worthy of the spotlight :)

I’ll be your sky and your fire
And I will go much higher
I’ll stand up to the lightning, it’s time to turn the tide…at least i will try
I will be legendary
I will shine in your eyes
and you’ll see that I’m worthy to be in your spotlight
In Your Spotlight” ♪ Original Pokémon Song

I found this super cute song based on Popplio and i 
immediately thought at Will singing it for Dipper o(╥﹏╥)o 

(Yeah this is just a photo of a draw on my sketchbook so the quality isn’t really the best, i’m sorry)

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Can you explain why Sam & Cait have to pretend not to be a couple?

That’s the million dollar question, maybe literally. I mean there are several theories out there, maybe it’s one of them, maybe it’s two combined, maybe it’s many…or none

1) No Fraternization Policy (already proven linked to at least 2 people involved in two of the companies behind Outlander)

2) Their desire for privacy. Keep their privates life privates, since they already share/give away too much blah blah blah

3) Not stealing the spotlight from their award worthy performances. It may take away from their pretending to be in love on screen if they are really in love on and off screen.

4) To keep on board all those fans saying a real life relationship would ruin the show after a break-up.

5) To be able to rebrand them as actors, market Sam as a hunk, available or in a kind of “hey, if she can get him YOU can” strategy

6) To be able to do someone a favour putting someone else on the spotlight in a way that wouldn’t be possible had Sam already had a girlfriend.

We can always ask Kit Harington and Rose Leslie can’t we?


Ben Mendelsohn as Danny Rayburn in Bloodline

“He is such a precise actor. There is a cadence to his dialogue, there is a pause. There is this look with his eyes. He is really intense.”

“The duality for the role for Ben of Danny is written on the page, but with any less of an actor, you wouldn`t have the empathy he is giving you, the audiance. That Jekyll and Hide kind of thing that he is playing all at once. Not many actors can do that. He is beoynd Emmy worthy.“ 

Performance Spotlight with Dawn Steinberg - why Bloodline is filled with Emmy-worthy performances from the first episode through the end.


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What is a mary sue? Cause honestly, I feel like I've lost track of what it means anymore.

TVTropes has an extensive list of Sue tropes. To quote them:

“TV Tropes doesn’t get to set what the term means; the best we can do is capture the way it is used. Since there’s no consensus on a precise definition, the best way to describe the phenomenon is by example of the kind of character pretty much everyone could agree to be a Mary Sue. These traits usually reference the character’s perceived importance in the story, their physical design and an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature.”

…. In other words, the term “Mary Sue” is generally slapped on a character who is important in the story, possesses unusual physical traits, and has an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature.

You did ask me, though, and I think there are a few things to remember about Mary Sues. They always have writing flaws, but not any simple writing flaw. If a character doesn’t make sense, that itself isn’t Sue-worthy. The relative importance or spotlight that the Mary Sue receives is what makes the Sue.

Examples in Fairy Tail that I would accuse are the following:

  • Mavis Vermillion: Fits the Purity Sue to a tee. She is innocent, inspirational, intelligent, pure-hearted, and wonderful, and can do no wrong. Should she actually screw up at any time, she will immediately be cleared of any responsibility for any perceived wrongdoing. She is held up as wise and pure, even when we are shown that she is extremely unintelligent and literally crafted magic for the purpose of murder.
  • Jellal Fernandes: Many types of Sue, but mostly the Creator’s Pet: it is the immense focus and importance he receives that weighs down the rest of the story. Other types he can fit into are the Sympathetic Sue (from the moment of his reintroduction, much of that focus on Jellal has revolved around trying to make the viewer feel sorry for him) and the Black Hole Sue (characters tend to talk about Jellal a lot and think about him even when he’s not relevant to a scene, particularly Erza, but also other characters–this includes forgiving him and fighting on his behalf despite knowing him only as a deranged, evil man previously); as said on the page, “This is fairly blatant author favoritism in effect, with the author using his or her effective position as God of the story to carry the character through by her hands.” Jellal also showcases many signs of being a power fantasy, which (as the TVTropes page describes a different phenomenon with that term), I will say is an Author Avatar move involving sheer character power–Jellal has it, and it is Superior To Yours.
  • Natsu Dragneel: Fits the Creator’s Pet alongside the Author Avatar (”If the Author Avatar is idealized to a fault, always gets the last word, is always shown to be right and starts correcting the world around them, then reader beware: the author has just created a Canon Sue.“) with some signs of the Black Hole Sue–Natsu’s issues are always at the front even if he’s not really the focus of the scene, and other characters are driven to comment on his paaaiiiiin about Igneel leaving him. He shows especially blatant signs of being a Jerk Sue with his being a gigantic asshole and bully and always being played as ideal throughout it: “Perhaps they are loathed so much not just because they are jerks, but because you are also expected to think they are awesome. They certainly come with most of the other traits of Mary Sueness - being completely untouchable in every way. And of course, despite being a jerk, everybody either completely ignores her appalling attitude, or lets her walk all over them, even the ones who would normally peel off her skin and wear it as a coat for that kind of behavior.” He especially reeks of the God-Mod Sue, what with his constantly winning battles through ass pulls and to the blatant exclusion of better and more competent characters.
  • Erza Scarlet: Fits the same elements of the Creator’s Pet and God-Mod Sue that Natsu does, but also has elements of the Purity Sue: think about it. Can you ever remember a time where Erza did wrong according to the narrative, or was treated as capable of doing wrong? Note also that she is the one who enacts or influences many of the villain redemptions (Jellal, Minerva, Irene), even if they don’t really seem remotely interested in being less than evil.
  • Zeref Dragneel: Zeref is a Villain Sue who, as described on that very page, also crosses over with the Sympathetic Sue. All of Zeref’s monumental wrongdoings are the result of his paaaaaiiinnn and all the crappy situations forced on him, and even as he’s portrayed as a genocidal madman, the story seems to intend us to feel sorry for him despite it.

