worth being a fic


Summary: Phil has a cheating boyfriend. Dan is a poet with a crush, facing an ultimatum.

Genre: University AU (poet!Dan)

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, swearing, many elements of angst, implied smut, vague implication of abuse (only two lines)

Word Count: 33.6k

Fic Playlist (ordered chronologically to follow the storyline as it progresses)

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fic rec!!

aight so you guys know that I don’t have much time to read any fics but when i do read em, THEY’RE RLY GOOD ONES. and i binge read this 32k sheith fic last night and it’s totally worth being sleepy now, check out burn bright by rire on ao3 for some of the best shiro characterization ever, some painfully well written ptsd and INNER TURMOIL, a non-condescending, non-sugarcoated approach to the prostitution industry, and some darn good sex scenes that somehow manage to be as emotional as they are hot af. and it’s complete!!!

fuzzy morning ficlet

Baze wakes slowly, reluctantly, to the sound of Chirrut’s voice. Under most circumstances it would be pleasant, but it’s too early, and his tone has that certain edge to it that guarantees he’s going to ask him to do something. Chirrut only asks for help getting into trouble or getting back out of it, and it’ll be reckless either way, Baze thinks, still sleep-foggy and not at all ready to jump into whatever foolish plan Chirrut is concocting at this hour.

“No,” He mumbles, though he’s not sure if Chirrut has actually asked anything of him yet, or what it is.

“No to what.”

“Any of it. C’mere.” Baze reaches for him blindly – irony acknowledged – and gives his slim wrist a petulant tug.

“You didn’t even hear what I said.”

“Did it involve getting out of bed?”


“Then I stand by my answer.”

“Lazy old man.” Chirrut gives in, though, sprawling out next to him again. He twists a strand of Baze’s hair around his finger. “Your hair is getting long.”


“I like it.”

No answer. He just drags Chirrut closer and nestles against his shoulder.

“I’ll braid it for you. And wrap it. Make you look like a real tough guy.” He palms his cheeks next. “So shaggy. My handsome old bantha.”


“I bet it’s getting gray. But it probably looks good on you.” He leans down and brushes a kiss to his forehead.

“So determined,” He finally groans out, stretching joints that seem even more reluctant to rise and shine than the rest of him. “You aren’t usually trying to charm me out of bed.”

“Come on, lazy old love of my life.” He thumps his chest slightly too hard to be affectionate. “Our day awaits.”

The next chapter of  Any Distance Greater will go up tomorrow, but for now: a teensy-tinesy sneak peek of it, just for you guys <3 Thank you for all the kind words on it, it’s been so lovely to have such wonderful feedback!

“You know, Wedge, I have run a squadron before.” Tycho teases as Wedge attempts to go through the data work one more time. “In fact, I have been doing so for the last several weeks. I’ve got this. You just relax.”

“I know,” Wedge says from his bed. He’s looking much better than he did, but Tycho knows it’s still early days. And he’s been warned by Kalonia to not let Wedge push himself too hard. “Still, can we go over everything again?”

Tycho sighs.

“Yeah, of course we can.”

It must be difficult to be Wedge right now; to have so little control over what’s happened to him. Not just the accident, but Luke suddenly declaring that he’s going to whisk Wedge away to Naboo. Which is undoubtedly a good thing – no one really wanted to send Wedge to Chandrila on his own – but it still came as a shock.

Tycho wants to be reassuring. To say that Wedge will be back on his feet and back with them before he knows it, but Kalonia has told them in no uncertain terms that they are not to broach the topic of how long Wedge’s recovery might take, or make any allusion to the prospect of him flying again. Things are still so uncertain. Kalonia doesn’t want to give him false hope.

“So, in conclusion,” Tycho says, after Wedge has finished running through his list again. “Don’t let Janson anywhere near a modicum of responsibility; keep Hobbie from getting too morose; attempt to keep Plourr out of fights that would cause a diplomatic incident, that being all of them; ensure that Snap is well cared for and calls his mother once a week; and keep everyone alive. Is that about the sum of it?”

Wedge furrows his brow, biting his lip, before giving in and saying: “Yes, that sounds about right.”

commission fic #2: staying in

next commission fic is for @cooper-klebba, who requested grown up connverse pregnancy fluff. this got a little deeper than you might be expecting as I thought more about what it would mean to these two to be parents, but I also laughed more while writing this than anything else out of the week’s batch.

“So here’s the thing,” Connie says to the assembled Crystal Gems, two hands in the small of her back and the latest floor plan for the addition in which the newest addition to the family will live rolled up under her arm, “my mom says I shouldn’t come on any more missions until after the baby is born. And even if she’s not actually our doctor, I have to admit she probably knows what she’s talking about.” Connie’s been a live-in member of the team since she finished up her Master’s degree and popped the question to Steven the day after graduation without surprising anyone, without fuss, and pointedly without diamonds (he still cried when he said yes). Now that they’re both in their early thirties (and almost looking it, in Steven’s case) excitement for a first grandchild has been high on the human side of the family for a while now. On the gem side, the attitude is more along the lines of…open-mindedness.

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My self confidence is at literally zero, to the point I don't feel worth being around, do you have any heavy comfort fics I can read through?

Oh my goodness bb, please take this link of the post to our hurt comfort tag and its subcategories, and this link to our fluff tag and those subcategories ANd this virtual hug bc I can’t give you one irl :c 

I’m not that good with words myself, so I don’t feel like I could find the right ones to make you adopt a mindset that’s like “fack it I’m fine as I am, I haven’t done anything special, but that’s okay bc fack y’all this is enough and I’m comfortable with it”, but I do believe self confidence is a matter of time. So until you get there, I really hope that you’ll find comfort in the words of some of these authors <33
- Vallie

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Hi there, jesus i love your fics, maybe Techie having a crush on Kylo? And Matt is like ???? Be angry or what? ?????? Kylo being kind, soft, and nice to Techie drives Hux crazy and he hates himself because feelings

(Oh my GOSH what a fun little tangled web this is. So basically, this is pre-anybody being together, they just all kinda interact and have crushes and whatnot.)

