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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 16.)


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Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
You join Negan and Simon for their late night mission to deliver some vengeance, and a wake-up call, to the group that attacked the outpost filled with about thirty Saviors. 
Word Count: 2,845
Warning: Violence, blood, gore! 
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I have missed this story so much and I am so gland that you all have been patient with me during the brief hiatus! Also, this chapter is based off the first episode of season 7! There will be content that sound very familiar (ie. character deaths), but I did my best to not make it sound too similar. This is mainly set in the Reader’s POV. Enjoy! :-)

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You had been driving with Negan and Simon all night, wondering just exactly where you were going. Though, when Simon moved to another truck, leaving you alone with Negan, you began to realize how serious this was.

“Negan?” you whispered quietly, catching sight of an RV.

“Yes, doll?”

“People are dying tonight, aren’t they?”

Negan nodded, gripping the steering wheel. “They will pay for what they did. I will not look past that. Thirty of my fucking men… Boom. Gone. Just like that.”

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Reasons Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is actually a great episode of Doctor Who

1. Lestrade, Filch, and Arthur Weasley
2. Queen Nefertiti
3. A surprising call out of gender politics
4. Dinosaurs. On a spaceship.
5. The Doctor getting all excited about making a Christmas list even though he’s over 1000 years old by this point.
6. Greed leads people to make terrible decisions
7. Fear leads people to make terrible decisions
8. Sassy robots
9. “I’m easily worth two men. You can help if you want.”
10. Did I mention the dinosaurs?

Also it’s written by Chris Chibnall, who is taking Steven Moffat’s place as showrunner after the 2017 Christmas Special. If this lighthearted yet powerful episode hints in any way at what is to come, I think that the future of Doctor Who is in good hands.

Quotes About Language Learning In Hebrew

  1. A new language is a new life. A new language is a new life.
    שפה חדשה היא חיים חדשים
    safa ħadasha hi ħaiym ħadashim

  2. The limits of my language are the limits of my world.
    גבולות השפה שלי הם גבולות עולמי
    gvulot ha-safa sheli hem gvulot olami.

  3. To have another language is to possess a second soul.
    שפה נוספת היא כמו נשמה שנייה
    safa nosefet hi k'mo ne'shama shniya

  4. You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.
    אי-אפשר להבין שפה אחת בלי להבין לפחות שתיים
    ee-efshar le'havin safa aħat bli le'havin le'faħot sh'taiym.

  5. A man who knows two languages is worth two men.
    אדם שיודע שתי שפות שווה שני אנשים
    adam she-yode'a shtei safot sha’ve shnei anashim.

  6. You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.
    אתה חי חיים חדשים בכל שפה חדשה שאתה מדבר. אם אתה יודע רק שפה אחת, אתה חי רק פעם אחת
    ata ħai ħayim ħadashim be-khol safa she-ata me'daber. im ata yode'a rak safa aħat, ata ħai rak pa'am aħat.

  7. Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.
    ידיעת שפות היא פתח לחוכמה
    yedi'at safot hi petaħ le-ħokh'ma.

  8. The great remedy for ignorance … is knowledge of languages
    התרופה הטובה ביותר לבורות היא ידע בשפות
    ha-trufa ha-tova be'yoter le-burut hi yeda be-safot.

  9. A different language is a different vision of life.
    שפה אחרת היא ראיית עולם אחרת
    safa aħeret hi re'iyat olam aħeret.

Here’s a short story not good enough to post elsewhere, in which Grimmjow is an obsessed writer, without a single person who wants to read his books.

Pairing: grimmichi
Has some mature, graphic content.
OOC > although, probably not in the way you think it will be…

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Pairing: Soldier:76/Genji Shimada/Hanzo Shimada/Reaper x Reader

Summary: The sudden appearance of a mysterious figure leaves more than just annoyance within the minds of these broken men.

Word Count: 3,773 


Part 1

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Amy Pond quotes sentence starters

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  • “You threw the manual in a super nova? Why?”
  • “I’m easily worth two men, but you can help if you like.”
  • “There’s a man who’s never going to let us down, and not even an army can get in his way.”
  • “If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band.”
  • “Shouldn’t we say goodbye? Won’t they wonder where we went?”
  • “Well. Somebody’s never been to Scotland.”
  • “Got my spaceship, got my boys- my work here is done! ”
  • “When did we start letting people get executed? Did I miss a memo?”
  • “Changing the future. Its called marriage.”
  • “I go to parties, and I… kiss people. With outfits. It’s a laugh!”
  • “But you don’t always tell me the truth.”
  • “Together or not at all.”
  • “Appalappachia! What a beautiful word. ”
  • “Then why do you keep coming back for us?”
  • “Okay kid, this is where it gets complicated. ”
  • “Why did you say five minutes?”
  • “Well, I’m not gonna hug first.”
  • “This time can we lose the bunk beds? ”
  • “Are you from another planet?”
  • “Is it bad that I’ve really missed this? ”
  • “I won’t let them take him. That’s what we’ve got.”
  • “Yeah, I think that’s Hitler in the cupboard. ”
  • “Shall I run and get the manual?”
  • “It’s just what they’re called. It doesn’t mean he actually knows what he’s doing”
  • “Okay. I’ll tell you. I’m from Ofsted.”
  • “What, ‘cause I got sucked into the Earth? You’re so clingy.”
  • “Can we not do the running thing?”
  • “Blimey, your teeth. Have you got space teeth?”
  • “Scotland’s gotta be here somewhere.”
  • “We didn’t make a difference at all.”
His Commanding Officer

