worth every pennie

Post Concert Thoughts
- bts is so tan, their skin is gorgeous
- namjoon has such good english, actually they all do I’m so proud
- jin fucking nailed his solo I’ve never screamed louder in my life
- yoongi swore on stage and it saved my soul
- jimin looks like an actual angel irl
- taehyung is such a cinnamon bun and made 300 hearts at the crowd
- you could feel how confident jhope is and how much he adores army
- jungkook is an actual sweetheart who according to namjoon practiced his ending speech over and over just so it would be perfect for the fans
- I have never had more fun than I did at this concert



More merch for me! I ordered some stuff by @aileine from Redbubble (a mug, a notebook, some stickers, a print, a pillow) and I’m the happiest bean rn because my Eruri-collection keeps growing and seriously…her stuff is amazing and looks awesome on the products *__*. The quality itself is also very good!

If only the Eruris themselves could keep away from my stuff =__=

They take couple-baths in my tea (til Erwin farts at least)…

…and they try to take glances at my notebook. Those fuckers.

I’m sure we’re aware of the controversy of Gem Harvest.

Particularly the one surrounds a certain Andy Demayo. However, another form of discourse has arisen due to the episode’s departure from what many expected in the form of how “plotline” episodes have yet to make a comeback.

We’ve yet to see more of Homeworld’s warrior or anything concerning the past Gem War and Gem Harvest not “putting out” as it were has gotten the goat of many fans, many of whom are beyond displeased.

I’m not hear to tell people to not pitch a fit about it. I get the anxiety of it all as well. However, the show itself is practically a victim of this longevity as well with Cartoon Network’s random-as-hell hiatuses.

I mean, think about it. The show feels a lot longer than it actually is because of how episodes are released haphazardly by CN instead of, you know, on a consistent weekly basis like any competent channel would. If it was the latter, we’d probably be nearing the series finale itself.

It feels less like scheduling and more like the network is just putting out episodes whenever they feel like it. Sometimes, we’ll get a Steven Bomb for only a week. Sometimes we’ll get a Steven Nuke for a whole month and a half.

As a result, it feels like the story’s going at a snail’s pace when it’s really not and returning episodes are hyped up even when they turn out to not be as “epic” as we hoped they’d be. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” as they say.

If anybody’s to be largely to blame, it’s CN.


Okay, it was a commission, so I paid her for it (with good reason, she’s a great artist), and it was worth every penny. I cannot stop grinning at how beautifully this turned out. Like, share, and commission han-saera’s art whenever you can. She deserves the recognition. ^_^

Scene: My OC Revera Lavellan and Solas enjoying a loving moment at Skyhold, with her in her halla jammies. (Look how cute they turned out! xD)

I forgot...

I forgot how salty these men can be.

First POT date of being back in the bowl. I meet this guy at an lower priced seafood place that’s downtown. I show up early to scout the place out, weathers lovely, place is pretty decent for my area. I find out where our reserved table was, excuse myself to the bathroom. Touch up my make-up and give myself the ‘you’re amazing and worth every penny this man has’ speech. I go back out and this guy shows up in an ill-fitting suit and looks about 5 years older than his photos….EW but I persevere through it.

We get to talking and he’s not that bad. Until he starts talking about buying me items from Victoria Secret and having me send him photos of what I’m trying on… Umm, What? I don’t think so. I just simply smiled and said, “ I don’t find that their items usually fit my body type. I usually go shopping at Agent Provocateur and I’d rather model them in person” All of this very true. Photos can be used to slap you in the face later. So, I try and avoid them. ( I have identifying tattoos or else a faceless picture would be fine )

Towards the end of the date, he comments on how expensive the place is, I saw the bill 3 drink and 2 entrees for $71 (Red Flag #2) And I sneak the question about what he’s looking for. He has the nerve to say it’s MORALLY wrong for him to pay me cash or paying my bills for sexual favors but he would be more than comfortable giving me gifts. Just not every time we meet but had the nerve to emphasize that sex would happen every time. Salt please. Get up out of here with that thirsty shit.

When he asked about my availability I just smiled and apologized. Stating that because of school starting I had to pursue more lucrative avenues.

Ladies, never settle! Never forget what you’re worth!

anonymous asked:

How do you make your Adventure Zone animatics? pencil, then transfer them to a program (which one)? You capture the characters so well! I love your art:D

You’re too kind friend!! I promise you making them is not as arduous as that. My boards are done 100% digitally ( apart from early planning stages ). I use 2 programs: Photoshop and Premiere.

I organize my boards by scenes in groupings on Photoshop ( so folder will be numbered as the ‘scene’ and then in each folder there will be layers labelled as 1,2,3 and so on for each pose for the scene ).

I use my all-time favourite brush - and I mean favourite as I basically use it for EVERYTHING now - Kyle’s Animator Pencil. I cannot stress how great this, and all his brushes, are. They are worth every darn penny!

So once I got all my boards down, I go over to Premiere and fuss with timing and assembling. Generally when I start my animatics I have everything roughly timed out mentally. So it’s just a matter of fine tuning and adding or subtracting frames when they’re all laid out. I also tend to time my boards AS I create them. So I’ll finish a few scenes in photoshop and then head over to Premiere and assemble as I go. That’s just the best way for me.

Apart from that there’s not much else to it. Just a lot of forethought and designing things/streamlining things. I also do a VERY rough layout of the background / area the boards take place in so that it’s not all over the place and helps with keeping the characters grounded and the direction of the shots flowing!

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to send em my way!

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world