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college/modern au: okay so hamilton is playing truth or dare with the hamilsquad and someone (probably lafayette) dares him to seduce thomas jefferson, hamilton's longtime rival and enemy - but to sweeten the deal, laf offers something that hamilton really wants (i.e. money, rent, etc.) if he goes through with the dare - cue the Messed Up Shit™ that is jamilton, and the dare goes horribly wrong when the two of them start to FALL for each other, etc.

This is going to be a two parter because I can’t stand leaving stories with unhappy endings.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

“All right French Fry. Truth or dare?”

Lafayette gave his most mischievous grin and, because he had no fear, chose dare.

Hercules thought for a moment, stroking his goatee. “Hmmm, I dare you…” He glanced around the room for an idea. His eyes landed on John and lit up. “I dare you to switch clothes with John.”

Laf’s face was one of pure horror. John was wearing a paint-splattered hoodie that was three sized too big and baggy plaid pajama pants. Compared to Laf’s fashionable silk pajamas, John’s clothes were rags.

John stood up and smirked at Laf. “C'mon, Frenchy. You dug your grave, now lay in it.”

Laf swore in French and followed Laurens to the bathroom. They returned a few minutes later with John looking very comfortable and Laf very disgruntled. The hoodie was actually near the right size for him, but the pants were far too short. Laf kept pulling them down self-consciously, which did nothing to stop Alex and Herc’s laughter.

“This is humiliating,” Laf huffed as he sat down. He suddenly pointed a long finger at Alex, silencing the boy’s giggling.

“Mon petit lion. Truth or dare?”

Alex hesitated. He had to be cautious; when it came to Laf the choice might as well have been “reveal your darkest secret or face your worst fear.” He could feel the expectant looks of his friends, so he decided to just let his mouth run and see what came out.


Well that didn’t work out. Laf’s mouth curled into a malicious grin.

“I dare you,” Laf paused for dramatic effect, “to seduce… Thomas Jefferson.”

Alex screamed. Even Herc and John looked shocked.

“Woah, Laf,” John said. “That’s a little too far, don’t you think?”

“Yeah babe,” Herc agreed. “That was uncalled for.

“There’s no way in hell I’m doing that,” Alex said. He had never once had a pleasant conversation with Jefferson; he couldn’t imagine trying to… he couldn’t even think it.

Laf was not phased. “I will pay your share of the rent for the next two months. All you have to do is get Thomas to kiss you.”

Alex bit his lip and considered his options. He did need the money. His laptop had broken a week ago and with two months’ rent he could buy a really nice one. But was it worth kissing his mortal enemy? It was only one kiss. And Jefferson was objectively attractive, right? He could act like he thought so for long enough to get a kiss out of it.

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Laf squealed, dropping his cool exterior. Herc and John let their jaws fall open.

“Alex, man, are you insane?” Herc asked at the same time John demanded, “Are you high?”

“You better make good on your end,” Alex said to Laf as he stood up. “This is the worst thing you’ve ever asked me to do. And I want to make this clear: I’m doing this for a new laptop.”

His friends followed him as he padded barefoot out the door. Jefferson and James Madison lived in the same apartment building as them, just a floor down. They took the stairs, then the others stopped as Alex turned the corner to Jefferson’s door. They hid where they could watch what happened without Jefferson seeing them.

Alex tried to figure out a game plan as he approached the door and knocked, but his thinking time was cut short when Jefferson opened the door, smirking and wearing nothing but pajama pants and a wife beater. His expression quickly fell when he saw who had knocked.

“Oh, it’s you,” he drawled, disinterested. “Would you mind keeping the noise down? I don’t appreciate all your screaming up there.”

“Sorry, my bad.” Alex tried to make his voice sound as pleasant as possible. The apology seemed to catch Jefferson off guard.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “You’re acting weird.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just,” Alex took a deep breath, hoping he sounded flustered. “Look, I don’t really know how to say this.”

Jefferson raised an eyebrow. “You? At a loss for words? Something really must be wrong.”

“Jeff—Thomas, I like you. Like, really like you.” Alex had to fight to not gag on the words. “I like… I like your hair and your muscles and how you’re the only one who can keep up with me in debates. And your laugh is really kinda cute and you’re so smart and I just like you okay?”

