worth a pretty penny

Journalist of Justice!Izuku tho:

“I can’t fight a villain but I can point the heroes to where they are!" 

  • is painfully normal, absolutely cannot fight a villain 1 on 1
  • knows how to sneak into practically anything because he’s analyzed where the weak points in a villain’s defenses are 
  • has a connection and informant network that spans the entire city because he still helps EVERYONE that he comes across and they like to keep in contact with him 
  • villains don’t generally think he’s a threat because "what can a quirkless person do??? They’re useless" 
  • Izuku just relentless in his hero journalism, is absolutely determined to help EVERYONE in the city by calling out the wrongdoings to those with the power to do something 
  • has taken down a crime ring once because he gave the police all the proof they needed to call in the heroes (he got SUCH GOOD QUOTES)
  • knows absolutely every single hero because all of them have to save him at some point either because he’s getting kidnapped or is the hostage or he’s in the middle of a fight between heroes and villains trying to get a good pic 
  • his camera skills are LEGENDARY - Izuku is now desensitized to being in danger because he’s Used to It™ 
  • he’ll just be asking the villain with the knife up to his throat "so you’ve said that your goal is to destroy the mall, but why this particular one” like he’s asking about the weather 
  • Izuku CAN defend himself but chooses not to 60% of the time because getting pics of the heroes and villains in action are worth a pretty penny (and his hero worship hasn’t actually decreased so he wants to see them look cool but he always feels a little guilty afterwards)
  • he’s not afraid to call out heroes of they’re being shit heads 
  • Endeavor hates his guts and has tried multiple times to sue him for slander or defamation of character, but Izuku has made friends with powerful lawyers and they’re able to cut down Endeavor like a hot knife through butter 
  • Todoroki is his greatest source of Endeavor discourse and they have lunch every Tuesday to just talk heroics 
  • Izuku still calls Bakugou “Kacchan” while in his hero costume and now half of all media refer to him as “The Hero Kacchan” instead of his real Hero Name and Bakugou LITERALLY cannot forgive Izuku for this because “DAMNIT I HAVE A FUCKING HERO NAME SO USE IT”
  • Ochako and Tsuyu love him and are honestly the ones that rescue him the most so they have some of the best press around
  • Iida complains about being paraphrased so often but if Izuku didn’t then it would be enough to fill the article by itself
  • He still fainted when first meeting All Might and every single article Izuku has written about him has been trashed because it’s not actual hero journalism, it’s 100% fanboy mania and his editor can’t publish it
  • his editor is Shinsou and is always Suffering™ pls Midoriya cool it
  • Let Mama Inko Rest 2kAlways

Izuku would 100% be the Lois Lane of the BNHA world admit it


  • “Shigaraki Tomura, can you tell me why you became a villain?” “Why aren’t you scared of me?” “I’m sorry, but I just came back from another kidnapping with a villain who has a Fear Quirk, I’m a little out of fear right now.” 
  • “Kurogiri-san, what’s it like to be the caretaker of one of the most high profile villains of the current century?” *is blatantly ignoring Shigaraki’s tantrum in the background* “No comment.”
For You, A House of Cards

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It was 5:30 AM. A loud crack of thunder had woken you up.

You didn’t jump awake but a tiny nervousness began to build inside your stomach. It had been meaning to rain for a few days now. The thunder rolled for hours each day but eventually it calmed and now, during your sleep, it decided to come back roaring.

Within seconds lighting flashed across the sky and the rain began to pour. You watched through the blinds for a moment and then rolled around in bed wondering how it was possible for him to stay asleep.

He wasn’t.

Yoongi wasn’t even in bed. You yawned and got up, then turned on the flashlight from your phone to walk through the dark house in search of him.

Now you were really scared because if the thunder were to crack suddenly and loudly again, it would most likely take you by surprise.

As you walked down the stairs, the lightning provided some creepy visibility to the house. You just hoped that the thunder would remain quiet for just a moment. Until you could find him.

He was in the kitchen, hovering over the counter and making coffee. He saw you come in and your eyes met.

“I was making tea so in case you woke up. It should calm down your nerves.” He took a sip from his mug. It probably cost ten dollars more than you would have paid for.

“I’m not scared, the storm just woke me up. I never heard thunder so loud before.”

Suddenly the thunder and lighting roared through the sky again simultaneously, making you take quick steps towards him but you didn’t touch him as you looked towards the windows much too large for your liking.

You didn’t want to be too clingy and lose your dignity. 

Instead, he pulled you towards him as he turned his attention back towards the brewing tea but he lazily wrapped your arms around him.

“I’m not scared.” You repeated, hugging him from behind.

“The entire day you were nervous about the thunder. Now it really hits and you don’t want to admit that you’re scared? I kind of wanted to hold you until you weren’t scared anymore.” He surprisingly admitted.

“I’m scared Yoongi.” You said quietly.

He took your hand and pulled you back upstairs towards the bedroom.

You tucked yourself into him and he kissed your forehead, letting his arm serve as your pillow.

“Go to sleep. This is just one of many storms we’ll have to go through.” He said, taking a deep breath.

You held onto his hand and closed your eyes. It felt so good being in his arms.

 There was something crazy about feeling this happy. Especially since this wasn’t your house, your room, your bed…or his.

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May I request for some fluffy Gency in a Witch Mercy AU please?

Me, @ me: Please, Sarah, we can’t keep doing this

Also Me, chanting: WITCH! MERCY! NOW!


Many years ago, a witch in Eichenwalde was out gathering mushrooms when she crossed paths with a monk from a far-off land. The monk was terribly hunched over from a great weight on his back and the witch, being a woman of a charitable heart, approached to help him. As she drew closer, she saw the sack the monk had slung over his shoulder wasn’t very large at all. Curious, she addressed him.

“Monk,” she said, “What have you got in that sack there?”

“A terrible burden that I shall be glad to be rid of,” said the monk, continuing to walk.

The witch matched his pace easily. “May I see it?” she asked.

The monk looked her up and down. The witch didn’t exactly look like a witch, she was tall and fair, with white-gold hair and gray-blue eyes, so, supposing he might as well stop for a breath, he opened the sack to her. Inside the sack was a fine porcelain tea leaf pot, painted with chrysanthemums and blooming tree branches, and the pot itself was veined with gold. The top of the pot was corked, and the cork itself sealed around the rim of the porcelain with paper with fine calligraphy on it, though the witch could not exactly make out what it said.

“How lovely!” said the witch, “Why should anyone want to be rid of such a treasure?”

The monk gave a huff. “I’ve trapped an evil spirit in this pot,” he said, “And I go to throw it in the icy seas north of here.”

“An evil spirit?” said the witch. It is worth noting at this point that the witch did not believe him, simply because of the fact that whenever she had to travel with an object of high value, she would tell anyone who asked about it that it was terribly cursed and she was going to destroy it, and usually they believed her and she was able to avoid many a bandit by that means. She was a witch, this much was true, but hers was not a magic of demons trapped in jars sealed off with cork and paper, hers was a magic of healing, of green and growing things, and of ancient texts. For her, demons were minor nuisances who made milk soil and put blood in goose eggs and were easily warded off with a word or a good sweep of the besom. If the demon were any serious matter, she would feel it.

The monk nodded gravely. “I was very lucky, you see, this spirit is drawn to beautiful things, so this pot made a good trap. The first time I trapped it in the pot, it screamed and railed and shook so that the pot shattered. Undeterred, I repaired the pot and filled the cracks with gold so that it was even more beautiful. The demon could not resist, and thus I trapped it for good this time.”

“How did you get it to fall for the same trick twice?” asked the witch with a smile.

