worth getting up a little early


“I’ve known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you. And besides, if they have something nice that makes you feel inferior, we can just take it.”

“I like the way you think.”

“Well, and then they’re just, y’know, shit without anything, and you’re… you, with their stuff.”


‘Thestrals need feedin’,’ explained Hagrid, moving to pull Fang away.

‘They pull the carriages, right?’ asked Charlie, trying to wipe fur off his trousers, a slight frown on his face.

‘Na, it’s magic,’ I teased, smirking at him.

Imagine learning about magical creatures with Charlie and Hagrid.

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Vail ~ Closed


Winter had already started and LAX had been bustling with travelers already. It was only 7:33 AM! In the waiting lounge that had a plane arriving, bound for Denver, Hideo sat next to Ian trying to charge his phone. 

They had arrived in their terminal almost a little over two hours before their plane even showed up and had another hour or so to wait after passing security and had their baggage checked in. 

Once the last of the passengers from their plane had exited, Hideo yawned and leaned back on his seat so that he might actually try to get at least a few minutes-worth of sleep since he woke up a little too early for this. He gave his phone a glance and closed his eyes. At least 45 more minutes. 

“You excited?” he mumbled as he tilted his head towards his partner.

What I want when it's all over

Dean and Cas settling down in a quaint town somewhere in Kansas, where they have a ‘table’ at the local diner and their names are scratched into the wall: Dean (heart) Cas.

Dean and Cas becoming well-known fixtures at the library, where Dean volunteers for the Children’s Reading Circle and Cas helps the staff shelve the books in perfect order.

Dean and Cas coaching the Little League, wherein Dean does most of the coaching and Cas organizes everything else, from games to bake sales.

Dean and Cas going on morning strolls at the park, because Cas still loves his nature walks and Dean loves Cas; funny how that works. It’s worth the early wake-up when Cas gets leaves in his hair and dirt on his cheek; he’ll need to clean up as soon as they get home and, well, there was a reason Dean decided to splurge on the big shower.

Dean and Cas frequenting the orchard in the fall, to pick apples for Dean’s pies and pears for Cas’ preserves. People often catch them stealing kisses among the trees, but they’re so darling that no one cares and the preserves, which are delicious, end up in their kitchens bottled in Mason jars, courtesy of Cas.

Dean and Cas adopting a surly stray cat, then naming him Crowley much to their neighbors’ confusion. When the actual Crowley drops by one afternoon, the two engage in a thrilling stare match before the King of Hell deems the name appropriate.

Dean and Cas visiting Sam out in the suburbs of New York, where the younger Winchester’s started a family with the white picket fence and golden retriever. It’s the kind of peace Dean has wished for his brother to have, and Cas kisses him when he later confesses just how happy he is for Sammy.

Dean and Cas stargazing in the summer, taking Baby to a clearing and lying on the hood, their fingers tangled. Dean is more content than he’s ever been, and he tells Cas so, and he smiles bright and wide when Cas says, “Me too, Dean, and I’m quite old.”

Dean and Cas celebrating every holiday, even the more obscure ones like Plum Pudding Day. They really take advantage of all opportunities to decorate and cook, because Dean missed out on so many growing up and Cas is endlessly fascinated by humanity’s ideas.

Dean and Cas making their house a true home, painting the deck and planting a garden, putting up photos and hanging curtains. Sometimes they will argue over the manual when assembling furniture, but it concludes with heated kisses and the bookcase or ergonomic chair cast aside for the following day.

Dean and Cas telling each other “I love you” at random times, over breakfast or via text, as they fall asleep or while running errands. There’s no threat anymore, no imminent danger to tear them apart, but that makes every moment so much sweeter and they treasure every second, unwilling to waste them.

Dean and Cas, each in love with his soulmate.

Dean and Cas, together at last - and happy.

The Cafe

Post Civil War

Synopsis: The Avengers compound isn’t far from a small town that has a cute cafe. A cafe owned by a woman who has befriended the Avengers. She and Steve are particularly good friends and he brings Bucky for breakfast after things are mended after Civil War. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Gonna be so much fluff)

Warnings: Language.

A/N: I just thought this could be a cute, fun idea. I am in need of serious Bucky fluff.

There is a cute cafe that the Avengers like to go to in the nearby town. It has the breakfast food and the rest of the food is good too. But the breakfasts are worth getting up early and driving to town for. They make this challah french toast that is to die for.

Steve and Tony have kind of mended things…at least to the point where Tony can tolerate Bucky being around.

Steve brings Bucky to the little cafe. “You have to have the challah french toast. Trust me, it’ll be worth her puns.”

