worth a pretty penny

In retrospect
your luscious lips were as soft as broken glass,
and your tantalizing tongue
only served to
pierce me like a dagger,
but everyone else
had a different point of view,
for the photos
of our staged kisses
never quite captured the pain
that you so often
put me through.

-Samuel Decker Thompson

I still have a few autographed copies of my book, “Our Fucked Up Hearts” available at the Etsy link in my bio. They are the last that will ever be printed with that cover. So, in the unlikely event that I become somebody someday, maybe they’ll be worth a pretty penny … If you believe that, I also have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

girls are not meant to fight dirty // 3

soooo i finally forced my way through this filler chapter lmao


“So,” Hiro says conversationally, all the while scraping a moist wad of gum noisily off of the science lab table. “What’re you in for?”

Detention blows.

Maka groans and slides down to lay on the floor. Holding her arms up while sitting to scrub the graffiti off the bottom of the table proves to be exhausting, no matter how sturdy her arms are, and she rubs her forearms sluggishly while squinting at his knee. For someone in detention, he’s dressed quite nicely - or maybe he’s supposed to be, she thinks, because she’s no fashion expert and not quite sure where plaid pants fall on the trend spectrum, but they look like they’re worth a pretty penny.

Worth too much, truly, to be worn while scrubbing gum off tables.

“Swearing in the halls,” she answers, idly straightening a lackluster pigtail. “Picking a fight.”

“Oooh, delinquent.”

She grins wrily and flexes an arm at him. “Bad to the bone.”

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Smith was in the middle of the black lit dance floor when he finally spotted Trott. It had been a very long day of lectures and papers, and he had highly anticipated finally coming to the club. He had gone all out this time. His hair was slick with neon paint and he had glowing body paint in stripes on his face and arms. He had multiple packs worth of glow sticks on his arms, which had cost him a pretty penny.

The glowing man fought his was through the crowd to Trott, who he finally caught up to and began to dance with. “Hey sexy, what brings you here tonight?” He cooed into his boyfriend’s ear. He swayed his hips in time with the music and held the shorter man’s hips to his front. He leaned in and gently gave Trott a kiss on the cheek. “It’s good to see you.”

My Sims just came back from a Tour and I picked the wrong option and he got chased by bees, and these two messages appear. The shorter one says: This vacation is worth every penny. And the bigger one says, pretty much: oh yeah, this was a fantastic week. Onto yet another week like this. Sounds like he enjoyed being chased by those bees.

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Ruth looked over the information one more time-she had done this six times more-making sure that she had it all in her mind. Now she gave a qick glance around the surrounding area, a toothpick between her scarred lips. “The hell is this asshole…” she muttered softly, having been in the area and heard about this criminal running a muck-worth a pretty penny too-so she decided that she would deal with it and collect the reward.