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Slippery (Grayson)

ALWAYS • A Grayson Dolan one-shot series.


You laid back on your bed, the one you shared with your boyfriend, Grayson, and closed your eyes. It had been the longest day and you thought your work day would never come to an end. You had spent majority of your shift running errands for your snobby boss, even as far as grabbing her coffee. It was a job which you had sworn you had too much pride for but recently moving to L.A. you took whatever you could get. Needless to say you were absolutely exhausted. You thought the only way to ease your mind was to take a calm, relaxing, and steamy shower. Something you did when you were stressed and overwhelmed, much like today. Grayson wasn’t expected to be home from the warehouse for another hour or so and you contemplated waiting to shower with him but the grime you were starting to feel on your skin said otherwise.

You grabbed a towel out of the linen closet, silently cursing Grayson for the mountains of clothes you had to step over just to reach it. Living with an eighteen year old, well two eighteen year old boys, was not easy but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You didn’t regret dropping everything to live there, not even for a second. 

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Meant For Each Other

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader (female)

Summary: reader is finishing school while trainer with The Avengers. She and Bucky are close friends and both have feelings for each other but are too afraid to say anything. When reader is injured during a mission drill, Bucky insists on taking care of her. Feelings surface more and they are forced to discuss the situation. 

Warnings: injuries, blood (i think), mentions of self doubt, LOTS of FLUFF 
also, I didn’t edit this so I apologize if there are any mistakes.

*Reader POV* 

“Can you not, Stark?” I said as Tony continued to probe me with his new invention. 

“I need to test it on someone,” he replied. 

“Well, I’m not in the mood to be poked and shocked.” 

“It;s not shocking you. It’s sending waves through your body to see how it effects the neural system. And it looks like it’s giving negative feedback.” 

“Why don’t you do this to Steve or Bucky. Someone who won’t be brain damaged if it doesn’t work.” 

Just as I said that, Bucky walked into the room and said, “my brain has been tampered with enough already so I think I’ll pass.” 

I felt like an idiot for saying what I said. But how could I have known Bucky was going to walk into the room? 

I felt my heart stop, and skip a beat. I’ve liked Bucky for longer than I can remember. He was my best friend, which made it harder to hold those feelings back. Other than Steve, I am the only one who has seen Bucky as himself. The nightmares, the good days, the bad days. That goofy he smile he gets when we joke around. And all the intimate moments we’ve had. 

Not intimate like sex, even though I dream about more often than I care to admit. But intimate like telling our dreams and fears. When I fall sleep next to him, or when he comforts me, or vice versa. Those to me are way more intimate than having sex because you have to be able to trust the person to not betray you when you let your guard down. 

Bucky and I are close. We do things like a couple. He cares for me and is over protective, and so am I. But neither one of us has mentioned feelings. Despite what Steve says, I am afraid to lose what I already have with Bucky. So I keep my mouth shut. 

Tony hit another button on his toy and it sent another shock through my body. “Dammit, Tony. Get these things off my face,” I said. “I’ve had a really bad day and I just want to relax.” 

“But I-” 

“Tony, take it off. She’s looking pale and like she’s ready to pass out,” Bucky said. He had that look in his eyes. The one he has when he’s on the verge of getting angry. None of us dare to mess with him when he has that look. 

“Fine,” Tony said and detached me from his device and left the common room. 

I sighed and stood up, walking past Bucky and to my room. I shut the door, not realizing that Bucky may have wanted to talk. But the day I had was shit and I just needed to be alone for a few minutes since Tony took up most of my time I was supposed to have for myself. 

I laid down on my bed and drifted off to sleep. 


About an hour later, I heard a light knock on my door. It woke me from my slumber, but I was too groggy to move. I knew it was Bucky. It was never anyone else. 

The door opened and shut. I felt the bed dip, and the cool touch of Bucky’s metal hand. He took the spot next to me, then pulled me onto him so my head was resting on his chest. I took in his familiar scent and immediately felt comforted. 

“How are you feeling,” he asked. “Did the nap help?” 

“Well, it wasn’t finished so I wouldn’t know.” I meant it as a joke, but I was still tired and mumbled the words and it didn’t have the effect I wanted it to. 

“Awe, I’m sorry,” he cooed. He brushed his lips over the top of my head. But that’s all it was. A brush. Never quite a kiss. 

“It’s okay. I just had a long day and coming home to Tony’s bullshit didn’t help at all. 

“What happened at school today?” 

I yawned and said, “I have a history final coming up in a week and my professor gave us a mock exam today for practice and I completely blew it. I got like maybe a quarter of the answers correct and this shit is worth fifty percent of my grade. I’m screwed, Buck.” 

“No, you’re not,” he said, his flesh hand massaging my back. “I’ll help you study. Did you forget that I’m a century old? I lived through half the stuff your learning. I even caused some of it…” he said the last sentence kind of hushed. 

“Oh yeah. You don’t look a day over ninety-nine,” I joked. 

“Gee, thanks.” 

“You’re welcome,” I said and looked up at his face. His icy blue eyes stared down at me and I watched as a smile crept onto his face. “What?” I asked. 

“Nothing. There’s just a certain glow about you tonight.” 

I looked away, embarrassed and my cheeks turning hot. I love it when he compliments me like that. I sat up and stared forward. I tried to supress the ecstatic smile with a small one. 

“Was it something I said?” 

“What? Oh, no. Not at all, Buck. You’re just one of the very few people that actually treat me like a person.” 

“You are a person, (y/n). You’re my person. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

I smiled again. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds. We leaned into each other, but stopped a few inches short. “I… uhh… I’m gonna get something to eat. Do you want anything?” 