“I was also lucky in the fact that this demon is also a fool, and a vain one at that. But now I really must be going. I am not moving nearly as swiftly with a burden like this, and I must reach the northern sea.”

“I could take it to the northern sea for you,” the witch offered politely.

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Stay Calm: 6 Things That Could Explain Why Your Landlord Is Still Asking You For Rent After You Painted A Portrait Of Him And Left It On His Porch

Before you start panicking, consider these completely plausible explanations as to why your landlord is still asking you for rent, even after you painted a portrait of him and left it on his porch.

1. Your landlord thought the portrait was a mirror: Rather than jump to conclusions, just think this through. If your landlord knew that you painted a portrait of him and left it on his porch, there’s no way he’d still be charging you rent, so it’s possible he thought the painting you left him was actually a mirror. Maybe the portrait was such an accurate representation of him that when he saw it, he assumed someone had just left a mirror on his porch, which would in no way affect whether or not you would still be charged rent. Crazier things have happened!

2. He couldn’t tell the portrait was a painting of him because he’s lost a ton of weight since you last saw him: Another perfectly reasonable scenario is that your landlord went on the detox of a lifetime and shed something like 80 pounds, in which case he’s probably formed a healthy disassociation with images of his old, heavy self. He probably saw your portrait and thought, “Who is the giant landlord depicted here?” and then threw it in the garbage. Surely if he recognized it as being himself in the painting, he wouldn’t still be charging you rent, so it could be worth heading back to your landlord’s house to see if he’s become extraordinarily thin.

3. The portrait was stolen by art dealers: The explanation might be as simple as a gang of art dealers scooping up the portrait off the porch before your landlord even saw it. Give yourself some credit: You put a ton of work into that painting, and surely it would be worth a pretty penny on the market. So before you conclude that your landlord is ignoring your beautiful portrait, it’s worth checking online to see if it has surfaced in any art bidding wars.

4. Your landlord has become incredibly sick, so he hasn’t left his house: If your landlord has been holed up inside because he has a terrible disease, that would explain everything. Of course, if he knew you painted a portrait of him and left it on his porch, you’d be living rent-free by now, so consider circling back to his house and leaning the portrait up against his window. That way, if he’s quarantined in there, he’ll be able to get a good look at it, notice it’s a portrait of himself, and realize he’s made a mistake.

5. A storm swept up your portrait and carried it into a nearby sewer: This scenario would be a real gut punch, but it absolutely could have happened. If you didn’t remember to tape the portrait to the porch railing or put rocks on top of the canvas to weigh it down, a passing storm could have swept up the painting of your landlord and sent it right down a sewer drain. Think about calling the city and asking them to send someone out to check all the nearby sewers before assuming the worst.

6. He’s a two-portrait landlord: For some landlords, one portrait of themselves just isn’t enough to permanently square away rent with a tenant. If your landlord’s like that, it’s not the end of the world. All you have to do is whip up another portrait of him and leave it on his porch. Once he has the second painting, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in the clear with rent from here on out.

Like Father, Like Son

Part 3 of 4

Find the previous two installments here: Revelations, Discovery 


In less than a blink of an eye, she was gone. I sprinted the rest of the way to the stone she had touched, the screaming intensified then stopped. The wind had been knocked out of me and I found myself laying on the ground looking up at the orange streaks of dawn.

I groaned and rolled to my side, shakily trying to stand.

“Mum?” I croaked, the roaring in my ears seemed to echo off the stones, drowning my attempt to call out to her.

“Mum!” I tried again. Again nothing but the screaming roar reverberating from the stones. I scrambled to my feet and took off at a run down the hill towards the car, except it wasn’t there. The car was missing, as was any visible sign of a road. Trees grew in sparse patches across the grass of the rolling hills toward the water.

“Mum?” I whispered realizing with a sickening realization, she wasn’t there.

“Christ,” I groaned dragging my hands down my face. “What to do now? Think Brian, think! Where would she have gone?”

The momentary sunshine quickly disappeared behind clouds of gray and white, a storm was brewing. My pacing turned into a single direction run to a small cobbled, dilapidated cottage situated at the base of the hill. I made it inside the shelter of the cottage just as fat raindrops solidified and turned into snow. The air held a wet chill that seemed to seep into every crevice of the room, even the heavy wool of the clothing didn’t seem to be enough to stop a violent shudder from enveloping me.

I searched the room for any source that could be used to create a fire and saw a broken stool crumpled into a corner. Sighing in relief, I scrambled to the roughly hewn fireplace and sent up a prayer in thanks that mum took the time to teach me how to start a fire without modern conveniences. ‘A necessary skill,’ she’d always remarked.

“Where have you gone, mum? We don’t even know where Jamie went, let alone if he was still alive in the time we’ve arrived.”

Staring into the fire a sudden epiphany hit me like a sledgehammer. “Lallybroch.”

I didn’t know how many days ride or walk it would be to get to Inverness, let alone Broch Tuarach, but I wasn’t going to get there freezing in a hovel. Looking through the cracks in the stone, I watched as the snow fell then melted as soon as it touched the ground. I may just have a chance of making it down to the village before nightfall. But how to pay for what I need? My pockets were empty, but I patted them down anyway, as well as the cloak. A small jingling noise came from a hidden inner pocket of the cloak.

“Mum, you think of everything,” I said to the crackling fire as a poured small battered coins from a black leather pouch and a small roll of paper fell on top them.


I understand if you decided not to follow me immediately, but if you do find yourself going back, these will be of use to you. I’m sorry I couldn’t procure you more, but if we find your father and our family, we shouldn’t need to worry overmuch about funds.

I hope you decide to find us, my darling boy.

All my love,


My eyes burned with tears that were threatening to form. Why couldn’t she have waited just a few seconds longer for me to catch up to her?

The walk to Inverness was longer than I anticipated. Dark had fallen and if at all possible, it got colder thanks to the persistent wind. I hobbled into the first establishment I saw, hoping I could find something warm, a place to sleep, and a horse to make this journey easier.

A frail-looking hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, squeezing tighter than I believed possible, “Ain’t ye a wanted man?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m not.”

“Sassenach filth!” The man spat, “Be gone from here!”

“I’m not English if that’s what you mean, I’m from Am–the colonies.”

“Yer as good as ‘em. Crooky won’t serve ye, so be gone!” He threw my arm back hard enough that I stumbled into the door frame.

“Gibbons! What are ye doin’ to my customers?” A menacing man yelled from behind a bar.

“He’s a Sassenach, an’ claims to be from the colonies.” Gibbons spat at my feet, glaring. “It’d be better if he was that bastard of a wanted man. At least then he’d be worth a pretty penny.”

“A sassenach! Is tha’ so? Do ye have coin, lad?”

“Yes,” I said with surprising confidence. “Do you know where I can find something to eat, maybe a place to rest, and procure a horse? I will not be staying long, just ‘til morning.”

“Och, aye. I can help ye wi’ all of these, but it’s no going to come lightly.”

I pulled out a few of the Stirling pieces and handed them over. “Will this due?”

The barman’s eyes widened. “Aye, lad, tha’ll do nicely. What’s yer name, I didna catch it before.”


The man’s eyebrows disappeared beneath shaggy dark hair. “Fraser ye say? O’ Lovat?”

I nodded tersely.

“Yer a ways from Beauly.”

“I’m not headed to Beauly. My family isn’t too far off from here, Broch Tuarach?”

“Ach, yer wi’ the Fraser-Murray clan then. Good folk there.” He said, slapping a tankard down before turning around to snag a bowl of something from a passing barmaid. “Drink, eat. It’s no an easy ride in this weather to Broch Tuarach.”