Alex was shocked at the words that had come out of his mouth. He had never thought of Jefferson in any of those ways before, but now that he had said them, he wasn’t sure he was lying. Jefferson was very intelligent, and Alex always enjoyed their debates. And now that he thought about it, his hair was pretty nice and his laugh was pretty cute, and wow, was he built.

Thomas’s face was as red as Alex’s. There was a hopeful gleam in his eyes, which confused Alex.

“Is it—Can I kiss you?” Jefferson asked quietly.

Alex nodded, surprised and Jefferson hesitantly moved in. Once their lips touched, he became less hesitant and Alex realized with horror that he was actually enjoying it.

“Wow,” Alex breathed when they pulled apart.

“Yeah,” Thomas agreed.

Alex started to move in for another kiss, but the mood was shattered by a loud “HOLY SHIT.”

Alex looked on in terror as his friends emerged from around the corner.

“I can’t believe you went through with it,” John said.

Lafayette shook his head. “I suppose you get your new laptop after all.”

Alex tried to wave them away, to do anything to get them to stop, but his words weren’t working. He turned back to Thomas, whose eyes were filled with hurt and possibly tears.

“Y-you said all that to get a new laptop?” he whispered.

“Thomas, I—”

Thomas shook his head and turned back into his apartment, closing the door to cut Alex off.

Alex turned back to his friends, who had fallen silent. For once Alex had nothing to say to them. He only gave them a disapproving shake of the head as he trudged past them and back to their apartment, where he locked himself in his and John’s room for the rest of the night.

taekook rec: may 2017

closed lips (and open wounds) by edenberry, lookingathimhurts

Jungkook has to write an essay for his Psychology class and he’s chosen Kim Taehyung, Linguistics major and famous fuckboy, to base it on. The only problem is that Taehyung has no idea and he may not be as easy to figure out as he looks.

sail on, sailor by melonnim

Taehyung was that kind of pretty that could drown.

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He Aims His Pistol at the Sky-

“To aim your pistol at the sky” means that your enemy isn’t worth wasting a bullet on them. Hamilton taught Phillip that - no man is worth shooting. But not for the sake of “the enemy’s life.” It was more for the sake of “this bullet is worth more than that man’s being, and I don’t want to waste it on something as petty and frivolous as his life.” It wasn’t a sign that “one was scared to die, so what the heck, just get it over with already,” but more of a sign that “I don’t need the guilt of wasting a perfectly good bullet on a petty man.”

Hamilton wasn’t a coward, he was financier and venture capitalist. He knew the worth of that bullet. He knew the worth of Burr. He knew the worth of himself. He didn’t “throw away his shot,” he simply invested in something more worthwhile.

License to Science (And Kill) Ch.14

Title: License to Science (And Kill)
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Action / Humor / Romance
Rating: T


When International criminal organization, TITAN, successfully steals an arsenal of missiles along with their encrypted launch codes, Code Blue is initiated. It up to Agent Levi Ackerman, a spy in a class of his own, and research scientist Hanji Zoe, the premiere authority on the organization, to halt a global catastrophe in its tracks.

Also read it here.

Ch.1 - Ch.13

Chapter 14:

“Where are you going? Shouldn’t we be trying to get back to your friends?”

Hanji turned down one side street, and then down another. She wrenched the wheel and tires spun as the car skidded onto a wider, main road. It led South. Away from the safe house.

“I’d rather not lead four cars of TITAN agents back to our new base of operations.”

Mike was injured and there was very possibly a traitor in his company. She didn’t think it wise to bring a firefight to their doorstep. Doing so would in all likelihood mean the loss of the codes – and probably a few agents. TITAN wasn’t known for taking prisoners.

As she sped over the two lane road, the car’s engine roared. Rapid pops, barely audible over the engine, sounded behind them. Windows shattered as bullets tore through the glass. Hanji flinched, instinctively ducking to the side. The pastor slouched low in his seat. His hands, still cuffed to the door, strained to cover his head.

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If Crossbones had never been blown up, and had captured Bucky, and for some reason they got into a conversation about Bucky's captivity, and Bucky got to ask some questions, and for some reason Rumlow was willing to answer truthfully and fully, (maybe just to put it in Bucky's face and hurt him) in your meta, what kind of questions would Bucky ask Rumlow about his captivity with Hydra?