Just about every day, Matt mentioned to the computer tech who worked nearby something about how great Kylo Ren was, but of course that wasn’t exclusive information. Basically anybody who interacted with Matt got the daily updates–new theories about what kind of powers he had or what his current whereabouts were. His coworkers had long ago figured out that if they just barely acknowledged it, they could get him to shut up faster (asking, or worse, telling him to shut up only led to Rage, and that was something nobody liked dealing with in the workplace). 

But Techie–he seemed to be the only one who actually listened. And he asked questions. And he had just the cutest little impressed expression, and Matt loved seeing it, so he talked with him about it even more, even when he wasn’t sure if he was communicating in a particularly eloquent way. 

“Is he really so strong?” Techie asked once.

“Are you kidding? I mean, not that he’d need to, since he could just choke a guy out easy as looking at him, but if he did, he could break you in half. Well, not you personally. Well, yes, he definitely could, but like, he wouldn’t need to. Probably.”

If he’d thought that would intimidate Techie, well, it may have, but it only made him more curious. The other employees were grateful for it, since it meant Matt started focusing his updates on Techie and leaving everyone else alone. 

But, it seemed, his success at getting another admirer on board had worked a little too well. Techie didn’t just admire Ren–he absolutely, 100% had a crush on him. 

This was confirmed one day when, stammering and blushing, Techie brought a little update of his own to Matt. Apparently Ren had needed someone to override Hux’s access restrictions to something, and he’d needed them right that second. Techie had been available and so, like a sacrificial animal, had been offered up. At first he’d been frightened that General Hux would be angry, but Ren had promised there would be no need to worry.

“I thought he’d be much sterner, you know. And he seems younger than I thought–”

“Wait, you saw him without the mask?”

Techie nodded, blushing now that he was suddenly the expert. “It was just as you said. He does sort of look like you–”

Matt’s heart leapt.

“–except, you know. More mysterious. And so powerful.”

Matt’s heart dropped.

“And with dark hair,” Techie added. 

“Well. That’s what I’ve been told. We look a lot alike, besides the hair color.” In truth, Matt had never seen Ren’s face, but someone who had had been dumb enough to mention to Matt that there was a resemblance and he hadn’t stopped talking about it since. And now Techie had confirmed it! He wondered if that meant he still had a chance. A weak copy of Ren was still better than nothing.

“So when I finished, he thanked me, and he complimented me on how quickly I had done it, and uh, he said he’d always ask for me. So I’ll be able to tell you more if he needs me again.”

Matt couldn’t decide whether to frown or smile. On one hand, an inside source was huge, especially one as eager to discuss the matter with him as Techie. On the other hand, he felt that urgent hand of his jealousy yanking on his collar. So he just shoved his glasses up his nose and said, “Let me know if you need any more information when he wants your help again. I’ve got lots, you know, stuff I haven’t even told you yet. The real good secrets.”

This was a lie–at best, it was just a rehashing of rumors and possibilities he had had time to think about the most. And it couldn’t compare with Techie’s actual firsthand accounts, since it seemed like Ren needed his help with something all the time, all of a sudden. It smelled to Matt like he was just looking for a reason to call on him…especially since Techie was being complimented all the time. Ren gave him an access code so he could reach more places on the Finalizer, ostensibly to help. Ren brushed against him, moving behind him, and was just as strong and tall as everyone (Matt) said. 

And then one morning, General Hux showed up at the station where Matt and Techie worked, fully unexpected, as if descending upon them from the heavens for an inspection. It didn’t surprise Techie–not that this made it any less terrifying–that he was soon singled out for a conversation.

“You’ve been rather helpful to Commander Ren lately, haven’t you?”

Techie’s voice cracked when he answered, but he did answer. “He was kind enough to say so, sir.”

Hux smirked. “Kind? That’s a new one. Apparently you’re the one who’s getting him past the data blocks I’ve had set up.”

There was no use denying it. “I would not have refused a direct order from Commander Ren, sir.”

“And that’s why you’re spending so much time in his company?”

“On-on his orders, yes.”

There was an odd expression on Hux’s face, one that Matt realized, with a start, was jealousy. 

“On his orders, of course. Perhaps I need to have a word with him about what sort of orders he gives.”

And then he swept out, leaving Matt wondering, too, just exactly what was going on behind closed doors, and whether it was worth being jealous over. 

Fandom consumers are weird. When artists sell fanzines/doujins/fanart books etc etc no one bats an eyelash.

When I mention printing watercast (putting aside the fact that it’s actually an original and that’s what I meant) I get 50 messages about copyright.


I think it’s part of the community’s idea that fic is valued less than art. (Personally I think I value fic less than art too…) For example: fic writers can’t table at cons; fic writers rarely can sell merch; fic is basically always free; fic writers can’t really get Patreon style support. Don’t talk to me about copyright because the same standard does not apply to fanart; I’m talking about what people are willing to pay for. It’s because as a community we view fic as being worth LESS, if not worthless.

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Supercat prompt! Cat isn't human. She has super powers but hasn't told anyone. She sometimes likes to play vigilante and help people. She gets caught by her girlfriend supergirl(who had no idea)and nows by her smell and heartbeat that it's cat.

Cat usually loves being in the spotlight, being the center of attention. It’s where she thrives, where she knows that every eye is following her every move. That she can shape the world with every word she speaks. But it’s not the spotlight itself that she loves.

It’s the power.

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