worthless drivel

alright we're gonna have a long discussion about terezi pyrope.

i have seen so much terrible, worthless drivel from the homestuck fandom in the last week and it’s time for us to have a much, much needed conversation. buckle up children! this is gonna be a long and angry ride.

here’s the cold hard truth of the matter – the way the majority of this fandom treats terezi pyrope as a victim of abuse makes me sick.

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On NBC relationships (specifically, Community).

Okay, guys. I know I missed the boat on Community. My parents got really into it right away (Chevy Chase) and urged me to watch it, but I never did until recently. And tonight I finished the season 1 finale.

I like the show. Troy and Abed are a cute couple. Britta is a lot like me, a cat-crazed buzzkill. And I’ve liked Joel McHale since The Soup, so I don’t mind watching him play himself as Jeff Winger. But I think the relationship thing is played out and already dumb.

I can’t speak for season two since I haven’t started it yet, but I just didn’t like the senseless love triangle? quadrangle? at the end of season one. Slater should have disappeared permanently after they broke up; there wasn’t much meat to that plotline to begin with. Britta and Jeff are compatible enough characters and likeable enough to get together, Jim-and-Pam-style, only less cute and more obvious because, let’s face it, it’s been done (see: Jim and Pam). I was genuinely happy when their paintballing experience took a turn.

But Britta proclaiming her “love” for Jeff at a school dance annihilates her character thus far. It made her seem petty and boy-crazy, and that’s never been what she is. And Annie and Jeff? Dumb. It’s a completely unnecessary twist, lends nothing to either character, and further drives the female side of the cast to revolve around Jeff, which is silly because they’re independent characters.

It’s incestuous and overdone. I don’t need romantic plotlines in my NBC comedies; if I wanted them, I’d watch Gilmore Girls. And trust me, I’d watch Gilmore Girls.

P.S. I’m not that into the idea of Leslie and Ben, either. Sorry Parks.

Worthless drivel @ Chateau

Leo was pushing papers around with knife, touching the blade to them and then cutting through the to be destroyed papers. A sharp sound as the edge tore through the documents. There wasn’t anything of use to anyone on them. All of his important papers were already stored safely away, bringing him up to speed in the Chateau and in a majority of the city. “Worthless, worthless, nonsense.” His eyes lifted to the shape in the doorway. “What?” He put the papers down and put the knife through them into the wood of the desk with a loud thunk.