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Hakyona Week || Day 7: Family

↳ “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” - Richard Bach - Hak & Yona + the rest of the Happy Hungry Bunch

3k+ of a Zimbits AU

AU where Bitty is a food blogger/vlogger (okay so it’s not that au yet). He’s all about pies, and sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for you food which tastes amazing. But he’s also into following trends and health food is the next big one. Superfoods, and vegan diets and all that stuff (turning slightly au now). So he starts mixing in some more health focused recipes alongside his usual stuff. But it’s still based around the sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for-you stuff. So it’s vegan chocolate cakes with ingredient substitutions that actually are mouth-wateringly good, and faux fruit mince pies with nuts, and just, really tasty ‘dessert’ and ‘treat’ type foods that are, like, healthy.

So while that’s going on, Georgia assistant GM for The Falconers, and their nutritionist - let’s call her Martha - are at the end of their tether with hockey players who rue their meals plans and dietary restrictions. They’re basically whiny and Georgia and Martha did not sign up for this. So Martha, whose been following Bitty’s vlog for almost a year now, suggests that Georgia contacts him to see if he’s willing to partner with Martha and actually figure out some recipes that are not going to make the team go crazy from carb overload and sugar withdrawal.

So that’s the premise. But this is really a Jack/Bitty story. So…

Bitty is flustered because he played hockey in college and he still keeps up with it and he really appreciates how The Falconers are progressing as a team. And Jack Zimmermann, first out athlete in the NHL, is on that team so Bitty has a soft spot for him the team. So after asking for some time to think it over, and then using that time to panic and swear and ring up his parents, he accepts the offer.

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Ford Safety Week Day 7: Ford and his whole family <3

Headcanon: Ford is QUITE STRONG after 30 years surviving in other dimensions! Usually he keeps it on the down-low because he wants to let Stan still be “the strong twin,” but when it comes to being overjoyed about his family, sometimes an extreme, lift-4-people-off-the-ground-at-once group hug is required :)

Fiddleford is here because family doesn’t only mean blood relatives, and I think these are the 4 people he cares about the most <3

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The Midna in BotW AU that you did, Midna returns after another hundred years (another complication with the Mirror of Twilight) and she find Link, Riju and Zelda with Wolf Link, who goes in full doggo mode when he sees Midna again (I headcanon that when wolf Link is around, it's the spirit of the previous hero watching over the new).

Part 1 Here

Something had gone wrong. The link that the Twili mages had managed to reestablish with the world of light had turned out to be a fragile one, but now that they knew how to accomplish it, the task or recreating the bridge between worlds proved to be a simple one. Whereas the first connection had taken five years to engineer, this new one was completed in a matter of days. Of course, there was no telling how much time had passed for Hyrule during that time. With luck, it would have been just enough for the Calamity to have been dealt with.

Taking a deep breath, Midna stepped through the portal and into the light.

She was greeted with an eruption of sand and a terrible roar. Ruins dotted the desert around her as a massive beast leapt from the dunes and came crashing down again, pursuing or pursued by several women harnessed to what seemed to be some kind of tusked, sand dwelling mount. One of them, somewhat shorter than the rest and wearing a familiar helmet jumped from her steed, reaching out towards the beast with a single hand.

With a snap of her fingers, lighting splayed out from her outstretched hand and was sent coursing through the monster. Letting out a final rumble, the beast fell silent, its skin turning black as night before vanishing in a haze of smoke.

“That should be the last of the Moldulga,” the young warrior called to her companions. “With the Calamity gone, they shouldn’t be able to return to life as they had before.”

The largest of them stepped forward and lay a hand upon the smaller one’s shoulder in congratulations but, upon noticing Midna, pulled her behind her and raised a spear in defense. “Who are you and what business do you have in these parts? Speak.”

Midna spread her arms wide to show that she was unarmed and meant no ill will. “I am Midna, Princess of Twilight. You are Gerudo, yes? If you would send word to your chief, Urbosa, you will know the truth of my words. She and I are well acquainted though it has been some time since we last spoke.”

