worth it tho


It’s gonna be okay Jirou, the only reason he brought it up to begin with is that he’s tired of listening to Kaminari whining about you anyway

when calum sang “we’ve got our whole lives but livin’ ain’t cheap” i felt that shit in my soul AND my bank account

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I did another animated fake screenshot because someone wanted to know how!


also I love underverse so much

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You fell in love with a boy
with half broken bones,
with damaged hands you couldn’t hold.

You fell in love with the ocean
he hid between his ribs, disguised as a stream.
You’d drink salt water from his palms if he asked
and still kiss him with the raw red of your mouth, 
like the horizon kisses the curve of the world.

He fell in love with a boy
with sulphur in his veins, with a laugh like glass,
sharp enough to the touch that the edges burn.

He fell in love with your sunburst soul,
half-blinded by the brightness you tried to hide,
but you cannot lie to a boy who built his whole life
around restraining the truth, and even at your darkest
he never believed you were the black hole 
left behind when a star died.

He has met black holes and supernovas alike
and neither could compare to the last flicker
of a flame you shelter between your teeth.

His kisses never steal it,
only coax it closer to life. Every touch of his fingers
is oxygen blooming in your blood. You learn how to be light,
how to let warmth into your smile, and he learns
that fire doesn’t always hurt when it burns.



Got a few asks about Helen being a mom, what their first kid was like, making the transition from superhero life to parent hood, ideas in that general vicinity.

This is part 1 of probably a 2 or 3 part thing that i’m drawing out. It’s going to get a bit emotional so be prepared ;)) this first one is just setting the up the context.