Honestly, I don’t think a captured fully-recovered Bucky probably would ask him much beyond strategic information like names of HYDRA agents and sympathizers still in hiding, etc. He already has returning memories of his own and aside from maybe wanting to know if there’s more trigger words–a dangerous question since Rumlow would no doubt try to be cute and actually use said trigger words–I doubt there’s much Rumlow could offer that Bucky would want or need to hear. Asking a question like “Why’d you do it” of Rumlow would be pretty pointless, since Bucky already has too thorough an understanding of why HYDRA true believers make the choices they do. He’d know he’d only get the standard canned rhetoric spit back at him (because I’m sure that Sam’s told him all about Rumlow’s idiotic “order through pain/you ready for yours” villain speech). I doubt Bucky would care anything about whatever Personal Tragic Backstory™ Rumlow might have that led him into joining HYDRA… Bucky really isn’t much of a touchy feely kinda guy who gives a rip about motivation or even redemption. He considers HYDRA to be terrorists and would rather just kill them with whatever’s handy: his gun, his metal arm… an arrow from a nearby quiver…

See, thing is, Bucky’s not Steve… he’s colder, more pragmatic, more “Hey, Steve, is this enemy worth saving for whatever information we can get or is it okay to just dispose of him now? Please say yes because I want to go get pancakes…..” Not that Steve is all ‘let’s redeem everyone’, but Bucky has always taken ruthlessness to levels Steve can’t because Steve’s Captain America.

I’m focusing on Rumlow somehow capturing a mostly recovered Bucky, but if MCU Rumlow managed to capture Bucky earlier, he might have a few questions, but again mostly focused on strategic stuff like where all the HYDRA bases are that might still have mind-wipe/cryo equipment or the status of the additional Winter Soldiers. Maybe he’d even get a little sassy and ask for a tool kit for his arm… right before he rips out of whatever restraints are holding him and wraps his metal fist around Rumlow’s neck. My headcanon is that at least on the subject of Pierce, Rumlow, the Strike Team and HYDRA, Bucky didn’t stay confused for very long at all after Steve broke his programming. He may not have gone after any of them, because he was hurt and burdened with a not fully mission-ready brain, but if Rumlow had showed up, Bucky wouldn’t waste much time asking questions. He’d just start throwing punches. Or arrows. Whatever’s handy.

(Can you tell I’m not a fan of Rumlow? You don’t betray Steve Rogers. You just don’t.)

i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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Ah. Well. It was a matter of time before I drew a preliminary reference for the chaos serpent, and this one was long overdue.

The last time I drew this guy was for that one response with Set from a while back. For those unfamiliar with the mythology, this “overgrown snake” that Set refers to would be Apep – the demon manifestation of darkness, destruction, and primordial chaos. Also know as Apophis (tho I’m debating whether or not to swap to his greek name to match the other characters, but I’ll decide later).

As for his design, which is subject to change as the project develops: I was aiming for a color scheme saturated with black and red, but that didn’t look overly similar to Set. Since I classify him as a demon in story – who are often hybrids of different animals in DEITIES verse – I’ve borrowed inspiration from multiple categories of snakes, including pythons, mambas, and vipers. His size and appearance can vary a lot, but he has the capacity to grow to enormous proportions, as shown above. He also radiates a high amount of unfiltered chaos energy, though how he’s able to manipulate it is still a WIP.

Overall, Apep is planned as the “big bad” of DEITIES Project – the enemy of Ra and a constant threat to all deities  – but exactly how he’s involved in the plot is still being worked on as I draft the story. So it remains to be seen what sort of havoc the serpent aims to cause for the deities this time…

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if you want a game thats gonna give you your money's worth, get either xcom enemy unknown, or xcom 2. the replayability is near endless, and they're both fantastic if you're into squad strategy games.

Not into strategy games to be honest, I’m just looking for a good single player experience, as my internet is too crappy for multiplayer.

I want to get the original Bioshock, as that was my favorite Xbox 360 games, and it’s been years since I last beat it, but first I have to set up the VPN thing. 

Love Is A Human Right - written by Conscious_ramblings
By Organization for Transformative Works


The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament.

Through tears and arguments and a heavy dose of LGBTQ+ politics, their lives finally line up. Will Louis be able to forgive? Will they still want the same thing? It’s difficult to let go of five years of hurt, but even more difficult to be close to the love of your life and let them walk away again.

Author - Conscious_ramblings            Tumblr - @conscious–ramblings

One shot -  40,933 words

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!

There are so many elements of this fic that are amazing - truly, wonderfully amazing.