“No,” I said. “I’m not hungry. I think I’ll just get ready for bed.” I was slightly disappointed that what I wanted ti happen, didn’t. 

“Alright. Get some rest. Don’t forget we have that mission drill in the morning.” I nodded. Bucky got up and started making his way to the door. “Come get me if you need anything.” I nodded again and Bucky. I fell back on my bed and groaned. 

“Just tell him,” I heard Steve shout from his bedroom which was next to mine. I rolled my eyes and groaned again. 


I groaned and stood up. Tony just blasted me with one of the new cannons on his suit. “I’m on your team, you idiot!” I shouted. 

“I’m sorry. I guess I like using you as a test dummy,” he shouted back. 

“Fuck off, Stark!” 

“(y/n), watch your language,” Steve said as he walked up behind me. “We need to get the flag.” 

“So this is a game of capture the flag. How mature.” 

“Essentially, yes. But in this case the flag is supposed to represent a new, highly dangerous weapon.” 

“And we want it why?” 

“So the bad guys don’t get it and take over the world,” he said and gave me a small smile. 

“Got it,” I nodded. I watched as Tony blasted the Hulk into the air. 

“I’ll take the left and create a diversion. You’ll take the right. You’ll need to keep an eye out for Nat, but Vision with have you covered for the most part. Bucky will be waiting for you on the other side. Then you two need to get passed Hawkeye and take the weapon. Got it?” 

“Yeah. Let’s go.” I ran out. I took my gun and shot a water tank sitting near by. The thing exploded and water pooled onto the street, soaking Thor completely. 

I saw Bucky, and I thought I was in the clear when Nat roundhouse kicked me to the ground. 

“You need to have eyes everywhere,” she advised. “But good call on the water tank.” 

It took me a few minutes, but eventually I got her tired enough. One good blow to her face sent her to the ground long enough for me to reach Bucky. I took off after that. But the Hulk picked me up and through me fifty feet to where Bucky was. I hit hard. I couldn’t move at first, then I felt a cool metal hand on my skin. 

“(y/n), are you okay?” 

“I can’t move, Bucky. My… my chest. And my head.” 

Bucky touched my right side and I screamed. “You might have broken a couple of ribs.” 

“The flag…” 

“Forget the flag. You need medical attention.” 

“What’s going on,” Steve asked. 

“(y/n)’s down,” Bucky responded. She can’t move.” 

“Alright. She’s done. Take her to the med bay and I’ll take over from here.” 

Bucky picked me up gently and carried me back. 


I laid in my bed in pain. I had a concussion and three cracked ribs. I was beyond irritated. I was doing so well and for me to blow a fake mission… Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a part of the Avengers.  

I stood up, wincing as I moved. My ribs didn’t hurt as much as they did when it first happened. I was trying to find my history notebook and textbook. I figured I should study if I was going to be stuck in bed for the next couple of days. I remembered I had left them in my backpack. It was hard to bend over, so I squatted down. But before I could reach my bag, someone took hold of my arm and pulled me up. I turned to find Bucky. He had insisted on taking care of me. 

“What are you doing out of bed?” 

“Getting my notebook.” 

“You need to get back in bed,” he said sternly. 

“I need to study,” I said back. 

“(y/n), don’t argue with me. Get back in bed.” 

“No,” I deadpanned and turned back towards my bag. I winced as I tried to bend down again. 

“Why are you always so stubborn?” 

“Why can’t you just leave me alone? You’re not my boss, you’re not my boyfriend. You can’t tell me what to do!” I stared at Bucky’s face. I don’t yell at him often. Especially not like that. But these injuries have made me very irritable and the fact that I’ve been around Bucky for most of the day didn’t help either.  

“Guess I’ll have to change that then,” he growled. His hands came up to my face and he crashed his lips against mine. His lips were softer than I imagined. He kissed me slowly, passionately. I would have wrapped my arms around his neck, but lifting them would hurt too much. So I just clutched his shirt in my fists. He tasted so good. Sweet and warm. Like freshly made cotton candy. He pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. “Please, get back in bed,” he asked gently. 

“Okay,” was all I said. He helped me back into bed. He sat next to me, sitting so that I could rest on his chest comfortably. 

“I’m sorry, Bucky.” I said. “I’m just… I’m mad at myself. I’ve been doing so well in training and then I blow a fake mission. It makes me think that I’m not meant for this. And I’m a coward because I was never able to admit my feelings for you, and then they just kept piling up. And school… I know I’m doing good, but I can feel myself slipping and I don’t know what to do.” 

Bucky kissed the top of my head. Finally. “You were picked for this team for a reason. It was just a fluke. Banner should have never tossed you like that. It wasn’t your fault. And school, I’ll help you with that. I already told you I would.” He paused. “And I was no better with confessing my feelings. I’ve loved you longer than I can remember. I was scared of losing you by saying anything, so I just didn’t.” 

“I love you too, Bucky.” 

“Good,” he said and kissed my head again. “Whatever it is, we can get through it together. As for studying, you have time. Right now you need to sleep and recover from your head injury.” 

“Fine,” I yawned. 

“Go to sleep. I’ll be right here. I’m not gonna go anywhere. Except maybe the bathroom at some point…” 

I chuckled, and then sucked in a breath of pain. “Don’t make me laugh! It hurts too much.” 

Bucky chuckled in return. “I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep my charm to a minimum.” 

I rolled my eyes, but kept a smile on my face. 

“Sweet dreams, doll.” 

“Hmm,” I hummed before I fell asleep in Bucky’s arms


Summary: Ian has a panic attack after seeing Terry, and Mickey shocks everyone by the way he helps Ian calm down. 

Word Count: 1831

“Lip!” Mandy screams from the shared bedroom in the Gallagher household.