To spin things up a bit, be reminded that the Mary Sue (as a term) originated in fanfiction, and fans have their own Sues that can’t be laid at the author’s feet:

  • Levy McGarden: Rather than being a Canon Sue (as the other characters on this list are), I would pivot and point towards the idea that Levy as perceived by the fandom is a Sue, rather than how she’s perceived by the author. And Levy McGarden is guilty of being the self-insert for many a Fairy Tail reader (which I suspect is why her relationship with Gajeel is not looked upon with more horror and disgust): she is short, smart, bookish, quiet, timid, introverted, and doesn’t necessarily have the most jaw-dropping figure, but lo and behold, she has attracted the attention of the big, muscley bad-boy punk villain-turned-protag who falls for her twerp charms. This makes Levy an extremely attractive character for fans to step into who want to experience that, and makes them more willing to overlook her failures as a character or device. Levy is pushed to the fore in canon in ways that really shouldn’t involve her, but it’s the fans who push monumental amounts of importance and praise on her that she hasn’t really earned. 

Hopefully you’ve left this post with a better idea of what qualifies as a Mary Sue, and why I label many of the Fairy Tail characters as Mary Sues. 

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Totally envious of Kristen and anyone else whose eye color appearance varies depending on the lighting of the photo or video. I haven't seen her wear such a soft pink color in a while (if ever) but the skirt totally suits her and she wears all her outfits like a boss. I respect and admire her for being more vocal about polarizing topics here in the US. That she posed with Pulse survivors struck a chord, especially given this weekend we here in Orlando will reflect on the one year anniversary.

Hi Blossom!

Yes, it’s amazing how that works.  No matter what she wears, what color her hair her eyes are always amazing and ever changing to a degree!

As for the pink…I can remember one other time very recently that Kristen wore a soft pink…

This is probably one of my most favorite looks.  But last nights was such a dichotomy of badass/femininity and I loved it.

I love how “girly” Kristen has been dressing since she buzzed her hair.  I think she mentioned in an interview @ Cannes that she feels more feminine rather then less with her new hair style.  

She looked amazing last night and she has been looking so fit and amazing for months now.  Can’t wait to see where her style is going to lead her next.

As for the reason for her appearance last night, I can’t tell you how happy I am for her to be involved in such a worthy endeavor.  You, as a resident of Orlando, know more than some just how important it is that we get a handle on this issue.

I’ve been thinking of the violence/terrorist attacks in the UK and just how much worse it could have been had it been easy for them to get a hold of guns.  

As for the Orlando shooting…I can’t believe that it’s been a year and we’ve done nothing in this country to improve the situation if anything we’ve made it worse, we just haven’t seen the shit hit the fan yet.  

Here in NC our lovely GA is trying to pass easier open carry and allow guns on college campuses.  I can’t believe that they think the answer is more guns rather than less.  We already have plenty of guns in this country.  More than we need. I’m just hopeful that our Governor will veto this legislation.  

Take care and I hope your community continues to heal from the tragedy you endured and I’ll continue to be happy that Kristen is lending her spotlight to such a worthy cause and can’t wait to see her short on the subject.

