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Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L’oreal

Christopher de Lapuente, CEO of @sephora

Fabrizio Freda, CEO of @esteelauder

Tiim Warner, CEO of @urbandecay

David Greenberg, President of @maybelline US

remember that these are the men in charge of the makeup companies. these are the men profiting off women’s insecurities and society’s lie that a woman’s worth is based on her ability to look flawless every second of every day.

and as long as mainstream feminists continue to uphold makeup as a “fun”, “harmless”, “empowering” form of self-expression, these are the men who will be getting richer and richer.


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 1


“Holy shit,” Clint had said, delighted. “Holy shit, can none of you - ”

There’d been scowls and grumbles at his obvious delight, and Tony had muttered something scathing, but Bucky had watched the unabashed pleasure on his face as he vaulted onto the back of the horse, rode hard after the criminals, pushed himself up on the stirrups for an unimpeded shot with his bow. It was impressive, and fucking *hot*, and Bucky’d had a little trouble maintaining the disinterested stare.

Now they’re in the jet, Clint’s capable hands wrapped around the controls, and he’s grinning to himself in a way that’s clearly getting Tony’s goat. *Bucky* wouldn’t call it smug, but that’s cos Bucky has made a study of Clint’s face from as close as he can get it.

“You’re not special, Barton,” Tony says, cutting across the tired silence, resentful and kinda mean. It’s guilt, Bucky thinks, but that doesn’t make it any better. “If I’d had the suit working we wouldn’t even have needed you.”

Clint doesn’t react. His smile doesn’t even change. His hands maybe tighten a little on the controls; it’s difficult to tell.

“Some of us don’t need a rocket suit to be awesome,” he says.

“Some of us were too busy getting multiple degrees to screw around with horses,” Tony snaps back, and Steve lifts his head up.

“Hey, enough, you two.”

Clint gives Tony the finger and a grin that’s lost something, although he patches it up well. You’d almost never know.

Bucky follows him off the jet when they land. Clint’s done crowing, stowing his gear with efficient movements, the little smile he’d been wearing lost somewhere along the way, and hey, turns out Bucky’d do pretty much anything to get it back.

Clint heads for his room and Bucky catches the door before it closes, shouldering his way inside.

“You shouldn’t believe him.” Clint’s shoulders tense up and then relax again in an instant, and his smile is easy.

“No idea what you’re talking about.”

Bucky walks forward and is stupidly, ridiculously grateful that Clint has always stood his ground.

“Everything about you is special, Clint Barton,” he says.

“Ha,” Clint bites out, “yeah, I’m a goddamn superhero, didn’t you hear?” His voice is easy again by the end, well trained.

“Word’s used too easy around here,” Bucky tells him, “but yeah, more than maybe anyone, you are.”

“You tryin’ to get in my pants, Barnes?” Clint asks, “‘cos I gotta tell you it doesn’t need half this effort.”

Bucky lifts his hand, a little stymied by the lack of long hair to tuck behind Clint’s ear. He cups the side of his face instead, looks straight into his eyes.

“You’re worth every second of effort and more,” he says, and even if there’s a lingering disbelief in his eyes as Bucky ducks in for a kiss, when they finally pull apart he’s smiling.

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Was there any syndicated Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV that never got a proper conclusion that you'd like to see?

The 1991 Dark Shadows revival is worth a second look, because, among other things, it captured the weird, moody, gothic ambience of the original perfectly, and also because they brought back the creator of the original series, Dan Curtis, to be head writer/showrunner of the current show. It had great costuming, impressive special effects for 1991, the scripts were moody and interesting, and it had a great cast (including a young Joseph-Gordon Levitt). It was way past the standards of the usual TV revivals, chintzy nostalgia pieces like “Wild, Wild, West Revisted.”

The 1991 Dark Shadows was ahead of its time in two ways: 1) it was a reboot, before that was a common thing, and 2) it used the fact it was a reboot to go in a totally different direction. The finale ended with Victoria traveling back to the year 1795, where she found Barnabas was very much alive. By the end, she returned to the present and saw he was still around, so she knew he was a vampire. This was a totally new status quo, and since they already burned through the two most famous and obligatory storylines of the original series (the 1790s time travel arc and the introduction of Barnabas), we were now in Terra Incognita and anything could happen. 

