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[TG: emotional and physical abuse, attempted sexual assault, mentioned suicide]

I have finally finished Caraval and I have so many mixed feelings about it! On one hand I really enjoyed the setting and the plot twists but on the other there were so many things that annoyed me. 

- This book has been compared with the The Night Circus so I had very high expectations going into the story. I agree with similarity in the mysterious and magical setting that makes you question reality. But The Night Circus is unique in so many regards and I don’t think it’s fair for Caraval to be compared with it, otherwise people will go into the story with expectations that are different from what it truly is.

- I wasn’t a huge fan of Garber’s writing style. Sometimes it got way too repetitive especially when it came to Scarlett and her constant dialogue regarding her sister. I also feel like the author was trying too hard to be poetic and atmospheric but ended up being too superficial.

- [SPOILER] I also feel like the relationship between Scarlett and Julian was quite rushed, forced and unnecessary and there are certain scenes that the book could definitely have gone without [such as kissing scenes when the characters should have been focusing on fleeing]. 

- I appreciated the focus on sibling relationships and how the sisters would go to the ends of the earth to protect each other. Reading about their relationship with their father was truly horrible: to see a man treat his daughters like objects is just too awful to comprehend and I’m glad Garber tackled this important subject. 

- My favourite characters by far are Julian and Tella and they are the main reasons why I will definitely continue on with this series! I hope the second book will focus a lot more on their perspectives because I think they have so much to offer.

-All in all Caraval is an interesting read with a very wonderful concept but it’s definitely not a favourite of mine. I hope the second book will be worth waiting for!

“After Hours Color”

For this gloomy Tuesday, here’s a bright Oregon coast sunset from last week! I scoped this rock out for a few days, not knowing if it was to be my sunset or sunrise location, before Mother Nature decided for me on a beautiful sunset. I set up 20 minutes before the event, moving my tripod here and there to get just the right composition. Then I waited. And waited. And started to wonder if the sun was going to provide any color at all…. Just before giving up and packing my gear back to my room, one sliver of clouds started to show some pink. So I held my place and waited for just a minute more. Making some final adjustments on my camera, I hit the shutter for this 15 second exposure and watched the clouds race by and the color build and fall. It was worth the wait.

Today I start up the Wanderlust Survival Guide section of my account! I’ve had some fantastic requests about travel tips from you guys! One big question is “how do I save up to travel?” Within my group of friends, there’s a wide range of jobs. Some of us are bartenders, some of us work at KFC, some of us are dental nurses. But all of us saved money to travel together the exact same way: little by little. Have home cooked meals, watch a movie at home while everyone else is out partying, shop less, put away your loose change at the end of every day. Little sacrifices. All of these things add up. My friends and I planned and saved for a year before our trip through America. We took double the shifts and avoided most luxuries and buckled down hard. An entire year of saving for one month of travelling. And even then, we were broke as hell through the entire thing haha but we made it! And it was worth it! It’s not easy, but if you want to travel, this is how you do it. Another great tip is to fly to places on off seasons. My trip to Bali was so much cheaper because it was the rainy season that most tourists avoid. Yeah, we were caught in a storm or two. But we saved hundreds on accommodation and flights! Be savvy guys! If you have rent and a car and a hundred other bills, this tip still applies, but it might take double the time. That’s okay too! If it’s in your heart to see the world, it’s well worth the wait…

Thanks bookishmadness for tagging me for the what’s in my bag tag!!

I tag everyone else, show me what’s in your bag, show me what is worth stealing *evil laughter* no wait… I won’t steal. I promise.


sorry, more spider photos!

i was out in the yard looking for something to photograph (didn’t see her).. came back inside.. went back out and almost ran into her, she was knee level so i didn’t see her, i bent down and was looking through the leaves to see what there might be and i still didn’t see her until she was almost in my face! i think it freaked us both out because she went into hiding and i had to wait for her to come back out.. she was worth the wait.. if you look close, you can see the hooks on her feet..