I was swept up in the plot from about the third or fourth paragraph - dying to know what happened and how it all went down. The writing is so on point that the feeling of “oh my god I have to keep reading, I HAVE TO KEEP READING” never went away once. This fic is addictive and rewards you spectacularly.

The story is teased beautifully in the summary above all those Larry Thumbs. It’s a lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers fic, and that’s putting it lightly. The tension and chemistry between Louis and Harry is palpable. You can feel it immediately, and it never lets up. Even when they aren’t in a scene together, you can still feel how the they’re affecting each other - Brilliant!!!

I’m a history/politics/social movement junkie, so this fic fit like a glove for me, but even if you don’t like any of those, this fic is still going to grab you. It will still be amazing. You’re still going to love it!!! At the heart of it is two men who are absolutely perfect for each other - it just takes them a while to get everything right. 

Criminal AU

Alright I admit it, I LOVE any sort of criminal story or AU. It could probably be considered as a fetish, but I’m not going to go there. Now this idea may or may not be totally influenced by Rhyiona (Rhys and Fiona) from Tales From the Borderlands, which I need people to talk to about, but the majority of these were 3 in the morning thoughts. Enjoy!

- Marinette lives in a very old fashioned, western town. Adrien lives in a much more techy city that holds control over Mari’s town.

- The western town is named Parisian, but is more commonly called The Junkyard. It’s infested with criminals, a kill or be killed world. The citizens carry weaponry around when going to the grocery store, and hold ransom money if a loved one gets taken by rival gangs. It’s not uncommon for young girls to be sold on the black market. The Junkyard lays in a wide plain over looked by it’s commander city.

- The tech city is called Akuma City after President Nooroo Akuma, the founder. Akuma is surrounded by metal walls all around. The walls are incredibly thick, and are made up of endless hallways and rooms holding all the governments information. Only the top-security citizens are allowed in the walls. There’s only one door leading out, manned by guards 24/7. Akuma’s inner buildings are entirely made of glass and wires. No citizen is without a  cyber-eye and are being constantly watched. Akuma is built into Papillion Mountain, over looking Parisian.

- Marinette is the pastor’s daughter, she goes to church every Sunday and spends more time than not helping out at the orphanage. She wears heavy dresses (which she despises), keeps her hair pulled taught, and plays the perfect daughter.

- Adrien is the son of the leading Weapon’s Specialist. He’s decked out in tech gear, down to the robotic tail he keeps curled around his arm. He spends his days wandering the empty halls of his metal city.

- When Marinette was young her mother was taken and sold on the black market. It’s just her, her father, and her little sister, Alya. The pastor lives a plush life, and never seems to question the amount of money in his bank account. He never wonders how his 24 and 18 year old daughters are even alive. Alya knows.

- In The Junkyard criminals are common, nearly the entire city is one. Criminals however, work like a food chain. Near the bottom are the low-life pick pockets, farther up are the prostitutes and pimps, then the murders, but at the very top lie the con artist. While they aren’t the most dangerous, con artists are among the common folk. Anyone could be one, and you could have just been caught in one’s trap. Con artist’s know a little something on everyone, just enough to have power, but not enough to be a powerful enemy worth killing. The exception to the rule however is the dynamic duo.

- They call them Ladybug and Chat Noir, the two most powerful, and dangerous, criminals in all of The Junkyard. When Ladybug walks, the ground bows to her very will. She knows every little thing you have ever done, every crime, every word. She knows your family, and their exact location. She can dislocate your shoulder 27 different ways, and can kill a man in 50. Chat Noir gathers her information. He can trick you out of a million dollar deal with a smile, he can swipe a left and convince you it’s right. Ladybug might be the power and face, but without Chat she’s only a girl who knows how to fight. 

- The duo isn’t subtle. When they steal the newest bomb model from Akuma they let the world know. They show themselves to the world and just beg to be caught and punished.

- The one problem? No one knows who they are, not even each other.

- Ladybug dresses in tight layers of black, thin pants, even thinner shirt. She’s never seen without her signature red bowler and tight ladybug print eye-mask.

- Chat Noir dresses in a nearly identical outfit, but is never without his Akuma-1st grade cat tail, black-crystal cat ears, and cyber mask.

- No one would ever be able to tell the feared Ladybug and Chat Noir are actually the shy pastors daughter, Marinette, and the next in line Weapon’s Specialist, Adrien. Well no one but Alya.

