worth watching just to see this

I submitted a student a while back, the one with gold in her eyes whose family joked that she wasn't human. She's back! (I am sorry for taking liberties, it's just that I love this whole thing.)

They watch her in horror.

She does not wear iron (Her mother’s stories and beliefs were right, it seems. Iron hurts her in a way she does not want to explain.) and the rules her sister taught her all seem to cause her more trouble than it’s worth. Salt damages her hands, makes her bleed and sore, and so she goes without.

She does not carry the protections that the others do and seeing someone so easily disregard the safety measures makes them nervous. She walks in places they are terrified of, alone and unharmed, and no one wants to question why. The gold in her eyes flashes in the darkness and she carries a book in her arms. Pages and pages of drawings, of things seen in her dreams and a world she knows more intimately than her own.

(Her mother still writes her letters, but they treat her as if she never held any power over her.)

(It would seem that the jokes were truths and never something to be laughed at.)

Her golden rings, worn in her eyes, expand until the blue is all but gone. The effect is striking and some believe her to have been replaced but she is the same as she ever was. There was no replacement for her, no sweet words luring her off into Their world.

Her world.

She is stuck between the two and being as odd as she is does her no favors. Too much humanity in her spirit to be right as a Them, too much Other to belong to humans. Trapped in between, this is where she belongs.

(One day, far into the future, she will be faculty and no one will ever tear her from Elsewhere. This is her home now, and she will remain.)

One girl watches her, eyes pinned on her hands as she draws, and she sighs. An audience is not what she wanted. Everyone chooses how to react to her, of course, but she wishes that some would choose to ignore, like everyone else.

The girl approaches her and she looks up, meeting eyes similar to her own, cat pupils and orange. “You have a wonderful talent,” the girl says softly. She recognizes her now, realizes that she looks like someone who isn’t there anymore.

One of Them, one who wanted to be in the world for a while.

“You praise my talents,” she says quietly. Never say Thank You, the rules echo in her head. She wonders if the rules apply to someone who has always belonged.

Both of them grin, two sets of teeth too sharp for humans.

They are never seen apart again.

(Stories will be told of them, to be sure, but they will always be phrased as, ‘Did you meet the professor’s wife yet?’)


okay honestly like? After Logan i have literally lost so much enjoyment or hype for other comic book movies. I feel like Logan straight up like, invalidated like a decade’s worth of cinema in one fucking fell swoop. I’m just going to like, watch any other comic book movie now and I may like it but in the back of my mind will be a tiny voice whispering “Damn, Logan was so much better than all of this” and then i’ll just go see Logan again 

My Paleyfest Experience

Alright so Paleyfest was incredible! I wish everyone could’ve been there but I’m so fortunate enough to have gotten to go. I got a few pics that I’ll post later. I had some bombast seats which was well worth the money. Everyone looked so beautiful!

So they did a little recap of what happened in 7A for people who have forgotten (LOL we all know it was for the parents) and then we got to watch the FIRST MINUTE OF THE PREMIERE which left me so shook! It showed Spencer in the ambulance on her way to the hospital. Then the girls were at the hospital contemplating what the fuck just happened and if it was all over since Noel was dead. Then they see Toby being wheeled in are like WTF.

Troian and Lucy’s being the sweet little angels that they are sent videos saying how sorry they were that they couldn’t be there!!! Then they started the panel. Everyone got the chance to talk and there were a lot of good questions! Then they had Sasha and Janel do a scene together reading for Hanna and Mona, Shay and Ashley with Shay reading for Hanna and Ash reading for Emily, and then Ian reading for Aria and Tyler reading for Spencer. It was hilarious! The cast talked about a lot of good memories they had on set, and it was just a really good time.

The audience didn’t ask that good of questions, except for one person who asked Marlene about the NAT club and “Why the fuck was it even a thing” if it’s not going to be resolved. Lolololol Shay and Ash had no idea what that was of course because it became irrelevant back in season 3 and Marlene really didn’t answer the question (AKA what else is new). BUT LET ME TELL YOU THE STUPIDEST QUESTION OF THE DAY. Someone deadass asked if any of the cast was dating each other. BITCH NO. Where are you on social media we would know! Anyways Ian made it funny and said they all were just dating each other. Someone asked how it was having Troian direct an ep. and everyone had really nice things to say about it. They said she was good at getting what emotion she wanted out of them because she knows them all so well and used that to her advantage.