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I agree with everything you said about Sasusaku's arguments, what naruhina arguments you hate?

All of them. NH be like:

1. “How could you dislike her?”

Me: What’s so shocking about people disliking an ecchi character? If I wanted to fap to a ecchi chick, I’d read ecchi.

2. “She’s so shy and sweet”

Me: She’s a shy creepy stalker. She’s also a selfish thirsty privileged bitch who cared about nothing but the dude she’s infatuated with.

3. “At least she’s better than Sakura”

Me: First, have you heard of low standards is a crime? Second, she’s not better than Sakura, she and Sakura are pretty much exactly the same character; selfish, men crazy, devoid of purpose outside being a love interest and fangirl, constantly ruined the series with their obnoxious fangirl moments. Third, your fandom are really spineless and pathetic if you have to use the lowest denominator to defend Hinata. 

4. “Hinata deserves Naruto”

Me: She doesn’t deserve shit. 

First you can’t deserve a person. Second she did nothing to help Naruto, your arguments about her being there for naruto are outright lies. Naruto said he’s lonely, he had no one until Iruka and Sasuke. Unless you think Naruto was lying about him being lonely, or he just completely forgot Hinata was ever there, your augments are a pile shit.

5. “But she’s the only one who admired Naruto”

Me: Do you think if you make a shrine for zayn malik in your room and kiss his poster goodnight every day, and it’d count as “being there for him”? And you could walk up to him and say “I deserve you, I’m your first ever fangirl”? Do you people even live in the real world?

6. Hinata deserves to get what she wants/happiness/the spotlight”

Me: Exactly what has she done to deserve it? She’s neither a kind person nor has done anything that hugely benefited humanity. Being in the friendzoned is hardly the most heart wrenching tragedy. Unless you’re adopting the fedora’s entitlement mentality, I really don’t get why she deserves to get what she wants or happiness. Everyone is free to pursue happiness, but no one deserves it, it’s not a right/entitlement. She’s a boring secondary character, her characterization is lazy, one dimensional, and why would we want to put one of the worst and dullest bits of the series in the spotlight? Anyone else in K11 and Taka would’ve been more worthy of “spotlight” than her.

7. “She’s the perfect woman”

We’re not talking about your sexual fantasy, we’re judging her character in the context of the story. She’s a ninja in a fucked up and abusive place for children. She’s a key member of a clan which subjugate half of its people. But apparently according to some of you, she should be judged as a girl in an otome game. Some of you are so transparent with your sexist agenda without even realizing it, it’s sad. You’re basically admitting all you care about a female character is does she fit your requirements of a ideal woman in my wish fulfilment. This is like me saying “this male character is a great character cos he thinks about his crush all day, does nothing but perfecting his confession letter and love poems, oh he also watches her sleep. He’s the perfect man”. 

I don’t mind people using her for their own romantic and sexual fantasy, that’s all she’s good for anyway. But the thing is it’s quite obvious some people are forcing their view on how a woman should be by glorifying this ecchi stereotype. Tbh all it does is making me want to see female characters shattering male characters’ fragile ego just for the laughs.

8. “Neji died to protect Hinata and Naruto’s love”

Me: First, are you asking people to hate your fandom?? Do you think people who like Neji give a flying fuck about Hinata’s teenage lust? In case you haven’t noticed, we hate her character, she and her thirst aint even worth the toilet papers I wipe my ass with, let alone Neji’s life. You’re just making us hate her more.

Second, Neji died cos Kishimoto killed him. Neji died cos Kishimoto couldn’t think of another way to remind Naruto Hinata’s existence except killing someone in her clan. It’s not like Neji had free will and could object when kishi asked him if he wanted to be a cupid. 

Edit: I forgot the almighty “internalized misogyny” argument. I hate Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga equally, I’m not a misogynist :P

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hello lovelies, if you have any extra time on your hands could you update the Hogwarts Stucky tag? ive through everything there and i would love some more :) <3

Sure can do! Here’s all the new ones I’ve found. (And will be reading this weekend…) 

Steve Rogers and the Tri-Wizard Tournament by gryffindor17 (WIP) 

There’s not a person who walks the halls of Hogwarts who doesn’t know Steve Rogers: the boy with the righteous streak, hot temper, and massive crush on the Romanian Longhorns’ star Chaser, Bucky Barnes. But Bucky exists to Steve only on the front page of The Daily Prophet. He has long since resigned himself to admiring from afar, catching games when he can or otherwise following Barnes’s crusade against injustice through printed page.

Until the man himself walks into the Great Hall on the first night of their Seventh Year.