“What, Mandy? I’m doing something!” Lip yells back to his girlfriend from the kitchen where he is feeling his youngest brother Liam.

She screams for him again. “It’s Ian. Come here now!” The eldest Gallagher boy hears the panic in her voice and runs up the stairs and into Ian, Carl, and Liam’s bedroom. When he enters he finds Ian sitting on the ground against the wall and holding his legs to his chest. He’s rocking back and forth and violently sobbing. “He ran into the house a few minutes ago so I ran up after him. He was doing this when I found him.”

“Hey, bud,” Lip processes Mandy’s words and tries to approach his redheaded brother.

Suddenly, Ian stops shaking and tenses up completely. “Leave me alone!” He cries.

“I’ll call Fi,” the girl says and exits the bedroom.

“Hey, Mands, tell Carl and Debs to stay downstairs and watch Liam.” Mandy nods.

Lip tries to talk to his distresses brother again. “Wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?”

Ian shakes his head. “Go away. Go away!” He struggles to breathe through the tears.

The older brother frowns at this sight. He doesn’t know what caused this or how he can help it. Praying for Fiona to arrive soon he sits and watches his brother, and thinks of what to do.

“She’ll be here in ten,” Mandy reenters. She looks at her best friend softly. “Hey, fuckhead, wanna say what’s on your mind?” She forces a smile, but Ian ignores her and begins shaking again.

“Fuck,” Lip says.

* * *

Fiona walks in the front door to see Carl, Debbie, and Liam on the couch watching television. She can tell they know something is going on because Carl is gripping the edge of the couch tightly and Debbie’s body looks very stiff. Fortunately, they know when something is worth joking about and when it is not, so they keep their mouths shut and wait.

“Hey, guys, where’s Ian?”

Debbie turns her head quick to look at her sister. “Upstairs in his room.”

“Fi,” Carl says. “What’s going on? Mandy seemed scared.”

The oldest sibling kisses each of their heads. “Sounded like he’s having a panic attack. We’ll figure it out and calm him down.” She smiles weakly. “He’s okay, just a little shaken up right now.” The kids nod and watch their sister make her way up the stairs.

She steps in the room to find Lip and Mandy staring at Ian with sympathetic faces. Her face falls when she sees her brother crying and shaking in the corner of the room. “How long has he been like this?”

“About twenty minutes.”

Fiona sets her purse down on the bed, and inches towards her brother. “Hey, Ian.” When he doesn’t respond, she steps closer. “You okay? Wanna talk about it?” She studies him trying to figure out if he can even hear her, but she doesn’t think he can.

She turns back to the other two people in the room. “Do we just wait until he calms down? I mean anxiety attacks normally pass, don’t they?” Mandy suggests.

“The fuck has got him so worked up?” Lip cringes at the thought of what could have possibly hurt his brother so badly to cause this reaction.

* * *

Mickey makes his way to the Gallagher’s front door in hopes to see Ian. He feels bad for ignoring Ian since the day everything went down with his dad, but he hates dealing with his feelings. He’s never cared about anyone before, so he tries to keep it that way, but it didn’t seem to be working.

He had a plan to walk in and ask where his sister was. He assumed that Ian would be with Mandy since they’re practically connected at the hip. It’s very convenient sneaking with someone who’s always around, just happens to be difficult as well.

Mickey walks into the house, and looks around. When he sees the younger few of the Gallagher clan, he walks in front of them to get their attention. “Where’s Mandy?”

“U-upstairs.” Debbie says shakily. “Might not want to go up there, Ian’s having a panic attack.”

Carl nods. “It’s real bad. Barely fucking speaking, but we keep hearing him cry.”

Mickey suddenly feels his heart drop. How bad? What happened? He runs up the stairs, completely disregarding Debbie’s protests. When he gets to the bedroom, he sees Mandy, Lip, and Fiona surrounding his secret lovers.

Is trying to help out worth letting everyone know who he truly is? Is Ian worth it? Of course.

“Get out of my way,” Mickey says harshly. “Let me talk to him.”

Fiona scoffs. “Why the hell would I let you talk to him? You’re Mickey fucking Milkovich.”

“Guys, move. He needs to talk to him, Fi,” Lip says and Mickey nods.. He’s the only one who knows of the relationship. Fiona and Mandy share confused and frustrated looks, but they both step out of the way.

Mandy looks to her boyfriend. “What the fuck does my brother want to do with Ian?” Lip ignores her and they all watch to see what Mickey is going to do.

“Hey, Gallagher.” Mickey cautiously approaches the redhead. “What’s up?”

Ian begins to cry harder. He covers his eyes and tries to catch his breath, but it seems nearly impossible. Mickey’s heart is breaking looking at Ian like this. Giving no shits about the others, he sits on the ground in front of Ian and prys his hands away from his eyes.

“Hey, hey, baby, I’m here,” he says softly. “Come on, baby, look at me. I’m here.” Ian’s shaky breaths begin to slow, and his eyes slowly open. “Can you tell me what happened?”


Mickey feels anger bubbling in his chest as Ian tries to say the Milkovich father’s name. “Fuck,” he whispers.

“Listen to me, okay?” Ian nods. “You’re going to breathe with me. I’m going to count to ten and after each number we’re going to take a deep breath, okay?” Ian nods again.

Mickey grabs both of Ian’s hands in his own. “One,” they take a deep breath. “Two,” they breathe. “Now count with me,” Mickey says. “Three,” they say together. Once they get to ten, Ian is a little bit calmed down but still clearly shaken up. “Now what were you saying about Terry.”

Ian closes his eyes and tries to speak. “I-I saw him. He came into the Kash n Grab with–with a gun.” Mickey tightens his grip on Ian when he hears this. “I snuck out the back after I heard him threaten to kill me.”


