Completed all my tasks today

  • Went with my mother errywhere!
  • Got a pretty pedicure
  • Bought all the necessary ingredients for attempting Italian Sausage Pasta recipe
  • Successful creation of aforementioned dish
  • Got X3: The Last Stand from Netflix…and currently viewing said movie
  • Tried out Color Club nail polish in both Worth the Risque and Wild at Heart. (Btdubz, pretty pleased with both, actually, thrilled!!! Risque was so opaque I just needed ONE coat, it was insane. Wild at Heart turned out way better on my nails than some of the swatches I’ve seen online. I shall show my tumblr audience soon!)
  • Ordered BM Image Plates, to go along with my dotter tool and stamper set!

After this, I’m pretty sure it’s unnecessary to get any cosmetics except for

  • Nail Lacquer in pink, light blue, and neutrals. Quite possibly more holographic would be awesome.
  • Palladio Herbal eyeshadow primer
  • Some sort of shine serum
  • Really leaning towards feather extensions