- Marinette loved the power of Ladybug. Ever since her mother’s disappearance she’s felt weak, and has always had an eye over her shoulder in fear of seeing a man dressed in purple. As Ladybug she could walk the street and have people quiver in fear of her. Marinette had worked hard to earn that reputation. She had put on a cold, cruel, calculating face and had proved it in more ways than one. She had claimed the nickname Trigger Finger, Bitch, Iron Heart. Though she could never have done it without Chat Noir, she was proud of herself for gaining such a reputation. Though people whispered her name in fear and told tales of her actions she never would kill just anyone. No her eyes weren’t set on lowly con artists.

- Adrien loved the freedom of Chat Noir. When he became the cat criminal, there weren’t any metal walls, restrictions, there weren’t any government officials commanding his ever move. When he became Chat Noir he could forget about the secrets his father held, and the absence of his mother. Best of all there was Ladybug. He had never met a woman that had frustrated him and entertained him more than her. She was a cold hearted, stubborn, hotheaded, strong willed, sarcastic, psychopath. But he saw her every now and then, the real her. The woman who carried every orphan 18 miles, just so they wouldn’t be near an ongoing gang war. The woman who didn’t kill a petty thief who had attempted to steal her gun and called her bitch, but shot a well paying client who had raped a girl straight through the forehead. Sometimes he saw a woman who loved him, and he decided on the first night they met that he would love every side of her.

- Ladybug sometimes felt herself getting close to Chat Noir, but he saw inside of her and she couldn’t risk someone knowing the despicable creature she truly was. He seemed to love her as she was, she couldn’t let him know how she didn’t always enjoy the murder and crime they so often played with.

- One night Adrien snuck out of Akuma and met up with Ladybug at the base of Papillion Mt. He couldn’t place it, but there was something new about her. Not in her appearance, but her general being. She seemed saddened, yet it was as if a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

- When they reached The Junkyard he asked. She only grimaced and nodded towards the city center, where a burning was taking place. Chat Noir didn’t know much about the rituals of of Parisian but he figured a bonfire in the middle of the city wasn’t a good thing.

- Chat Noir rushed in, Ladybug following his tail (literally), until they came into view of what they townsfolk were actually burning.

- “Wh-wha-what is that Ladybug. Please don’t tell me! Oh god it’s not? Is it? No! Shut up LB!”

- In the center of town was a burning pile of bodies. Bodies of young girls. Some were no older than 10, while others were nearly Ladybug and Chat Noir’s age.

- Chat Noir quivered, turning to Ladybug slowly.

- “Did you do this?” Chat Noir thought very highly of his villainous Lady, he had no problem with murder or crime. But killing children was not something he has signed up for.

- “Really Chaton, you think I would do something like this? I’m hurt.” She didn’t look hurt. 

- Chat glared.

- “Kitty, you know those missions? The ones I send you on, without any information? The ones you once wanted to know about so badly, you tracked down my little sister?” She spoke with a small grin, and Chat was tempted to smile with her, but she hadn’t answered his questions yet.

-”They were to find the man in purple. Goes by Hawkmoth. He’s the number one pimp in all of…well anywhere. He goes through town at night, hunting down young orphan girls. He sells them on the black market to be sex workers. Only about 1/10 survive.” She leaned against an alley wall, the flames from the fire casting sharp shadows over her round cheeks.

- Chat was glad to know what he had been gathering information on but he had no idea how it connected to his question. He expressed as such and she continued. 

- “Every once in awhile he gets a batch of girls, that don’t sell. So he knocks ‘em out, throws them in the city square and sets fire to the trash.” She laughed bitterly before going on.

- “I’ve been looking for him for years. He’s like us; no one knows who he is or where he’s from. He appears, gets what he wants and leaves. He took my mom, and hundreds of other girls. Now, we can get him.”

- That was the moment Chat decided that he loved Ladybug.

- “Well my Lady, what’s the plan?”

        It was a simple one really.

Every girl has a medallion, a little butterfly clip attached to her chest. They’re Akuma-1st degree so they don’t burn. Those medallions work the same as a cattle brand. The owner of them can track his property with ease, and will be aware of their health and mental conditions 24/7. Now because they’re Akuma-1st degree, someone must have self-customized them. To do that a person needs to upload all their information. It’s Akuma so it’s safe. In theory. All the duo needs to do is hack open that medallion and upload the information into another Akuma-1st degree item…say Chat’s tail?