I also thought that “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” ended with Brisco’s quest for justice unsolved, too.The funny thing is, the creator of Brisco County Jr. was Carlton Cuse, the head writer on Lost, and I kept waiting for a callback to Brisco that just never came. 


Alistair. “Your Private Dining Experience at the Bull’s Head Inn, Kingsburry”
Harry. Gosh, are we having an experience? 


Reader x Elijah Mikaelson

(Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name



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Readers POV:

I had recently returned back home from college, I was exhausted and frustrated with myself. Two weeks ago my history teacher gave us an assignment that was due in two weeks and me being the procrastinator that I am have left it till the last minute.  

I placed my books onto the dining table and making myself a cup of coffee got straight to work. 

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I'm really happy, because you realised that you have romantic feelings for him, Hinata! I'm sure, he has feelings for you too :) Its easy to see it in his moves, words :) I hope he will realised it soon. And I just want to say, I think you'll be so cute couple and I love when you are blushing <3 U are so cute :)

Well I mean…


*in the library, reading a book about the meaning of flowers* So… Alstroemeria means…frienship and devotion. Amaryllis means…worth beyond beauty?! *blushes and stops for a second to looks at the bouquet of flowers Nagito gave him before turning back to the book* Alpine Aster symbolizes patience. White Carnation is for… pure love and good luck…*blushes before smiling gently and continuing his reading* red Carnations are for love, pride and admiration and Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. It conveys loyal love and new beginnings…

*looks at his bouquet* You really put a lot of thoughts into this huh…?

*end of flashback*

So yeah…I’m pretty sure he has feelings for me too. I’m just waiting for him to confess.


Jensen’s Jealousy Over Jared At SDCC2016 ;)

This is another one of the best/most amazing videos on a long list of J2 TinHat history. The whole video is worth watching, it’s only 41 seconds long.

(Jensen’s look at 27 seconds is everything! He looks directly at Jared. It’s like he’s asking himself “What’s so funny? What the fuck are ya’ll laughing at?” lol.)


- K

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Any expectations for the new Star Trek series?

If you want to make an educated guess on what a “modern” Star Trek show would probably look like in the age of streaming, the model would be Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise, which was all about the search for the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse, and was the first time Trek had a series in the post-Sopranos TV era. 

Enterprise year 3 is particularly relevant because it’s a good model of the kind of storytelling that Trek will probably use going forward, where there’s an expectation of arcs, series through-lines, and seasons are viewed as distinct stories in and of themselves.

It was a season long arc that had recurring mysteries and characters, and it was really compelling television. The season told “stories within stories,” but it had a single central mystery and through line. In short, the season starts when a mysterious attack by a totally unknown alien race killed millions on earth, and the Enterprise is sent into a spooky “Bermuda Triangle” region of space to find the mystery aliens responsible before they attack again and wipe out the human race. The Delphic Expanse, the setting of the 3rd season, had weird spacial anomalies that made it dangerous, as well as mysterious 2001-style alien spheres of unknown origin. The season was defined by isolation, and it was an endurance challenge; since the Enterprise couldn’t go to a starbase, the Enterprise was a beat to hell wreck by the end of the year.

The quest wasn’t just to find and stop the Xindi aliens, but to understand what was going on, see if a peaceful resolution could be achieved.

I have to admit…I’m a big Star Trek fan, and I sometimes forget this show even happened. Every time I’m reminded Enterprise existed, I think…”oh yeah.” This series rents as much space in my head as Spielberg’s “Earth-2.” I think I’m not alone. By the time of the third season, people had tuned out, which is a shame because just like with TNG, that’s when Enterprise got good

A friend of mine even argued that Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise was the best year of Star Trek ever made. I’m not sure I would go that far, but it’s absolutely worth a second look if you haven’t seen it since it was on, and I don’t think it gets enough credit as a risky move, for being the first place Star Trek used this kind of storytelling. 

