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When the US Constitution was written, black people were slaves and women had no rights. So why the fuck are we still trying to abide by it in the strictest sense possible? Let’s fucking update this bitch.

Orange is the new black - The reverse Midas touch (05x10)

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Hi! I just had a quick question about the pride parade and the police float, I am just really confused as to why the police aren't allowed to have a float?? I understand that the police haven't always been the best to the lgbtq+ community, but if they are included doesn't that help bring equality between them and the lgbtq+ community?? It's ok if you don't want to answer this I just want to know more and educate myself, thanks!!

These articles do a better job of explaining the history of Pride Toronto and why many people of colour are uncomfortable with Police marching in Pride, than I could on my own:

Desmond Cole: Pride has divorced blackness from queerness

Also it wasn’t just activists, or Black Lives Matter that are in favour of this. The organization of Pride Toronto supported this. Black Lives Matter did not bring forward a motion to Toronto Pride. It was brought forward independently.

Pride Toronto Votes To Remove Police Floats From Parade

She said the meeting chair initially resisted efforts to add the motion, which simply stated that Pride should adopt eight of the nine demands. One, a request to hold a town hall meeting, was dropped because it had already been fulfilled.

Bartleman said she and other members officially challenged the chair and had the item added, saying it received “overwhelming” support from what she estimated to be hundreds of people in the room.

Bartleman said championing the Black Lives Matter demands seemed a natural extension of her advocacy on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

“The Black Lives Matters issues and demands are queer demands,” she said. “There’s no separation for me between that.”

What’s the LGBT community saying about Pride Toronto’s decision on BLMTO’s demands?

Gary Kinsman, a long-time activist and a founding member of the Toronto Lesbian and Gay Pride Day Committee, seconded Bartleman’s initial motion and describes the vote as a “very, very significant development” and an attempt to “return Pride back to its more community-oriented and … radical roots.”

Kinsman says the demand to exclude uniformed police forces from participating in Pride festivities is important.

“Not only are the police attacking black people and other people of colour and trans people who are black and all sorts of other groups in our society, but they’ve also reverted to much more overtly doing sting operations against consensual queer sex among men,” he says, referring to the recent undercover sting at Marie Curtis Park.

He says it’s worth remembering that Pride was born in response to the Stonewall Riots —a rebellion against police oppression in New York City — and that the 1981 bathhouse raids in Toronto gave rise to the first Lesbian and Gay Pride Day here.

“When we remember all that, it was not only a significant victory for Black Lives Matter and people who support it, [but also] people who are very concerned about police violence and repression,” he says.

Also these articles are worth reading:

Exclusive: Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder responds to Pride action criticism

Breaking down the arguments and mistruths against BLMTO’s Pride insurrection

“There’s all these vacant eyes in the club tonight
We look a lot more human here”

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I started Occupy Wall Street. Russia tried to co-opt me | Micah White
We are witnessing the advent of social movement warfare: the deployment of social protest as an effective alternative to conventional military conflict
By Micah White

Important, wise words from Micah White:

What is qualitatively different about the situation today, and reason for genuine concern among activists, is that Russia now seems less interested in supporting authentic movements and more concerned with outright control.

Russia never tried, as far as we know, to splinter off a fake Occupy frontgroup. Back then Russia wasn’t seeking to create American movements directly led and controlled by Russian citizens.

Today, on the contrary, we know that Russians created fake Black Lives Matter protests and fake Standing Rock social media accounts. This shift from providing support to actively establishing groups under their total control is the real danger activists must resist.

From co-opting Occupy to cloning Black Lives Matter, the next step will be the creation of new, previously unheard of, contagious social protests in America that are conceived, designed, launched and remotely controlled entirely by foreign governments.

Many activists might join these protests because they believe in the cause being espoused without realizing who owns the leadership. But if the suspicion becomes widespread that tomorrow’s social movements are actually Russian, Chinese or North Korean frontgroups then there will be a profound delegitimization of protest that significantly bolsters the anti-democratic forces in Western democracies that already want to clamp down on activism.

Both outcomes represent truly terrifying future scenarios […]

We are caught between a rock and a hard place: protest is more important than ever, with the (so called) “triumph” of neo-liberalism. However, being co-opted by Russia means making our fragile and imperfect democracies ever more willing to crack down on activism, not matter how legitimate.

And remember: Russia plays both sides of the political spectrum: to them supporting neo-nazis is just as fruitful as supporting the extreme left. Russia wants chaos.

Read that article, it is well worth your time.

