worthy imperial ipa


Worthy “Imperial IPA”

88 B+

This self titled Imperial IPA is brewed with a total of eight hop varieties, each locally sourced from the Willamette valley in Oregon. I would first like to thank Worthy Brewing for their personal donation of this bottle. Aromas deliver a pleasant West Coast hop vibe with clear suggestions of grapefruit, plenty of dank herbs, and hints of tropical fruit (pineapple). Malts contribute a heavy note of sugary sweetness.

The palate makes its introduction with a character like fresh-cut grass, while malts begin constructing a strong support beam of thick pale grains with caramel-like sweetness. A lofty bitterness begins to settle, followed immediately by a sour highlight reminiscent of lemonade, grapefruit juice, and green apple. Tropical fruits rise up, paired with a considerable amount sweetness, which helps to balance the bitterness. A duet of bitter and sour resonates into the finish, where an herbal body makes its final remarks with mint and sage. Mouthfeel is juicy, medium-full bodied, held in a balance of wet and dry.

Overall, I think this is an above-average Imperial IPA that takes the sweet route. Despite the strength, it comes across quite smooth and drinkable. Hop flavor is in full-force, but the balance ends up being quite equal, at least in terms of style. I think this is worth trying, even worth a repeat purchase, but there are some issues which prevent a stronger review. Regardless, I wouldn’t mind drinking this again one day, and I recommend you hop heads give it a shot if you’re ever in Oregon.

Known Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Crystal, Meridian, Horizon, Cascade, Santiam, Sterling


85 IBU

Bend, Oregon