“Lies!” the larger one spat, but the smaller held up her hand.

“Buliara, please.” Removing her helm, the small warrior cautiously stepped from behind Buliara. “I’m afraid your words will not reach her, she’s been dead for over a century.”

“Chieftain, please,” Buliara pleaded. “She could be a Yiga spy.”

The chieftain scoffed. “And how many Yiga do you know with blue skin and hair more fiery than our own?”

Stunned, Midna mouthed the words to herself over and over until her voice finally found them. “A century… how can it have been that long? It only took three days to get the gateway functional again. There’s no way it could have been that long.”

Pushing past Buliara’s protests, the chieftain stepped forward. “I am Riju, chieftain of the Gerudo. You must forgive my Captain of the Guard, recent events have left her quite paranoid.”

Midna snapped out of her confusion. “Y-yes, of course. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Riju. You must forgive me, I must have been away longer than I thought.”

Riju grinned. “You are in luck, Princess. Tonight is the night of a great feast, a celebration of our success in routing the Moldulga from our sands.” As she said this, her chest swelled with pride. “With the Calamity gone, we’ve finally been able to take back our desert from Ganon’s horde. Please, join us.”

“Yes, I think that would be lovely.” Doing her best to ignore Buliara’s death glare, Midna walked beside the chieftain as they made their way towards the town in the distance.

The feast was held under the Seven Heroines and began as the sun sank to meet the desert sands. A large bonfire blazed in the center of the memorial and all around Hylian men and Gerudo women drank, danced and sang. With ever step and every note you could feel that these were people who had spent too much of their time living in fear and worry. Now, freed from both, they could not help but express their joy and excitement with every fiber of their being.

Midna sat to Riju’s right, enjoying simply watching the festivities and dining upon the wide variety of food that had been prepared. Even with all the merriment surrounding them, thoughts itched at the back of the Princess’s mind. Thoughts of the Champions she had befriended and the century she had missed.

“You speak as though the Calamity’s defeat is a recent one, and yet the Champions have been dead for over one hundred years,” Midna pondered out loud. “Why is that?”

“Because the Champions lost,” Riju replied. “Revali, Mipha, Daruk and even my grandmother, Urbosa. They all fell to the Calamity when it turned their own weapons against them. For a century all we could do was wait for Ganon to finally grow tired of Hyrule castle and come for the rest of us.”

Midna frowned. “But then how was he defeated? I know first hand of how powerful he can be, what stopped him from taking all of Hyrule from the start?”

Riju smiled. “Because not all of the Champions had been defeated as we first thought.” 

Before Midna could ask what she meant, trumpets sounded. 

“Ah, here they come now.” Riju pointed towards the edge of the circle. A pair of blue standards had appeared bearing the crest of Hyrule and a small honor guard of Sheikah approached, flanking two riders on horseback. “I suppose we’ll get to find out if you are who you say you are after all.”

Midna could only stare dumbfounded as the two figures dismounted and pulled back their hoods, revealing Zelda and Link. They looked almost exactly as she remembered them. Rising from her place at Riju’s side, Midna crossed the distance quickly.

The Sheikah initially moved to block Midna’s path but a surprised gasp and a dismissive motion from Zelda sent them back into the shadows.

“Midna? I thought we’d never meet again.”

“I had begun to think likewise, Princess.” Midna offered a respectful curtsy, as one Princess to another. “Given how much time I discovered had past since my last visit, it is remarkable to find you and your knight still in the prime of your youth.”

A shadow of grief flickered across Zelda’s face. “I would gladly trade away my youth if it meant regaining what we lost.”

“Excuse me,” Link said, brushing past the two of them and taking a seat on Riju’s left, the two of them beginning to chat joyfully.

“What happened?” Midna asked. Something about the knight’s behavior disturbed her.

