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As much as I love Instagram and blogging and social media in general, I still have great appreciation for more old school ways of documenting things. The process of writing something down on actual paper and taping photos into a journal is os satisfying, and when you actually fill up that book and finish it, the gratification you feel is even greater. That’s why I carry my black moleskin journal with me everywhere, along with a little pack of fine tip markers, tape and my polaroid. Whether I’m downtown Toronto at a cafe or on a beach in Cannes, I want to be able to snap a quick photo, save any receipts, flyers or other items and write about it right away. So far I have finished one book and am halfway through another, but someday I hope to have a library filled with black moleskins that document every moment of my life.

Since most of my journal pages are about my travels, I decided it be fitting to share some photos of them on here. I’ll shut up now and let the photos do the talking since, you know, they’re worth 1000 words and all.

“Never Trust a Beautiful Person; They’re Made to be Disarming.” 

Two of my favorite Tom Riddle artists, @riddlemostpowerful and @p0nnudraws, did an art trade where they drew each others renditions of Tom, and I just had to make something for them. I thought it was so cool how characters can be seen through different lenses! Plus I wanted to show off all versions in a single, comprehensive post. :)

Art trade on the left, original versions on the right. Permission to use art granted by both artists.

Writing Commissions

So I’ve decided to open up writing commissions, and have them be a regular thing

You can view samples of my work:

On Archive Of Our Own
On Tumblr

Prices range from $0.01 (minimum) to $0.15 (maximum) per word. You pick your own price per word and word count. Please don’t try to go lower than one cent per word, I won’t budge on that one cent minimum because I don’t want to deal with that kind of math.

For perspective, at one cent per word, each thousand words is worth ten dollars. 

If you ask for a 1000 word story and the final word count comes out to be a few words over the extra words are free and you only have to pay the agreed upon $10.

I will do any fandom and I’ll also do original fiction, just be sure to provide some background information if you want me to write your OCs. I can either send you a PDF or post your commission on AO3 (in other words, you won’t have my permission to upload whatever I write under your name, whether it’s fanfic or not).

Message me on tumblr (my PM’s are open to anyone) and we’ll get started. You have to be comfortable with giving me your email address (obviously I’ll have to give you mine as well) but if you’re just inquiring you don’t have to give it to me immediately (just after you’re sure you want to buy).

What I won’t do:


anonymous asked:

Hello, do you know any good yoonseok or jihope alternative universe fanfics? I'd really appreciate it, have a good day <3

Indeed I do!!


can you trust me? by tvxq [I NEED U AU, rated T, 3k]

Save the day by cryprey [YOONJI AU, rated T, 1.7k]

come on star boy, we can shine together by bulletsfrank [Library AU, rated T, 17k]

You In My Moonlight by dreamshades [High School AU, rated T, 7.9k]

All my days (I’ll know your face) by inkingbrushes [The Proposal AU, rated E, 45k]

All them eye Lines (So predictable) by 2kitsune [Actor/Make-Up Artist AU, rated M, 4.3k]

we’re making our own history (cause we’re a page turner) by wolfsbanez [Soulmates AU, rated G, 7k]

Worship by hakho [Historical AU, rated E, 2k]


Shaken Up by kimvtae [College/Waiter AU, rated T, 6.8k]

Carry On Without Me by MotionlessMuse [Ghosts AU, rated T, 9.4k]

focus on me by execution [Office AU, rated E, 4.7k]

The Long Path Home by bubbleteafics [A/B/O AU, rated M, 6.9k]

a picture is worth 1000 words by jflawless [Girl!Jimin/Blog AU, rated G, 1.3k]

a$$ (on my worst behaviour) by fatal (cumrich) [College AU, rated E, 5.4k]

Hope you enjoy these!! Sorry there’s not more JiHope!

-Admin Nana


Unique ‘Sideways Tornadoes’ Shaped The Landscape Of Mars, New Study Shows

“Many craters on worlds contain streaked, scarring pattern headed radially outward from a crater, but the ones on Mars are different. For the craters’ sizes and the energy that created them, the streaks — only visible in the infrared — extend out much too far. This isn’t normal ejecta, but an additional phenomenon, which is where the barreling tornadoes idea fits in.”