I coughed at the sting of the whiskey, stronger and more bitter than I was accustomed. The warm burn met my stomach as the rich taste of meat broth met my lips. I wouldn’t be shocked if I fell asleep at the bar for all to see, nor did I care. My legs ached from the walk, my fingers felt as though they were frozen into a curl, and my head pounded from the whirlwind of events from today. Tomorrow would only increase the pain and unease.

The following morning, my head still pounded, but my body didn’t ache from the cold, yet.

“Here ye are lad.” Crook, said holding out a wrapped parcel and the reigns to a gorgeous brown mare. “Sorry I canna give ye my best stallion, but Butternut will get ye where ye need to go. She’s strong and hearty. This weather will no deter her.”

“Thank you, sir. For the hospitality and the horse.”

He let out a bark of a laugh, “Dinna thank me lad! Ye paid for the hospitality as ye say. I’m gaining a mighty better price than ye are wi’ my grub and horse.”

I shook my head and smiled back at the jovial man as I mounted the mare. “Thank you all the same.”


I turned in question.

“If ye see a Gwenalin Crook, tell her Archie sends his love. Can ye do that for me?”

“Of course,” I said puzzled, he nodded then slapped the hindquarters of Butternut and we were off.

As the days wore on, I was struck by the landscape before me. The mountains and the sky, such contrasts to each other were something from the imagination. The size and beauty could not be contained with meager words or thoughts. I felt as though I had stepped into the epics of Tolkien, White, or even Lewis. I could fully understand the magical beliefs and wariness of these people, and the stories that the land inspired.

I was so lost in thought that I missed the sound of hoofbeats and a man’s call until he was right upon me.

“Can I assist ye?” The man, who couldn’t have been much older than I, said as he stared quizzically at me.

“Oh! Yes, do you know if I’m close to the place called Lallybroch or Broch Tuarach?”

The man’s face lit up in a laugh, “Aye, but what business do ye have there?”

“I’m looking for someone and I believe she may have come here.”

“Do I ken ye? Ye look familiar,” He said not acknowledging my statement.

“No, we have never met. Brian Fraser,” I said holding out a hand. The man’s face went pale.

“Brian Fraser has been dead longer than I’ve been born. So who are ye really?”

My eyes went wide this time, of course, he wouldn’t know about me but his knowledge of my grandfather meant he must be family as well. “Are you by chance Young Jamie Murray?”

He went rigid in his saddle. “Aye, and answer me now, who are ye?”

“I’m your cousin, Brian James Lambert Beauchamp Fraser.” I said reaching out my hand, “James Fraser is my father.”

Young Jamie’s mouth fell open as he grasped my hand in a handshake. “Damned if he isn’t! That’s why I thought I knew ye! Christ, ye have the look of him. I’m surprised ye weren’t stopped by the redcoats on your journey here!”

I laughed, “I was accused of being a wanted man at a tavern in Inverness.”

Young Jamie let out a bellow. “That doesna surprise me in the least. Come on, Mam isna going to believe this.”

We rode in companionable silence to the estate, and I gasped in awe. The house, no longer dilapidated and condemned, was full of life and movement.

“Come on,” Young Jamie said, nodding toward the stables. “Ye can leave yer horse there, but I’m sure ye’ll be wanting to ride again soon. Ye said ye were looking for someone, but no one but trouble has been through these doors in a while.”


He cut me off with the shake of his head. “Ye’ll see soon enough. I canna wait to see how this unfolds.”

He leads me through the house to a study where a woman, hair dark and streaked with gray sat beside a man with a wooden leg, pouring over papers on the desk before them.

“Mam? Da?” Jamie said. They turned, eyes wide, and mouth agape, as though they were looking at a ghost.

This is our little peanut, Wyatt. We adopted him from a shelter, so we aren’t sure of his history before our family, but his teeth were atrocious. Putting him under anesthesia to have them cleaned scared my mum, because he has a heart murmur and she thought that he might not make it out. Foolishly, we put it off for this reason. Our vet finally managed to talk my mum into having his teeth cleaned and having a few bad ones extracted. First we thought it’d be 4-5 teeth. Then once the vet got in, they said it’d likely be more like 10 teeth. 19 teeth later, this dude may be gummier than before, but his entire personality changed! He’s like a puppy again, and so much happier. It cost a pretty penny, but it was so worth it.

Dogs do amazingly once you remove their rotten teeth. It’s almost always worth doing, even if the dog has a (well controlled) heart murmur.


Jarrod gets up, drapes his arm around Niara, pulls her in tight.

Jarrod: You are such a lie, woman. You know ain’t nothing about to make you skip out on this gala.

Niara laughs: Let go of me, freckle face. You will ruin my dress, and my hair and my makeup. I’m not trying to show up to this gala looking like a rag.

Jarrod: This baby? It doesn’t have to be right away if you don’t want to. I just want you to promise me that eventually you will. And when you give me our little girl, we’ll name her Diosa. That’s a word for goddess. Because any child from you will be a goddess to me.

Niara: You are corny as hell, Jarrod. But-what’s in it for me if I give you this little goddess, huh? 

Jarrod: Anything. Anything you want.

Niara: Anything is going to cost you a pretty penny.

Jarrod: You’re worth every dime. Can we start working on our little goddess right now?

Niara laughs: Mister Washington, if you don’t put me down this instant! We will NOT be working on anything but making sure we look amazing at the gala, you understand me? Put me down!

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Ok im just really excited bc u have the best events. Seaformers au reader bein best buds w/ and gettin into Shenanigans with the minibot crew. Bonus ultra mags being like stOP THIS TOMFOOLEry. I uh guess i didnt specify whos a bot and whos not so the choice is urs my talented friend

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Thanks anon! Hopefully we can have another excuse to have a new event in the far future because these are fun to run and my friends are already brewing . Also why not with all of the minibot crew. Let Ultra Magnus have no peace of mind with these little gremlins- )

✦ Perhaps due to the fact the minibots are their size, the liaison and the three hit it off over time. Swerve is the first of them to warm up to the liaison, having gotten to meet them thanks to signing up for the first round of interviews. With him being the only minimer amongst the group at the time, the liaison paid extra attention to him thanks to his smaller stature and more delicate, squishier build. The two soon became thick as thieves and it wasn’t long before the liaison learned about Swerve’s fascination with humans and their culture. Their entertainment culture to be more specific. With the liaison helping him get access to the latest television shows and movies, Swerve becomes the ‘cool seaformer’ with his ability to reference pop culture to people meeting him for the first time. He’s very popular with the visiting classes if he happens to be part of CROC’s interaction tank that day.

✦ As explained in a previous set of headcanons, Swerve’s species shows signs of being part of the clown fish from the patterns to the fins though, of course, his colours are red and white instead of the fish’s signature orange and black. Out of the three he’s squishier and more compact. Almost soft to the touch and his blubber allows him to retain heat with more ease than others in the pod. What I’m trying to say is that he’s great for cuddles and he knows it. Loves to initiate cuddle sessions with his fellow minimers if the mood strikes him. Skids, Nautica, and Brainstorm try to join in on the people but no. Only those under ten feet can join the cuddle pile. Them’s the rules, you guys.

✦ As an archivist who is dedicated to keeping the history of their seas alive after the war between Optimus’ and Megatron’s pod, Rewind is soon convinced to join the interviews after hearing endless praise from Swerve. Any claim Swerve says should be taken with a grain of salt but he seems so happy whenever he comes back from CROC. It wouldn’t hurt to see what this is all about. In return for his help, CROC replaces the old waterproof camera he has on him with a better, upgraded model. It cost a pretty penny and it is worth every cent with how Rewind is always eager to show his new discoveries to the crew when he comes to the centre.