“I couldn’t even run to you because you didn’t want anything to do with me. I thought you hated me.” Ian chokes up another sob and digs his face into Mickey’s chest. “I thought you left me,” his voice cracks.

Mickey pulls him closer than he thought was possible. “Hey, I’m never leaving you. This is it for me, you understand? You and me, right? I’m not ever leavin’ you, Ian, I’m not. I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry for making you think otherwise.”

“I-I know you don’t want to hear this but I really love you, Mick.” Ian looks into Mickey’s eyes and expects him to run when he hears those words.

Mickey knows that Ian thinks he’s going to bolt after those words were said, which hurts him. How could he have treated him so badly? He knows he doesn’t deserve the love that Ian Gallagher is offering him, but he hopes that he can be good enough for him in the future. This boy meant everything to him. Instead of ignoring the words or leaving, he grabs Ian’s face and kisses him passionately. He felt all of Ian’s worries wash out when the kiss deepened. It was the first meaningful kiss they shared, and he loved it.

When they pulled back, the corners of Ian’s mouth began to curve into a grin. Mickey wanted to see a big bright smile, so to help it along, he said, “I really love you too.” Ian’s smile turned so big that Mickey’s heart fluttered. They kissed again and smiled into each others mouth.

Once they separated, Ian noticed everyone else in the room. Their mouths hung wide open. He wondered if Mickey knew they were there, but he assumed not because he couldn’t imagine him spilling his heart out with everyone listening. Mickey gripped his hand though, to tell him he knew they were there and that staying right next to him.

“Shit,” Lip said. “I knew you two were hooking up or whatever, but shit,” he speaks in astonishment. Mickey is surprised he’s not as mad as he should be now that he knows Lip knew about them.

Fiona looks at Mickey, then looks at Ian. “Mickey fucking Milkovich?” She questions Ian and repeats her words from before.

Ian rolls his eyes. “Yes, Fi, ‘Mickey fucking Milkovich.’”

“How long?” Fiona’s mind is racing.

“Three years now,” Ian smirks.

Mandy now looks annoy. “You fucking assholes! Three years and no one told me? This is who you’re always talking about, Ian? My brother!”

“Don’t be mad, Mands,” Ian says apologetically.

“Are you going to tell everyone?” Mickey worries.

She comes closer to the two boys and punches them both hard. “No, fuckhead. Dad would kill you if he knew! I’m mad you didn’t tell me. I’m your fucking sister,” she points at Mickey. “And you,” she points at Ian. “I’m your best friend!”

“You think I’d let him advertise this to anyone in the South Side? Are you fucking stupid?” Mickey snaps. “And dad knows.” He gulped.

Ian nodded. “That’s why he came after me, he caught us the other day,” Ian says sadly. “I thought we were going to die–”

Mickey runs the hands that isn’t holding on to Ian through his boyfriend’s hair. “Don’t got to talk about it. Too fucked up. I don’t want to relive it, and I don’t want you reliving it either.” Ian nods and lets out a breath of relief. Mandy tunes down her anger.

Fiona looks at them sadly. Then she opens her mouth as if she’s about to speak but pauses before starting again. “Did you say three years?”

“Yes, what the fuck,” Mickey exclaims. “He came after me with a crowbar and then we hooked up, not too hard to understand.”

Lip chuckles. “Wow, romantic. I didn’t know things ran so deep between you two.”

“Didn’t want it to,” Mickey looks at his and Ian’s hands. “But look where that got me.” He looks away from Lip. He wishes he wasn’t such a pussy about being with Ian, but then again it proves how strong their relationship really is.

“It runs fucking deep,” Mickey says softly looking at his boyfriend as if he’s speaking to him rather than answering Lip. “Really fucking deep.” Ian smiles at the words.

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Hi, glad that you're joining this lil community here! How about UT/US/UF/SF Skelebros with a S/O who always puts themselves down in a joking way and is okay with other people doing so. But the moment someone puts one of the boys down, their S/O immediately jumps in and tells that person why that isn't true. Doesn't matter who's saying it, their brother, a friend. (They'll stand up against UF!Paps if that means that their skeletal bf feels good about themselves) (Unless that's too many people)

Since my limit is 7 characters, I’ll do the Undertale and Underfell skelebros for ya! ^_^


He’s kind of worried at first, about your self esteem, I mean. When he realises it doesn’t bother you much, he’ll just shrug it off, like he usually does. When he’s put down, he attempts to brush it off, but then you come in. Needless to say, he’s kind of surprised. And kinda grateful. Heh. Thanks, partner in crime.


Like Sans, he shares his concerns with you and immediately tries to turn the sentiment around. He’ll go on with this until he’s unexpectedly put down in return. And before he can even say anything, his partner jumps in and defends him. He’s surprised, to say the least. When the person leaves, he’ll immediately laugh and declare them ‘INCREDIBLY DEVOTED AND LOYAL TO THE PAPYRUS CAUSE!’ Don’t worry about him. His self esteem hasn’t been damaged one bit.


He’ll try to fight them, if they even dare speak a word about his beloved partner. You gotta bone to pick with em, eh, buddy? When he realises you’re not bothered by it, he’ll let it slide, though he’s certainly keeping an eye on those jerks who even so much as dare put you down for this. He doesn’t even have the chance to throw a bone at the person who puts him down as well before you quickly defend his honour. He’s speechless, and just kind of stares and watches with a surprised as hell look on his face. Then he just starts snickering, a smug as hell expression twisted on him as he tells them to beat it, fist-bumping you all the way.