When you examine craters on the surfaces of worlds across the solar system, you find that there are rays emanating outward, containing a mix of ejecta from the impactor and the surface itself. But there’s a limit to how far those rays go, and that’s normally dependent on the size of the crater. In a few instances on Mars, however, those rays go much, much farther than physics would indicate. This is puzzling, especially given how sparse Mars’ atmosphere is, and what a small effect it’s thought to have. But despite its low density atmosphere, Mars often exhibits weather that’s surprisingly violent, like dust devils and tornadoes faster than anything on Earth. In fact, high-powered gun range experiments on Earth show that sideways-barreling tornadoes can be produced with events like these fantastic impacts, and that could explain these unique, distant streaks.

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words, but these 12 images can tell the whole story with only 200 more. Come get the science you need on Mostly Mute Monday!

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It really annoys me how some blogs say that Amber was assaulted by Johnny as if it was a FACT but it just isn’t. They say that picture is worth 1000 words, so Amber surely played this well, showing her “bruised” face, but that effect can be easily achieved with the right makeup. And the infamous video shows Johnny being violent towards the kitchen cabinet, NOT towards Amber. So where is the proof of Johnny being the assulting son of a b... again?

Apparently, pictures taken by HER (not the police, they found no evidence of shit) are proof he “assaulted” her but her arrest for assaulting her ex girlfriend in a public place is bogus.

As a writer myself (though, granted, a student writer who probably couldn’t write for a living), I would like to elucidate some points as to why ordering from lore shops is so much different from art shops (and why I don’t really do the former).

1. When you order an art commission, unless you specify that you’d like a surprise, you generally know exactly what you’re getting. There is relatively little uncertainty; you have a picture available right there of what your dragon looks like. You’re just getting that rendered in a different style and/or different pose.

When you order lore, you literally have no idea what you’re getting into. The writer has samples, yeah, but unless you write some lore beforehand and are very open with who you’re commissioning, you could literally end up with anything. Artists have refs right on the site. And, well, there's some very general sitewide lore, but people ignore and cherrypick that daily (which is part of the reason why this game is so fun, tbh, so it’s not all bad).

You can tell an artist, “my dragon likes cats and I’d like something to reflect that!” and they’ll probably draw you a picture of you dragon with cat(s), depending on what you paid for. If you tell a writer that, they have a few thousand different ways to interpret it within the three hundred words you’re buying. (Three hundred words, by the way, is about one page on Google Docs using Arial 11 point font and single spacing.)

On top of that, you have an entire clan’s lore to keep straight. It takes just a few words for a writer to wreck your entire continuity. Unless you have all of your ideas plotted down already in an easily-understandable format–which is probably what you’re paying the lore writer for, by the way, writing your ideas better than you–the writer has completely free reign. They can do anything.


2. There’s this idea that dragons/creatures/whatever can only have one lore; they have a piece of writing that’s canon to them specifically, and you must get this from one person, and go back to them if you have any adjustments/any more to add on. This is vastly different from art, because each adopt or commission you get is completely independent of the other works you’ve gotten and it doesn’t need to rely on anything to support it. Lore is this giant, interconnected thing; a piece of art is just…a piece of art.

Also, having fifty renditions of a dragon in different art styles isn’t viewed as redundant, but three different tellings of the same story by three different writers is viewed as such, unless you’re making a statement about the dragon. If you buy one piece of lore, the second piece of lore for that dragon must replace it (unless it’s an expansion), which is patently untrue, but is sort of the view people have. 1 dragon = 1 lore, while 1 dragon = infinite art.

3. There’s this idea that, after you’ve bought writing, you can’t touch it. Artists don’t like you messing with their work, and writing is a form of art, right? So, after you buy it, you shouldn’t change it. At all. You can’t change it because…you just basically bought a book or short story for your dragon, right? Even if there’s a misplaced comma right there, you can’t touch it, because that would possibly incur the wrath of the writer! You don’t want to get dragged on DR or other sites unfairly because you just moved a punctuation point, do you? You wouldn’t dare touch a piece of art because a stray line is bothering you, would you? (Even if any writer worth their salt wouldn’t care if you edited their work for simple things like that.) You either have to accept the thing wholly, like a piece of art, or you don’t. Even if that edit button is right there.