✦ Rewind’s species shows signs of sharing relations with the dwarf gourami, his colour predominately black and white and grey with a splashes of yellow and orange on him. His scales have a unique ability to shift from shades neutrals. Some days his white patterned scales look black and other days its the exact opposite. The pod continues to argue, to this day, which is the ‘real’ version to Rewind’s endless amusement.

✦ Tailgate is a shy thing when the liaison appeared on the scene, opting to stick by Cyclonus’ side and not signing up for CROC’s studies when it the offer was made first time around. The liaison works hard to earn the minimer’s good graces when they learn he’s old. As in ‘old enough to have seen Nova Prime the Conquerer himself’ old. Seeing the liaison be nice to Cyclonus is what convinces him to try it out. Along with the fact his fellow minimers seem to have good reactions to going there. Like the other two, Tailgate is a hit with the staff due to how friendly he is and how he means well during his interviews. A little uncertain of himself, yeah, but one of the friendliest individuals they’ve come across. While there was a kerfuffle over at CROC when they learn he lied a lot about his past, his sincerity helped win back the staff’s trust and allow him to continue being part of the studies. Another hit with the kids if he’s part of the interaction tank.

✦ Tailgate shares resemblance to the sea goldie with his beautiful long tail fins though his hues come in pale blue and white. He has a faint scar on the centre his chest that hints at a long ago injury. If asked about this mark, the most he’ll say is that he was ill with something thought to be fatal if it had not been for his Conjunx’s intervention. Though Cyclonus’ intervention came in the form of stabbing him through the heart to ensure the antidote/cute/whatever it was was introduced to his systems ASAP. Suppose if you’re going to save your future mate you do it right the first time.

✦ The three have an uncanny ability to tell when the liaison is in a poor mood. Maybe it’s from the fact they’ve all become skilled in reading body language and facial expressions. Maybe it’s from the fact they’re so close with the human they’re all able to pick up their tells. Maybe it’s the fact the liaison may not the be best liar if asked how they’re feeling that day. Whatever the reason the three will do their best to make their favourite human smile again. Rewind will try to entertain them for hours by talking about the marvellous underwater cities and that the seaformers used to live in centuries again, weaving a tale about glittering spires and crystal lights. Tailgate will jump on their back when they least expect, trying to make them happy the old fashioned way by giving them a good ticklefest while making sure he doesn’t scratch them up with his claws. Swerve will insist on watching with them w feel-good comedy or doing his best impressions of funny characters as he knows the liaison’s favourite comedies and romcoms by heart at this point. Bless their hearts they try and that alone is enough to lift the liaison’s spirits by the end of the day.

✦ The quartet get into constant misadventures. As in- Never leave the four alone for more than an hour because by the time an hour and five minutes passed, they are all neck deep in some serious tom foolery. The liaison always ends up being the helpless lackey to the three minimers because they cannot say no to them. How can they?? They are forced to stand alone against the combine powers of Rewind’s cleverness, Swerve’s fast talk, and Tailgate’s puppy dog eyes. They never stand a chance the second they all but hear the gears turn in the three’s head if something comes to mind. It’s a miracle the four of them have been officially banned for life from only three different establishments located in Crystal Coast because you’d think the Parade Incident of New Year’s Ever would be enough to get banned from everywhere.

✦  Ultra Magnus despairs over these antics. He really does. He’s certain this is how he’s going to die: Not from a grand raid or battle like he managed he’ll be part of. Rather from having a heart attack when he learns the liaison smuggled the minimers to the town so Tailgate can try out his gifted skateboard and pull some sick tricks he was shown on the internet. Ultra Magnus despairs.

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"Ooooh, shiny!" Junkrat finding a nice piece of jewelry for his s/o?

“I need something that’ll really sparkle, mate!” Jamison explained, scouring the jewelry store like they were potential buyers and hadn’t just broken into it only minutes before.

“It’s gotta be perfect!”

He was jumping about, inspecting every piece with a close eye as Mako shifted through the jewelry, pocketing any that looked particularly expensive.

“I’m thinking maybe a- Oooooooh shiny!”

His attention was diverted to a necklace in the back, definitely worth a pretty penny based off the size of the diamonds twinkling off the mannequin.

“It’s perfect, mate!”

He held it high in his hands, eyes widening at his reverent touch. He was sure this was the one you’d love.

No sooner had he found it did the alarm to the shop go off.

“Looks like this is where we take our leave,” he shouted, laughing all the while.


It’s Some Bunny’s Birthday!

September 10th we celebrated our beautiful daughter’s birthday. It’s almost been a month since then and this post is finally going up. This time of year is always busy for us. Asami’s birthday in September and Mika’s birthday in October. 

This year Asami birthday theme was…any guesses? That’s right! Bunnies! She’s been obsessed with them lately so we decided to make her birthday theme about them. My favorite thing about Asami’s birthday was the cake! It was BEAUTIFUL! Each layer was a different flavor of cake! It cost a pretty penny but it was totally worth it. The look on her face when she saw it was priceless <3.

We invited a few of our close friends over and some kids from Asami’s swim class from over the summer. The party was at this cute little park . This park had some of the softest grass I had ever felt. So soft in fact I found myself with the rest of our party guess going shoeless. 

Everyone had such a wonderful time and the weather was wonderful. Even though the day’s leading up to her birthday might have been stressful it was all worth it for my little bunny!

(Thank you every bunny  @ourgatherednest@clannad2​ @dream–catchingand @wholelotofimaginationfor attending Asami’s birthday)

*DISCLAIMER* Since the triplets birth all poses on this blog have been my own. This particular post however uses some other simmers poses. Thank you fellow simmers for your beautiful poses

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#121 don't waste your time on him. Rucas or Joshaya, you pick

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“This can’t continue, Josh.”

“I promise it was the last time.”


That was three months ago, and yet here they were, Riley glaring at him like he was the devil, and Lucas attempting to hide a smile while Maya ranted about yet another ruined date. He knew it was wrong to ruin Maya’s dates, of course he knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help the surge of pride as she began to recount the events of the night.

“So I’m sitting here at the restaurant and Adam is really nice, and everything is going great,” Josh had to hold back an eye roll; Maya had looked bored out of her mind, he’d saved her really. “And the waiter walks up - I swear I recognized him, I just don’t know where from.” Of course she recognized him, Josh thought to himself, You’ve met him, his name is Nick, he lives in my dorm. “And within ten seconds, the waiter spills water all over Adam’s shirt so he’s soaked. But he’s still being a good sport.”

Good sport, Josh choked back a laugh, earning an even bigger glare from his niece and a pitying look from Lucas, The guy was doing everything he could not to throw a tantrum at the table. “So we order our food and things are going okay - that is until the same waiter accidentally spilled someone else’s food on Adam.”

Josh was having a harder and harder time not laughing, Nick had really earned his money’s worth. “And then, our food comes out, and my meal was perfect, but Adam’s was completely wrong.” That had cost Josh a pretty penny, but it’d been worth it to watch another date of Maya’s go up in flames, even if it was from behind a menu in the back corner of the restaurant.

“I just don’t get it,” Maya looked down and for a moment Josh thought she might cry - Shit, did I go too far? He started to worry until she looked back up, dry eyes showing more frustration than anything. Relief flooded his system, though underneath that he knew that he was pushing the limits, he knew it had almost gone too far. He also knew Riley was going to kill him after this conversation.

