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//Ranunculus, or Buttercup, is a common, “cheerful” weed with a lusterous shine. It is highly toxic to consume, and oftentimes irritating to touch. They symbolize childishness, neatness, and humility.

My Name is Nico Di Angelo

My name is Nico Di Angelo.
And when I first saw Will Solace, it was when the fight against Ghea at Camp Half-Blood.

He had black paint everywhere, but nothing hiding his sunny blonde hair that I always loved. That memory always made me laughed. He got upset at me for pulling off ‘underworld stuff’ and made me stay in the infirmary for three days.

And those three days were the best days of my life.

Will always made time to talk to me as he helped out other campers, but he would always check on my every 30 minutes, Gods I can still remember it and I still love it.

When I got out the infirmary I stayed away for a few days before coming to see him. He was busy, helping others and healing them, he was an Apollo kid of course that’s what he did. While I was a son of Hades, Hades usually equals death, so I tried my best to stay away. But I couldn’t live with out his smile, or the way his hair was in the sun, or the way his voice sounded, Gods I just needed him.

After a few months of hanging out we both confessed our feelings for one another and que in the romance. I never was the best at planing dates or leaning in for a kiss, he always did it. I was too awkward, but Will loves that about me. Leaning in and kissing my neck or my cheek or my lips. Giving me hugs even when I didn’t want one, but needed one. I want tk give him a hug so badly now. Helping me fall to sleep when it was one of those nights where my dreams were so real of losing him. And now I want to help him with to so much.

I was never going to lose him.

About a year was here now, and it was summer, we were sitting by the fire holding hand and leaning onto each other’s shoulders when there was a new prophecy. There was a sick demigod dying, of course Will volunteered right away, and I soon followed suit. A Hermes kid tagged along, I get even remember his name, I’m a terrible person.

The first night was great, we started a for and curled next to each other on the grass looking at the stars. Counted them and told stories.

The second day was ruff, more monsters came, and there was no fire. I should'be made us go home.

Everyday it seemed to worsten as we draw closer and closer to the dying demigod, to the point where there was no sleep.

On the seventh day we found the kid, Will went to work as I did a check around the area and heard yelling and came running back. A demon was attacking, I didn’t know what kicked into me, I ran and tackled it drawing my sword giving time for Will to take of with the new demigod. He wanted to come back and help so bad, but the Hermes kid made him stay to help the other boy, I hope he does not hate the poor kid, he didn’t know.

I was able to lead it away far enough to where they couldn’t get hurt, all I knew was that I had to keep Will safe, I didn’t care for the cost. I guess I wasn’t paying attention when it tackled me drawing it’s claws down my chest with a gleeful smile acrossed, it’s face. I guess it wasn’t paying attention when I drove my sword into it’s throat either

It disappeared. Leaving me laying in the grass looking I to the afternoon sky with my cheast bleeding heavily.

I didn’t feel a thing. I guess my dad wasn’t going to give me a painful death.

Gods, I hope Will won’t be mad at me, or stay sad forever.

He desevers someone so much better.

My name is Nico Di Angelo.

And I died saving Will Solace.

Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, aflevering 8: Een lied van André van Duin en een lied van Ennio Morricone en een speech van een zekere Martin Luther King.

Het spiet mie donders mensen, dat jullie dit nu pas lezen. Ik lag gisteren geveld door rugpijn in bed. Zielig he? Ja, vond ik ook. Ik kon amper ademhalen. Ik takel af. Ik ben dan ook bijna dertig. Het was allemaal heel erg. Tot ik me bedacht dat lezeres Annemieke deze blogs altijd leest tijdens haar chemokuur op maandag, en toen vond ik mezelf ineens een ontzettende slampamper en sukkel en een afhaker. Sorry Annemieke! 

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