- They did just that.

- Adrien couldn’t walk through the burned bodies, instead making Ladybug hunt down a medallion that wasn’t damaged too badly. She finally found one after nearly an hour. After crushing it in her hand, it was all up to Chat.

- He eagerly took the Akuma’s chip, inserting it directly into his tail. He was quick to impress, and had the download screen projected for both him and Ladybug to view within 30 seconds.

- The screen slowly came into focus with a 5 simple words.

                       Gabriel Agreste: Commander Weapon’s Specialist

- Ladybug let put a shrill exclamation of anger and Adrien just froze, staring at the projection.

- “I-it can’t be him. Ladybug, this is wrong.”

- Ladybug froze in her movements. 

- “What the hell do you mean?” There was a burning fire in her voice, the wrong word and it might explode.

- “I mean it’s not him. I know that man, and it’s not him.” Chat’s voice was cold, a temperature Marinette had never heard him speak in before.

- “Chat, all the evidence points towards him. I’ve been looking for him too long to not take this chance. Taking Tikki, I can be there in an hour. Hawkmoth can be dead in one and a half.” She sounded desperate. It was as if she knew what Chat was going to say next and desperately wanted him to reconsider.

- “I can’t stop you, I doubt anyone can, but I’m not going with you. I’m not going to kill an innocent man LB.” Chat turned away from her, not even bothering to see what she would choose. He was surprised when she called after him.”

- “There’s a horse in the barn. Name’s Plagg. He’ll find me when you change your mind”

- This time she really did leave, though Chat didn’t turn to see.




- Ladybug made it to the outer wall of Akuma in 45 minutes, and thanks to some previous in-tell from Chat made it into the wall in 10.

- She was stunned by the pure, machine, of the inside. There was no space, no room. It was room after metal room. Not a single window, except for the ones looking inside, towards the glass structures of Akuma.

- Ladybug had a map of the wall shoved deep into her shirt. Chat had given it to her before she left. He had marked a room as Gabriel’s. Even though she had no reason to believe it was his real room, she knew Chat would never lie to her and trusted him with her life.

- When she thought she had finally reached the room, she found a cracked open door with light shining through. The room was on the outer side of the wall, facing Parisian. He heart beat faster at the thought of natural light, and she shoved the door open without a second thought.

- Thankfully the room was empty, but there in the middle was a huge stained window. Marinette edged closer, tracing her gloved fingers over the circular stained glass. It looked as if the window opened, and she was just about to pry open the crease she’d found when…

- “You look just like her”






- Chat had been sitting there for 15 minutes before he decided to go after her. He knew it was his father. The man had so many hours unaccounted, Adrien really should have known. But it seemed he still had some love for his absent father.






- “She liked that window to. Your mother. Sabrina Cheng, yes?”

- Ladybug whipped around to see the man in purple, Hawkmoth himself, standing in the doorway.

- “Oh, don’t look so shocked girl. You really thought I wouldn’t know that someone had hacked into my account? Can’t say I’m surprised that it was you. Shame your mother wouldn’t let me take you. Traded herself for you.” The man leaned on his tall staff, a growing smirk on his square face.

- Ladybug had never “quivered” in her life, but in that moment it took all her self control not to.

- “Your mother told me you where destined for great things, but I don’t think she was talking about being a criminal. She’d be so disappointing.” He drawled out his words, emphasizing every one.

- Ladybug whipped out her lucky charm pistol, raising it to Gabriel Agreste’s heart.

- The man let out a laugh, before drawing his own. 

- “Seems were both armed now Mari. It all depends on whose goi-”

- She pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through his shoulder.

- The man seethed, turning red, cussing her name to the ground.

- One, two, three shots.

- One through Ladybug’s hand, the gun scattering away.

- Another through her right shoulder

- And another through her left leg

- She quivered on her weakened leg, her left arm nursing her right.

- “Really should have seen that coming. Nothing’s ever simple with old Gabe here is it?” She let out a broken laugh, her eyes following the gun slowly being aimed at her head.

- “Au revoir bitch” Ladybug murmured as a gun sounded, her eyes shielded.

- When no bullet collided with her, Ladybug looked up to see a shocked Hwkmoth fall forwards, a bullet hole in his forehead.

- Behind him stood a smoking gun attached to a grinning kitty

- “Miss me?”