“I guess it was just the universe showing me that we weren’t meant for each other, right Riles? That’s gotta be what it is.” “I’m sure that’s what it is, Peaches.” Riley was getting better at keeping this a secret, which made Josh feel even worse about the situation. She shouldn’t have to lie to her best friend for you.

“Well I say you drop him. Don’t waste your time on him, Maya.” Maya rolled her eyes, ignoring Josh’s input. “Don’t butt in, Boing, this has nothing to do with you.” Maya’s words were hurtful - had she completely forgotten about their deal? What happened to Someday?

“I’m going to shower,” she announced, clearly annoyed, and Josh knew the second she left his life would be in danger. “I’ll be heading out.” The two awkwardly looked at each other. “Bye, Josh, it was good seeing you too.” “Yeah, yeah, for sure,” he answered, waiting until she was out of earshot to murmur, “By the way I’m in love with you.”

He turned to leave, praying for a quick and easy exit, only to meet a glaring Riley with Lucas blocking the door. “Josh you can’t keep doing this.” he sighed, he knew he couldn’t, he knew it wasn’t funny and it was problematic, and he knew he was in dangerous territory. “I can’t help it, Riles, I love her, I can’t just watch her date other guys. It’s been three years, but I still remember the ski lodge, she promised me someday.” Riley groaned, “You and someday, Josh we’re seniors in high school, you’re in college, this is ridiculous.” She paused, glaring at him again, a skill she’d honed over the years until it was more frightening than her mother’s. “Josh if you don’t stop, I’ll tell her.” He nodded, “Okay.”

Like hell, I’ll just be sneakier. He grabbed his jacket. “I really do need to leave though. Riley rolled her eyes. “Goodbye, Josh. I love you even when you’re a dweeb.” He walked over to the door where Lucas was standing, giving him a silent nod as he left, until he felt his phone buzz in his pocket - a text from Lucas.

Friar: My advice, wait until Riley’s out of town. Give it a couple weeks. I’ll try to keep people from asking her out.

Josh smirked, Lucas was a good guy and had become a helpful assistant. His phone buzzed again, and this time he had to laugh.

Friar: By the way, how much did tonight cost you? I’m already plotting for when Riley dumps me for being involved with this.

It might be sneaky, but he couldn’t help it. He had to protect someday. 

A Little Bet, A Little Banter

Co-written with @cinderpaw1
Tags: Perc’ahlia, Ranger!Percy, Anything Can Happen in the Woods
Inspired by this art by @kalidels ^_^

Chapter 1: The Hunt


Vex dropped to her knee, examining the tracks in front of her. Fairly fresh; her quarry had made its way down this path recently.

She let out a low breath, standing back up and pulling an arrow from the quiver on her back, keeping it nocked on her bow as she started to carefully make her way through the foliage. She kept her breath low and quiet, eyes scanning through the browns and greens, hoping for a glimpse of white.

White animals weren’t uncommon in Whitestone, with how cold and snowy it tended to be, but a white stag as spring turned into summer? That was rare, and Vex was certain that it was large enough to keep her and Vax fed for a while. After all, why waste perfectly good gold on food when she could just hunt it down? Besides, a pelt like that would be worth a pretty penny at the markets.

Trinket slunk up next to her, keeping low and lightfooted despite his size. He snuffed softly, and Vex slunk up next to him, keeping her eyes peeled for any hint of the creature.

It was about half an hour later when she froze, glimpsing the stag drinking from a nearby stream. She took a breath before pulling up her bow, taking careful aim towards it. Towards the head, as to save as much of the beautiful pelt as possible.

She let out the breath, and was about to release the arrow before she heard someone nearby. “Oh sweet Pelor!” A man shouted, sounding frightened, and the stag bolted.

“Shit!” Vex hissed, loosing the arrow a bit too late. It clattered to the ground, the stag escaping unharmed, and Vex shot a glare towards where she had heard the outburst. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” she shouted. “I almost had him!”

“What? Excuse you!” the man exclaimed, making far too much noise as he blundered around to her left. “I didn’t do- Oh, gods…”

Trinket, who had reared up on his hind legs in front of Vex, was blocking the man from her view.

“Stay back,” the man warned, though his voice shook and there was a rapid cracking of sticks as he backpedaled from her bear.

“Scare, Trinket,” Vex murmured, coming up behind her companion, and she smirked as Trinket growled low in his throat.

“I’ll shoot,” the man warned, his voice a bit higher.

Vex decided that she couldn’t have that, so she patted Trinket’s back and he dropped back down on all fours, then she made her way around him, priding in her own silence on the forest floor.

“Oh, was this mean man bothering you, Trinket dear?” Vex cooed, passing Trinket’s shoulder to see a man with a bow aimed at her companion, though his hands shook slightly.

Vex slipped an arrow from her quiver and nocked it, though she kept it casually pointing towards the ground. “Careful darling, if you take a shot at my bear he won’t be the only one with an arrow in him.” she warned the man lightly.

His eyes, bright blue behind golden glasses, widened slightly. “This is… your bear?”

“Well of course.” Vex replied, leaning against Trinket and scratching behind his ears. “Why else would he be this well behaved on a hunt? A hunt which you spoiled, by the way.” Vex gave the man a light glare, studying him as she did so.

He was dressed in blues and browns, his leather armor with a golden sun emblazoned into the chestpiece showing that he served the nobility in the grand castle that overlooked the city. His arrows were fletched with black feathers, and she couldn’t help but admire the way his jaw curved, with just a hint of scruff. It was dusty brown, and didn’t seem to match the shock of white hair on his head.

“I would actually say that your bear crashed through my hunt,” the man said, straightening up slightly, his haughty demeanor reminding Vex of the gods-awful aristocrats in Syngorn. “I was doing just fine before you two came by and mucked it all up!”

“Oh really?” Vex asked, lifting her vow from where it was pointed at the ground. “And who shouted and scared of my quarry, whom I have been tracking for hours now?”

“That was definitely his fault,” the man exclaimed, gesturing towards Trinket, though he’d released some of the tension on his bow. “He startled me into giving away our position!”

“So you admit it,” Vex said with a smirk, and the man’s cheeks darkened to a pike hue.

“No,” he muttered, though he lowered his own bow mostly toward the ground.

“Of course not, darling,” Vex simpered, tightening her grasp on her bowstring, ready to raise it and fire if need be.

But then the man whistled and out of the dark canopy above them flew a white form, almost as pure as the man’s hair, but with black speckled throughout its coat.

“Ah!” Vex shouted, dropping her arrow she’d had notched, though her bow remained tightly in her grasp. “What the-”

The bird dove at her again, only just missing her as Vex dodged out of the way, Trinket growling and batting the air as he tried to keep it away from her.

The man whistled again, and the bird, which Vex realized to be a snowy owl after it had stopped trying to claw her face off, landed on his shoulder.

 "Good job, Artemis,“ he said affectionately, too quietly for Vex to hear, though she had been teaching herself to read lips. He gave her a sliver of meat from a pouch at his side and the owl gulped it down in one swallow.

Vex huffed, dusting herself off, and the man just chuckled as he watched her.

“Fair is fair,” he told her, reaching up to gently scratch at the feathers at the owl’s neck. It made a soft thrumming sound as it relaxed on his shoulder, and Trinket just growled at them.

“You’re an ass.” Vex grumbled, grabbing the arrow she had dropped from the ground. “Now I have to try and find the damn stag again, and waste time I could have spent prepping it. I’ll be lucky if I find it again before nightfall.” She glanced up at the sky, and the sun that was slowly but steadily making its way towards the horizon.

“Now wait just a moment.” The man replied, his eyes narrowing slightly. “I’ve been hunting that stag for a week now. I laid claim on it first.” 