Bucky’s life outside of the spotlight is hardly worthy of a footnote, never mind a headline, but no one wants to read about Bucky Barnes being found face-down and fast asleep between the shelves of Durmstrang’s impressive library. Between his studies and the Quidditch Finals looming around the corner, the last thing Bucky needs is something like the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He knows Headmaster Pierce is expecting him to volunteer, but all Bucky really wants is to pass his N.E.W.T.S. and maybe twist The Minister’s arm into passing the bill about guaranteed pay for House Elves.

That is until he spots Merlin’s gift to man sitting at the Gryffindor table.

Then things get complicated.

“Punk.” “Jerk.” by Sherlockd

A Hogwarts au where Bucky and Steve hate each other, they argue and constantly get into fights. However, Bucky can’t stop thinking about Steve, and when they get detention for a week together they slowly become friends, but they keep up the arguing in public just for the laughs. But during the time at Hogwarts their relationship turns into something else that they refuse to show their friends.

Gold and Silver, Red and Green by YukiRiikus_Reading_Room

Bucky had doubted he would get into Gryffindor, he really had, but he did. He’d never even considered that wherever he ended up, Steve wouldn’t be right beside him. And then the little shit goes and gets sorted into Slytherin.

All The Magic In The World & It Took You This Long by FawkesFlame123

They’d grown up next to each other and had been best friends forever, both of them coming from magical families. Bucky was dark haired, blue eyed and Steve thought he was gorgeous, he was tall and lean, muscled and charming, he also happened to have a pretty smart brain in that head of his.

Steve was hopelessly in love with him.

The Smallest Muggleborn Slytherin by blutwurstisms (WIP) 

inspired by a post on Tumblr stating that Steve Rogers would be in Slytherin House. My mind came to the natural conclusion Bucky would end up in Gryffindor, and so here are their adventures together.

We Are Pleased To Inform You by ARightCharlie (nerddowell)

Steve, Bucky and co.’s first year at Hogwarts, where Steve is a terrified Muggleborn with no idea what he’s doing, Bucky is the chatterbox pureblood, Bruce and Tony bond over the science of a saltwater animal living in a lake in Scotland, Sam “just wants to fly, man!” and Natasha does a lot of eye-rolling. Featuring duels, detentions, Quidditch (and commentator Loki), Blast-Ended Skrewts, Marauders!Avengers and Buckbeak puns. So many Buckbeak puns.

What She Wants
Bang Dream, KaoChisa
Read it on AO3


Chisato wants someone just as decorated as her, someone worthy enough to share the spotlight with. At least, that’s what Kaoru thinks she wants.

It’s hard to think otherwise, really, when Chisato looks at her with those cold, distant eyes and casually says words that cut into her like a thousand knives. Kaoru just isn’t good enough yet, she’s nothing but a member of a high school drama club without any professional acting experience. Someone like her doesn’t deserve to even linger in Chisato’s presence, yet she still does, she still dares to let her name escape her lips without an honorific.

Chisato is perfection itself, a child actress that blossomed into a beautiful, calm and collected young lady. From television shows to movies to plays and musicals, she took to every stage like a swan to water, elegant and graceful. Even being an idol came to her as easily as breathing, or so it seemed - Pastel Palettes is a huge success and Chisato couldn’t possibly have any more fans.

Kaoru, in comparison, is the ugly, deformed little duckling waddling in her shadow. Her resume is just a number of similar roles (all princes or handsome schoolboys) performed on small, negligible stages - community events, festivals, school plays, nothing really worth mentioning. Unlike Chisato, who’s graced many a poster, playbill, magazine and television, Kaoru has nothing. She is nothing.

That is why, Kaoru believes, Chisato treats her the way she does, to remind her that just because they were childhood friends does not make her special. She needs to work harder, to get better, to prove that she meant those words she had said back then. If those words even matter anymore.

Chisato is no longer the little girl that played hide-and-seek with Kaoru when no one else would. She’s no longer the girl that comforted Kaoru when she scraped her knee, when she failed a test or got yelled at by her mother. Sometimes, Kaoru can be hard pressed to find a trace of that girl she loved in this new Chisato, this beautiful and pure maiden with distance in her eyes and ice in her spine.

Even so, Kaoru loves her, misses her; it’s almost pathetic how intensely and desperately she feels it. So she throws herself into her acting, into the warm arms of her princely persona, trying to be better, better, better, until she finally deserves to stand by Chisato’s side again.

