Okay time for a rant:

I still can’t get over how the writers and creators of How I Met Your Mother decided to end the show.

Firstly, we have watched as Ted dated all these girls and pine over Robin again and again and again. Then he meets The Mother and guess what happens? She dies and Ted goes after Robin again. What the fuck?! He spent his whole time telling his kids that he loves the Mother and Robin is their Aunt that he’ll never be with and then he goes after her when the Mother dies? It’s like he loved Robin more than the Mother even when he was married to the Mother. It makes the whole show seem pointless.

Secondly, why make Barney and Robin get divorced. Again Barney’s character development during the show led to him falling hopelessly I love with Robin. Yet he goes back to his old ways and they get a divorce. WHAT THE FUCK?! Why does Barney say all these things about how much he loves Robin and then go back to his old ways. THEY BOTH ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER AND ARE HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER AND IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING!!

It’s just… What were they thinking when they decided this was the path to go down for the series finale. It’s almost like they didn’t see how far their own characters had come in the last 8 seasons and decided to end the show as if the show was ending in its 6th season. This is one of my favorite shows but whenever I get down to the last 2 seasons I get SO mad when I watch it because of the series finale. It’s the worst ending to a show I have EVER, ever seen.

Rant over!