Anonymous said:Could you write a dabble for Rexsoka where they’re both hopelessly clueless on how they both feel about one another so they go about their business on the Resolute trying to KEEP IT TOGETHER REX! SHE’S YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER AND A JEDI FOR KRIFFS SAKE and Ahsoka having a very similar inner monologue;D As a bonus you can through in people around them wondering when they’ll end up in a supply closet together

Ah! Please forgive me, this has taken me forever. This is just the first part, but I figured I should get something up, instead of making you wait any longer. The second part will be up soon, I promise! 

Rex walked briskly down the hall, never looking up from his datapad. He was on his way from the mess to the conference room. He was reading through a list of new troops. Rex sighed, they were returning to Kamino to pick up nearly two companies worth of men. The most recent campaign had been long and the losses had been severe. So severe in fact, that the 327th had been called in to finish up, since the 501st was so depleted. 

He looked up from the screen, and did a double take. Commander Tano was coming from the opposite way. He took her in, then quickly looked back down at his ‘pad. 

He had recently recognized Ahsoka’s beauty. Well, not really, he’d always known she was attractive but it had never… affected him before recently. He knew that it was inappropriate, they were friends, comrades. She trusted him. How would she feel if she knew that he taking notice of her… physique. He shook himself, trying to banish the blush spreading up his neck and onto his ears at the thoughts going through his head. Her slim shoulders, strong legs, her big, blue eyes. How she wet her lips with her tongue when she was concentrating…

“Hey Rex. Whatcha got there?” 

He was quickly brought out of his musings (probably for the best, he couldn’t get too carried away) as she addressed him. 

“The list of shinies we’re getting sir.” 

She sombered, the loss of men always saddened her, and it was part of why he lo- no. Why he appreciated her as a commanding officer, she did not take the loss of life lightly. 

They had reached the door to the conference room, and Rex held the door open to let her pass. “After you sir.” “Thank you Captain.” As she passed him he got one last eyeful of her figure, before putting a lid on it. He didn’t need General Skywalker catching onto the thoughts he had of Ahsoka and he in his private quarters on Coruscant. Of how it would feel when she ran her hands through his hair and across his shoulders. How soft her skin would be if he ran his hand along her back-

He stopped himself. ‘Keep it together Captain! That’s Ahs- Commander Tano. Commander. Tano. A jedi! Calm down.’ He took a breath, cleared his mind, and followed her into the room. 

I really hate the translation of Zoro’s words here. In the original Japanese version, Zoro said “おれは…2千人力だがな (I’m… worth a two thousand men)”. So Zoro never stuttered while trying to get reassurance (which is SO OOC btw) but bluntly made the point that no matter how much Luffy compliments Sanji, HE’S STILL STRONGER THAN THE SHITTY COOK! D:

As hilarious as the good old Zoro vs. Sanji rivalry is, an interesting fact to take note is that Zoro is the one who started all this.In the right panel, there is nothing whatsoever about Sanji’s request that suggests he’s seeking a fight with Zoro - and yet Zoro responds with a clear intent to proke him. At this point of the story they hadn’t known each other for too long, but even this early on Zoro had figured Sanji out enough to know that he’s a warrior just like himself who would never back away from a challenge. 

And you know what’s so amazing about all this? Zoro has a LOT of pride. Hell, he’s a guy who’s aiming for the top - world’s no.1 swordsman or bust. For the sake of his pride he doesn’t challenge anyone out of his own will; I doubt he’d deign to accept challenge from anyone who doesn’t meet his expectations. And yet Zoro challenges Sanji first, when he’s not even a swordsman like himself or aiming to be the best fighter. In my view that is the highest respect someone like Zoro can show a person as a fighter.

Even here, Zoro just has to one up Sanji XD “I’m just stronger than you in everything” - meaning their rivalry extends beyond combat skills to petty competitions like rock paper scissors. I really really love how Zoro reserves his cute childish competitiveness only for Sanji. The shitty cook is the only person Zoro can acknowledge as a qualified rival and also can have fun with. The same can be said for Sanji of course, but my headcanon is that their rivalry holds a bit more special meaning to Zoro because he’s the one who started it, and because unlike Sanji he’s aspiring to be the best. 

jessicas-jones  asked:

in honor of ur URL. Top 5 Amy Pond moments

ahh!! these aren’t in order since I love all her moments

  1. raggedy man I remember you speech
  2. her coming back in the time of the doctor oh lord
  3. “i’m easily worth two men” literally slay
  4. just all of vincent and the doctor
  5. her letter to the doctor in the angels take manhattan

i could really list any of her moments but this is what I thought of at the minute lol