Worth the Wait.

I think sex is so beautiful…in the confines of marriage, of course.

Like, that has to be the best thing. To be in love and married having beautiful sex and for God to actually be pleased at and glorified in it all. Man! As a Christian, I feel like so many people are TOLD why they should wait until marriage, but not explained. We were actually discussing in my women’s group (last evening) how many people our age rebel so much because a lot of the time we’re told not to do certain things without a proper, convincing explanation as to why. If more people were explained to about the treasure and beauty of sex within the confines of marriage, it wouldn’t raise as much of a rebellion as just telling them to wait because doing otherwise would be sinning. With that mentality, it leaves people almost believing that sex is bad which isn’t true. Sex is a gift from God specifically for marriage – He’s even created us with organs that are specifically designed for sex – so it isn’t bad. It just needs to be realized, taught, and clarified why the wait is so important. The world will tell you that you need to wait for marriage because you don’t want to have a baby by someone you don’t want to marry, or because you don’t want to catch a sexually transmitted disease…etc. Although you do want to avoid these things, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of your wait. Sexual immorality defiles your temple and offends God (well, it’s a sin and all sins offend God). Even above these things and waiting for your spouse, it’s important to stay pure for yourself and guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23). I haven’t been the purest and although I believe in God for restoration, my faith without works dead (James 2:17). So if it’s going to cause me to lust, I’m FLEEING! Lol. (1 Corinthians 6:18) It’s really not the easiest thing, but I’m protecting my purity and my future marriage AT ALL COST. I have mad love for y'all, but if you post pornography or anything relatively close, I’m probably going to unfollow you. :( Nothing personal; just guarding my heart. It’s not even just that. I’m even starting to filter my music choices as well. Like, it’s a daily fight y'all. Purity will not be handed to you. You can’t just ask God for it, you have to fight and sacrifice for it as well. 

Anyway, I’m venturing off into so many things, lol. I’ll end with this: “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be un-defiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” (Hebrews 13:4)

Honestly, the most difficult girls are the ones that are worth it. They maybe hard to put up with, but they’re the girls that’ll put up a fight for you and they’ll keep fighting until they win. They may be argumentative, but they’re the girls that’ll get over things because they can’t stay mad at you for any longer than 5 minutes. They
may be stubborn, but they’re the
girls who wouldn’t give up on you no matter how bad the situation is. They may be emotional, but they’re the girls who will always be straight up with how they feel no matter how brutal it may be. They may be crazy,
but they’re the girls who stand up for you and have your back through
thick and thin. They may be insecure, but they’re the girls who have enough confidence to know no girl can love you better than they can. They may be hard to understand, but they’re the girls that’ll try to help you understand why they love you so much.
—  Tony ‘Teddie’ Nguyen

I’d be locked in my room just listening to his music and wished to meet him… thinking to myself it’d be a long time for that to happen, but I waited. His music has been so inspiring to me from the beginning so when I seen that he said he was coming to Illinois, I HAD TO BE THERE! I got my ticket as soon as I found out and literally counted down the days… I’m from the S.S of Chicago, he came to Elgin, and being from the hood I never really leave outside of Chicago so yes, I got lost… took a two hour roadtrip… I’m not the party type but waited inside that party til midnight just to see him perform… waited an extra hour to personally meet him and the fact I had to be up the next day before 6am, was not even on my mind. it was all worth it to me. he’s truly an amazing person, very humble with a great personality. I’m glad I finally got to meet him. my summer couldn’t have started any better than this. thanks for coming ans please come again! ♥♥♥