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Things I want in Dragon Age 4

-Inquisitor as protagonist again.

I think they deserve to get some revenge personal style on the egg.

-Inquisitor has customizable prosthetic arm that can double as a hand/weapon of choice. (Ex. Crossbow, blade, dart firing, ect.)

-Tevinter. (I mean. I don’t think I even have to ask. I know it’s coming.)

-!!!!DRAMATIC LOVE INTREST REUNIONS!!!! I’m talking Dorian and the Inquisitor. Maybe even Hawke and Fenris, holy shit I would die.

-When I say dramatic, I mean like one of them picks up the other and spins and they hold each other for 2737272733213 years.

-Kicking solas’s ass and saying “I am not Corypheus. I take no joy in this.” but actually taking joy in it.

-GET A FUCKING PET FOR THE INQUISITOR. Like it doesn’t even have to be a mabari. Maybe like have interactions with the mounts or something. Like “hey bitch holy fck have u seen my hart? No? Well get your ass over here rn and pet his head, he’s a sweet af lil hoe.”

-More little scenes with companions, and especially love intrests. Like do little meaningless conversations that don’t have shit to do with the plot; it’s just them bonding and having a good time.


“I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me.”Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Thank you to the wonderful and talented @laskulls for drawing my lovely son, Thelrand, as he would appear in DA:4. I love your rendition of the sentinel armor while still keeping the characteristic that make it recognizable. I love the details on the armor and the sword with how translucent it is. And the hair! So pretty! I couldn’t be more happier with the result! <3


Fenris/f!Hawke, 1997 words, sfw. Fenris and Hawke form a fledgling friendship over talk of the Deep Roads expedition. Content warnings for mentions of violence, slavery, and canonical character death.

Read here on AO3

“Is your buying people fruit based on their place of origin a regular occurrence? Don’t you have an expedition to fund?”

“Well, you’re the only Tevinter I’ve met and not killed, and the greengrocer was rather persuasive. ‘The only ones you can find in the Free Marches, serah,’” Hawke says in an imitation of the dwarven grocer’s drawl, “‘handpicked by elven maidens and shipped straight to Hightown from the lush stretches of Perineum—’”

Fenris has a weird little cough. “Perivantium.”

“—that’s what I said—‘in crates enchanted with frost runes and pulled by free-range dracolisks.’ Oh, and it looks like it’s wearing a tiny court jester hat,” she adds, pointing to the strange flower that crowns the fruit as he pares it off before scoring the top. “Besides, I’ve never had anything from Tevinter and—oh, sweet Andraste on a stick, of course the damned Tevinter fruit is bleeding.”

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❀ status em inglês

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Seja você a mudança que quer ver no mundo.)

Decides, as time passes and middle ground tires. (Decide, porque o tempo passa e meio termo cansa.)

Don’t give up, despite the difficulties. If it makes you feel, then it’s worth. (Não desista, apesar das dificuldades. Se te faz sentir, então vale a pena.)

People always end up becoming insensitive. (As pessoas sempre acabam ficando insensíveis)

Not all losses, some things are deliverances. (Nem tudo são perdas, algumas coisas são livramentos)

People go, but the memories remain. (Pessoas vão, mas as lembranças ficam)

It is that first I need to be whole to me, to someone after I complete. (É que primeiro, eu preciso ser inteira pra mim, pra depois eu completar alguém)

Things change, but that doesn’t mean they improve. (As coisas mudam, mas isso não significa que elas melhoram.)

Stop waiting, make your story happen. It’s you and nobody else. (Pare de esperar, faça sua história acontecer. É com você e mais ninguém)

Don’t let life take you. Take control. (Não deixe a vida te levar. Assuma o controle.)  

A tip: Don’t expect a person to leave, to say what you really feel about her. (Uma dica: Não espere uma pessoa ir embora, para dizer realmente o que você sente por ela.)

Only criticize if you know do better. (Só critique se você souber fazer melhor.)

Have you noticed how many good things have happened in your life? (Você já percebeu quantas coisas boas já aconteceram em sua vida?)

Knitted crafts and Beaded jewelry by KitterahKrafts
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After some thought (and urging from a LOT of people), I created an Etsy store!

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day - part 2/2

I’ve read a whole lot of fic since I’ve joined the fandom in December, but I’ve bookmarked only a handful (maybe I should have been better about it). That being said, here are some of my favorites of the bunch!