He’s not sure how to handle it, honestly. He can relate to having low self worth, and tries to remind you of how important you are to him. Needless to say, it’s a one way ticket in seeing his softer side to him. When he’s put down, he goes to agree with it- only for his S/O to jump in, defending him. He’s shocked and confused, and only when the person leaves does he refuse to believe what you say. He’s .. a bad person! Why on earth do you not see that?! He’s grumpy about it at first, but then he realises something: if someone as good as you sees so much in him, then surely he can’t be that bad. The least he does is give you a pat on the head before he rushes off begrudgingly. 

Can’t Buy Love (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: For the anon that asked for something spicier with Bruce this is not it! I’m still writing that but it should be done soon c: This one doesn’t have the happiest ending for V-Day, just a lil change of pace~ ♥

Word Count: 832

“Master Bruce, you have-”

“-Bruce!” I roared as I powered through Wayne Manor to make my way to the study.

“… A visitor. I tried to slow her down but I now know the power of a woman on a mission; I’m afraid you’re in for an earful.”

“Thank you, Alfred.”

“Yes, thank you, Alfred. Don’t think you’re off the hook either, I’ve got my own words for you.”

“Yes, miss,” he spoke nervously before pleasantly bowing out of the room, closing the door behind him. I didn’t miss the fleeting look of him wishing Bruce good luck before he left.

“Y/N, how can I help you?”

“You can turn the charm off, Bruce, it won’t work. You need to stop.”

“Stop what?”

“I brought all the gifts you sent me, they’re in the car. You can return them whenever you please.

“And why would I do that?”

“Fine, then keep them; the choice is yours. Just stop what you’re doing.

“I’ve never seen gifts make someone so angry.”

I shrugged casually. “I’m not angry at all, just annoyed.”

“Because I want to send you gifts for Valentine’s Day? I thought that was customary.”

“The more you try to play games here the more annoyed I’ll become, and then I’ll really be angry.”

He smiled to himself and leaned back against his giant desk, placing his hands comfortably in the pockets of his navy blue slacks. “I didn’t think what I was doing was wrong in any way, Y/N. My apologies.”

“Really? Sending me a gift every day so far this week? Did you think I wouldn’t pay attention to what they were, what they represented?” I looked at him incredulously as my heart had a faint ache. “Why are you doing this?”

Finally his face went serious, probably after sensing my mood falling sullen. “I miss you.”

I shook my head. “Gifts aren’t going to correct anything, not gonna make me unsee or magically forget, Bruce.”

“I know.”

“So what, you want to hurt me some more?”

“That’s the very last thing I want to do and you know that, Y/N.”

“Then why are you making me relive those memories with you? Sending me a bottle of the wine we had on our first date, the perfume you liked me to wear…”

“I think you deserve those things.”

“No, Bruce, what I deserve is to be allowed to move on. What I deserve is to carry on with my life without you throwing reminders of you in my face, as if it isn’t hard enough already.”

“If it’s hard maybe that’s for a reason…”

“Absolutely! Because I loved you! Because every moment of my life was spent thinking about you and wanting to build something with you- That doesn’t just fade away, Bruce!”

“I was stupid not to tell you.”

“Yes, you most certainly were.”

“You have to understand I thought I was keeping you safe, Y/N. I couldn’t think of one good reason to tell you-”

“-I don’t know, maybe because we were in a relationship? I thought that’s what people did, you tell me your secrets, you tell me everything that keeps you up at night, good or bad. You definitely don’t live a second life as some masked vigilante, putting your life on the line and not tell your partner about it. What if something serious were to happen to you? What if you got hurt or arrested or… I don’t know what! What, were you just gonna lie your way out of that, too?”

“If lying meant protecting you, I’d do it again.”

“Yeah? Well lying also meant the end of us. Was that worth it?” I stared him in the eye and watched him struggle internally, while his face remained still as stone. He looked down at his feet before looking into the fireplace.

“No. Of course not. I want nothing more than to have you back in my life, back here in the manor, but… “

“You can’t have everything you want, Bruce. I know you don’t hear that often but that is the cold hard truth.”

He nodded. “I know. But I can’t give up the mask, Y/N. Not yet.”

With a sigh I positioned myself upright and began to make my exit. “And it’s not my job to stay ready and waiting until you can.” As I opened the study door to leave, I looked at him over my shoulder. “I’ll have Alfred get the gifts from my car.” I gave him one final glance after a long pause. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Bruce…”

He nodded curtly and gave me half a charming smile. “We’ve had happier…”

I smiled back before turning to leave him with his thoughts, and before I stared into those eyes a moment longer and allowed myself to fall back into old patterns. While I have no intention of waiting for Bruce to give up the mask, I knew I wouldn’t be moving on any time soon…

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request for the angst queen with a prompt where one of the gods take over Noct's s/o's body (like Shiva w Gentiana) and their no longer the person he fell in love with. Also thank you two so much bc you inspired me to start my own side blog (take-pitioss-on-me) and I'd be blessed if y'all would check it out. 💚

Alrighty, while I’d like to point out that Shiva actually is Gentiana, I really really enjoy this concept you’ve suggested. (And I rly rly love Noct ok?) 

This was a difficult one to craft while trying to somewhat stay true to canon— something I always strive to do in some kind of regard. So I had to take some liberties with the (very vague) lore of FFXV. Roll with it my dudes.

SO! With that being said.

On with the pain train!

{1,611 words}

It started after Altissia.

After you finally woke.

The healers said that they were certain you’d never open your eyes again. Noctis never left your side upon waking to find that everything had crumbled around him. He held on to your hand as if it was the only thing keeping him balanced in this wretched world— where heroes die too soon and the innocent far too young.

He had been told by Ignis how it had happened. Who it had been. The same man who stole his eyes and Luna’s life.