It’s difficult, it’s exhausting, Kaoru can barely even eat something without second-guessing herself. Does the food suit what a prince would enjoy, is the way she eats it elegant and handsome, are her gestures masculine enough without being sloppy or rude? Are people watching her - most of the time, the answer is yes, and are they impressed with her? (The answer to that is also mostly yes.) Everywhere she goes, she needs to maintain her mask of princely perfection; she is not allowed to have doubts or fears or regrets, unless she is within the privacy of her own room.

She abandons whatever she must, be it favorite foods, toys or hobbies. She bottles up her shyness, her tendency to cry at the drop of a hat, forcing it so far down it will never see the light of day again. She doesn’t care about dignity, eagerly going overboard with her flirting and increasing her dramatic flair to crazy levels, spending every waking moment caught up in an acting fervor.

She takes on role after role, never giving herself a moment’s rest. There are weeks when her schedules overlap and she spends dawn to dusk at various rehearsals, days when she has to play a prince for an elementary school play in the afternoon and a woodcutter for a community event in the evening. Kaoru doesn’t let it throw her off - what kind of actress would she be if she did? She plays each and every role with the specific devotion it requires, pours every inch of her tired soul into them, no matter what it costs her.

She takes every opportunity she can manage, sacrificing sleep and food and friendships. She even took a modeling job from an agency that insisted she was a man once, though admittedly, the photoshoot suited her aesthetic brilliantly and probably contributed to her now-expanding fan club. Her name is starting to get out there, she’s receiving invites to auditions instead of having to hunt for them herself and Hello Happy World! is making bigger ripples in the music community than she initially expected.

Still, it isn’t enough.

Chisato’s too far ahead, wrapped in the spotlight as if it were a dress made just for her. By the time Hello Happy World! even found a location to play at, Pastel Palettes had already released their first album  and had a sellout concert. Unfortunately, the band isn’t Kaoru’s, it consists of more members than herself, and she cannot force them to work harder. It isn’t princely for her to pressurize girls, anyway, so she has to settle for the band’s steady crawl.

What’s worse is that Chisato seems to like Kanon, Kaoru’s sweet, soft-spoken, airheaded drummer. Kaoru can understand why, the girl is kind in ways one wouldn’t expect from a senior high schooler, but she cannot help but feel jealous.

Why is Chisato willing to show Kanon warmth, why is she willing to go out with her and laugh with her and do… friendly things together? Kanon is the type of girl that can’t find her way out of a paper bag and Chisato can’t tell the difference between the Ginza line and the Fukutoshin line, so they spend most of their time either hopelessly lost or on the way to becoming so. Despite that, Chisato always seems happy to be with her, all smiles and reassurances and warm words that Kaoru would never get.

It’s painful, trying to figure out why she’s below Kanon in Chisato’s eyes. Kanon isn’t an actress, she doesn’t have a better track record or more magazine and television appearances or anything of the sort. So why is Kanon acceptable, why is she worth enough to smile at, when Kaoru is not?

It hurts, but Kaoru isn’t going to let it show. No, she’s not going to dwell on why or how or what, she’s just going to focus on herself and what she can change. She’ll work harder, she’ll take on more roles and stay up later, she’ll continue laminating scripts to memorize even in the shower, drowning herself in coffee and using increasingly unhealthy methods to stay awake.

One day, she’ll be the perfect prince that Chisato wants. One day, she’ll break through those walls of ice her friend had put up around her heart, and she’ll find the kind, sweet and comforting Chisato waiting for her yet again.

Slamming her fist into the wall, Kaoru lets the pain pierce through her foggy brain, keeping her awake. She’s got a new monologue to memorize and two new plays to look at and consider auditioning for, there is no time for a luxury such as sleep.

For Chisato, she’ll keep working. For Chisato, she tells herself as blood runs sticky between her fingers, everything is for the sake of that girl and that promise, even if neither of them truly exist anymore.

“Kaoru, are you awake?” Her mother’s voice breaks through, and she looks up in surprise to realize than the sun has already risen. When did that happen, how did the hours slip through her fingers faster than her own blood?

Putting on her best smile, Kaoru says, “I rise with the sun, after all.”

Her mother chuckles, bemused, “Practicing so early in the morning? You better come down for breakfast before you become late.”

She nods energetically, trying to pretend that her head is swimming and her eyes aren’t burning. She can’t quite remember how many days it’s been since she last had any sleep, but it honestly isn’t important enough to waste brain cells on. She needs every single one she has to memorize her lines, because she’s auditioning for Hamlet next week and he’s got quite a lot of lines.

