had to go and play with your heart.

The moment you stepped out into the hallway you could smell the aroma of the brownies. “Mmmmm” you hummed, “Something smells delicious.” The electric fire place was lit and the lights were dimmed. Auston had piled up the coziest blankets on to the couch and the movie was already on the menu screen on the tv. Auston walked into the room with the plate of brownies and some strawberries on the side. He smiled at you. Auston loved the moments like this where he gets to see you stripped down of makeup and wearing your pjs. “I like your pants,” he commented. You smiled knowing he would, you were wearing your Toronto Maple Leafs flannel pajama bottoms. “ready?” he questioned you. He took a seat on the couch and patted the spot next to him. You took your seat and cuddled into his side.

Auston turned off the tv once the movie was over and the room went dark other than the light from the fireplace. You looked up at Auston. The flames danced along his brown eyes where you could see flecks of gold. “Do you feel better?” He asked you in a low deep voice. You nodded your head, “thank you,” you whispered back. It took all of Auston to stop himself from kissing you. He had to keep telling himself you were vulnerable and he couldn’t take advantage of you like that. And you didn’t like him the way he liked you. You had feelings for that ass hat, Liam. While you on the other hand hadn’t even though much about Liam at all during the movie. The whole time the only thing you kept noticing was the feel of Auston next to you and the warmth he brought to your heart. All you wanted to do was have him kiss you right now. But you knew it wouldn’t happen because he didn’t feel that way towards you. But gravity has a funny way of working because Auston’s lips were almost touching yours before you even noticed it. Then the thought that Auston was leaning in just as much as you came through your mind. Maybe he felt this just as much as you? And Auston did. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He couldn’t wait to feel your lips on his. Your eyes fluttered close and you felt his lips brush yours ever so lightly. He was being tentative. Auston did want to push anything on you because he still didn’t know how you felt. You shifted your body to be closer to his and that deepened your kiss. It was like the world was gone. All your budding emotions that just started for Auston began to blossom. It was like a vine spreading throughout your body. Auston’s heart was pounding. It was finally happening. The adrenaline pumped through his veins almost as much as it does when he is in a game. You two separated when you couldn’t breathe any more. Auston was smiling from ear to ear. And you couldn’t help but to do the same. Your phone buzzed alerting you that you had a text. You grabbed it and read the message. Your mood changed instantly and your face reflected it. “what’s wrong? What does it say?” Auston asked with concern lacing through his words. “It’s Liam. He says he wants to talk,” you whispered.

Imagine Kris organizing his seemingly innumerable sheets of stickers that he keeps buying but refuses to use. He gently pokes at a puffy sticker of a pink cat with a ’:3’ face. “None of my possessions are worthy of your permanence,” he breathes.

If You Wanted Honesty

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: Sequel to The Five Of Us Are Dying (x). It’s 2011, and after performing a sold-out show in Boise, Gerard demands the answer you promised. ¼ of my The Five Of Us…. Alternate Endings series. 

So much had happened since 2006.

Two years’ worth of touring in support of Black Parade has worn you and the other members of My Chemical Romance out, physically, psychologically, and creatively. The stress caused by your accidental confession had only made it worse. You were constantly worried that the boys would figure out it was Gerard you liked, and that it would ruin your friendship with all of them.

You couldn’t tell Gerard the truth. What if you two dated and then broke up? What would happen to the band? What if Mikey, or Frank, or Ray, had feelings for you, and got so jealous that you reciprocated Gerard’s that they couldn’t work with him anymore? The band’s success was the most important thing to you. It meant the world not just to you and the other members, but to thousands of fans across the globe. If MCR broke up because of your stupid crush on Gerard, the tabloids would call you the next Yoko Ono.

You couldn’t have that, and so, for years, you stifled your feelings. It made you feel distracted and unfulfilled and it even started affected your drumming. Maybe that was why Conventional Weapons tanked. But, now, after some time apart from your band, you thought you’d finally got your head on straight. You’d successfully helped record Danger Days, and now the band was back on tour again.

You were on stage, in front of an arena full of kids, drumming your heart out. Even though you’d been the drummer of My Chemical Romance for seven years now, you still got nervous sometimes that you were going to slip up and play the wrong note. You put all your focus into tapping the skins, hitting the rims, getting the beat just right. After all, if you fucked up, it would throw everyone else’s timing off.

You were sweating with the effort when you successfully finished the last song of the set. It was “Helena” – closing the show with that tune had become a tradition by now. You never got tired of hearing the fans sing “So long and goodnight” along with Gerard.

“I hope you had a great time tonight, Boise!” Gerard shouted to the crowd.

Wait…..Boise? you thought. You hadn’t even remembered what city you were in tonight. When the tour bus took you to a new city every single night, they all started to blur together after a while. It was always get there, play your songs, get out – no time to rest or even think.

But the name Boise was suddenly making you think very hard – about something you hadn’t thought about in five years. Or, at least, had been trying not to think about.

“Do you guys remember a little scandal the band had, all the way back in 2006?” Gerard spoke into the mic. “It was all over the tabloids back then, wasn’t it? Y/N said in an interview that she had a little crush on one of us boys, but she wouldn’t say who it was on!”

The crowd screamed in response. You couldn’t even tell if it was a “yay” or a “boo”, but it certainly got a rise out of them.

“I remember all the fans went on the message boards, like, ‘OMG, who do you think her crush is?’”, Gerard continued.  “And I know some of you guys wrote your little fanfictions about it……”

Wait, what?! People shipped you with Gerard? You knew that some people had written fanfic about Frank and Gerard. That was why the two of them had stopped acting so touchy on stage. But, you never realized there was fic about you. It wasn’t like you ever read that shit anyway. The idea that there was badly written porn out there about your four closest friends was incredibly awkward to you.

But, given the way the crowd was cheering, you and Gerard must be a lot of people’s OTP. How crazy was that?

“Now, you guys don’t know this,” Gerard smirked, “but five years ago, when we were still on the Black Parade World Tour, Y/N made us a promise.”

Oh, god, you thought. He wasn’t seriously going to hold you to that…..

“Y/N said that if we ever did a show in Boise, she would tell us the truth about who she liked!” Gerard announced. “Well, my dear little Idaho Killjoys, it looks like tonight’s the night!”

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