The day that you woke, Noctis was resting his forehead in the palm of your limp hand, caressing your wrist when your thumb twitched against his temple. He assumed it to be another one of his fragmented daydreams, the ones where you finally opened your eyes and he took you into his arms.

He realized it to be nothing short of reality when he pulled back, watching your eyes flutter as he gripped your hand. Yes, nothing short of reality because when your clear eyes opened, they were anything but relieved.

You stared at him as if you had lost your mind.

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Practice (NSFW/ANGST)

We’ve been talking for so long. Now, we’re finally here in person. I taste pain and regret in your sweat. You’ve been waiting for me. …I can tell that you’ve been practicing…

Fem!Reader x Gladiolus Amicitia
Inspiration: Practice by Drake
Part 1 of 2
Word Count: 2170
Disclaimer: +18 MA/ Explicit Sexual Content/ Mild Angst/ Language/Mentions of abuse/Proceed at your own discretion

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Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU

It’s me again. Enjoy!

You’re sitting on the edge of the tattoo chair nervously waiting as Shawn preps his station. He places his hand on your knee and gives it a light squeeze. “It’s okay. I’ll take good care of you.” Before you know it, you’re sitting back in the chair and he’s prepping the stencil on your right forearm. You knew you wanted to be able to see your tattoo and when you told him where he flashed a huge grin “Good choice.”

Everything was ready to go and before he began he took your hand and gave it a kiss. “You’re gonna be fine, y/n.” In your mind you knew it could hurt, but didn’t realize how much. You were grateful he stopped once in the middle to take a break, whispering words of encouragement to you as you eyed the piece. It was literally blossoming right in front of you and that was well worth it. “This is incredible,” you breathe out. “Just wait ‘til it’s done, babe,” he smiles.

You’re able to endure the last of the shading, watching the intense focus on his face as he adds more color before it’s finally finished. He sits back as you sit up and stare at the tattoo. A bouquet of your favorite flowers now graces your forearm and you can’t help but smile. “So what do you think?” He asks as he traces his fingers down the side of your arm, along the tattoo. All you can do is lean in and kiss him, catching him off guard for a second before he brings a hand up to cup the side of your face.

“I love it.”


I hope you like this lol.


solanos  asked:

4 shassie?

Every man had a limit to his patience, and Shawn was rapidly nearing his own. What else could he possibly do? He’d smirked and winked, complimented and teased. He’d thrown himself into a full body cling against Lassiter during a ‘vision’ only to be pushed away without so much as ruffling the detective.

Shawn was irritating him, but Lassie was staying closed off, not letting him wheedle closer. It was infuriating.

He could be subtle, if he really wanted to be. Dial it back, take his time, let those walls slippy slide down until Shawn could ease himself over them without alarming Lassie.

Instead, he settled on leaning on Lassiter’s desk while he pretended to ignore him, hands braced on the wood as he hissed, “I’m flirting with you.”

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Teach You A Lesson [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! I’m here with another Stucky fic, I’m obsessed okay? Don’t judge me. I love them too much. 

Anyway, this one is based off a headcanon by the wonderful @stevestuckyonbucky (thank you, again!) and this post (I hope it’s okay that this has inspired me, I did like and reblog your post with a message! If not, just let me know). And because I know she loves Stucky, I’m going to tag @undiscl0sed-desir3s! Enjoy <3 

Pairing: Stucky. 

Warnings: Angst, an almost fight, some swearing and smut. NSFW. This is explicit, so please, like all other NSFW things, only read if you’re an adult. 

Disclaimer: All Marvel characters go to their original creators. The headcanon idea belongs to @stevestuckyonbucky and the ‘elbowing in the face’ OTP post belongs to @generalklineski

P.S: This has been edited and checked, but please forgive me for any mistakes. 

Steve hadn’t meant for it happen.

He never means for things to happen around him, they kind of just do.

Still, he hadn’t wanted to do this.


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Note: I had originally submitted this anonymously to @thesmutofthemendes before I created this tumblr. Making a masterlist so I’m reposting these here for that. I do plan on writing more so stay tuned. 

So this whole AU was inspired by photos of Shawn wearing that skull bandana + floral photos I was looking at. I friggin’ kid you not. Here’s the posts/ficlets about it here (the beginning lol) here (fluff) and here (fluff). Enjoy. 

You’re sitting on the edge of the tattoo chair nervously waiting as Shawn preps his station. He places his hand on your knee and gives it a light squeeze. “It’s okay. I’ll take good care of you.” Before you know it, you’re sitting back in the chair and he’s prepping the stencil on your right forearm. You knew you wanted to be able to see your tattoo and when you told him where he flashed a huge grin, “Good choice.”

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anonymous asked:

17 for rhack?

17. “Don’t leave.”

Here u go anon!! sry, this isn’t super angsty :c set probably some time after the events of ep5 of tftbl

feel free to send more prompts!


The numbers blink at Rhys, silently mocking, even as he frantically works to do everything he can to restore the corrupted data, and when that doesn’t do anything but accelerate the speed of the data corruption, to save what little uncorrupted data there is left.

In front of him, Jack laughs, the sound distorted and discomforting in the silence of Rhys’ empty office.

“Ohhh god this is rich. If I wasn’t the one getting completely fricking screwed over in this situation, I’d applaud you for it, maybe even give you a promotion!”

“Shut up and help me damnit!” Rhys says through gritted teeth, trying to mask the desperation and panic he feels at the prospect of Jack- well, not dying. But sort of.