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Ah…Sunday mornings. Ever since you and Louis had first moved in together, you two would always stay in on Sunday mornings. Sleep until noon, eat a nice breakfast and then enjoy a nice hot shower together, but that all changed a year after you two got married. These days, you’d be woken up early in the morning by the little bundle of joy down the hall, breakfast was nothing more extravagant than a bowl of cereal or a banana, and shared showers were rare, but your bright little blue-eyed boy that mirrored Louis was worth it all.
You were sleeping peacefully in Louis’s arms when you were awoken by cries coming through the baby monitor. It was the first day of February, and exceptionally cold out for an English winter morning, making it harder to get out of bed.You turned over to see Louis still peacefully sleeping. You rolled your eyes playfully knowing this was all you this time. You carefully slid out of his arms, threw on your pajamas that were discarded last night, and made your way down the corridor. Opening your son’s nursery door, you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight in front of you. Your son was chewing on his own toes.
Looking over the crib, you saw your five month old son looking up at you with his blue eyes filled with adoration.
“Hi Sammy, how’s my baby boy this morning?” you said in a high-pitched tone tickling his stomach making him giggle.
You took him into your arms. “Let’s get your diaper changed and get you fed,” you said as if he could understand.
After you changed Sam, you made your way downstairs. You put a kettle on the stove to make tea for Louis and yourself.
Making your way upstairs, you had Sam in one arm and a tray of tea in the other. Being a mum made you feel like superwoman. You walked into your bedroom and set the tray on your nightstand bringing Sam on the bed with you. You placed him on Louis causing Louis to stir in his sleep, but you knew he was nearly awake by the smile that formed on his face. He opened his eyes and took Sam into his arms making him squeal.
“How’s my favorite little lad doing this fine Sunday morning?” He asked with a huge smile on his face holding Sam above his head.
You smiled at the precious moment you were fortunate enough to share between your two boys, but it didn’t last long when Sam started to fuss making Louis’s face drop.
“He’s hungry. Hasn’t eaten yet. Here, let me take him,” you said as Louis handed Sam over to you.
You lowered your shirt and brought Sam up to your chest causing you to suck in a sharp breath when he latched on.
“Are you good?” Louis asked concerned.
“I’m good. You think after five months I’d be used to it,” you chuckled humourlessly.
The moment was silent. Louis wrapped his arm around you and you rested your head on his shoulder. You both looked down adoringly at your five month old son while he looked back up at you.
“We did good, didn’t we?” Louis asked gently rubbing his son’s nearly bare head.
“I think so,” you said looking up at Louis.
He looked back at you with that sparkle in his eye that hasn’t faded since the day he met you. “I can’t thank you enough (Y/N). You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted. Since the day we met, since you said yes, since I saw you walk down the isle, since you told me you were carrying our son, since you told me it was time to go the the hospital, since I saw you hold our son for the first time until now. I’ve never been more in love. You’ve given me the best gift on earth. I love you so much,” he confessed.
You felt tears begin to form “I love you too Louis. Thanks for being so amazing these past six years.”
His lips connected with yours. You still felt that spark, even six years later. It hadn’t dulled.
Your sweet moment was cut short by the your son’s cries.
“Hey little lad, no need to fuss. Do you need to be burped?” Louis asked taking your son in his arms patting his back.
You got up from your spot on the bed. “I’m going to get a quick shower,” you said placing a kiss on both of your boys’ head.
Walking out of the bathroom, you frowned when you didn’t see Louis nor your son where you left them.
You made your way downstairs combing the knots out of your damp hair with your fingers.
You made your way into the living room, and you froze as your heart melted at the sight in front of you.
Louis sat with Sam in between his legs on the quilt your mum had made you as a baby shower gift. A Rovers game played in the background, but was drowned out by the giggles that erupted from the room. Louis was tickling your son causing him to squeal. It was music to your ears really. You couldn’t help but join in the giggles making your way over to the floor where you husband and son lay.
This is what you loved most about Sundays; Spending time with your perfect little family.

Untitled fluffy fluff

thealternativesource …I love you. In the grand tradition of celebrating birthdays with fic (hmm …I wonder if I was supposed to write you smut?), here’s some Olicity fluff. Happy birthday! The idea is all alwaysolicity

Felicity wakes up early on Thursday, because, well, because it’s Thursday and Thursday is Maple-glazed blueberry biscuit day at the pastry shop downtown, otherwise known as the day Felicity’s in charge of breakfast.

She can’t cook worth a damn, so the rest of the week she’s usually content (marginally accepting, whatever) with letting Oliver try more and more outlandish dishes. But on Thursdays she gets up early, drives to the little shop that had been like half the reason they decided to settle in this place and gets breakfast for the both of them.

And then she comes home, arranges the pastries in the cute little plastic plates that Oliver had bought because they kept getting distracted by eh, other activities, - how is she supposed to keep holding onto a plate when he’s grabbing her ass? –and brings them to bed, where she proceeds to wake up her boyfriend with the type of kisses she spent three years not being able to give him.

