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Things I want in Dragon Age 4

-Inquisitor as protagonist again.

I think they deserve to get some revenge personal style on the egg.

-Inquisitor has customizable prosthetic arm that can double as a hand/weapon of choice. (Ex. Crossbow, blade, dart firing, ect.)

-Tevinter. (I mean. I don’t think I even have to ask. I know it’s coming.)

-!!!!DRAMATIC LOVE INTREST REUNIONS!!!! I’m talking Dorian and the Inquisitor. Maybe even Hawke and Fenris, holy shit I would die.

-When I say dramatic, I mean like one of them picks up the other and spins and they hold each other for 2737272733213 years.

-Kicking solas’s ass and saying “I am not Corypheus. I take no joy in this.” but actually taking joy in it.

-GET A FUCKING PET FOR THE INQUISITOR. Like it doesn’t even have to be a mabari. Maybe like have interactions with the mounts or something. Like “hey bitch holy fck have u seen my hart? No? Well get your ass over here rn and pet his head, he’s a sweet af lil hoe.”

-More little scenes with companions, and especially love intrests. Like do little meaningless conversations that don’t have shit to do with the plot; it’s just them bonding and having a good time.


❀ status em inglês

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Seja você a mudança que quer ver no mundo.)

Decides, as time passes and middle ground tires. (Decide, porque o tempo passa e meio termo cansa.)

Don’t give up, despite the difficulties. If it makes you feel, then it’s worth. (Não desista, apesar das dificuldades. Se te faz sentir, então vale a pena.)

People always end up becoming insensitive. (As pessoas sempre acabam ficando insensíveis)

Not all losses, some things are deliverances. (Nem tudo são perdas, algumas coisas são livramentos)

People go, but the memories remain. (Pessoas vão, mas as lembranças ficam)

It is that first I need to be whole to me, to someone after I complete. (É que primeiro, eu preciso ser inteira pra mim, pra depois eu completar alguém)

Things change, but that doesn’t mean they improve. (As coisas mudam, mas isso não significa que elas melhoram.)

Stop waiting, make your story happen. It’s you and nobody else. (Pare de esperar, faça sua história acontecer. É com você e mais ninguém)

Don’t let life take you. Take control. (Não deixe a vida te levar. Assuma o controle.)  

A tip: Don’t expect a person to leave, to say what you really feel about her. (Uma dica: Não espere uma pessoa ir embora, para dizer realmente o que você sente por ela.)

Only criticize if you know do better. (Só critique se você souber fazer melhor.)

Have you noticed how many good things have happened in your life? (Você já percebeu quantas coisas boas já aconteceram em sua vida?)

So I got that glitch where companions merge into one and this happened :D Kind of looks like Fenris hugs him and buries his face in those feathers and I just–