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Do it For You (Steve x Reader)

Summary: Steve gives up the title of Captain America for his family

Warning: Fluff, major fluff

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: This is my first time writing a family imagine, i tried to go deep into detail and make it as long as I could. Sorry if it’s trash lmao. Let me know what you think and if you want more dad!Steve :)


You wore an admiring smile as you looked down at the form of your 4 month old daughter, who was sound asleep lying on her back and sucking on her pacifier as if her life depended on it. The smell of her baby product filling the room, making you sigh contently as you thought of everything that lead up to this moment.
It all started four years ago. You had met Steve through Natasha. Thanks to her thinking she was some kind of love match maker. She had been your best friend since you two made it out of the red room together. She had went off to join S.H.I.E.L.D, while you decided to start your life over. You were quite used to her trying to hook you up with random guys, as Steve was used to her trying to hook him up with random girls. But the moment you two laid eyes on each other something sparked and as you got to know each other that spark only grew. You two had more in common with each other then you had with anyone else you’d ever met or knew.
Three dates later Steve had properly asked you to be his girlfriend, which you replied to with a kiss.
The relationship was great, the sex was great. You were happy as was he.
But it wasn’t always easy. It was far from that. Whenever Steve was away on missions and the stress on wherever he was coming home alive or not was becoming too much, your dreams would turn into nightmares. It was almost as if you couldn’t function without him around. You would stop eating, stop cleaning, and you wouldn’t go out. Most of your friends would tell you it was unhealthy. That you had to learn to take care of yourself when he wasn’t around. But they didn’t understand. How could they ever understand? You didn’t blame them either. After all they weren’t dating a war hero, an Avenger, the leader might I add, a fucking super solider.
Dating Captain America had its pros and cons. One of those cons being constant worry about his safety. Steve would always remind you that he could take care of himself. He had lived through the Great Depression, World War ll, and 70 years of being frozen. But he wasn’t invincible. Sure he had the serum but he was still human.
Whenever you mentioned this it would sometimes lead to arguments. Him telling you for the one millionth time that he can take care of himself and he didn’t need you to worry about him. You taking offense to his comment and slamming your bedroom door is in face.
Him standing outside the door telling you how sorry he was for an hour and telling you to let him in. And when you finally did, he’d always squeeze you so tight in his arms while peppering kisses all over your face, and telling you how much he loved you and knew you only cared about him. Him taking you to the bed and showing you just how sorry he was.
Steve would be lying if he said he wasn’t just as worried as you were. In fact he was probably more worried then you were. Not like he’d ever admit it though.
That worry only grew when he found out you were pregnant. It wasn’t like he could just stop going on missions. I mean he could but he was the leader of The Avengers and he was Captain America. He took that title seriously.
He always made sure he was extra careful on missions after that. When you got closer to your due date he took a break from avenging. You and him would lie in bed at night, legs tangled, you snuggled into his chest as he read baby books.
Sometimes you’d have to force him to put the books down and sleep. Sometimes you’d fall asleep next to him while he carefully pressed kisses on your exposed bump and talk quietly to your baby. He was so nervous about becoming a father and wanted to learn everything he could before the baby arrived.
And when she did, you had never seen him smile as bright as he did then. As he held her small frame in his arms, his eyes glued to her sleeping face, he knew everything would be alright. It wouldn’t be easy, but it would alright. He swore to himself from that day he would do anything to protect you and her. To protect his family.
Everything changed. He wasn’t just Captain America anymore. He was a father. A tiny human being needed him and he’d sacrifice just about anything to make sure he was never taken away from her. Even giving up his title as Captain America.
After waking from the ice, Steve had never thought he’d have all of this. The family he had once dreamed of before the war. He believed his only purpose now was to protect the world and avenge it.
Until he met you. You were everything he had ever wanted in life. You had given him that hope again that maybe he would get his happy ending after all.
And he did. He had been through hell and back just to get to this point, but if it meant meeting you, then damn it, he’d do it all over it again. Because you were worth it. The happiness you brought him was worth all the sadness he had experienced.
Steve quietly snuck up behind you as he watched you stare into your child’s crib. A small smile appeared on his face and his heart dropped at the sight.
Once he was positioned behind you, he wrapped his arms tight around your waist and bent his head to kiss your neck.
You jumped a little but relaxed once you realized it was him. With a sigh, you laid your head back on his shoulder and closed your eyes.
“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” He whispered into your ear while watching his baby girl sleep without a care in the world.
“She is. She looks just like you. I’m not even sure she’s my child.”
Steve chuckled as he turned your body around to face him, your hands instinctively finding their way into his hair as you massaged his head. He sighed at the feeling and leaned his head down capturing your lips with his. Even after four years of being together, two of those years being married, you still managed to give him butterflies whenever your lips connected.

“Thank you” he whispered, voice so low you could hardly him, as he pressed his forehead against yours.
“For what?” You whispered back while continuing to massage his scalp. He lifted his head and stared deep into your eyes, smiling softly. Even with your hair in a messy bun and in your pajamas, you were the most beautiful women he’d ever laid his eyes on.
“For everything. For making me believe and showing me that I could be happy again. That I could have all of this. Saying yes to marrying me. Staying with me after everything we’ve been through. For this. Our daughter. You both are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
You tugged your bottom lip between your teeth to keep from sobbing as your eyes filled with tears.
“And I’m ready to give it up. Give up the title of Captain America and settle down with you and our baby. We can move to Brooklyn. Build a home if you want sweetheart. Do what normal families do.” You slowly blinked as a frown formed on your face. Although you were beaming inside at the thought of having your man around 24/7.
“W-what? That’s a big step Steve. Are you.. Are you sure?”
“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life darling. I’m never leaving you and her again.” As he smiled down at you, he realized.
He’d do it for you. He’d do it for him and he’d do it for his little girl. His family. His happiness.


tags: @abimarvelparker @but-i-dont-wanna-ok @crazychick010 @girl-next-door-writes @amazing-fandom-freak @rafaellanery2512
(it won’t let tag some of you, I’m not sure why, I’m so sorry)

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GoM picking up their s/o (who attends a different school) after class?