Lol they tried promoting Famous in Love but no one really cared. I wasn’t able to get a pic of anything signed with the girls, but I MET SAMMY. She came up and gave me a hug because I was wearing my Emison shirt and took a pic with me! Overall it was a great experience and I’m pumped for these last ten eps!

I’ve seriously lost count of how many times I’ve watched this ending, but god I still keep finding bits and pieces that make it worth praising. Look at this.

They both start dancing, Yuuri looks like he has yet to notice Victor has join him, while Victor appears in a far away corner, it’s like he just decided he needed to join the dance.

Then we see how Victor’s following each and every step, and Yuuri… well he’s to into the dance to acknowledge Victor’s presence, so he keeps on dancing.

Following the sequence, Victor is closer now, and Yuuri has already notice the other man which is dancing along with him. And you see, be it in his posture or his expression Yuuri starts to dance every step with a new gain confidence, and it’s that little smirk he tries to hide which gives it away, because he’s happy. And I know he might have forgotten everything that happened that night, BUT GOD AT THAT MOMENT THIS BOY MIGHT HAVE BEEN THANKING THE GODS HE WAS BE ABLE TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO DANCE LIKE THIS WITH NO OTHER THAN VICTOR NIKIFOROV.

Now look, Victor’s closer to the camera, and Yuuri’s following behind, both dancing to a specific set of steps, trying to keep along with each other, they start to get more and more coordinated.

After that, they finally get to stand in front of one another. And I still can’t get over the fact Yuuri’s trying to act like the bull (look at his eyes and they way his hands are mimicking the horns of the bull, he’s ready to charge), while Victor is of course the Toreador, just staring straight at Yuuri, with that confident look, like…

“Oh come on boy, I’m ready.”

They are definitely feeling it, no one in the dance floor can’t compete with these two.




Which it all leads to this final scene. The closeness in their touch, the fondness and warmth in their smiles, I’ll never get tired of it.

After a dance like this, who wouldn’t fall in love?

The signs as musical theatre responses to the US election results
  • Aries: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  • Taurus: I dreamed a dream in time gone by, when hope was high and life worth living
  • Gemini: You've torn it all apart, I'm watching it burn
  • Cancer: You have invented a new kind of stupid a damage you can never undo kind of stupid
  • Leo: There's a moment you know you're fucked
  • Virgo: Go and hide and run away
  • Libra: Why God, why today?
  • Scorpio: Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
  • Sagittarius: I know him, that can't be
  • Capricorn: See it's your fault. No. Yes it's your fault
  • Aquarius: Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men?
  • Pisces: Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

I really hope Jack see’s this..I drew it whilst watching him play The Last Guardian and I’m pretty proud of it!💚 also I just want to say thank-you Sean, for making my life so much better, no matter how humble you are, just know you genuinely make peoples lives worth it💚💚 ( @therealjacksepticeye )


These kids have great advice for Idris Elba, who is taking a lucky person out on a Valentine’s day date– for a good cause

From dancing to funny faces guaranteed to seduce, these kiddos have a lot of opinions. But watching the video is worth it alone just to see 007 favorite Elba do the Jim from the Office reaction to one girl’s James Bond crush.

Gifs: Omaze


  • just got home from the movies
  • watched Beauty & The Beast
  • it’s beooootiful
  • and i cried the entire time
  • Days in the Sun wrecked my soul
  • meanwhile Evermore flat out destroyed me
  • just the audio is beautiful but to see the actual Beast sing his heart out while jumping around the castle towers for one more glimpse of Belle be still my heart
  • you can actually see Dan Stevens acting under all the CGI it’s fantastic
  • really well done
  • stfu the yellow dress is gorgeous
  • the celebration dress tho is glorious
  • Emma Watson is too cute
  • Lumiere!!
  • Audra McDonald’s voice 
  • so proud of LeFou
  • that growl in the end (¬‿¬) 
  • i need to see it again

all the boys // panic! at the disco

i think its fair to say most of the fandom have come to terms with the fact that bechloe ain’t ever gonna be canon but i s2g if they force another hetero romance with beca and some new guy after they’ve just ditched jesse it will be the biggest middle finger towards this fandom which for the most part doubles up as the fandom who are genuinely invested in the franchise