“It’s simple, really,” Zelda began. “We lost. All of our faith had been put in the strength of our machines and achievements but in the end it was those same devices that proved to be our undoing. The Champions lay dead and even Link was nearly lost. Thankfully we had the technology to preserve and restore him but…”

Midna frowned, a glimmer of a memory echoing in her mind. “Something was lost.”

“Yes. The healing process worked wonders, brought him back from the brink of death. Hope was kept alive at the cost of all of his memories, everything he knew about his past life. About you, about me and about everyone he ever cared about.”

“I don’t think I could bear for him to look at me as you described,” Mipha’s words echoed in Midna’s mind. “To see me without knowing me.”

Midna pulled the distraught princess into an embrace. “I’m sorry. I can see you grew to care for him during your struggles and I know how much pain it must bring you for him to look upon you without really seeing you.”

Zelda took a deep breath and regained her composure. “It’s quite alright. He’s different now, of course. Perhaps even better. I suppose in some ways his memories may have been a burden, bringing with them a pressure to succeed. This version of him is more alive and full of wonder than the Link I knew and he seems better for it.” The princess smiled, a look of resolve entering her face. “Now, is this a party or isn’t it? I’m going to join in the festivities.” Pulling away from Midna she twirled into a group of dancers and joined them in their frantic movements.

The night grew older and most of the celebrants had settled into quieter enjoyment of food and drink, punctuated by short bursts of laughter. Feeling restless, Midna made her way away from the circle of light and found herself wandering just outside the crowd.

Sounds of quiet laughter and rapid footsteps across sand drew her attention and the Princess discovered Link with the Gerudo Chieftain together, playing with a large dog of some sort. 

I suppose he always was a dog person, in this life or any other. Midna mused to herself. A breeze kicked up behind her, blowing towards the playful trio.

The dog froze in its tracks, turning slowly to face Midna. Cautiously, it took a few tentative steps towards her. It was bigger than Midna had first realized. More of a wolf than a dog. 

As the silver moonlight caught the wolf’s face, Midna’s breath caught in her throat. Radiant beams reflected off the white markings upon the wolf’s brow, catching its brilliant blue eyes which shined as sapphires. 

It couldn’t be…

A heartbeat passed between them and then the wolf was bounding forward, an anxious excitement rippling through its whole body. Midna collapsed to her knees and embraced it in her arms.

“My hero…” she whispered.

The wolf, Link, her Link, panted and whined and smothered Midna with his tongue. Tears welled in her eyes as she simply pulled the wolf further into her embrace.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry, I never should have left.”

The other Link approached the two of them, Riju trailing slightly behind. “I uh… guess you two know each other?”

Blinking through the tears, Midna looked up and nodded. “He is a very dear friend, one I thought lost to me.”

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises,” Link said to the wolf, bending down and ruffling his canine ears.

Midna could hardly get the question out. “Please, tell me. How did you find him?”

Link shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not entirely sure. I remember waking up in the Shrine of Resurrection and he was just kind of there, waiting for me outside. Zelda thinks he may be some kind of guide or spirit animal sent by the Goddess, but I don’t know.”

“Would you mind if I spend some time with him?” Midna asked. “I think we have a lot of catching up to do.”

“That’s really up to him,” Link said with a grimace. “He kind of does what he wants.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem,” Midna said. She gazed down at the Wolf-Link. “I have a feeling he’s missed me just as much as I have him, if not more so.”

Wolf-Link simply wagged his tail in response.

The other Link straightened, clearly befuddled. “Well, I guess I’ll just leave you two to it then. It’s getting late anyway.” Riju took his arm and started guiding him back towards the festivities. “Make sure you take care of him,” Link called back over his shoulder. “And try not to spoil him too much, he might get an attitude.”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” Midna said, giving Wolf-Link a sly grin. “After all we’ve both put up with much worse from each other before.”

Wolf-Link let out a dog groan and gave her what could only be the closest thing he could manage to an “Are you kidding me?” look he could manage with his canine features.

They remained seated together for several hours until the dawn found them fast asleep, nestled against each other. For the first time in five years that had lasted countless millennia, Midna felt at peace.

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