Aomine Daiki: Aomine is almost always late to pick you up - probably due to oversleeping whilst bunking his last period at school - and most of the time you’re the one that’s waiting for him impatiently outside school. He’d grumble and act as if picking you up was the most troublesome thing he’d ever had to do, but from his behaviour upon greeting you - grabbing you firmly by the waist and crushing you against his chest in a tight hug - anyone can gather that it’s probably something he looks forward to the most each day.

Kise Ryouta: Kise has to sneak in through the back entrance of your school in order to pick you up, because the two of you would be going nowhere for the next two hours if anyone found out that the famous Kise Ryouta was in the area. He drops by whenever there isn’t basketball practise straight after school, despite you having insisted many times that it really isn’t necessarily to be picked up. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima doesn’t make a big deal out of picking you up after class, nor does he openly flaunt the fact that he’s your boyfriend. Most people end up mistaking him for your brother or a close childhood friend when he drops by - until they see him reach out to take your hand in his on the way home, when he thinks that no one is watching. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara genuinely considers walking to your school just to pick you up a lot of effort, but he does it anyway because seeing the way your face brightens up whenever you see him outside your school gates is worth the trouble of walking. He’s always leaning against the same wall, waiting for you, completely oblivious to the stares and glances that are being directed his way due to his height. Upon his insistence, the two of you often stop by the local convenience store for a quick snack before going home. 

Kuroko Tetsuya: Sadly enough, the majority of the students at your school don’t even seem to notice the fact that Kuroko is even there waiting outside the front gates, until you actually walk out to acknowledge him. He always greets you with a quick, soft peck on the cheek, before offering to carry your bag despite already looking like he’s got his hands full with all his basketball gear. 

Akashi Seijurou: You very quickly find out that it’s almost impossible trying to argue with Akashi - having actually lost track of the number of times you’ve told your boyfriend that not only is that picking you up in Mercedes Benz right outside school completely unnecessary, but also that it did absolutely nothing to help you settle in with the rest of your classmates. 

So I was gonna save this for later on in my STRQ fic but it’s one of those scenes you think of and you’re not quite sure where to fit it in you just plan to eventually, so I won’t have an excuse to write it for a long time unless I decide to just throw an excerpt from my fic at you guys.

Pairing: Flown North (Qrow/Summer)
Words: 1.5k
Notes: @suns-abs @raechelpapaya @biklance @wudonnas you all like qrow/summer… i like qrow/summer… what a coincidence our interests are so aligned with the contents of this fic??? anyways have bedsharing on a mission and mostly non-accidental cuddles

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Truth or Dare (Marichat Week)

So, I’ve been working on this off and on through the week, since I really wanted to contribute to Marichat week! Hope you enjoy!

A game of truth or dare turns into Marinette’s worst nightmare when Alix dares her to make out with Cat Noir.

“All right, Marinette, truth or dare?”

Marinette eyed Alya for a brief moment, sizing her up and settling for what would surely be the safer option. “Ummm… Truth.”

After all, what could Alya ask that could be so embarrassing? Everyone here knew about Marinette’s crush on Adrien, especially considering the girls were all in Marinette’s room. Alix had teased her about it at first, but everyone admitted that it wasn’t a surprise. A dare would be much more dangerous, particularly considering the fact that Marinette had seen Alya searching for embarrassing dare ideas during lunch.

“So, Marinette, we all know you have a certain crush, but…” Alya grinned and picked up a half-finished project that made Marinette go pale. “What do you think about Cat Noir?”

Okay, maybe leaving the beginnings of what was supposed to be a gift for her partner had been a mistake. “C-Cat Noir? Oh! Um…” Marinette considered her answer for a brief moment. “He’s…” Her eyes fell to the sweater, regretting the message she’d already mostly embroidered as she spoke it out loud. “He’s the cat’s meow.”

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“ y/n” Tate said in a shaky voice as he seemed to have appeared in your room.

“ Tate?” You say and get up from your bed.“ What’s wrong? You’re crying!” You exclaim and immediately walk over to him.

“ I know I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be here but I just. I don’t know” he started trembling and more tears rolled down his face.

“ Tate come here” you take his hand and usher him slowly to sit on the edge of the bed with you.“ You need to calm down please. Just take deep breaths and tell me what’s the matter.”

He did as you asked and took a deep breath.“ I’m so scared of the world” he shuddered.“ No one in this world understands me…”

You stay silent and listen to him talk.

“ Everything in this world is so ugly and horrid.. why should we stay here?” He said as he whimpered and started to sob.

“ Tate..” you whisper softly and lean against him to hug him gently. “ you can’t think like that. The world is awful. I’ll agree with you on that. It’s horrible. But it wouldn’t be worth watching if it wasn’t” you explain.

He softly quiets down and just listens to you talk.

“ Without horrible things there would be no good things. The good in the world only exists because the bad in the world does. The world has a balance. So when something bad happens something good comes out of it inevitably…”

He sniffles and takes your hand in his holding it firmly and staring down at it before he intertwined your fingers with his.

You use your other hand and with your sleeve you wipe at his cheeks, removing the tears.

He takes your hand and holds it to his face and heavily sighs. “ Thank you, y/n. I needed to hear that….” he whispered.“ It’s something that can keep me stable a little while longer In this filthy world…”

You smile.“ Anything to help, Tate.”

He smiles and lightly presses his lips to your cheek as thank you.