cute sapphic winter things

• when her cheeks get all red from the cold
• big cuddly jumpers and swapping them with her
• when u can see ur breath and it’s all around her like a halo ??
• ice skating !! especially if ur both clumsy and fall over and laugh a lot and then just drink hot chocolate and watch the people who are good at ice skating and make up stories about their life in a snow circus to explain how they can stand up on those lil knife boots
• when she’s cold so u give her ur coat and ur cold but she looks cute so it’s 10000000000000% worth it
• christmas coffee dates and getting silly names on ur cup and warming one hand on the festive takeaway mug and one hand in hers
• u both have cold hands but only one of u has mittens so u have a mitten each and hold hands,,,,, for warmth
• snow !!!!!! making pretty snow angels and saying look it’s u and making a really bad snowman and saying look it’s u and having snowball fights and
• christmas is great u could call her on christmas day and open ur presents together over facetime
• ridiculous seasonal nicknames that get out of hand and become really competitive “hey snow angel sugar plum fairy gingerbread house christmas tree”
• matching ugly christmas jumpers oh my god
• there are so many possibilities,, enjoy being sapphic this season

anyway like. dont attack people who are upset that they were full-out queerbaited by bbc sherlock. this was very deep queerbaiting. so many characters in this series are queer-coded (villains and main characters). 

these arent fangirls crying because their ‘OTP’ was stomped on. these are queer people who were led right up to potential representation and then had it thrown in their faces. and im really tired of people trying to brush it off as something else. 

You know what they’re doing right about Magnus & Alec this season? The fact that there’s a Malec scene in every episode (except ep2) but they have also focused heavily on individual storylines for both of the characters like we’ve learned so much about Magnus. And Alec has gone on this insane emotional journey and it’s just nice. Because you see them caring for the characters separately and then when they bring them together it means even that much more especially when they share their struggles and heartaches with one another, communication is very obviously a main factor for them and it’s been worth it to wait for this date to watch them really blossom individually and even together and now they get to like take a second and be there with each other and be romantic and flirty and it’s gonna mean that much more because of the build up and communication and watching them become comfortable. It’s just a really beautiful sight. And something I am so not used to seeing on TV.

anonymous asked:

that finale left a bad taste in my mouth. you mentioned watching only gay/female comedy from now on -- any recs? (other than broad city, already the best show)

-Idiotsitter’s coming back on Comedy Central next month. It’s decent show solely worth watching bc Jillian bell is a comic genius and hilarious.
-Insecure with Issa Rae. SO good. Just a breath of fresh air and really funny.
-Atalanta. No gays or women leads (but they do a whole episode from glover’s gf point of view) but it’s really incredible and inventive in the way that you never really see coming.
-Check out Kate Berlant and Jon Early’s Vimeo stuff.
-Ali Wong’s stand up special on Netflix.
-Listen to 2 Dope Queens podcast.
-TBS search party. Ali shawkat is great and it’s incredibly funny with a mystery at the center.
-Please Like Me.
-The Mick is pretty good and probably only gonna get better from here plus you get to look at Kaitlin Olson’s face.
- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes back in May.
-Grace and Frankie comes back at the end of the months. It’s not great but season 2 was pretty good and I just like watching Jane Fonda and lilly tomlin do anything plus old gays.
-Take My Wife on Seeso
-Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi on Amazon plus her stand up
-Another Period
- Aparna Nancherla’s standup
Anyone who wants to add anything please do it!


Wow what a shit year! Not for anime, I mean, it was okay at worst. I think we’re definitely at the upward slope of the anime renaissance now, but still at the very start of it. It’s hard to think about that when most of what comes out (and is somehow popular) is just…the most generic shit. Well, I did the work for you. I weeded and trudged through some of the worst anime around and even some of my shit favorites to bring you the actual good, worth watching anime of the year.

Yeah, not everything you saw or want to see on this list is here, but you can check my foreword from last week that explains all that garbage. Links to each anime’s respective review will be on the titles (and added for those that just finished). Know that this list is pretty fluid. From 8 or 7 up, it’s all very much I loved them, but the higher up, the more I recommend anyone watch them.

10. Magical Girl Raising Project

Madoka was cool. I finally watched it this year and I was just as blown away by the psychological aspects as I expected to be. It just lacked that extra bite it needed to really scare my pants off. MGRP however, did indeed take a few years off of my life. I’m really in ruins right now since I can grab you by the shoulders and tell you now: you’ll like a lot of these characters and their thought out designs and personalities, but don’t get attached, cus ALMOST ALL OF THEM DIE.