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but there’s always more to be gained from reflection than anticipation.

gruberv  asked:

Watching your pretty watercolors makes me wanna try them, do you have any advice for someone who don't have any idea of watercolors?

Hi Gruberv

Thank you for your patience, been busy the past few days.
For advice,  I would recommend this wonderful youtuber.


He is easy to follow and shares a genuine enthusiasm for watercolor. But more importantly he will visually show you all the basic watercolor techniques, and common trouble shoots/beginner mistakes that happen. He also covers on brush usage, paper, and more. Definitely check him out!

Second link, is optional, but worth looking at once you have the basic foundation. Its more on the science/technical understanding of watercolor. single pigment vs premixed, light fastness, how paper is made, and understanding how pigment interact with the paper fiber. How to properly store watercolor paintings and paper, all that fancy good stuff.


As for supplies and just getting your feet wet (with out breaking the bank, as I totally understand that art supplies can get expensive very quickly, not to mention the plethora of choices) I recommend checking if their is any art retail near you for the following items and ask if they accept coupons etc, most do now a days.

I highly recommend purchasing the Grumbacher Academy Artist watercolor set.


but, buy the tubes individually, and don’t get white and black. for learning watercolor, you don’t need these 2 colors, plus saves you a little bit of cash! (detour explanation later on) 

These were my first paints when I started learning watercolor, they are pretty vibrant for what their worth, and easy to use.

White paint doesn’t exist in watercolor, its technically a gouache. (opaque watercolor) which will technically lighten your color, but it will chalk it up leading to a dull/muted finished. the same goes for black, only it kills the saturation of the color quick, leading to dead colors. To get a lighter color, you simply dilute the paint with more water. To get white highlights in your painting, (eye shine, snow, sky, etc) you have to preserve the white of the paper, either by using masking fluid or painting around the white area. As for getting darker colors, proper use of color theory and  few coats of paint, one can achieve rich darks, that look vibrant.

Its why most if not all water colorist, work from light to dark. you can only go darker, not lighter. Watercolor in the end is essentially like layering color stained glass, only once you put it down, you cant take it back/change your mind.

palette for your paints.


Small size, it folds once your done which helps prevent dust getting into your paint when your not working. And, it makes it portable in case you want travel and take your paints with you.



Round, Size 8, if budget permits throw in also a Wash ½"

The round will cover pretty much all your needs, the wash is just a straight square brush/ which is good when you need to fill out large areas or get hard crisp edges.

2 medium size plastic or glass containers for your water.  One for rinsing and cleaning your brush between changing color paint, the other clean water.



For starter, Fabrianno studio watercolor paper is a great inexpensive paper to practice on and to get a feel for watercolor. Its 140 lb, which will handle all water techniques really well. If possible, buy the large single sheets, and cut them down to smaller sizes to extend the paper use. That way you can paint and freely make mistakes. The faster you can get comfortable with  making mistakes in watercolor, the faster you will get a understanding on how the paint works.

Last but least, I  highly recommend that if you start feeling confident. I would purchase a Arches 140 cold press sheet. It is expensive, but it’s worth to experience  painting on artist quality paper. You will feel the huge difference on how much easier it is to manipulate the paint/water on  artist quality paper. You can also cut this down to smaller sizes to extend the paper use.

But for now, I do recommend just having fun and freely making mistakes on the Fabrianno studio paper and just get a feel and understand on how the paint moves/react with the brush and paper. And, enjoy the colors and effects of watercolor!

A good way to practice any medium, with out having to think too much “what to paint”, is a simple fruit still life.

Hope this help, if you have any other questions/concerns, please feel free to note back.



Weightless: a Jackson fic

Chapter 1

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Besides, everyone wants a good love story.”

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The Fan Letter (Oswald x Reader) Part 02 (Stalker!Oswald - his POV)

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Many of us have written at least one story, where Oswald breaks into the reader’s or OC’s apartment and, well, is a perverted little Pingu (I still remember @queencobblefreezestuff and @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction ones). Mine will take a slightly different route…  

Part 01 here

Warnings: bold language, jerking off, sexual phantasies, angst 

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