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C'était un rendez-vous (1976) dir. by Claude Lelouch

Step 1: what I used

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Hello guys! It’s been a while I know. So I took Step 1 last week (eek) and hopefully that part of my medical training is over for good. It was a struggle and the last 3 weeks of ISP were probably the worst, hardest, and loneliest weeks I’ve had in a long long l o n g while. Since I don’t know my score yet I don’t think I should be dispensing advice, but you’ll get my thoughts on what I used for what it’s worth. Take it with a grain of salt and remember Step 1 is an individual experience.

- First Aid and UWorld: Didn’t try any other QBanks. I did the corresponding UWorld section with my med school block and I was really glad that my FA was all annotated and ready to go by the time ISP started. Then I did most of my incorrects before resetting and doing 70% over again. 

- Sketchy Micro: Awesome for micro. The videos vary between like 3 min and 10 mins but once you watch it once or twice it’s on your head and the review option on the website is great. That said it won’t cover 100% of what is on Step (at least mine?) but without it I would have been just a goner for micro.

- Sketchy Pharm: A life saver for pharm. Be aware that the videos are LONG. The shortest ones are about 5 minutes and the longest ones are about 30 minutes! But they are REALLY good and I would totally recommend this for anyone who is struggling to learn pharmacology MS1 and MS2. The antimicrobials section is “ehh” but I was overall pretty happy with it. 

- Pathoma: Explains things really well. I relied mostly on the videos because I’m visual and sometimes I just get tired of reading things.

- Goljan Audio: Awesome for tying things together. I listened to him while cleaning my apartment or on walks when I felt I was *this* close to losing my sh*t. 

- Goljan RR: Formatted as an outline. Read some chapters during the year in the designated block. Probably too much detail and too time consuming and would just stick to Pathoma if I could go back in time. 

- BRS Physiology: Really good refresher on physiology. A must read for endo/repro at the very least! 

- NBMEs: used 15 as a diagnostic and then did 16, 17, and 18 to track my progress. I still don’t know how predictive these are in my case. 

- Kaplan Biochemistry videos: I watched these during spring break. Good refresher but maybe too long and too much detail for me.

- Lange Biochemistry Notecards: I found these in a donation table the week before my test so I just took a quick peek at them. They seem pretty solid and I wish I had used these instead of the biochem videos. 

- Immunology section of BRS Microbiology and Immunology: One short chapter. REALLY helped me fill all my immuno gaps and it’s pretty short.

- Your support system: You might think the hardest part of Step 1 is academic but for me the hardest part was definitely emotionally. So talk to your friends, talk to your significant other, and talk to your family. If you are struggling you’ll be surprised to see how many people reply with “oh! me too.” I met a friend for lunch one day every week and talked to my friends constantly during ISP. I would have definitely not made it in one piece if it wasn’t for my friends and Boyf, who by now probably feels like he took Step 1 this year too. 

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your spirits up. It is really really easy to start spiraling into the Step 1 Blues and it’s pretty hard to snap out. Overall remember Step 1 is an individual experience and it is truly a test of the first two years of medical school. So work hard, do your best, and most importantly stay as healthy as you possibly can. 

ttys! xx