I have to put MGRP on this list because aside from its fun and original designs, awesome interactions, cool-ass premise and execution (sometimes literally), it had some amazing rewatch value. I watched this anime three times, which is a lot to do in one year. I just had to watch people’s reactions and seeing stuff hidden in the background and revisiting some foreshadowing was so much fun. Definitely worth a watch and I’ll cover more about it in my upcoming review.

9. Orange

Regrets, like I have over not putting Kekkai Sensen into last year’s list, are the main theme of Orange. Buried under the shoujo themes of romance, high school, and angst, lies the actual regret: letting a friend kill himself. The main story unfolds itself very slowly as the group of friends discover that is what they must prevent, but it’s done in a realistic way. The signs of depression and suicide are so jokingly cast aside; it’s no wonder people miss it before it’s too late.

The climax of this story was heart-pounding and gut-wrenching. You find yourself rooting so hard for there to be success, to save someone who may not want to be saved, but must be saved. It might also make you pay closer attention to those around you. It’s an important anime to watch. If you do want one with a little less romantic emphasis though, I recommend you see Colorful instead (or also!).

8. Sweetness and Lightning

I need to marry someone who can cook. It doesn’t have to be a five-star chef, though I wouldn’t complain if it were the case, but Sweetness and Lightning reignited my need to be fed well. The show is about how food brings family and friends together. Aside from the great character interactions, well written children characters, and for god’s sake, the beautiful, perfect looking food, this anime was so pure in the amount of love put into it.

The food tops even some shown in Shokugaki no Soma, purely cus it’s doable for someone with a low skill level (like me), the meals are made for picky eaters (like me), and there’s not a ridiculously emphasis put on the orgasmic nature of food. That’s a thing that Shokugeki no Soma and even Koufuku Graffiti used stylistically in a comedic manner, but it doesn’t fit in Sweetness and Lightning for good reason. This show is accessible in that way, making it easier to show to someone who might want to try anime, but doesn’t want all the sexy fanservice.


Kick-ass and Metal come to mind when Drifters is mentioned. I love Kohta Hirano’s previous work, Hellsing, a lot. It was a massive gore and blood fest with a sprinkling of comedy in the mix. This is a war and gore fest with a, not a sprinkling of comedy, but more like Hirano accidentally knocked the bottle of comedy over when he was checking on the oven directly into said mix. It’s really funny, but also really awesome. I have a lot to say about it in my review, but I think a dog fight with dragons involved kind of state my case for me. Also Elves, Dwarves and other Tolkien demihumans and monsters abound. It’s fun.

The animation is also gorgeous, especially that stylized, graphic novel looking opening theme with the rock anthem “Gospel of the Throttle” making you “NA NA NA NA NA NA” along with the characters every opening. It’s an excellent show to watch with friends or get yourself pumped. Returning sometime next year!

6. Kuromukuro

How can something be so trope-y, yet so damn enjoyable? Kuromukuro isn’t an original concept, but is done in an original way. The samurai trapped in a machine for 500 years is the new exchange student. The reluctant heroine needs to board the mecha to fight the alien threat. The school festival has been compromised by an alien mecha entering the atmosphere. This anime is funny, but it’s also emotional and holds a much wider scope than I ever could have expected. P.A. Works has been putting out some good contenders in the last few years, and with their lovely art style and well-balanced budget, they were able to pull off this massive mech story in an engaging and entertaining way.

I applaud the cast for one of the best ensembles on this list, bringing forth some of the best and most memorable character chemistry of the season, and some hilarious situational humor. I also cried a little near the end, but honestly, a lot of anime on this list did that to me this year.

5. My Hero Academia

Shonen anime is such a delight now, always a favorite of mine as a kid, but not as firmly as now. I love the underdogs; I love the over the top villains; I love the powers, the fights, and the yelling to infinity. It’s just so exciting and blood pumping, and MHA made it so refreshing with such an interesting spin. These characters are children, inexperienced, with quirks that may or may not be useful. I love Deku because his anxieties and general feelings of being less than everyone else not only make it exciting to see him overcome them, but to use them to keep his head and ego from getting over inflated like some shonen protagonists. Bakugo is such a good foil to him, showing where this could be a major weakness to a shonen protagonist.

Also it’s coming back with THE TOURNAMENT ARC, and if you’re like me and haven’t started the manga yet, DO IT! You won’t regret it! I’m more than excited to see more of this awesome anime in action.