“Not much of a hunter, are you, if it’s taken you a week,” Vex retorted. “Besides, what the hell do you need it for? Did one of your snooty bosses have a hankering for white pelt? I doubt you want it for the meat, I bet they keep you nice and well fed at the castle. But this stag means meals for me and my family, and I’m the one who nearly killed it after only a day.”

He didn’t need to know that to her, family was just her twin brother and her bear. Let him think he was starving children out of their home, if that’s what it would take to convince him leave the stag as her quarry.

The owl, Artemis, ruffled her feathers and hooted irritably, and the man straightened up, raising his chin. He opened his mouth to say something, then seemed to think better of it and swallowed before speaking again.

“I’m sorry, I do believe we got off on the wrong foot,” he said, dropping his chin again, though he still held an air of regality around him. “My name is Percival.” He slid the arrow he’d drawn back into his quiver and stopped forward slightly, his hand extended for her to shake.

Vex regarded him for a moment, wariness warning her away, but stepped forward to meet him, grasping his hand and shaking it firmly. His fingers that weren’t covered by an archer’s glove were calloused and belied his station as some worker, and Vex wondered why the nobles in the city didn’t have some mercenary they could hire to do a better job than this stuck-up prick of a stablehand.

“Sounds pretentious,” Vex said, before introducing herself. “Vex’ahlia.”

“Just Vex’ahlia?” Percival asked, raising an eyebrow and earning himself an eyeroll.

“What, like Just Percival?” she shot back at him.

He blinked in surprise, but nodded. “Fair enough.”

Percival stepped back after they let go of each other’s hands, looking her over. Vex’s face curled into a light frown, keenly aware of how her cheekbones, already high thanks to the elven blood in her, were even more prominent than they should be.

Percival sighed. "Look, I don’t need the meat.” He admitted. “But I do need the pelt. You’re very quiet, I didn’t even notice you. Granted, the bear drew most of my attention, but still. I propose we make an alliance, and work together to get the stag.”

Vex just raised an eyebrow at him. “I don’t need the charity, thanks.” She replied cooly. “…But I’m always up for a challenge. I propose a wager. Whoever gets the killshot gets the stag, and gets to choose what we take from it. Does that sound fair?”

Percival frowned, but seemed to be considering her offer.

“What do you think, Artemis?” he asked aloud, before whispering a few words that sounded like a spell. Vex nearly drew an arrow on him again, but then she realized that while he was still speaking, his voice had changed from speaking Common to hooting in low tones, Artemis doing the same in return.

Vex stared, agape, for a moment, before schooling her features to something hopefully apathetic. She had been living in the forest for years now, and while she had been able to channel some of the wild magic around her into simple spells of healing, or imbuing her arrows with the power to restrain her targets, whatever spell he’d used was still far beyond her capabilities.

Percival continued speaking with the owl before they both looked at her simultaneously. It was a little unnerving how they timed it, and Vex was thankful that Trinket was still at her side. He let out a low grumble, and Vex found herself wishing she knew the same spell Percival had used.

“You have a deal,” Percival replied, holding his hand out for another handshake.

Vex still felt wary, but reached her hand out to clasp his in her own. The moment they shook, Artemis took off in flight, disappearing into the treetops towards the direction the stag had run off.

“Cheater!” Vex retorted, dropping Percival’s hand and rushing towards the bank of the stream to begin examining the tracks left in the mud there.

“I’m using the resources at my disposal,” Percival called after her, still managing to sound prim and proper.

Vex released an angry huff as she knelt down, examining the direction the stag had been headed.

“Loop around that way, Trinket,” she told him, pointing to the side. “If you find the stag chase him this way, slowly, alright?”

Trinket nodded and groaned, heading off on his own as Vex ran after the stag’s tracks, keeping a sharp eye out for any scratches from his antlers on the trees, or for broken branches he might have snapped on the course of his retreat.

She continued to follow the few markings of a trail, keeping an arrow at the ready. She couldn’t afford to lose out to Percival. Even if he gave her the meat, the blow to her pride, at losing a wager in her element, would be a little too much.

After about five minutes, she caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of her eye, and raised her bow to aim at it. It took her a moment to realize that the white she saw wasn’t the stag, but rather, Percival, low to the ground and tracking as well. He was just ahead of her and to her right, and well, he deserved another little scare.

She aimed at the tree trunk directly above him, and loosed an arrow. It buried itself into the wood with a satisfying “thunk” a handful of inches above his head, and Percival jumped, glancing over his shoulder.

“Watch it!” he hissed at her, and Vex just gave him a coy smile.

“I apologize,” She simpered back at him. “Maybe it would help if you weren’t the same color as our quarry.”

Percival’s pale cheeks flushed as he glared at her, but she just winked and dashed off ahead of him. He followed heavily for a few moments, but then what little training he had seemed to kick in, and the sound of crunching leaves died away behind her.

In spite of herself Vex glanced behind her as she stood on a fallen tree, and found she was begrudgingly surprised at how well he could hide, even from her keen sight.

Taking no more time to linger, however, she pressed forward, deeper and deeper into the wood.

An hour passed, only the occasional track or broken branch keeping her on the trail. There was no sign of Percival, and Vex wasn’t certain if that meant either she or he were on the entirely wrong path, or if he was just that good at staying hidden when he was paying attention to it.

She ducked low to examine a few muddled tracks when she heard the telltale hiss of an arrow and the sound of it embedding itself into the stump directly to her right.

Her head snapped up, eyes catching a glimpse of Percival, who was lowering his bow. He had a smile on his face as he watched her, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

“An arrow for an arrow.” He replied, giving her his own wink before moving ahead and disappearing into the underbrush.

“Dick.” Vex mumbled to herself, her own cheeks starting to heat up as she tried to ignore the slight flutter in her chest at being on the receiving end of a playful wink, for once.

It was after another hour at least, likely closer to two, when Vex found signs of chewed leaves and an increasing number of scratches from antlers on the trees.

The sun was beginning to sink behind the tips of the Alabaster Sierras, the forest growing quieter with the oncoming night, and Vex took a steadying breath, knowing the hint was nearly over. She hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Percival since he’d sent his own warning shot of sorts, and she wondered how he was faring.

Creeping forward, she peered ahead through a narrow trail, which seemed to lead to a thicket, and she grinned as she realized the stag was likely close, ready to bed down for the night if he hadn’t already done so.

She slunk closer through the underbrush, arrow drawn and ready to fire at the first sign of the stag.

As she rounded the thicket, so saw a glimpse of white through the thick brambles, and grinned as she took careful aim. The chest, then, since the head was out of sight, though she would hate to spoil some of the hide.

She heard a low hooting, and a flash of white in the trees showed Artemis there. Shit, that meant Percival was close. She couldn’t wait.

She loosed her arrow, and heard the echoing twang of a bowstring from nearby. Two arrows appeared in the white hide, one fletched with bluejay feathers and the other with black raven.

The stag startled, springing up to his feet as best he could, but crumpled almost immediately to the ground, and Vex rushed forward, aiming carefully at the struggling deer, loosing an arrow into its head to put the poor creature out of its suffering, just before another rushed through the trees and hit the top of its spine, making the stag jerk with the impact.

Trinket lumbered up from the opposite direction of the arrows, snuffling through the trees.

“Good job, buddy,” she said, patting him on the shoulder as she grinned. She had undoubtedly gotten​ the killing blow, though her first shot had been too low, she noted. It had hit close to the stag’s front leg, hardly nicking a lung, and probably not even reaching the heart, while Percival’s arrow was buried deeply into the stag’s chest, the fletching visible just above where the deer’s ribs stopped.

