worthless youth

demonqueenofazuchi  asked:

Has Jack ever been humiliated by someone before? Or did someone embarrass him...? If so, how did he deal with it? (I am such a curious person)

       oh Jack has been humiliated plenty of times, and you really have to look no further than Teague to find the main culprit of it, especially in his youth. Teague would always make Jack feel ‘young and foolish,’ to quote TPOF, and I think it’s being repeatedly humiliated and made to feel worthless in his youth that gave Jack the thick skin he has in the movies – which is ultimately epitomised by the moment when Norrington attempts to deride and humiliate Jack by calling him the ‘worst pirate’ he’s ever heard of, to which Jack claps back ‘but you have heard of me’ and turns it around very quickly. one thing Jack learned was not to take shit from people ( or to dish it back out to them with twice the venom B)) ) because otherwise you will be completely trampled on, particularly in the life he leads.

       so, as a result, he hates to be made a fool out of ( hence why it’s actually a very difficult thing to accomplish ). it’s fine if he’s deliberately playing the fool in order to encourage others to underestimate him, but to deliberately show him up or try to undermine his authority as captain on board his ship angers him a lot tbqh. the only person in canon who can humiliate him with ease and without challenge is Teague, and that all stems back to the abuse that he suffered as a child.