4. Flip Flappers

This anime, wow this anime. I’m so upset not more people are talking about it, but have you seen this delight for the senses? I’m looking forward to reviewing it now just because my jaw is still kinda on the floor. Beautiful animation, a crazy cool style, and some of the best nonsense in magical-girl but not really fight scenes I’ve seen in a while. This anime reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my thumb on it. I do know it’s like an amalgamation of my editor’s anime “TYPE” so you’ll see more about that in the review.

But good lord did I love the heart of this show. The pure romance, the exciting battles, the trippy psychological horror. Let me just say, that one episode (the Maria Watches Over Us “GOKIGENYO”), probably has scarred me for life, but I love it. It’s just so different and good. It deserves a watch, just for how delighted your eyes will be.

3. Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi)

I love a story that can get you emotionally invested and cheering for or yelling at the character who you don’t have any control over. Erased was paced beautifully (though some might disagree due to the slight differences in adaptation), and its animation only made every silent, tender moment more enjoyable to look at before the lighting and mood would change and the feeling of bloodlust would stain the air. That’s how you write suspense.

I’m a little annoyed because apparently some other people were reading some character motivations “differently,” (looking at you crunchyroll), but I think it’s safe to say this doesn’t cross the line into romance, at all, and stays a thriller about growing up in a life-threatening situation.

2. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

I love the theatre, and I love comedy and storytelling. This anime manages to hit both of these points while showcasing some of the best animation I’ve ever seen. On top of the animation, there’s good directing, and supporting that is a great soundtrack. The story is vast and covers several characters’ lives over several decades surrounding World War 2.

The rakugo, though, is what makes the story. It’s not the first anime to touch on this topic, but it’s the first to do so in such an interesting way. It was very refreshing compared to a lot of titles on this list (though many of them are refreshing ideas!) with its originality. It’s heartfelt, it’s serious, it’s funny, but it also makes me want to cry. If it weren’t for the top spot being so hype as hell and generally a weekly freak-out among me and my friends, this would have been number one.

1. Mob Psycho 100
What can I say about Mob Psycho that hasn’t already been said? Its opening is gold, its animation is unique and interesting, its writing, directing, and characters are all praise-worthy. It is just hands down the best anime of the year. You may be thinking, “but Mitsu, One Punch Man was number one LAST YEAR. Isn’t Mob a little overhyped?”

No. Sit down and shut up. One is probably one of the best writers on the scene right now and is doing a lot better at writing genuinely empathetic characters and commentary on modern anime genres and tropes than most of the big budget barf fests. I think the “overhyped” talk is nonsense when it comes to mob. It genuinely does some interesting and groundbreaking work. That’s why it’s not only on this list, but number one. It never moved an inch since I decided it should be on the list.

Everything I’ve said has BEEN said by several really good reviewers and critics out there and you should definitely check out what they have to say about it too, because honestly, they’re a lot better than I am. I like Mob Psycho, I like One Punch Man, but I like Mob more. I’m so delighted that One Punch Man will be returning shortly and I only wish for Mob to also share the spotlight, as it deserves.

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!

Asshole (Deadpool x Reader) One Shot

“Fuck you!”

“No, fuck you!”

“You look like a wort had sex with an inbred turkey!”

“Well that was a little harsh,” The masked man said, hand pressing against his chest in hurt. You felt guilt bloom in your chest at your words but it quickly faded when he spoke.

“You don’t see me commenting on the fact that your ass is about as deflated as the elderly women’s ego who lives across the hall from me.”

“Dickweed!” You roared, moving to lunge for him but Logan wrapped an arm around your shoulders and dragged you backwards.

“He’s not worth the time kid,” He spoke lowly, voice gravelly as he shot Wade a glare. “We should head out.”

“Ah come on Wolvie,” Wade whined, dropping his hands in dismay as he watched you rearrange your shirt in an effort to tidy yourself. “I was just getting started.”

“Fucking asshole,” You grumbled, angry with yourself for getting so riled up. You knew it was what he’d wanted all along.

“You know, I don’t actually mind fucking assholes,” Wade said thoughtfully, gently tapping a finger against his chin. “They can be a bit gravelly at times, but they’re usually nice and tigh-”

“I don’t who would ever let you near their asshole, but we’re leaving,” Logan growled, scowling as he steered you around and towards the exit of the alleyway he’d caught you picking a fight with Deadpool in.

“Call me anytime you need a good asshole fucking sweetie!” Deadpool shouted behind you and you cringed, a sound of disgust escaping you as you let Logan steer you away.

“And that’s directed at both of you!”