The Signs and their Lives
  • Aries: Lives an exciting life in danger. They have the scars to prove it. Tough front but always battling an inner issue. They usually do something that scares them to "challenge" themselves and their self consciousness. They're offensively independent and will never lean on anybody.
  • Taurus: Stubborn. They live their life by their rules and they won't let anyone else tell them how to live their life. This can be good and bad. They're hard workers and will do the most just for a little bit of cash. They want their life to be comfortable, so they will never ever leave their comfort zone.
  • Gemini: Their lives are full of laughter and they live everyday like it's their last - doing what they absolutely love to do. They are easily depressed but no one will ever see this side of them, so they feel awfully lonely that no one can see them for who they truly are. They hate sleeping, having someone or something waste their time, and will rest when they're dead. They are always looking for their identity. But Geminis can be everyone they ever met in one person.
  • Cancer: Cancers are constantly going through tough obstacles in life but they get stronger each time. They only come off as emotional because life tests them to the fullest and they look for ways to conquer it. In reality, they are heroes everyday of their life. Pushing through stress and heartache, they are truly tenacious. Home is where their heart is.
  • Leo: They are always trying to over-achieve. They want to be more than what they already are. This is why they come off as egotistical. Leo rules the heart, and they are constantly trying to find themselves and who they are.. what they can become and what they're capable of doing in everyday life. But too often they will hide their souls in fear of being ridiculed.
  • Virgo: Virgos are workaholics.. but they actually love working and keeping busy. Virgos are naturally anxious beings. They need routine and a sense of control over their lives. They feel foreign from everyone around them, constantly in a state of logical thinking, but hardly do they ever acknowledge their feelings. Virgo comes off as a thinker, not a feeler.. though everyone should know they feel deeply, and life may scare them sometimes.
  • Libra: They are generally happy people. They don't understand those who just wallow in their own pity. It's the little tings in life for them. They want to keep moving forward, and show themselves off. They are generally flirty and will charm people for their own advantage. However, they constantly need confirmation and people's approval. They often feel very lonely and will look for love or any type of partner just because they hate to be alone. Life without love is not a life worth living to Libras.
  • Scorpio: Their lives are very black and white to say the least. They find themselves feeling extreme emotions about other people before they even speak to them. They always keep parts of themselves hidden. Truth is, they want someone to open up to without having to worry about it. They will hardly ever show their emotions (they see them as vulnerable) and they need their privacy. They aren't afraid of anything - not even death. (Scorpios rule death and the underworld) so their lives will can be hell and they'll handle it well.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittariuses live by their own rules and their rules require two major things. Fun and freedom. They feel their purpose in life is to travel, experience new things, make friends, find true love, and to take in as much of the world as they possibly can. However, if they don't, they can feel trapped, and they may hurt other people to prevent themselves from getting hurt first. Their happiness is shown off, but their pain is often hidden.
  • Capricorn: Workaholics! However, they don't very much enjoy their jobs or what they do, they just do it to make money and because they are naturally hard workers who want a comfortable, stable life. Although Capricorns may feel like they are collapsing on the inside, on the outside they are completely deadpan. They want everyone to know that nothing bothers them, however, they may worry too much and get embarrassed too easily. Make one mistake with a Capricorn, and you will never be forgiven again (unless they feel like torturing you for fun) They will prove they are the toughest of them all.
  • Aquarius: Their lives are unpredictable. Their friends are the most important part of their life, and they will never live a boring one. Aquariuses seem happy from a distance, but they love hard and feel hard when you get close. You will see they fear rejection or being alone. But they will never, ever express this. They are pretty stubborn about showing their emotions, even if something incredibly sad happens. You won't see them cry. They may seem too focused on their life goals and projects, but they feel they are worth more when they accomplish everything they put their mind on.
  • Pisces: Pisces naturally have hard lives. They are often misunderstood and are distant from their families. No one truly "gets" Pisces, so they feel that they go through life alone. They are the most melancholic sign and their stories could possibly break your heart if you listen. However, they are very vague and it's hard for them to open up. It takes a while for them to trust you because they have been hurt repeatedly. And yet they are still standing. They are not looking for pity, but someone who can love them without deceiving them for once.. and someone who can give them their alone time (which they love). Pisces are seen as rebellious because they walk the opposite way everyone else is walking. However, despite their hard lives, Pisces are not very much afraid of anything (except being alone), considering this sign rules death and the afterlife.


Hi tumblr! If you have some time, netflix, and don’t have a hyper-sensitive constitution,

Then I strongly suggest you watch “13th” on netflix

Okay so not only is it super important in understanding Black history and current affairs (like I’m a privileged white girl from Europe who doesn’t know shit about any of this so this is good)

But the film itself is just really interesting


Some scenes can be hard to watch (yeah I cried) but honestly I don’t regret it for a second it is so worth it

Please watch “13th”. Thank you.

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MASTERPOST: A Day in the Life (Part 2)

In Part 1, I broke down a minister’s daily duties into categories. Now here’s a way those categories look in practice. As before, this applies mostly to Christian ministers, both Protestant and Catholic

We’ll say that “you” are head of a midsized (~300 members) congregation, single with no children, and that this is a more or less typical Tuesday.

0600: Wake up! Shower, eat breakfast, have coffee, feed the cat.  Take lots of deep breaths.  Morning meditation, prayer, or perhaps some morning exercise.

0730: You arrive at church to discover that someone has defecated on the front steps.  Nobody else is here yet, so you sigh and go get some plastic bags to clean it up yourself.