Trinket grumbled proudly and nuzzled into her, while Artemis flitted down to sit on top of Trinkets head.

Percival emerged from the brush, panting softly as he looked at the stag.

Artemis fluttered down and landed on Percy’s shoulder, hooting softly. Percy hooted back at her before looking at Vex, and the arrows.

“…Honestly, I can’t tell which of us made the real killing blow.” He murmured. “They happened simultaneously.” He looked up at Vex from where he was kneeling next to the deer, a look of deep respect in his eyes.

Vex nodded, feeling a begrudging respect for him too. It had been very close.

“…Take the pelt.” She replied. He had earned that much, at least. “I want the meat and the antlers.”

“Thank you, Vex'ahlia,” Percival said graciously, and Vex bit her lip at the way her name rolled off his tongue - not like he’d only learned it that day, but like he’d known it before he even met her. “Shall we get him to a clearing where we can divide our spoils?”

Vex felt breathless, but nodded, and helped him pick the stag up, almost staggering under his weight, but resolutely holding her own. Vex was careful with her footing as she directed Percival to a small clearing close by - small by anyone’s standards, but enough to fit the two of them, Trinket, and the stag.

Artemis fluttered over to Trinkets head once Percival leaned down to help carry the heavy stag, and Trinket laid down on the edge of the clearing, keeping watch. He knew to stay alert, and defend Vex from any carnivores drawn by the smell of the blood as she butchered her kills.

She took out her skinning knife, and together she and Percival worked to remove the hide from the animal, being careful not to stain it with its blood and ruin the bright white color.

There was little exchanged between them apart from directions as they removed the hide, but once it was done, she slumped to the ground to rest for a moment before tackling the process of removing the meat and antlers and putting them into packs to take back with her.

She expected Percival to leave, now that he had his part of the prize, but to her surprise he sat next to her as she rested.

“I’ll help you finish butchering.” He murmured. “It’s a large stag.”

“…Thank you, Percival.” Vex murmured, acutely aware of how close they currently were. She could feel the heat of his body, despite how sweaty she was herself.

“It’s only fair,” he said, taking off the spectacles on his face and cleaning them using his handkerchief. “Since you helped me with the hide.”

They sat in silence for a long moment, twilight falling over the forest, and Vex looked over to where Artemis and Trinket were sitting. They both appeared to be asleep, though Trinket’s nose and ears twitched every so often, belying his awareness. As she watched, Artemis ruffled her feathers and settled down more onto Trinket’s head, the feathers under her beak bunching up into a sort of ruff.

“I’ve never seen her so relaxed around strangers before,” Percival murmured, making Vex jump slightly at how close he was to her ear.

“Strangers? I’m offended, darling,” Vex said, covering her jump by shifting to face him, smirking at the faint pink that colored his cheeks.

Percival cleared his throat, looking back towards their two companions. “…Considering her first response to you was calling you a "pretentious peasant”, I wasn’t expecting her to take a liking to you or your bear.“ Percy murmured, cheeks still flushed.

"Oh?” Vex replied, a little softer than she would have liked. That particular comment cut deep.

“But she seems to have done both,” Percival murmured. “…As have I, I suppose.”

Vex’s gaze was caught by his eyes, and she realized just how bright of a blue they were when not behind his spectacles.

“Lucky me, I suppose, hmm?” she asked, stretching her legs out on the ground below her.

Percy hummed softly, putting his glasses back onto his face. “It does take a lot.” He admitted, watching the sky. “…I’d like to see you again, after tonight. If you’re amiable towards it, of course.”

Vex’s breath caught in her throat and her heart sank. They were on the move so often - she supposed they could meet in town, or in the forest again, but would he be sent on another hunting trip so soon after chasing the stag?

“We don’t stay in one place too long - we were planning on moving on within the week,” she said truthfully, her fingers reaching up to fiddle with the end of her braid for something to do. “Will your masters allow you away before then?”

Percival laughed, and it was a full, boisterous sound in the quiet of the forest. He looked at her, eyes crinkled with amusement. “You really aren’t from around here.” He murmured, seeming to relax a little more than he had previously.

Vex frowned lightly at him. “I don’t see what’s so funny.” She replied.

Percival just shook his head, a fond smile on his face. “I’m certain you have your secrets, Vex'ahlia. I just want to keep mine, just a little longer.” He reached over then, gently tucking an errant strand of hair that had escaped her braid behind her ear. “I’ll tell you soon, though, assuming we meet again.”

Vex felt his fingers linger on the side of her face for a moment, rough and warm behind her ear. He paused, long enough to draw the moment out, and Vex felt her heart race again as she brought her hand up to his and pulled it away.

“We should probably finish getting the meat while we still have light,” she whispered, almost scared to speak louder.

She wouldn’t think about how their fingers slid so easily together, or the way that his face seemed to fall slightly as he nodded, a bit of a barrier going up behind his eyes.

“Of course.” Percival replied, his voice sliding back into the proper cadence he had used when they had first run into each other. Hearing that change, going from casual to formal, caused Vex’s heart to ache in a strange way.

They got up and both worked on butchering the stag, loading the meat into the bags that Vex had brought for this purpose and laying them over Trinket’s back for him to carry back to the city.

They were almost done, taking a moment to rinse their hands free of blood, when Percival murmured: “I apologize. I’m not usually so forwards, especially with people I just met. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright, darling,” Vex said, nonchalant, though she kept her eyes carefully on the task at hand, afraid what she would do if she looked up at him. They couldn’t stay in one place too long, and while Whitestone was getting warmer as the months crept closer to summer, it was still much colder than either herself or Vax preferred, especially when they had limited funds for lodging. “I won’t hold it against you.”

“Good. I’d hate to be on the wrong end of your bow. I almost was, at one point.” He chuckled warmly. “…This was one of the best hunts I’ve been a part of. Thank you, for that. Truly.”

“No problem, Percival,” she said, mimicking his way of speaking so badly that the two of them burst out laughing, which made Artemis hoot reproachfully at them.

Percival gave her a warm smile as the laughter died down. “…You can call me Percy.” He told her then, the barrier that had been put up when she pulled his hand away lowering once more.

She smiled back, watching him gather up his things as she did the same with hers.

“Well then, if we’re being fair… You can call me Vex, darling.”

“Vex…” He murmured, even the nickname rolling pleasantly off his tongue, sounding like it belonged there. “A wonderful name.”

They made their way back to Whitestone in comfortable silence as night truly fell around them, but when they reached the outskirts of the city Percy stopped.

“I have to head this way now,” he nodded towards the castle. “But I do hope to see you once more, before you leave.” He took a deep breath before moving in a little closer, murmuring something in a musical sounding language before pressing his lips lightly to her forehead. Vex had been getting ready to back away, and she felt a warm tingle spread through her body at his touch. “…What was that?” She asked, voice catching slightly in her throat as her heart pounded.

“A blessing.” Percy murmured, cheeks flushed. “And a promise.” He smiled at her, giving her one last wink before whistling, and Artemis flew off of Trinkets head to his shoulder before he began walking, disappearing into the trees.

Vex gaped after him, the lilting rhythm of the language lingering with her even after the warmth had faded, and when his form had disappeared into the darkness she turned back to Trinket, who was scratching his face with one of his paws, looking bored.

“Do you know what that was?” she asked, but the bear only seemed to shrug, and Vex shook her head in disbelief.

But she had fresh venison to deal with, and so Vex headed to the run-down house where she and Vax had holed up, debating how much she would tell her brother about the day’s events.