Fortunately, she’s a pretty good actor, if she says so herself. No one suspects a thing as she heads off to school, even though it took her three tries to even get her feet into her shoes because of the way everything is spinning. Her smile is quite distracting, she has been told, and she certainly knows how to use it to her advantage.

“Kaoru-kun!” Halfway down the road, she is assaulted by Hagumi and Kokoro, their childish energy further sapping away at hers. “Good morning!”

“Good morning, little kittens!” Exhaustion be damned, Kaoru is going to play her part and play it right.

“I was thinking of singing a new song,” Kokoro says cheerfully, launching off into an eager tirade about her next choice under the ever-watchful eye of her suited legion of security guards. “I think it would really suit Kaoru.”

“Oh?” She reacts automatically to the sound of her name, but nothing has really registered inside her head. It feels awfully fuzzy, as if her brain were stuffed with cotton, and she’s not sure if she’s even putting one foot in front of the other anymore.


She blinks, trying to make sense of the world and failing spectacularly. The ground seems to be swaying back and forth, blurring in and out of vision, and the pinpricks of pain she gets from digging her nails into her palms offer little solace.

Before she can respond, a hole seems to open up beneath her feet, plunging her into blissful darkness…


She never realized how much she disliked hospitals until she found herself waiting in one, sitting uncomfortably on her hands next to a hysterical Hagumi and Kokoro. It’s difficult for her to stay calm, to keep breathing and not strangle the two of them until they stop whining, because worry is eating up her insides and she wishes she could just let go and cry but she can’t, she can’t, she can’t.

So she just takes a deep breath, clenches her fists beneath her thighs and acts. “Please calm down, Kaoru will never be taken down by something like this.”

Hagumi sniffs and whimpers, looking up at her with big, watery eyes as Kokoro practically latches herself to Chisato’s arm (they’re so dramatic, Chisato can hardly believe Misaki hasn’t smashed their skulls in or rolled her own eyeballs out of their sockets).  Suppressing a sigh, she ruffles their hair and reassures them instead, trying desperately to believe the words coming out of her own mouth.

Kaoru will be alright, this is Kaoru after all, she’s energetic and annoying and nothing ever gets her down. Chisato’s known her since they were in pre-school, before Kaoru hit her growth spurt and turned into the beansprout that she is today. She’s a strong girl, she’s gotten stronger still in the years they had drifted apart, and at any moment they’ll be allowed to see that idiot who’ll undoubtedly have some stupid, princely line on her lips.

Chisato hates it, hates how obviously she can see through Kaoru’s mask (though she was the one who taught her to wear them in the first place, so she supposes it is to be expected). She hates how fake Kaoru’s smiles are, how hard she pushes herself to be someone she isn’t just so girls will like her.

Is Chisato’s approval not enough for her? Why does she need all those other girls swarming her, calling her name, dying to catch a glimpse of her pretty face? Why does she want them when her eyes remain so glassy, so empty, even when she’s surrounded by them? What is Kaoru’s goal in pretending to be a prince, or is she merely doing it because she cannot believe in who she really is?

Little Kaoru had always been insecure, a big crybaby who flustered easily and tripped over her own feet. She was awkward, small and short-haired and mistaken for a boy more often than not, but she had been genuine. She had truly been Seta Kaoru back then, confused and teary-eyed but happy, unlike the exhausted, nervous girl she sees crouched behind this Kaoru’s blinding smile.

She’s afraid, afraid that no one will like who she really is, and Chisato has no idea how to tell her that I do, you thickheaded idiot, is that not enough? Feelings aren’t her strong suit, she was trained to fake them and hide them and play around with them ever since she was a child. Sure, she can act like a frustrated, lovestruck fool, but somehow, a lump in her throat always stops her from saying what she wants.

So instead, Chisato is cold, hoping that someday her message will get through that thick skull of hers. I liked you better as you are, without all the acting, she wants to scream, but all she can do is make disparaging comments about Kaoru’s career and pretend not be hurt by the pain in her eyes. If she shows her disapproval of all that flirting and dramatic flair, will Kaoru finally understand that she wants the exact opposite, that she wants awkwardness and raw sweetness that shines in stuttered words and shaking hands?

Finally, the doctor emerges, and it takes all of Chisato’s self-control not to fling herself at him like Hagumi and Kokoro do. Instead, she takes a deep breath, steadies her pounding heart and stays right by Kaoru’s mother, worried but in a mature, controlled way.

“The main problems were dehydration and exhaustion,” the doctor is patiently explaining, prying a weeping Kokoro off his arm as if she were a limpet, “She claims to have been absorbed in some Shakespeare, so much that she failed to drink or eat for several days.”

