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I just wanted to give a little thank you to all of you guys. I reached my first milestone! I haven’t been on here too much because of IRL issues, so my blog has been running off a queue mostly. Thank you for finding my blog worth following, my content worth enjoying, and even me myself as worth something. I wasn’t sure on starting over with a new blog, but I can see it’s gotten a positive outcome the past few months. ♥

Sorry this is such a crappy way to thank you guys, I’m never any good at stuff like this.

Yes, I do teach creative writing: your opening scene

The opening scene is the most important piece of your novel. This scene determines whether your reader is pulled in or puts the book down. Here are some important do’s and don’ts.

DO write it as a scene, not a data dump. You may have a fantastic premise, a marvelous alternate history or post-apocalyptic world or magical realism to die for, but if you don’t engage your reader in an actual scene, you will bore them.

DO write a scene that immediately introduces a character that the reader can root for. Yes, I know Stephen King has had great success introducing victims that are then shortly afterward killed off. That’s a horror trope and we expect it. But if you are caught up in world-building and haven’t dreamed your way into a character who is worth following through 100,000 words of writing, your story is pointless. I have read many pieces of fiction by would-be writers who can’t grasp this essential concept, and without exception, they fail to engage the reader.

DO introduce the stakes right away. In case that’s a challenge that needs some exposition to develop, create some immediate stakes (a life threat works) that keep the tension high and the reader engaged until you can lay out the larger stakes.

DO begin in medias res, which means “in the middle of things.” Most beginning fiction writers make the mistake of starting too early in the plot. Meet the monster on page 1. 

DON’T include a flashback in the first chapter. Work on a scene, which means time is NOT compressed. It should include dialog, action, description, setting, and interior monolog. Keep everything happening within that scene for at least the first chapter. You can bring in a flashback in Chapter Three.

DON’T shift points of view within a single chapter. Let the reader establish a strong bond of interest (even if it’s with a POV villain) over the course of a whole chapter.

DON’T open the story with your character waking up unless it’s because she’s got a gun in her face (or a knife to her throat – you get what I mean). We don’t need to follow a character through their mundane daily routine. 

DON’T be coy. Beginning writers often have this idea that they need to hold back on revealing all their secrets – what’s in the box, who’s behind the curtain, where they’re going next, etc. Their well-meant plan is to slowly reveal all this over several chapters. Trust me on this one: tell your readers instead of keeping it a mystery. You WILL come up with more secrets to reveal. Your imagination is that good. Spill it now, and allow that revelation to add to the excitement.


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I got a lot of people asking me if it’s okay if they repost my art somewhere else, and the answer will always be no. I don’t care if it’s with credit or without. There is no use to discuss it, I simply don’t want it. Some artists have no problem with it, but I am different and it’s my right as an artist to not allow it. I also added it to my describtion, so please stop asking me. I won’t change my mind about it.
If I want it to be somewhere else posted, I will do it myself. 

Thanks for your attention.

(I wrote it in the tags, but if you don’t read them I add it here as well: if you found someone reposting my art [especially on instagram] there is no need to tell me, because I can’t do anything against it, as far as I know. On tumblr it’s different but with instagram I have a lot of trouble and the reposter just don’t give a shit too often. So yeah… to keep the stress level somewhere not too high, please just don’t tell me… I know it’s meant well… but I just don’t have the time to deal with it and it’ll just make me crazy)

Be present. Make love. Make tea. Avoid small talk. Embrace conversation. Buy a plant, water it. Make your bed. Make someone else’s bed. Have a smart mouth, and quick wit. Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain. Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn. Know your worth. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly. Let go of what doesn’t make you happy. Grow.
—  Paolo Coelho

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Decided to do a much more proper Follow Forever and a better video because i hate myself. Thanks to the people I followed for a long time and the blogs that followed me, I’ve been enjoying my time on Tumblr a lot! Because of the super nice comments, even the simple ones that just says nice or cool, it gives me a reason to stay, make edits since I always usually die off for a couple of months. ;u; well here goes my follow list, they’re all talented people! sorry if i’m missing some people.

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