0800: The church administrator arrives.  You’re clearing out your inbox from all the emails that have come in since you turned off your computer at 9pm the night before.  There’s an email from a congregant expressing concern that the Thanksgiving feed won’t recognize the genocide of indigenous peoples; an email from a congregant saying that she won’t come to the Thanksgiving feed if she has to hear about the Indians; several daily digests of various clergy email lists that you delete without reading; and an email from your associate minister saying that she’s sick and not coming into the office today, and she might not be able to lead the Wednesday night prayer service.  

0830: The phone rings while you’re in the middle of an email and you spend twenty-five minutes on the phone with an elderly retiree who answers the question “How are you?” with a long story about her alcoholic daughter’s troubles before remembering that the reason she called was to ask whether or not she could bring some friends to the Thanksgiving feed.

1000: You have a scheduled meeting with one of your congregants.  They’ve been a member of the church for 40 years–longer than you’ve been here, as a matter of fact–and donate a substantial amount of money to the church.  They’re here to express concern that the church has gotten “too political,” that people are using coffee hour to circulate petitions and one time they even got a phone call at home urging them to come to a city council meeting!  Also, is it really worth it to keep spending money to replace the BLACK LIVES MATTER banner outside that keeps getting torn down?  Don’t they have better things to spend that money on?  And why is it Black Lives Matter, anyway?  Shouldn’t it be All Lives Matter?

1100: You emerge from your meeting to find that the church administrator has taken two messages for you: one from your mother and one from another congregant.  You return the call from your mother, who it turns out “just wanted to chat; I haven’t heard from you in a while.”  By the time you hang up with her, it’s time for your next meeting, so the phone call from the congregant will have to wait.  This next meeting is with a relatively new member who’s feeling a little isolated and doesn’t know where they fit into church, particularly as a young person.  You spend some time talking about their interests and end with suggesting that they start a working group to tackle overhauling the church website, which badly needs updating.  They leave in a much better mood than they arrived.  

1145: You call back the person who left the second message and reach, unexpectedly, his brother; it turns out your congregant had a stroke and is now in the hospital.

1200: Time for the staff meeting, which you have over lunch.  You sit down with the church administrator, the bookkeeper, the sexton, and the choir director and talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving feed, what around the church needs fixing, that the food pantry needs replenishing, and whether or not to rent an off-site storage unit.  It’s a good meeting; you like the people you work with. The church administrator mentions that she’s having a lot of trouble with one of the office volunteers, who’s very sweet but losing her eyesight, so that she has difficulty reading and frequently misfiles things.  You agree to talk to her.

1300: You have two congregants in the hospital: the stroke survivor that you just found out about and another congregant who is supporting his husband who has cancer.  You stop in on the stroke survivor first and find that he is asleep; you have a brief and pleasant chat with his brother and go on your way.  You find your other congregant tearful and hold his hand while he cries. They have one child in middle school and another in elementary school, and he’s afraid of being a single parent. He’s angry that this is happening at all. His husband runs marathons and eats a mostly vegetarian diet: how can he have cancer? Afterward, you check back in with your stroke survivor.  He is awake this time and grateful to be alive. He isn’t sure yet how severe the stroke was, but he’s lucid and articulate, which are both good signs. You pray together.

1500: You arrive back at the office for more scheduled meetings. You have yet more emails and yet another telephone message waiting for you.  You take a moment of downtime to eat a snack and check social media.  You immediately regret checking social media.

1515: Someone is running late, so you return some phone calls and reply to more emails.  One of your congregants has just given birth to a baby boy named Matthew.  You make a note to announce that on Sunday.

1830: It’s past time for your office hours to end; as usual, some of the visits took longer than you expected. You counseled four congregants and one person who lives in the neighborhood and wanted to speak to someone about his drug addiction and recovery.  The church administrator has gone home by now, so you turn out the lights and lock up.

1900: Home. Feed the cat.  A brief prayer before dinner.  Maybe you watch a little TV; maybe you do some reading.  You turn off your phone, so that you can have a few uninterrupted hours.

2030: Emails again.  Someone’s father has died, and she wants to have the memorial at the church.  The youth group has decided to collect socks and toiletries for the homeless.  A volunteer reports that, yes, a local supermarket has agreed to donate turkeys to the Thanksgiving feed.

2130: You turn off your computer and crawl into bed.  You close your eyes and say a brief prayer: maybe something to help you release the tensions of the day, or a prayer of gratitude, or a prayer of strength for the coming day, or maybe just fuck it, it’s in Your hands now.  Then you pick up your bedtime reading (something completely mindless; what others might call a “guilty pleasure”).  You get a few pages in before you fall asleep with the book on your chest.

There can be a lot of variation from day to day–if you had a Board meeting or led evening worship and got home very late, for instance, you’d probably start at 10 or 11am the next day as opposed to 8am.  Some ministers aren’t in the office on Fridays because that’s their “writing day” when they work on their sermon; a part-time minister’s schedule looks very different from a full-time minister’s schedule; so on and so forth.  But hopefully this gave you a reasonable idea of what a minister’s day might look like.