A few days later Vex was busy making sure all of their belongings were packed in their bags while Vax was out getting the last of his business for the Clasp sorted out, when she heard knocking against the window. It was hard and insistent, and when she looked over she saw Artemis there, banging her beak against the window and clutching something in her talons. She gave Vex the most irritated look Vex had ever had an owl give her, and Vex couldn’t help but chuckle as she opened the window to let the owl in.

“Is Percy here?” She asked, giving her some gentle scratches behind her ear as an apology for having her wait outside.

Artemis tilted her head as if to say “Why would I have knocked on the window if he was at the front door” (not that Vex knew what owls said regularly, but it seemed like an apt interpretation), and Vex sighed.

“Shame, I hoped to be able to see him before I left,” she murmured, and Artemis trilled a bit, as if trying to lift her spirits. “Well, send him my…. send him my love when you go back, yeah?”

A gentle hoot and nip at her fingers was the affirmative answer from the bird, who then hopped to the side, revealing what she had brought.

Vex picked up the tightly rolled bundle and unfurled it, revealing a small bag made of white deerskin, and two scrolls of paper with her name in beautiful handwriting written along the outside.  She felt the traveling bag with her fingers, recognizing the pelt of the white stag.

She put the bag down to unroll the scroll with her name on it, and began to read.



I hope this finds you in good health. Unfortunately, my duties have kept me at the castle and unable to find a moment to meet with you before you leave. I hope this bag goes to good use; you earned it, and I made it myself.

The second scroll is the incantation and movements required to speak with animals. I figured it would be useful; your bear has some wonderful insights, and he cares for you very deeply. (It would be a shame if you never heard him tell you himself.)

Safe travels, dear, and if you ever find yourself in Whitestone again, come and find me. You will always be considered a friend and guest.

Fondly yours,

Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, second son of the house of Whitestone.


(Do you see now why I wanted to keep my secrets that day? You were the first person to make me fight for a kill, and being myself without being the noble was refreshing. Thank you again for that.)


Vex gasped as she finished reading, her hand flying up to cover her mouth.

“De Rolo?” she whispered, hardly able to believe it. She remembered Percy’s amusement, and understood, but this… it was more than she could have imagined.

She traced the words ‘Safe travels dear’ and bit her lip, surprised at how emotional she felt over some words written on a piece of paper.

Glancing over the letter again, she remembered the other scroll, and hurriedly unrolled it to find the incantation for the spell written out, its pronunciation beside it. At the bottom of the paper was a series of four sketched hands, the way to physically channel the spell into existence.

She sounded out the words to the spell once through, and though they sounded horribly stilted to her ears, there was a spark deep in her chest that she knew had the potential of becoming something more.

Artemis hooted at her before fluttering over to Trinket, hooting as she landed on his head. Trinket let out a content rumble, growling back.

Vex smiled at the sight, wondering what they were saying to each other, before Artemis seemed to bid Trinket farewell and head back out toward the castle.

“Thank you, Percy,” Vex murmured, following the owl’s flight back to the castle as far as she could, remembering the the warmth Percy’s words had inspired in her chest.

Maybe they would meet again, one day.

anonymous asked:

This might be a little too into it but what you said about them being a ‘court mage’ would make sense, divination in the past was typically a form of high magic which was used to divine with gods, read the stars, serve Kings, that kinda thing (where as folk magic would be more like mazelinka) so based off the skills we already know the apprentice has it makes sense for them to have served in the palace and probably be in high regard esp. bc high magic spell books were worth a pretty penny

listen there is no such thing as “too into it” and this is such a good point im dying

send me headcanons!! 


((This was intended to be a small poem thing and it grew into this. Sorry.
Until next time, GeekyZelda))

If you say
Goodbye today,
I’ll ask you to be true.
‘Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

The morning they received the news from the healer Silas and Sarah couldn’t leave the bed. Tears from both pooled on the pillow as he ran his hands through her hair and she clung to him like a boat in a storm. They lay between the sheets until the sun set, neither sleeping, simply appreciating the other’s presence. No plans were discussed that night, no thoughts of the future. Just their last lingering shred of hope as it was blown out the open window.

The next day, they called a family meeting.

“All Heap children in attendance, please. We have something to tell you.”

The formality of the letter spooked them all.

Simon and Lucy rushed straight to the family homestead first thing that morning. Sam and Marwick traveled through the queen’s way as soon as possible. Edd postponed a date with a cute ordinary wizard. Erik paused in the middle of a three day spell. JoJo left the sanctuary of the Grotto. Nicko sailed straight home from the Port. Jenna cancelled three meetings with foreign dignitaries. Septimus took the first day off of his career.

That afternoon, no later than 2 pm, all Heaps and associated spouses were crammed into the room behind the big red door. The feeling of safety and comfort that usually permeated the space was overshadowed by an ever increasing anxiety. Sarah sat at the head of the table. Silas served a pot of tea and stood behind his wife, his hands on her shoulders. Everyone held their breath as she loosed her news.

“I’m dying kids.”

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Sea Above, Stars Below (AU)


They belonged to the sea, both of them did, to long away from the sea and either of them would die. Haru’ul had no idea why Blaine insisted on wondering the land so offend. The shoal needed their protection. It was their duty, and Blaine was the eldest. His brother was inconsiderate ignoring the reef to play on land with the humans. 

Blaine loves the adventure humans provide. They invent the craziest things, and believe the wildest tales. Haru’ul called him lazy walking their streets. Although, Haru’ul was always the one off drowning sailors for being to close to his hunting grounds. It was Haru’ul’s fault the locals believed stories of monsters below the surface of the water. The rumors themselves were dangerous, but with a few choice words Blaine could put more foundation to the rumors or destroy them entirely. It was hard keeping the balance between fear and disbelief, but Blaine had done his best. 

That was until one rumor had shattered the balance he had fought to keep. 

Blaine feigns interest in hearing the man’s story. He isn’t as good as Haru’ul is at lying, but it’s enough the man thinks his interest is genuine. 

“If what you say is true,” Blaine pauses trying to enforce some disbelief both himself and others at the bar. “Where in the world does a person find a merman?” 

“I bought him from a lab.” The man sneers. “He cost me a pretty penny too. Worth it though, he’s beautiful.” 

It sounds like the horror story he remembers being told when he was a pup in an effort to keep him close to the reef.

“Yeah, right, it sounds like you bought an oversized sea monkey.” Blaine rolls his eyes. Some of the men at the bar start laughing at the remark. He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t entertaining to see the man squirm in the embarrassment.  

“I’ll show you!” He says, defensively. 

“Fine, hotshot,” Blaine challenges, “But when your ‘merman’ turns out to just be a big fish I’m telling everyone in town.” 

He’ll tell everyone in town the man’s a liar regardless if the story is true or not. Blaine hopes it isn’t for the merman’s sake. He’s never heard of a merman surviving is human captivity. 

If the man is telling the truth, Blaine will need his brother’s help in freeing the captured Mer.  

Business - Part I

“Wear red. Red dress, red lips, red lingerie, the works. The client also requests, and I quote, ‘Look as expensive as you are’. The client is sending you to Yves Saint Laurent, where you will ask for René. He will assist you in finding suitable attire for the evening. All charges will be covered by the client.”

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poet-the-girlsie  asked:

Binders are so expensive, I silently die everytime I look at prices. The cheapest one I found was 40 dollars and I almost started crying. (Shame on me but that's why I just wear two sports bras if it's a bad day. That's why I wear baggy cloths)

The best ones usually are, yeah..
But they’re worth every penny.

I’m pretty sure gc2b has coupons every now and again if you sign up for their email newsletter thing.