Chisato clenches her fists at that, partially wishing that they were wrapped around Kaoru’s pretty little neck instead. Yes, Shakespeare is an amazing playwright, but that does not mean you forget to keep your body alive for multiple days reading his work! Does Kaoru want to turn into another of his tragedies, wasting away buried in Hamlet and King Lear and Titus Andronicus or whatnot?

“It’ll be nice if you can help watch over her,” he turns to speak directly to Kaoru’s mother, who nods with tightly pursed lips.

Idiot, Kaoru is such an idiot. Is she trying to work herself to an early grave, ignoring her own body? She has limits too, and if she brings up some stupid quote about how fleeting human life is and how she is but an ephemeral flower in life’s garden, Chisato is going to strangle her with her own tie.

“She also claims to be unable to remember the last time she slept, though she sounded very… dramatic,” the doctor adds, almost as an afterthought. “She may have been exaggerating, but just in case, we will be keeping her in tonight for observation.”

Kokoro wipes her tears away slowly, obviously relieved to hear that Kaoru is her usual, rose-tinted, dramatic self, and Hagumi impatiently asks when they can all go in to see her. Flighty and foolish as they may be, these idiots really care for Kaoru in their own silly way.

“Not more than two at a time,” he warns, “And please try not to stress her out. She needs her rest.”

Lingering by the door, she watches as Kokoro and Hagumi rush in without any regard for Kaoru’s mother, leaping onto their friend with tears of relief and joy. Kaoru smiles at them, that fake, tired smile that only Chisato can see through, and she finds her heart sinking as she presses her fingers to the cool glass.

If only I could just tell you what I want, she sighs, slowly turning away, but I’m too much of a coward for that.

“Aren’t you going to see her too, Chisato-chan?”

“I have rehearsal,” she lies easily, putting on her biggest, warmest smile. “Auntie, please tell Kaoru to watch out for her health.”

And tell her I miss her. The real her. The most important words are ones that she will never be able to say.

My Thoughts on Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4

Okay, it’s Voltron time again. I’m sorry happy to announce that this show is out of the “I hate you” bin and back into the “I love you” section of my life.


  • Keith is out of Team Voltron! Yes, I love this. After two seasons of his groan-worthy self taking the spotlight he’s gone. I’ve been in a lot of fandoms but I think this is the first time I’ve been anti-something. Consider me Anti-Keith and Anti-Kallura.
  • Pidge. Just everything Pidge. They finally gave her something to do and she took that ball and ran with it.
  • Matt is pretty funny. 
  • Don’t Pidge and Hunk just have, like, the best friendship?
  • Shiro is black lion paladin. YES! My faith in everything has been restored.
  • Alteans love those milkshakes. I bet if they ever went to Earth, they’d think it was a planet of chefs.
  • All of The Voltron Show. All.
  • Shiro the Hero. Yeah.
  • Shiro and Allura. Paladins and co-leaders. Fuck yeah.
  • Love that Mass Effect-esque soundtrack.
  • Three episodes and NO mention of Keith. I could get used to this.


  • It’s too short. I wanted more.


  • I think Lotor might have overplayed his hand.
  • A random thought but has anyone considered Ezor/Lance? No? Okay.
  • That last episode was crazy intense.

making this for no reason other than i am INCREDIBLY dedicated to reading nothing but the best stevebucky fanfiction

so here is a condensed list of the very best stevebucky i’ve read

Into That Good Night by Nonymos

Steve Rogers has lived for entirely too long—long enough to see the world’s end. The heroes are gone, and the Earth is pushing what’s left of mankind towards the exit.

But when a makeshift team rises from the ashes, when a mysterious presence all but drags Steve there, he begins to think there may be hope yet. As they shoot for the stars one last time, Steve will get proof yet again that the future is nothing if not an echo of the past.

OK THIS IS MY ALLTIME FAVOURITE LIKE I HAVE NEVER READ A FIC THAT LEFT ME THIS WRECKED I GOT INSANELY INVESTED IN THIS FIC IT IS U N T O U C H A B LE i will never read a fic that i love as much as this fic. it’s an interstellar AU (one of my fav movies) but if u have not watched interstellar u won’t be lost or confused. just fun space things. feat CAROL DNAVERS MY LOVE, confused steve, loki fucking w ur mind, bucky here to break ur heart, bruce getting the recognition in fics he deserves, and some of the most in character writing u will ever see.