Complete fanfics:

Heatwaves by @thesecondsealwrites - This is the fluffiest ‘angry’ fluff ever. It’s a rarepair that I’ve never thought of before but after reading the first chapter, I was HOOKED. Check it out (and everything else this author has written). It’s all worth it :D

Denerim Confidential by @naiatabris - Dragon Age set in noir Denerim while shit goes down at the Circle. Superbly written, great ideas for modern approach to magic and Templars and FANTASTIC characters. 10/10 would read again :D And you should too…

Don’t know what you got by @wardenari - It’s a Nathaniel/Cousland fic that is set in modern Thedas and it’s to die for. It involves a whole lot of darker themes, but I enjoyed every part of the ride. Definitely worth the investment :D

A class act by @slothquisitor - Technically, all I should have to do is post the title and it should be enough to have everybody running to read it ;) That being said, it’s moder AU about Cullen and Mara Lavellan being teachers. It’s adorable. Read it now :D

A very polite commander by @itsdavinahyde - If you’re looking for quality Cullen/Trevelyan smut with surprise plot, look no further. This is superb and amazing and SUPER hot. Don’t be shy, you know you wanna read it ;)

At the end of all things - I stumbled upon this on accident and fell in love. Then cried my little eyes out. This is not a happy ending kind of a fic, but I love it dearly. SO GOOD.

Orlais gets it right by @sloth-race - Super cute fluff that quickly descends into hot smut. I love it because it’s not super long, it’s fun, and it has cameos from other characters, some you might not even expect. I enjoyed it a lot :D

Intimacy by @kauriart - A one-shot that documents Cullen’s obsession with a warrior Inquisitor that isn’t necessarily the thinnest or the tallest. It beautifully shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes and you don’t have to be a model to find love :) SO GOOD :D

Side by side - This was a fantastic story about an OC that spent most of her time with the Inquisition pining her immediate superior - Commander Cullen. Cue lots of angsty thoughts, cute moments and a whole lot of misunderstanding. You know the drill! :D

What lies behind the throne by @blustersquall - What would happen if Alistair was an officially recognized bastard and never joined the Wardens? Or the Blight never happened? Cue this story. I am still impressed how well planned out it was and how well executed it was. What a story! Beyond compare!

All’s Fair - Oh man, this fic had me in stitches OFTEN. Dorian and Evelyn are such delightful troublemakers and it’s a joy to watch them go through trials and tribulations to find true love at the end. Also, there’s a cameo of Jim’s giant cock. You have been warned :P

The fire and the flood by @ma-sulevin - Masul has so much good stuff in her archive it’s almost impossible to pick one! This one is still my favorite, though. Something about the story progression makes me melt into a happy goo. Please read. So good :D

The art of love by @sloth-race - Another one! She is so good at writing these short-ish stories that are both sweet and sexy. This one features Cullen staying at a brother in Denerim and getting close with an elven courtesan. Because why not! :D

Reparation by @slothquisitor - Again, if you haven’t read Sloth’s writing yet, where have you been? This is an AU where Cullen gets dumped by Inquisitor and goes off to start a Templar sanctuary. Cue Mara Lavellan and the rest is history. Cullen’s family gives me life. SO GOOD :D

I could probably keep tagging people and fics but I’m at work and don’t have more time. There are more in my bookmarks, of course, but let’s not spam Tumblr? I love all of these stories and I’m forever grateful I got to experience them.


So I got that glitch where companions merge into one and this happened :D Kind of looks like Fenris hugs him and buries his face in those feathers and I just–

anonymous asked:

DA3 was the first Dragon Age game I had ever played and now I realize why my friend told me to play the other two first. I had no idea who Hawke was unless I googled him. When I did both Templar/Mage sides I was confused the whole time with the story. I've had to go online to read about the DA series and puzzling those pieces together. (Sorry, i saw your post and realized how lost I was in the game and unsure of how my choices would affect Thedas.)

I think the more they progress the more thatll be the case, accumulating plot threads as they do. I do wonder if the DA devs will eventually go the Andromeda route soon and tie up the age, timeskipping to a new era to start fresh. OR: they can just keep going; really lay on the pressure to buy extra content to make sense of it all.