This, of course, means that they don’t get to actually eat the freshly-baked biscuits, but hey, the biscuits are still great cold, and she’s got Oliver freaking Queen in her bed, so she’s not usually so concerned.

Except this morning, for some reason, Mrs. Proulx beams when she enters the shop and waves away her attempts to pay for the actual mountain of pastries she’s selected with a murmured “congratulations”

Felicity tries not to let the fact that the owner of the local pastry shop, which she only frequents like twice, three times a week– okay, five, but who’s counting, probably thinks she’s pregnant, because, no, that’s silly, she looked in the mirror this morning and she looked just the same as yesterday. She just likes carbs. She always has. And, okay, a dozen biscuits seems overkill, but she’s seen having cravings lately. Stress related cravings, not crazy-pregnancy-hormones cravings.

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at ease

nine/rose, early on.

The Doctor had been around a bit. Seen a lot, in his vast centuries. Prepared to face a multitude of challenges, him, given all he’d already endured.

He had not anticipated this.

Rose Tyler was a conundrum. She’d been on his ship barely five minutes before she was setting up home, settling herself in, setting the 34th century entertainment system in the media room to record re-runs of some ridiculous Anturion soap opera she’d quickly gotten herself addicted to.

All right, it’d been three weeks, but still. Felt like five minutes. It’d all passed in a bit of a rush, these last few weeks. To be honest, he couldn’t blame her for finding solace and relaxation in telly after the running about and swinging from chains he’d had her doing.

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so today was a lil rough. 

early this morning (about 2 or 3 am) i was getting some pretty negative gender feelings and i didn’t know if i should contribute to trans day of visibility, and this continued after i went to bed and woke up later to until a little bit ago. 

cause i’m an amab demi-guy, i figured that maybe i’m not non-binary enough for this and i was worried that i could ruin this for someone if i posted something about myself today. 

i asked someone about my lil problem and it really wasn’t worth worrying about much. i might share a similar privilege as cis guys but hey, i’m still non-binary. and that’s what’s important.

Man, getting up to shoot a sunrise is always worth it once you are there but the waking up early and the travel time involved can be tough!  (It’s definitely a little easier when the sunrise is on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.)  Don’t give up some great shots just because you don’t want to get up early - it’ll be worth it in the end!

hey uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so

my buffer is extremely dwindling and im pretty concerned about it?? lmao

i dont want to put jh on hiatus but i REALLY need to buy myself a little time to get my buffer back up to something that doesnt cause me obscene amounts of anxiety every time i think abt it

so before i get into the idea i have, heres some context:

this entire canadian/mexican/south american/general Tour With Crow Love arc, while taking up several months worth of pages, actually will have taken place in comic-time over the course of only about 3 weeks. so technically the things that are happening right now are actually going on in like, early june. this arc is scheduled to wrap up in the 2nd week of october, i think, which in comicworld will still be in early june

so where did the entire summer go? heres my idea:

2 weeks of guest pages about the summer! what happened in aixa/las cruces/albuquerque/el paso/etc.? what were some of your favs, who werent on tour w The Gang, getting up to in july, august, and september?

i think 2 weeks would be?? kind of the perfect amount of time to spend on this. its just long enough for me to build a decent buffer back up and long enough to highlight a good variety of different characters–probably/hopefully even some we havent seen in a long time!–but its not too long. once the 2 weeks ends, comic time would pick back up in october/november, right in line with real life time (sort of like a timeskip, if you want to think of it that way).

youd get to do 1 page each, and id more or less let you have full creative control over what you choose to do in your guest page. all id ask is that its something that could feasibly happen within canon! ill be available for you to run questions by me, and i could maybe like?? set up a discord chat or a skype chat or a google doc for all of yall to get together and hash out dibs and bounce ideas back and forth?? if thats something yall would want

so heres my thing: 2 weeks would mean id need 6-10 guest artists. i think thats doable? all youll have to do is send me an ask or a message (please dont use the chat feature, i know its convenient but it stresses me out) and if im not already familiar with your art, link me to it! this isnt like a screening process, btw, its just so i can kind of visualize it. if youre not sure if im familiar w your art, you can still link me.

these pages wont start going up until october 10th so im gonna say thatd be the deadline to get your pages in to me so i can upload them? at least for the 1st week of guest pages. deadline for the 2nd week would be october 17th. so if for whatever reason you need a little more time, you might want to call dibs on a date between 10/17 and 10/21

i hope this is something yall are into! feel free to circulate this post i guess. ill be linking to it on the pages that go up until there are either 10 ppl down to clown or The Bad End where its like, october 4th and 2 guest artists

so yeah! let me know if youd like to take part! jh hasnt had a guest week since 2008 jeez. and that was back when my buffer was several months long omg. im rambling now but yeah. ill add to this w more details as they become necessary i guess? thank you so much!!