4. Starving artists. An artist who works off of good enough commissions for USD on Flight Rising and on a few other sites could–and do–make a living for themselves without having any other jobs. It’s a lot harder for a writer to do this; books are becoming less profitable as time goes on, and unless you create the next Harry Potter or Twilight or have one hella dedicated reader base, you’re going to have a day job, be it writing-focused, freelancing or no. (When talking to a professional writer on the Dragon Writers thread a while ago, they said, “Don’t rely on publishing books for your income. Use them for chocolate money.”) The prevalence of “emergency art commissions” makes giving USD and money to artists seem ‘more noble’ than giving USD to writers. I’m not bashing on artists here–I’m totally jealous of you guys being able to live off of your art!–but this does effect people buying with USD. A solo artist is more likely to use the cash you give them for your work for essentials, while a writer with a day job will probably either use your money to treat themselves, buy gifts for others, or to shove into savings/retirement funds for later. There’s a bit of romanticism in your money helping another person keep themselves alive, pay for their bills, and help them out of emergencies. There’s no romanticism in your commission cash ending up paying for a month’s Netflix and footing the bill for some cat treats.

5. Displaying character well through art is much, much easier than displaying character well through writing. Art is solid; it is there. Writing is kinda more mutable, and more up to interpretation.

6. A picture paints a thousand words. Paying $5 USD for a piece of art gives you a rate of $0.005 USD/word, whereas paying $5 USD for 500 words gives you a rate of $0.01 USD/word, making art more cost efficient; you get more bang for your buck by buying art. Generally, in real life, a word is worth $0.02 USD, meaning you’d have to dish out $20 for 1000 words professionally. Why pay $20 when you can pay $5 and get just as much?

7. If you’re an artist, you can buy art for your dragons. If you’re a writer yourself, any other writer will probably get it wrong. No one knows your dragon like you do.

This is just my two cents on the issue, anyways.

trans character masterpost

for anon  ♥ ♥ ♥

workin’ on my tan - yoogni  (taekook, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers, slow build, oneshot)

jeongguk is annoyed. it’s the hottest day of summer so far and he’d love to go outside to enjoy it, but he can’t. because of his neighbour.

You’re someone who only exists in novels - acepink  (namjin, bakery au, completed chaptered 6/6)

From the first time Namjoon met Yoongi’s boss he was already half in love with him

You’re Just Fine shinkiies (yoonseok, loving boyfriend hoseok, anxiety, panic attacks, ongoing chaptered ¼)

Just as Hoseok turns his attention back to his phone, Yoongi’s raspy voice cuts through the silence:

“I’m a boy.”

Transboy Yoongi fic

guess i’ll go sit with drum boy, at least he’ll know how to hit - jflawless   (yoonseok, band au, slurs, oneshot)

hoseok is the drummer in a shitty band and yoongi likes him anyways

By Any Other Name - forheart  (yoonjin, family au ,oneshot)

Jungkook’s family is different, but it’s his family, and he will punch any kid who says otherwise. Which happens. Yoongi is called to the school to discuss his son’s behavioral problem. 

late night walks - taetastic  (taekook, angst, fluff, homophobic/transphobic slurs, oneshot) 

It’s that horrible time of the month again.

a picture is worth 1000 words - jflawless  (jihope, drabble)

a drabble about transgirl aesthetic blogger jimin and her boyfriend hoseok

Feel pretty - vminhope  (yoonseok, fluff, lil bit of angst, oneshot)

Hoseok is sometimes a boy. And others, Hoseok is a girl. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter. And for the rest of Bangtan, Hoseok is just Hoseok.

he, him, his - perfectyoongi  (yoonmin, jimin-centric, angst, angst with a happy ending, homophobic slurs, oneshot)

jimin learns that he doesn’t need to fit under the categories of ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ to be happy.

a story about dfab genderfluid jimin finding himself.

these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone - lilacflowers  (taekook, high school au, fluff, oneshot)

taehyung starts a bird watching club at his school.

misconceptions - hobijam  (jihope, closeted character, fluff, oneshot)

Hoseok meets Jimin because of a broken gender-neutral bathroom, and for the first time, he’s glad that the world hates to accommodate trans people, because Jimin is a ray of sunshine.

the trans!girl! Jimin and trans!boy! J-Hope fic that you know you want.

Take 1 - Lady Luck (zistysfosgerald)  (nammin, fluff, high school au, transphobia, twoshot)

Jimin is a confident young girl in high school, who has a huge crush on the most popular guy in school, Namjoon.

Shopping - pocketmonster (yoonmin, drabble)

Jimin takes Yoongi shopping for clothes after he drops the news, hands shaking near his sides and his cheeks warm. He pulls Yoongi through the store, pass the dresses and the skirts he grew up in, with their tight collars and itchy fabric, and he leads him to the boys section. Jimin makes his sit on the cool leather chairs in the store and he whisks away to find clothes for Yoongi. 

~admin chim