One Caress by fuck_me_barnes

Steve’s rarely been touched in a way that didn’t equate to some kind of hurt. The cold metal of a stethoscope against his frail chest or the sting of a needle drawing yet another blood sample, when he was a sickly child. The bone-shattering punches thrown by the neighborhood bullies on the playground, or by his own father at home, drunk and wild. His mother, weak and clutching at him as she grew more incoherent with the drugs as the cancer ate away at her insides. Touch was something he shied away from, something he told himself he just didn’t want.

Except…he did. He just didn’t know how.

Until he finds a flyer for a local “affection and intimacy services” program.

In which Steve learns how to become comfortable with touch, and there is one very good dog, and a slow-burn romance.

this fic is exactly waht u need. read it. u need to read it. go.

Don’t Ask by AnnaFugazzi

Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.

TORE ME INTO PIECES AND THREW ME INTO HELL i LLLLOVE THIS fic so much WARNING for period typical homophobia and the slurs that that brings (read at ur own risk)

Thirty-Eight Days and Counting by thecommodore_squid

It didn’t escape him that Steve shared his assumed last name. “Are you gonna be my cousin?” Bucky asked dully.

Steve frowned. “Husband, actually,” he said easily, holding up his left hand to show a typical golden band.

Bucky scowled and closed the door.

An AU in which Bucky is put in the witness protection program and Steve is the agent hired to protect him/pretend to be his husband.

i am not one to turn down a good fake relationship AU (many references to star wars, also i am literally steve rogers in this fic bc i am watching star wars for the first time right now do not bully me)

WARNING for mentions of addiction and torture

Kiss Me Hello by kehinki

Bucky and Steve take to kissing each other hello, goodbye, goodnight. It’s all very platonic until it isn’t.

exactly what the summary says u need this

Itsy Bitsy Yoga by wearing_tearing

Bucky teaches a Parent & Toddler Yoga class. Steve and his two year old son are his students.

MY FRIEND RECCED THIS TO ME AND I L O V ED IT HOLY SHIT please read this its 59k adorable words and its pure gold

At Ease by derekstilinski

Steve frequently sends out care packages for the troops, and when he learns about the penpal program, he’s quick to fill out an application. He’s assigned Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. Everything grows from then.

mad eme cry i love it sosososososomuch

Steve Rogers and the Tri-Wizard Tournament by gryffindor17

There’s not a person who walks the halls of Hogwarts who doesn’t know Steve Rogers: the boy with the righteous streak, hot temper, and massive crush on the Romanian Longhorns’ star Chaser, Bucky Barnes. But Bucky exists to Steve only on the front page of The Daily Prophet. He has long since resigned himself to admiring from afar, catching games when he can or otherwise following Barnes’s crusade against injustice through printed page.

Until the man himself walks into the Great Hall on the first night of their Seventh Year.

Bucky’s life outside of the spotlight is hardly worthy of a footnote, never mind a headline, but no one wants to read about Bucky Barnes being found face-down and fast asleep between the shelves of Durmstrang’s impressive library. Between his studies and the Quidditch Finals looming around the corner, the last thing Bucky needs is something like the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He knows Headmaster Pierce is expecting him to volunteer, but all Bucky really wants is to pass his N.E.W.T.S. and maybe twist The Minister’s arm into passing the bill about guaranteed pay for House Elves.

That is until he spots Merlin’s gift to man sitting at the Gryffindor table.

Then things get complicated.

same friend who recced me itsby bitsy yoga recced me this one and Let Me Tell U she is a hero because this is the hogwarts au u have always needed

i’ll update this every month or so whenevr i have a good batch of fics but for NOW here u go 

I was tagged by @1ddenisels (thanks babe) to do the favorite Zayn pic challenge.

Zayn always takes beautiful unposed pix. He’s just super photogenic. But this one was a Hall of Fame worthy snap. It’s absolutely ethereal. The halo of light around his head. The spotlight hitting him just so. The cell phones in the crowd shimmering like stars. The contemplative look on his face. Even his left hand is positioned like something out of a Renaissance painting. It’s almost angelic. In fact, when I first saw it, I immediately thought of the two cherubs at the the bottom of the Sistine Madonna by Raphael.

^^This must be Zayn and Liam waiting together to be born^^ That hit you right in the feels, didn’t it??

Anyway, back to the pic. How do you pull that off without even trying?? I love it.

I tag everyone because I think everyone should do it! 😍

As a person in the public eye, I have always felt that if I have the good fortune of being able to shed a spotlight on different causes that I feel passionately about… I never tell people whom to vote for. I’m not telling people where to give money, but if there is to be a spotlight shed on me, then I’d like to direct that spotlight onto causes I think are worthy or onto interesting, progressive figures.